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Student Volunteering - Bath Spa


									                                           Student Council
                                                                      Meeting Agenda
             22th November 2011            6:00pm-8:00pm              Newton Park, Main House
      Tel: (01225) 876159              Website:     Bath Spa University, Students’ Union
                                                                                      Newton Park Campus
                                                                                              Newton St Loe
                                                                                              Bath, BA2 9BN


Democratic Procedures

Minutes of previous Meeting: 11th October 2011

Matters Arising

Chairs business
                                                                           Supporting             Time
 Item No.                   Item Description              Presenting

SC11/19          Supporting action on                    CJ                11/19                  20 Minutes
                 30th November
                 -The UCU are asking for the
                 Union’s support for a national
                 day of action

SC11/20          Second Subjects: should                 RB                11/20                  15 Minutes
                 they be compulsory
                 -Should the Union recommend
                 this be changed to optional?

SC11/21          Wednesday afternoons free               AS                11/21                  15 Minutes
                 -The Union’s continuing efforts
                 to free Wednesday afternoons

SC11/22          Regulations of SU elections             TC                11/22                  10 Minutes
                 -A recommendation to reduce
                 paper usage around SU
SC11/23       Student Council               HB           11/23   5 Minutes
              -An explination of the sub
              committees and their purposes

SC11/24       Review of Sabbatical Role       TH         11/24   15 Minutes
              -proposed changes to the
              sabbatical officers roles

SC11/25       Enhancing the International     SH         11/25   10 Minutes
              student experience
              -Increasing support for
              international students

SC11/26       Attendance at lectures and      SH         11/26   10 Minutes
              -Should attendance be

SC11/27       Improving Student Health        TP         11/27   10 Minutes
              and Wellbeing at BSU;
              -The issue of Tiredness and
                                                                 Total time:

                                                                 120 minutes

Items for receipt

AGM minutes: 18th October 2011

Environment & Ethics committee minutes: 3rd Nov 2011

Media committee minutes: 3rd Nov 2011

Societies committee minutes: 3rd Nov 2011

Athletics Union committee minutes: 3rd Nov 2011


Date of next meeting: 24th January 2012 MHG.15 6pm-8pm
                                                 Student Council
                                            Minutes of Student Council
                                       Meeting held 11.10.11: 6pm – 8pm
                                            Newton Park, MHG1.5

In attendance:
Chair: Richard Bidgood (President)
Deputy Chair: Amy Stringer (Vice-President Participation & Activities)
Secretary: Harry Birch (Vice-President Campaigns & Communications)

Name                   Representing            Name                       Representing
Jordan Tzen            American football       Simon Halliday             Hockey
Carl Anka              Black Lib Rep           Shu Qi Man                 Knitter Knatter
Gemma Cantwell         Cheerleading            Tom Chivers                Labour
Adam Peters            PT Clubs & Socities     ROYA SOLEIMANIFAR          PT Media
Shaun Slone            Debating                James Teale                Football
Ben scott              Debating                Andy Binnington            Rugby
Claire Way             Equestrian              Victoria Williams Gray     Polo
CARLA HADLAND          Female Lib Rep          Juna Abrams                SpaLife Mag
Ivan Matsumoto         Glee                    Richard Whittaker          SpaLife TV
Tristan Payne          Frizzybee               Christopher Grigson        Ssago
Sharareh               International           Emma Greenwell             Tennis
Houshmandyar           Students’ rep
Jacky Tang             Hip Hop                 Stevie Carpenter           Tennis
Ben Perrett            Squash                  Chris Lyne                 Frisbee

tristan payne          Frisbee                 Lindsay Horler             Yoga
Timothy holden         Membership services

Apologies: Simon Jilley Envirment & Ethics Officer
Minutee of previouse meeting : Approved
Matters arising: None
Chairs Business: AGM 18th October 2pm-4pm in the Students’ Union, Newton Park.
Part-Time Art and Design Officer & Part-Time Equal Opportunties Officer by-election, nomincation
forms due the 14th October and voting on the 17th – 21st. Disabled Liberation Representative, Part-
Time Liberation Representative and Post Grad Liberation Representative positions are now open to
nominations. Food will be provided after council meeting.

Item         Points of discussion                                                   Actions
SC11/10      The VP Comms relayed to the members the supporting document
Students’    11/10 and highlighted the Students’ Unions finanical position, its
Reports      new legal charity status and its growth in the areas of
             representation, community relations, participation and
             management and governance.
                There were no matters arising
SC11/11         The President introduced the supporting document 11/11 and
External        updated the members on the Students’ Unions devlopment of
                External Trustees.

                He went on to explain the External Trustees recruiment process,
                appointment committee and the Students’ Unions devlopment of
                appointing four new Trustees.

                There were no matters arising
SC11/12         The Membership Services Manager introduced a presentation
                which outlined the new Students’ Unions two year Strategy which
Strategy        will be seen through to July 2013.

                He highlighted the Students’ Unions mission to improve
                representation, welfare and student development. Relayed the
                SU’s vision to enhance students’ views, communication channels,
                engagement of students and keeping a happy staff base.

                He then went on to explained the core objectives –representation,
                support, financial survival, two way communications, motivated
                work force, extracurricular activities, building on local community
                relations, sustainability and exploring commercial needs.

                There were no matters arising

SC11/13         The President introduced the supporting document 11/13 and
Students’       explained that the Students’ Union is currently undergoing a staff
Restructuring   and sabbatical restructure.

                He relayed to the members that the SU’s GM is due retire at the
                end of the academic year 2011.12 and this will lead to a new
                appointed GM. He then went on to explain the new structure
                which is outlined within the supporting document 11/13 and
                explained the changing of the Sabbatical roles.

                He aired that the Presidents role in the future would focus more on
                education than welfare as welfare will shift over to the VP
                Campaigns and Communications Post.

                VP Campaigns and Communication would change to VP Campaigns
                and Welfare and its communication role will be done via internal
                staff member.

                The VP Particaption and Acitivites would take over the student
                Media Group and its sports and socities admin would be done via
                an internal staff member.

                He then went on to explain that the sabbatical restructure will have
                to be voted for approval within the Student Council so these plans
                are provisional until offically voted in. Also noted was that these
                changes in role will only take place in the next academic year

                The council members aired their concers with the sabbatical
                resturcture and work load inbalance for the role of the VP
                Participation and Activities but the President highlighted that the
                sports and socities admin would be done via an internal staff
                member. This would free up more time for this role to take on the
                student Media Group.

SC11/14         The VP Activities and Participation introduced the supporting
Freshers        document 11/14 and went on to inform the council on how
Week 2011
                Freshers Week 2011.12 performed.

                She relayed the financial and attendance figures, outlined in the
                supporting document 11/14 and aired that Freshers’ Week
                exceeded expectations.

                An open discussion on how to improve Freshers’ Week was
                conducted where freshers fair was highlighted as a protential           HB & RB
                problem with the commerial fair taking place before the activities
                fair. Also ,it was suggested that the the SU should place more
                attention to its Refreshers fair and should rebrand its Freshers fair
                and conduct post-freshers week reserach.

                These points were noted.
SC11/15         The President introduced the supporting document 11/15 and
Students’       relayed to the members the financial position of the Students’
Finances        Union, -£51,938 loss last financial year 2010.11 with £800,000 in
                reserves and explained its financial structures, block grant from the
                University and commercial services.

                He went on to explain the future financial projections by
                highlighting the three potential future options, outlined in the
                supporting document 11/15.
SC11/16         In a response to trying to increase student engagment and
Students’       interactions with its Student Council memebers the Students’
Council Dress
Code            Union wanted to create the best possible enviroment for its

                On the back of the venue being decided last academic year the SU
                wanted to enquier what dress code and time for the meeting
                would suit its members best.

                The VP Comms introduced the supporting document 11/16 and
                highlighted the pros and cons to smart dress code.

                The members aired that smart dress code looks more professional
                and creates a good impression to external organisations. However
                it was highlighted that a smart dress code could create barriers to
                entry and is not representative of the student body.
           It was suggested that a comproise should be made with smart
           dress perferable placed in the Student Council Invitation. This was
           placed to the vote with the council voting in favour of this motion.

           Vote Passed – Dress code, smart dress is perferable

SC11/17    Carrying on from the last item SC11/16 to create the best possible
Student    Student Council enviroment the Council members were asked what
Times      time should the council be place on.

           The council had an open dicussion with vairous different times
           mentioned; midday, 5pm.-7pm. and 6pm.- 8pm. It was raised that
           a midday and 5pm.-7pm. time slot would clash with the members
           lectures and therefore the best time would be 6pm.-8pm.

           To hold the Student Council at 6pm.- 8pm. was placed to the vote
           with the members voting in favour of this motion.

           Vote Passed – Time of Student Council, 6pm.- 8pm.

Item for receipt: None

AOB: None

Meeting Closed: 8pm.

Date of next meeting: 22nd November 2011 MHG1.5, 6pm. – 8pm.

                              Bath Spa University Students’ Union

To:                    Student Council

From:                  Chris Jury UCU representative

Prepared By:           Chris Jury UCU representative/ Richard Bidgood Union President

Date:                  22nd November 2011

Subject:               Supporting action on 30th November


The Purpose of this paper is to ask for the council’s approval of the Students’ Union to officially
support the strike action on the 30th November 2011


Student Council was asked to support the UCU’s strike action on 30th June 2011, the UCU were
striking over cuts to pay and pensions, although the council was sympathetic to the reasons for
the action, they were unsympathetic to the methods adopted i.e. picketing by UCU because they
felt that it was disruptive of their education, a vote was put to the council but was narrowly
rejected on these grounds.

The Union stuck to the decision not to officially support the UCU strikes but did feel it was
acceptable to promote the fact that they were taking action and felt it necessary to explain to its
members why they were doing so.

It was felt by the Union that this decision did damage the relationship between the UCU and the
Union as their views were divided and did not stand in unity.

What’s happening?

‘The TUC and affiliated Unions are campaigning to defend decent pensions for millions of public
services workers as part of the campaign for decent pensions for all.

The TUC and unions are committed to talks but given the failure of the government to engage
properly in the negotiations we are stepping up the campaign and holding a first day of action
on Wednesday 30th November.

Unions advised that mornings should be reserved for picketing and delivering the action and
are not looking to promote any other public activity at that time.
From lunchtime onward however it will be important to have short marches and rallies that
provide an opportunity for a public show of strength.

To give a coherent theme to activity it was agreed to call for 'make a noise at one' - with a call for
a minutes applause, cheering etc. at 1.00 pm on the day, that could either mark the start or end
of a rally or march with the details to be determined locally. It is also expected that there would
be a common format, with speakers only being drawn from those members on
strike. ‘(

What’s happening in Bath and who is involved?

In response to the TUC’s recommendations for the day of action on the 30th November, there
will be a picket line formed outside the gates of Bath Spa University in the morning.

The two main Union’s for staff at University are UCU and Unison have had a ballot to vote on
strike action and they have both passed it which means that both Unions will be taking action on
the day.

UCU is the Union for University and colleges lecturers, Unison is the Union for all the support
workers here at the University, these include the porters, cleaning staff, admin staff, staff in
Morton and support staff.

In the afternoon there will be a march happening in Town starting at Victoria Park and a route
is provisionally planned for around town, but these are subject to change.

If the Council approves this paper, the Students’ Union, Unison@BSU and UCU at BSU will be
joining other public sector unions at Victoria Park.

Some of the other Unions who are involved are; National Union of Teachers NUT, National
Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers NASWT, National association of head
teachers NAHT and Association of teachers and lecturers ATL,

The council will note that there is considerable support for this campaign from a vast array of
other unions representing workers across the country.

NUS’s Position

The NUS support the action on the 30th

‘At NUS National Conference in April last year we voted to support our teachers and lecturers in
this action. We therefore encourage you to make contact with your local union representatives
as soon as possible to find out what is happening on your campus and to talk about any
involvement your students’ union is going to have.
We strongly urge students’ union officers not to cross picket lines on the 30th.’

The government are trying to implement these changes and are not willing to negotiate on this
matter; this is the reason for why the Unions are protesting

    1. ‘Once you get a public sector pension, it goes up each year in line with prices. But
       the government wants to change the way it measures prices, and use the CPI
       measure of inflation instead of RPI. That sounds technical, but what’s important is
       that CPI is nearly always lower than RPI.

        This is because CPI leaves out some prices – such as housing and council tax costs
        that often go up faster than other prices. CPI is also worked out in a different way to
        RPI. Even if RPI and CPI measured the prices of the same things, CPI would come
        out lower.

        Moving to CPI means pensioners will have a bit sliced off their pension each year.

    2. The government is increasing public sector pension contributions by 3.2% of pay by
       2015 – roughly the same effect as a 3% wage cut. This was announced without

        Yet wages are frozen across the public sector, at a time when prices are going up
        fast. This is no more than a special tax that will only be paid by public sector staff.
        Pension contributions are normally set through negotiations.

        They are based on an independent assessment of what contributions need to be to
        pay for future pensions.

        This is called a valuation, and looks at factors such as how long people are living.
        But this latest increase has nothing to do with this process. It is just a levy on public
        sector workers – a stealth tax.

    3. The government wants almost everyone in the public sector to work longer before
       they can get their full pension. Most people would need to work through to the state
       pension age – which ministers want to go up to 66 for men and women by 2020
       and 68 by 2046.’ (

What happens if the Council votes in favour of this paper?

If the Student Council approve this motion, the Union will officially support the action on the
day; the Union officers will be supporting the other Union members on the picket lines and
joining the marches.

Regardless of the council’s decision it would be safe to assume that any lectures on this day will
be disrupted, they will not be cancelled, but depending on your lecturer’s decision, they may or
may not be attending the scheduled lecture or seminar i.e. they would not be breaking the
picket line.

The Union’s services will still be open, i.e. the bar, shop and gym, but if union staff members
decide to take a day off as leave or unpaid, then that is their choice, no disciplinary action will be
taken against that member of staff by the Union.

The Union will be promoting the strike action by educating its members of the purpose.
Members of the Students’ Union are able to support the strike action by supporting the picket
lines and by joining the march.
Arguments For

To stay united with the other Unions

With the union’s backing the campaign can be bigger and stronger

Students in the school of Education who want to become teachers, will be affected, teaching is a
public sector occupation so will have an impact on their future.

Although this protest does not directly affect all members of the Union, it will affect them long
term, if the government’s plans go ahead, it will mean that students of Bath Spa, when they
enter the working world their pensions will be majorly affected.

Arguments Against

It can be argued that this does not directly affect students at Bath Spa University because
students do not have pension schemes

Picketing will disrupt teaching hours for students and may miss out on their education which
they have paid for.


The council is recommended to approve the official support from the Students’ Union for
pension’s justice and to support the action on 30th November 2011.

                                 Bath Spa University Students’ Union

To:                      Student Council

From:                    Richard Bidgood SU President

Prepared By:             Richard Bidgood SU President

Date:                    18th May 2011

Subject:                 Secondary Subjects: should they be compulsory?


The Purpose of this paper is to gauge the Councils opinion on compulsory second
subjects, and to ask the council if they would like the Students’ Union to take any action
in changing this regulation.


At the most recent Learning and teaching committee the Student satisfaction survey was
presented which showed data on student satisfaction from students last year, the student
satisfaction survey is used by the Union and the University to gain students feedback and to
make changes.

It was quoted that one of the worst things about studying at BSU was the compulsory second
subject see below

          “What is the worst thing about studying at Bath Spa?

         The course itself and timetabling comes in for frequent criticism, particularly the dislike
          expressed around being required to study a second subject. “

This was not the only thing mentioned but it is something that the Union can take immediate action

The Committee discussed this issue at length, (see draft/unconfirmed minutes of the meeting below)

"The Head of Quality Management informed the committee that the BSU first and second year
student satisfaction survey replicated questions used in the NSS.

In viewing the results the committee acknowledged that they reflected the views of 11.5% of
respondents. The majority of respondents (98%) represented BSU students, as opposed to partner
college/provider students. In addition 63.7% represented students on Single Honours’ courses.
There was discussion with regard to qualitative data, in particular the committee noted that some
Single Honours students had indicated that they were unhappy with the Modular Scheme
requirement to study a second subject in year one. The committee noted that this requirement
provided students with breadth and choice, as well as the opportunity to change subjects.

The SU President advised that this matter would be taken to Student Council, where discussion
would take place with regard to the UGMS requirement for students to study a second subject in
year one.

The committee ratified the recommendations as follows:

       ·    Ensure assessment, grading and marking criteria are made clear in advance;
       ·    Ensure students are aware that work should be returned within three weeks and
       returned within the agreed period;

       Ensure the University continues to work closely with the Students’ Union to address student

The regulations

In the Undergraduate modular scheme Guide page 13, it states;
        ‘Year 1
        To facilitate transfer between different Subjects, and between Combined and Single
        routes, there is a common Year 1 programme, which all students taking Combined and
        Single Awards follow. Year 1 consists of Level 4 modules totalling 120 credits.

       You will need to take a 1 x 40 credit modules in each of two Subjects (A and B) even if
       you are following a Single Honours programme.

       You also need to take 2 additional 20 credit optional modules from either subject for
       which you are registered. Alternatively it may also be possible to take a third, 40 credit
       module in an additional subject (C).’

This means that in your first year it is compulsory to do a second subject.

What can Student council do?

The Student Council has the power to mandate the Students’ Union to campaign to change this.

The alternative is to make it optional; this would mean that students would get the choice to do
a second subject if they wish to do so.

With the Student Council’s backing, the Union President can suggest this change to the
regulations to the Academic Quality and Standards Committee AQSC, who have the power to
change these regulations.
Arguments For

Students will have the choice to do a second subject to complement their learning, rather than
one forced upon them.

Students who have come to university to study a specific course are not willing to do a second
subject as they have not come to university to study anything else.

The second subject is sometimes considered a burden on their learning and some feel that not
as much effort is put into it.

Arguments Against

The reason for introducing a compulsory second subject was to broaden a student’s knowledge
by blending in another subject who doesn’t necessarily relate to their first but can complement
students learning, if this were to be made optional, it is possible that a large percentage will not
take a second subject and may miss out on learning another subject.

If a student has not taken a second subject and they are unhappy with their course, then they
would not have anything to transfer to, as they would have no knowledge of any other subjects.


It is recommended that the council discuss whether the regulations should stay as compulsory
or mandate the Students Union to campaign to change it to optional.

                              Bath Spa University Students’ Union

To:                    Student Council

From:                  Vice President Activities and Participation

Prepared By:           Vice President Activities and Participation

Date:                  Tuesday 22nd November

Subject:               Wednesday afternoons free for extra-curricular activity


The purpose of this paper is to ask the council to mandate the Student’s Union to campaign for
Wednesday afternoons free for extra curricular activity.


Wednesday afternoons free is something that was implemented across Britain in the 1950’s, it
was seen as the central point of the working week. The Welfare State (NHS) supported it
entirely, to help Britain live healthier and create a friendly and active society.

Universities are one of very few institutions that still cling on to this, however Bath Spa are one
of a minority of universities that do not have Wednesday Afternoons free.

The Wednesday afternoon free campaign has been running at Bath Spa University for over 12
years. A report created by the Officers of the Students Union in 2008 noted that in the past, the
main focus of the Wednesday Afternoon free campaign was to highlight the benefits that can be
incurred by the sports teams. After research into having Wednesday afternoons free, it is clear
that the benefits will affect those not only on the sports teams, but the entire student body.

The plan for the campaign is to primarily arrange a meeting with the university, and discuss the
issues they may have with this motion. A committee of students will also be put together, if
needed, to allow the student voice be at the heart of the campaign.

Arguments For

The Benefits of having Wednesday afternoons free for Extra Curricular activity is to allow
students to have a set time each week where there will be no timetabled sessions. This free time
will allow the student to thrive in ways they personally want to, be that through volunteering,
paid work, sport, or to catch up on University work.

There are various different activities that this time can be used for, examples include,
- volunteering
- Sport
- improve employability
- Placements
- Group study sessions
- Course trips
- Societies
- Paid work
- University Work
- Child care

With the rise in tuition fees students are going to be looking for a university that offers a good
all round university experience, having Wednesday afternoons free is something that
contributes to this also.

The NUS key statistics for Bath Spa University found that:

‘4% of your students are involved in a sporting club and 7.0% in societies this compares with
national averages of 9% in clubs and 15% in societies
Your institution has 27.0 student representatives for every 1000 FTE students. The national
average is 33.’ (Smith, A, 2010)

These statistics show that Bath Spa University is below the national average for Participation.
Having Wednesday Afternoon’s free will enable students to participate in a range of different
ways, and will help towards a positive increase in participation statistics.

Arguments Against

The Arguments against this are mainly from the university itself.

    -   The University are concerned about lack of teaching space in the university to allow
        every student to have Wednesday afternoons free.

    -   Some courses for instance Performing arts, have very long timetabled sessions, having
        Wednesday afternoon free could mean that their days are even more intense.


The council is recommended to mandate the Students Union to Campaign for Wednesday
Afternoons Free for the next academic year.

                            Bath Spa University Students’ Union

To:                  Student Council

From:                Tom Chivers, Labour at Bath Spa - President

Prepared By:         Tom Chivers

Date:                27th October 2011

Subject:             Regulation of SU Election campaigning


To suggest to the Council a discussion regarding an amendment to the SU constitution that
would prevent candidates and campaign teams involved in SU elections from using forms of
paper campaigning. This would reduce the paper usage and litter on campus and improve
environmental consideration.


During the previous SU elections to elect the President and the two VPs for this Union, I found
that in every campaign (bar that of the current President who undertook a zero-paper
campaign) there were unnecessary amounts of leaflets and fliers being printed and posted
around campus. Not only was this affecting our University’s high standing environmental ethics,
it was also giving many students a negative image about the way in which these campaigns were
run. Rather than campaigning on policies and whether the candidate was right for the job,
campaigns were fought over who could put up more of their posters, and rip up more of their

I was informed on one occasion that members of an unidentified campaign team were taking
down posters asking for information regarding the missing student James Bubear in order to
make room for their own campaign posters.
I propose that an amendment is added to the SU constitution, which requires the SU to ensure
that all candidates are given equal representation, and asks that candidates and their teams
undertake next to no paper campaigning.

Arguments for:

      Improving the environmental image of this University and its main campus.
      Restricting litter which occurs as a result of paper campaigning.
      Referring students to take an interest in the policies of the candidates, rather than
       voting for whoever gave them the most leaflets.
      Encouraging candidates and their teams to undertake more creative and face-to-face
       methods of campaigning. Addressing voters on a personal level allows for candidates to
       better adjust their policies for what would be in the best interest of the Union, and get
       more students aware and interested in the elections.

Arguments against:

      Greater difficulty in informing high volumes of students about the elections. This should
       be addressed by the SU, who must make every effort to inform students of upcoming
       elections, including use of Twitter and Facebook accounts.


For the Council to discuss this paper / discuss and approve
                                                                                    SC 11/23

                             Bath Spa University Students’ Union

To:                   Student Council

From:                 Vice President Campaigns & Communications

Prepared By:          Vice President Campaigns & Communications

Date:                 22nd November 2011

Subject:              Student Council Sub-Committees


The purpose of this paper is to inform the Council of the Sub-Committees of Students’ Council
which have recently been established.

The Students’ Union has recently boosted its representational structures with the introduction
of Sub-Committees to Student Council.

The purpose of these Committees are to feed into Student Council to increase student
engagement with Student Council, and empower Students to make decisions and enable more
in-depth discussion on tailored subjected.

The Sub-Committees which have been established are;

   - Media Committee:
Chair: Part-Time Media Officer
Members: Heads of SpaLife

   - Equal Opportunities Committee
Chair: Equal Opportunities Officer
Members: Liberations Representatives

   - Athletic Union Committee
Chair: Vice President Activities and Participation
Members: AU

   - Societies Committee
Chair: Clubs & Societies Officer
Members: Societies

   - Environment & Ethics Committee
Chair: Equal Opportunities Officer
Members: Affrications & green societies

The Council is recommended to receive and note this paper.
                                                                                      SC 11/24

                              Bath Spa University Students’ Union

To:                    Student Council

Prepared By:           Tim Holden Membership Services Manager

Date:                  15th November 2011

Subject:               Review of Sabbatical Role Descriptions


      1. To approve new sabbatical role descriptions prior to the Union General Election in
         February 2012.

The Union has amended the Sabbatical and Part time Officer role description a number of times
in the past ten years, sometimes only resulting in minor changes, whilst on other occasions
positions have been removed and new ones added.

These changes have been made to reflect the need of the membership and the Union at that

         Prior to 2001 President, VP Leisure Services, VP Welfare & Campaigns
         2001-2008 President, VP Student Activities, VP Student Support
         2008 Onwards President (Welfare & Representation), VP Activities & Participation, VP
          Campaigns & Communications.

In addition to the above changes the following changes have been made to part-time Officer
     2006 -2008 Clubs Officer, Societies Officer, Equal Opps Officer, Environmental & Ethics
        Officer, Student Community Action Officer
     2008-2011 Art & Design Officer, Equal Opps Officer, Environmental & Ethics Officer,
        Clubs & Societies Officer
     2011 onwards Art & Design Officer, Equal Opps Officer, Environmental & Ethics Officer,
        Clubs & Societies Officer, Media Officer.

Following the staff review undertaken between May-October 2011, it has become apparent that
there is a need to review the three sabbatical posts alongside the staff posts. This would ensure
that there are no problems resulting from the staff restructuring which increases staff hours in
student development and representation by an additional 0.5 FTE each and another member of
staff focusing more on communications.

Due to the above change, some of the administrative duties of the three sabbatical roles will be
transferred to permanent staff, allowing the sabbaticals to focus more on being representatives.

Furthermore, since 2008 and the abolition of the VP Student Support, the amount of sabbatical
time spent on welfare issues has decreased dramatically. However, there is evidence that the
Union needs to focus more on this type of support in future to help deliver a better student
experience at Bath Spa University.

Following a review of the existing sabbatical roles and the administrative duties that will be
transferred to permanent staff from January 2012, the following changes are proposed for the
academic year 2012 onwards:

   1. That the duties of the three sabbatical posts are redistributed to three new roles.
                  President
                          o Representation
                          o Democracy
                  VP Activities
                          o Clubs & Societies Overview
                          o Trips
                          o SpaLife Overview
                  VP Welfare & Campaigns
                          o Welfare Support
                          o Campaigns

   2. That all Part-Time Officer roles should remain unchanged apart from minor
      modifications to allow for changes to sabbatical responsibilities.

The above changes would allow the Union to increase the amount of time spent on welfare
support and representation. In addition to this, the above changes would enable the sabbaticals
to focus on a more set area rather than the wide remit the posts currently hold.
                    President – The representation of students (Representation Department)
                    VP Activities – The development of students
                        (Representation Department)
                    VP Welfare & Campaigns –The support of students
                        (Student Development Department)

Workloads have been reviewed to ensure that all three sabbatical roles are equally weighted
when they work with the part time officers and the new staffing structures.

A fully updated copy of all Sabbatical Role Descriptions can be found in appendix 1, and should
be read alongside this paper.

Arguments For
   1. The above changes would enable the sabbatical roles to work as an integrated part of
      the wider Union staffing structure. This will in turn allow for a more focused approach
      to the delivery of Union services and activities.
   2. Increased emphasis on the representation and welfare of our students.
   3. More focused sabbatical responsibilities
   4. Sabbatical responsibility for communications will be undertaken by permanent staff,
      allowing for the continued development of this key area of the Union.
   5. Failure to approve these changes now could prevent their introduction until June 2013.

Arguments Against
   1. The proposed changes focus of the roles and may result in the VP Welfare & campaigns
      post being less appealing to candidates.
   2. Reduced Sabbatical input into day to day communications

  1. For Council to approve this paper
  2. For Council to approve the revised Sabbatical Role Descriptions
Appendix one

                Sabbatical Officer
                Role Descriptions
               Terms & Conditions
There are two aspects to all sabbatical posts; the duties as a trustee of the Union in
accordance with Charity law and the Constitution, and the duties as an elected Union

Work as a trustee of the Union will be on a voluntary basis and as such sabbaticals will be
expected to do this work outside the 37 hours per week paid core hours of the Union.

Your work as a trustee of the Union will be on a voluntary basis and you will be expected to do
this work outside of paid hours.
     Be a trustee of the Union
     Be a member of and attend meetings as set out in the Union Constitution and policies.
     Undertake the duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Constitution, bye-laws and
     Be a joint signatory on Union accounts
     Be chair of the Board of Trustees in accordance with the Constitution.

Your work as an employee of the Union will be on a paid basis in accordance with the Union

Hours of employment shall be 37 hrs per week excluding lunch breaks.

Once elected the post holder shall meet with the Senior Union Manager and discuss their aims
for the year and the needs of the Union. The outcome of the above meeting along with the duties
outlined below shall form the duties and responsibilities of this post.

Key Areas of Responsibility
               Main spokesperson & representative of the Union
               Internal & external representation
               Democratic processes of the Union

General Duties
    To act as a resource to non-sabbatical Officers, Union Reps and Volunteers and actively
      support them.
    Carry out work delegated to you by Union Committees.

     Know, understand, implement and enforce the Union’s Constitution, Policies, Procedures
      and Regulations.
     Working with fellow officers and senior Union Staff, ensure that the Constitution and By-
      Laws are implemented and updated as required, ensuring that the information is
      disseminated to all parties concerned.
     To work with the Senior Union Manager to co-ordinate the implementation, monitoring
      and updating of the Unions Strategic Plan.
     Ensure that officers, representatives and staff are briefed on areas of interest to the
      Union and policy.
     Ensure proper communication of the Union’s democratic structure and adherence to the
      Constitution and policies in all Union decision making processes.
    Actively encourage participation in the democratic structure and processes.
    Ensure the democratic appointment of all Union Representatives not elected by a cross-
     campus ballot.
    Ensure that all Union meetings run and that agendas and minutes are published in
     accordance with the Union Constitution.

      Be responsible for liaising with University authorities over student discipline.
      Liaise directly with the University Vice Chancellor and senior University staff,
       exchanging information concerning relevant issues that affect students and the
       University. Fellow Student officers should attend these meetings whenever appropriate.
      Have overall responsibility for external relations, both within the University and to local
       and national bodies, including the police, local council, local residents, trade unions and
       NUS. Liaise with the NUSSL, National Union of Students and co-ordinate networking
       with other Unions.
      Liaise with the Representation & Welfare Assistant to ensure the smooth running and
       development of the Student Academic Representation System.
      Liaise with fellow officers and student reps to ensure that the concerns of the entire
       student body are raised at University Committees.
      Attend the following University Committees and represent the views of the membership
       after consultation with fellow Student officers:
                The Board of Governors
                Academic Board and its sub committees
                Appeals Committee.
      Ensure that appropriate Student officers and Trustees are informed of any relevant
       communications and, when necessary, the Union’s membership.
      Represent the membership of the Bath Student Liaison Committee and actively

Functioning of the Union
     Keep student officers and staff updated on government and council affairs that affect the
      Union and the student body.
    Raise issues concerning Union services and staff through the Senior Union Manager.
    Be responsible for the complaints and disciplinary procedures and ensure their
      implementation and enforcement.
    Be a member of Union committees as set out in the Union Constitution and Policies.
    Undertake any other duties of the post as set out in Union Policy.
There are two aspects to all sabbatical posts; the duties as a trustee of the Union in
accordance with Charity law and the Constitution, and the duties as an elected Union

Work as a trustee of the Union will be on a voluntary basis and as such sabbaticals will be
expected to do this work outside the 37 hours per week paid core hours of the Union.

Your work as a trustee of the Union will be on a voluntary basis and you will be expected to do
this work outside of paid hours.
     Be a trustee of the Union
     Be a member of and attend meetings as set out in the Union Constitution and policies.
     Undertake the duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Constitution, bye-laws and
     Be a joint signatory on Union accounts

Your work as an employee of the Union will be on a paid basis in accordance with the Union

Hours of employment shall be 37 hrs per week excluding lunch breaks.

Once elected the post holder shall meet with the Senior Union Manager and discuss their aims
for the year and the needs of the Union. The outcome of the above meeting along with the duties
outlined below shall form the duties and responsibility of this post.

Key Areas of Responsibility
               Awareness & welfare campaigns
               Provide general welfare support to members

General Duties
    To act as a resource to Student Officers, Union Reps and Volunteers and actively support
    Carry out work delegated to you by Union Committees.

    Be responsible for the Union’s awareness, academic and welfare campaign work, in line
     with the Welfare, Representation & Campaigns Policy.
    Co-ordinate the Union’s program of Student Lead Awareness campaigns, ensuring
     volunteers are recruited, trained and supported accordingly.
    Take an active role in the development of the University and more specifically, in
     campaigning for the development of the University services and facilities provision.

   Liaise with fellow officers and student reps to ensure that the concerns of the entire
      student body are raised at University Committees.
      Attend the following University Committees and represent the views of the membership
       after consultation with fellow Student officers:
                 Equal Opportunities Committee
                 Hardship Fund panel and other welfare committees
                 Any other committee as may be required
      Take a lead role in the delivery and development of the Unions’ student support work.
       This involves the provision of academic as well as general welfare advice and support
       (this is not counselling).
      Work with the University in ensuring that the welfare needs of all Union members are
       adequately met.
      Be responsible for the provision of relevant information materials. This will involve
       obtaining published materials or co-ordinating the production of leaflets and
       handbooks, etc.
      Establish contacts and obtain as much information as possible for the benefit of the
      Ensure the following groups are adequately represented (normally by appointment of
       representatives): Women, Mature students, LGBT, International Students, Black/Ethnic
       students, Students with Disability/Learning difficulties, part time students and other
       groups as and when a need is perceived.
      Work with the Liberation Reps (e.g. mature students, SWD, LGBT, etc.) and Equal
       Opportunities Officer to ensure welfare support groups are established.
      Have responsibility for the promotion and representation of the Union’s welfare
       interests on both internal and external affairs.
      Promote the academic appeals and complaints procedures and provide advice and work
       with fellow Offices and staff to provide an impartial aid to students undertaking appeals
       or complaints.

Functioning of the Union & Representation
     Keep Student officers and staff updated on government and council affairs that affect the
      welfare of the student body.
    Be a member of Union committees as set out in the Union Constitution and Policies.
    Undertake any other duties of the post as set out in Union Policy.
                               VICE PRESIDENT ACTIVITIES
There are two aspects to all sabbatical posts; the duties as a trustee of the Union in
accordance with Charity law and the Constitution, and the duties as an elected Union

Work as a trustee of the Union will be on a voluntary basis and as such sabbaticals will be
expected to do this work outside the 37 hours per week paid core hours of the Union.

Your work as a trustee of the Union will be on a voluntary basis and you will be expected to do
this work outside of paid hours.

       Be a trustee of the Union
       Be a member of and attend meetings as set out in the Union Constitution and policies.
       Undertake the duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Constitution, bye-laws and
       Be a joint signatory on Union accounts

Your work as an employee of the Union will be on a paid basis in accordance with the Union

Hours of employment shall be 37 hrs per week excluding lunch breaks.

Once elected the post holder shall meet with the Senior Union Manager and discuss their aims
for the year and the needs of the Union. The outcome of the above meeting along with the duties
outlined below shall form the duties and responsibility of this post.

Key Areas of Responsibility
               Promotion and assist in the development of student volunteering
               Oversee the promotion and development of clubs and societies
               Oversee the promotion and development student lead media

General Duties
    To act as a resource to Officers, Union Reps and Volunteers and actively support them.
    Carry out work delegated to you by Union Committees.

Student Volunteering
   Liaise with the Student Development Coordinator to raise the profile of volunteering and
    assist with the development of the Union’s volunteering services.
   Liaise with the Student Development Assistant to provide support for Rag and assist them
    with charity events.

   Take a lead role in the annual Volunteering, Society & Representation awards.

Student Development
   Work with the Student Development Assistant to look into activities that members can
    participate in which will develop them as individuals and increase their employability.
   Be responsible for overseeing all Union excursions, trips and tours, ensuring they are
    undertaken inline with Union policy.
   Liaise with the Student Development Coordinator to raise the profile of extracurricular
    training and assist with the development of the Union’s training programmes.

Clubs & Societies
   Act as the main spokesperson and figurehead of all Clubs & Societies with external bodies.
   Oversee the formation of new clubs and societies.
   Have a clear financial overview of all Clubs & Societies spending and ensure they remain
    within their allocated budget.
   Liaise with the Student Development Coordinator to ensure the appropriate training and
    development of all Clubs & Societies committee members.
   Oversee the organisation of major Club & Society events and activities e.g. awards
    ceremonies, varsities, etc.
   Liaise with the Student Development Assistant to ensure that all Clubs & Societies and the
    Union fulfil their role in the position of “Duty of Care” with regards to Health and Safety;
    including risk assessments and first aid requirements.
   Ensure the efficient and democratic functioning of Union clubs & societies, and ensure that
    all clubs & societies meet all requirements under the clubs & societies policy guidelines.
   Be responsible for ensuring that all Clubs & Societies equipment is maintained and stored
   Liaise with the Student Development Assistant to oversee all affiliations by clubs and
    societies. Communication
   Liaise with Media Officer, Media Heads, Membership Services Manager and
    Communications Assistant to ensure the production and development of all
    student lead media including: SpaLife Radio, Magazine and TV.
   Liaise with the Media Officer and Media Heads to ensure all publications comply
    with Union policy.
   Ensure the democratic appointment of all Media Representatives (Media Heads).
   Ensure the appointment of a full team of volunteers for all student lead media.
   Liaise with the Media Officer, Media Heads, Membership Services Manager and
    Communications Assistant to ensure all media volunteers receive appropriate
    training and support.

Functioning of the Union
   Keep Student officers and staff updated on government and council affairs that affect the
    Union and the student body.
   Be a member of Union committees as set out in the Union Constitution and Policies.
   To undertake any other duties of the post as set out in Union Policy.

Sabbatical officers hold office, having been duly elected for one academic year, starting on the 1st
Monday in July to the last Friday in June (depending on term dates).

The newly elected sabbatical will also be expected to attend a one week paid hand-over period
during the week prior to the start of their term in office.

APTC Scale 11

Payment of salaries: Salaries are paid in 12 monthly instalments. All sabbaticals shall be paid
on the 21st of the month or the nearest weekday to the 21st, and salaries are paid into bank or
building society accounts on that day.

Sabbatical Officers are expected to fulfil the duties and responsibilities set out in their job
descriptions and Union Policy, failure to do so will result in disciplinary action in accordance
with the Disciplinary Policy.

Sabbatical Officers are expected to produce a fortnightly written report and submit it to General
Manager on their activities for the past fortnight. Failure to produce such reports will result in
disciplinary action in accordance with the Disciplinary Policy.

Your work as a trustee of the Union will be on a voluntary basis and you will be expected to do
this work outside the core hours of the Union of 37 hrs per week excluding lunch breaks.

Sabbaticals should ensure that they are in the Union office during the core hours unless
otherwise agreed with the Membership Services Manager.

In the event that you are required to work away from the office, you should inform the
Membership Services Manager of your intentions.

Sabbatical Officers shall be expected to complete a weekly time sheet and submit it to the
General Manager and must explain any unapproved leave. Sabbatical Officers shall only be paid
for hours accounted for in the time-sheet; any hours that are unaccounted for shall be treated as
unapproved leave.

Sabbatical Officers undertaking activities outside those outlined in their job description are
expected to approve all such leave with the Membership Services Manager, any such leave will
be deducted from the annual leave entitlement.

Any leave that is taken but not pre approved will be treated as unapproved leave and deducted
from annual leave entitlement accordingly.

E.g. sabbaticals will not be paid for playing sports for the University, watching matches or going
on Union trips.
20 days, normally taken outside University terms.

Any leave taken during term time must be approved by the Membership Services Manager.

During 1st year of service – 1 month’s full pay and (after completing 4 months service) 2 month’s
half pay.

During 2nd year of service – 2 months full pay and 2 months half pay.

Reporting procedures:

      Advise the General Manager as early as possible on the first day of any sickness absence,
       its cause and likely duration.
      Advise the General Manager on 4th day of absence of progress
      After 8 days a medical certificate is required
      On return to work, self-certification forms and medical certificates covering the period
       of absence must be forwarded.

Unless you have good reason (i.e. medical or personal) sabbatical officers should be in the work
place acting on behalf of the membership during office hours.

Any unapproved leave or lateness will be treated as time off and will be deducted from your
annual leave entitlement. All unapproved leave taken over and above your annual leave
entitlement shall be treated as unpaid leave, and the hours/days deducted from ones salary.

The Trustees shall be informed of all such breaches of the sabbatical terms of office and shall
take appropriate action in accordance with the Disciplinary Policy.

Sabbatical Officers are required to give one calendar months notice in writing to terminate your

Termination of this contract by the Union will be in accordance with the Removal of Union
Officers and Representatives Procedures

Sabbatical Officers are expected to spend a minimum of five hours per week at one of the
University’s other sites.
                                                                                      SC 11/25
                             Bath Spa University Students’ Union

To:                    Student Council

From:                  Sharareh Houshmandyar-International Students’ Rep

Prepared By:           Sharareh Houshmandyar &

                       Tim Holden Membership services manager

Date:                  18th May 2011

Subject:               Enhancing the International student experience.


      1. To ensure adequate services, welfare and language support and accommodation to meet
         the needs of international students.
      2. To introduce an annual celebration of the ethnical and cultural differences of our
         multicultural University.


Bath Spa University is aiming to increase the number of international students from
approximately 2% up to 10%.

In recent years the services and welfare support offered to international students has declined
considerably and it is now felt that the University does not provide enough facilities for the
welfare of international students.

Therefore, international students that experience problems whilst at the University are
suffering and becoming unhappy.
Examples of issues experienced include:

      Student Services staff not being sensitive to the different ethnical and culturally needs of
       international students.
      Inadequate support from Student Housing for students living in home stay.
      Lack of language support

Arguments For

   1. The University should be ensuring that there is adequate provision for supporting
      international students to ensure they have a good student experience whilst studying at
      Bath Spa University.
   2. If the University and Students’ Union provides an improved student experience that
      meets the needs and expectations of International students, the more attractive the
      University will be to future international students.
   3. The University should be providing adequate training to ensure all support and
      academic staff are supportive of international students and sensitive to the different
      ethnical and cultural needs.
   4. By ensuring adequate and equal language support provision across all schools of the
      University, this ensures that students who do not have English as their first language
      have the support they need to complete their degree to the best of their ability.
   5. The University should have adequate provision both on and off campus for
      accommodation for Non-UK students, which meets the needs of these students.
   6. By the Students’ Union increasing its’ campaigning on behalf of international students, it
      ensures that the Union, its officers, representatives and staff are aware of the ethnical
      and cultural needs of different international students and are supportive of their needs.
   7. The Students’ Union should ensure its services and activities are more inclusive and
      sensitive to the needs of international students and through this providing an improved
      student experience.
   8. The Students’ Union should raise awareness of ethnical and cultural differences of the
      diverse student body.
   9. Like many other Union’s, the Students’ Union should hold an annual celebration in
      February each year, that will celebrate the ethnical and cultural differences to ensure a
      truly multicultural University.

Arguments Against

   1. The University may not be supportive of the above activities due to financial or other
   2. Some University staff may take the above suggestions as offensive.
   3. The Union has limited resources and have to prioritise funds accordingly.


   3. For the Council to approve this paper
   4. The Students’ Union should ensure that the University is made aware of this paper and
      acts upon it.
5. That the Students’ Union should review its services and activities and ensure they cater
   for the needs of the diverse student population.
6. That the Students’ Union President and International Student Representative should
   establish a schedule of meetings to discuss international student issues with the key
   University departments.
7. That the Students’ Union establish an annual celebration of the ethnical and cultural
   differences of our multicultural University.
                                                                                        SC 11/26

                              Bath Spa University Students’ Union

To:                    Student Council

From:                  Sharareh Houshmandyar-International Students’ Rep

Prepared By:           Sharareh Houshmandyar

Date:                  15th November 2011

Subject:               Attendance at lectures and seminars


      2. To remove the policy of compulsory attendance at lectures and seminars, allowing
         students the freedom of choice.
      3. Reducing stress in students that have failed to attend.


The University has a set policy on student attendance at lectures and seminars. This policy
requires the University to send non-attendance letters to students who repeatedly fail to attend
lectures and seminars.

I believe that this policy is too strict and that as mature adults, they should have the freedom of
choice as to whether they should attend to their classes or not.

There is also an inconsistency across the University as to how non-attendance is taken into
account by tutors.

Arguments For

      6. A policy of non-compulsory attendance at lectures and seminars would allow individual
         students the freedom to make their own choice to attend or not.
   7. Having a policy of non-compulsory attendance would remove the need for lecturers to
      send letters to students who fail to attend
   8. Students will have their work marked on its quality rather than on their attendance on
      the course/module. Remove the right of tutors to blame students for not turning up to
      the classes.

Arguments Against

  1. The university may not accept a non-compulsory attendance policy


   8. For the Council to approve this paper
   9. For the Students’ Union President to undertake further investigation into this matter
       through Union School Committees, before proposing an amendment to the University
       regulations and the attendance policy at the earliest opportunity.
   10. Once the approved the University should ensure that the new policy is fully
       implemented and that tutors stop sending student attendance letters and stop taking
       account of attendance when marking assignments.

                              Bath Spa University Students’ Union

To:                    Student Council

From:                  Tristan Payne, Equal Opportunities Officer.

Prepared By:           Tristan Payne. Equal Opportunities Officer.

Date:                  22, Nov. 2011

Subject:               Improving Student Health and Wellbeing at BSU; The issue of

                       Tiredness and Rest.


The purpose of this paper being brought to Student Council would be to refine and
discuss a proposal to the union and the university.


Students work at their best when they are well rested and healthy; the SU already provides
leisure, nutrition and guidance – but unless you’re lucky enough to be a first year and living on
campus, it is very difficult to find somewhere appropriate on campus to find somewhere to get
some rest.

The only set ‘quiet’ places on campus are in the library, which is generally needed for work.

I feel it may be of some benefit to discuss the suitability or necessity of the proposal and to see if
it is generally believed to be of benefit to the students as a whole – and then discuss possible
suggestions to how this may be provided.
(For example; setting up bunks in the SU possibly, or allocating a ‘quiet, students are sleeping’
common room somewhere on campus, or other suggestions.)

Arguments For

      Improving student health, well-being, and concentration during lectures and study and
       general student happiness.
      To provide provision where it had previously not existed.
      Provision doesn’t require any or much funding to implement.
      Changes can potentially be only minor.

Arguments Against

      Area regulation may be an issue. Fair usage, equal opportunity to use the provision.
      Cost?
      Lack of appropriate space on campus at the SU?
      Does enough demand for the space exist?


For the Council to discuss this paper.

For the Council to mandate the Students’ Union to look into the viability of this proposal with
the university.
                                      ANNUAL GENERAL
                                      Minutes of Annual General Meeting
                                         held 24.10.11: 1pm – 2pm
                                            Newton Park, BarSpa
In attendance:
Chair: Richard Bidgood (President)
Amy Stringer (Vice-President Participation & Activities)
Harry Birch (Vice-President Campaigns & Communications)
Barbara Elly (General Manager)
Tim Holden (Membership Services Manager)

Apologies: No apologies.
Minutes of previous meeting : Approved
Matters arising: None
Chairs Business: Richard Bidgood opened meeting by introducing staff members present.

Item            Points of discussion                                                      Actions
AGM11/01        Harry Birch reported on the performance of the SU last year and
Students’       explained how the Union was a financial charity and now formally
Union Reports   registered as an Unincorprated Association.

                The recruitment of more Liberation and Academic Reps has
                strengthened representation at School meetings.

                Strong links have been forged with the Federation of Bath Residents
                Association (FoBRA), Student Community Partnership and BANES

                The Union hosted the Forever Friends Mad Dash Charity run and was
                very successful.

                There are a growing number of students participatiing in internal and
                local volunteering schemes. The total number of students volunteering
                now stands at 652.

                A significant increase in the number and variety of Clubs and Societies
                has been observed with a growing number of Sports Clubs participating
                in BUCS (British Universities & College Sport) competitions.

                Charity Registration: In 2010 the SU registered with the Charities
                Commission as an Unincorporated Association. In the future it intends
                to become Incorporated.
            The Union is in the process of recruiting 4 External Trustees.

            Relationships between the University and SU continue to flourish and
            the Union helped with recruiting the new Vice Chancellor.
            Spa Life continues to run sucessfully.

            Democratic Development: Elections were held over the year and 1100
            votes were cast – this is a significant increase over previous years.
            Last year the Union ran an anti fees/cuts campaign in association with
            NUS and took 250 protestors from BSU and Bath University to London.
            Unfortunately the Government approved the increases but the Union
            will continue to fight the cause.

            Affiliations for the year: NUS, BUCS and FoBRA.

            HB recommended floor to receive this paper.

            Q: Phil Holley asked how the Union would deal with the deficit of
            A: RB stressed it would be explained in the SU Budget section.
AGM 11/02   Barbara Elly explained that the grant from the University covers wages
STUDENTS’   and salaries expenditure.
BUDGET      The Union has a good working relationship with the University but
            sometimes support is lacking. Hopefully the new Vice Chancellor will
            change this situation.

            Profits from the Bar, Shop and commission from Bus Passes help pay for
            major expenses e.g. rent and cost of utilties for SU building. Commercial
            activities bring in profits and income up on last year. However, the
            decline in the use of the Bar continues as students go into town. Bar and
            catering losses made during evening events as staff and security still
            have to be paid.

            Poor rates of interest on Union reserves.

            There was an overall loss of £25,380 but with depreciation taken into
            account rises to £51,938.

            Each department has been advised to keep running costs as low as
            possible. We are trying to keep Bar prices low but BE asked students to
            use and support the SU Bar. It is envisaged the Union will run at a loss
            over the next few years but the long term outlook is more positive. It is
            hoped commercial activities will help to boost income.
A new member of staff is to be appointed as Representation & Welfare
Assistant to carry out admin duties.

The Board has approved the staffing restructure and a couple of staff will
be retiring at the end of this Academic year. The future development of
the Union is dependent on the plans of the University.

Budget was approved by students.

Q.1: Tom Watkins asked why so much money was being spent on clubs
and societies rather than such things as SpaLife and creative projects?
A.1: TH explained that SpaLife received funding from other sources such
as advertising in publication which subsidises paper costs.
RB said there is opportunity for anyone to form a society with help and
funding from the Union whilst clubs have been established over a long
period of time.

Q.2: Phil Holley raised question about how Union will ensure profit of
A.2: BE said Bar and shop will have to cut losses but a successful
Freshers Fair this year should hopefully encourage new students to use
Bar. Students need to be encouraged to put on more events at the SU
and support them.

Q.3: 2ND Year Music Student asked if there was a possibility for external
people to use SU as there are many rival venues in Bath?
A.3: TH answered saying that SU actively encouraging students to hold
events in Bar. Fund raising events are held and it is hoped an outside
promoter (C Squared and Mister Bibby) will encourage students to use

Q.4: George asked if Bar run privately?
A.4: BE advised that Bar run by Union staff and students and profits and
losses coming straight back to the SU.

Q.5: Floor asked if Shop and Bar budget could be merged to save costs?
A.5: BE explained there is one budget but sub-divided for accounting
purposes only. Historically the Bar made a profit which maintained the
rest of the SU but has changed over the last few years with the Bar
making a loss and reserves having to be used.

Q.5: Floor asked if staffing of Shop and Bar could be shared?
A.5: TH said when shop closed, crisps etc now sold by Bar during
evenings, but it is not viable to have Shop open more hours at the
present time, however, it might be feasible in the future.

Q.6: Floor asked why can’t prices in the shop match supermarket prices?
A.6: BE explained to floor why small shops cannot compete with large
supermarkets. Costs are kept to a minimum buying from a consortium
                 and cash & carry. The shop does not have large storage space to buy in
                 bulk. The choice is variety or lower prices but less variety.

               Budget approved by a majority vote.
AGM 11/03       TH explained the Union’s role as representative channel between
Students’      students, University and external bodies and providing social, cultural,
Union Strategy sporting and recreational activities.

                 During the summer the SU and Student Council looked at what was
                 going wrong with SU and where improvements could be made.
                 A strategic plan for the SU over the next 2 years was explained and TH
                 asked for student feedback.

                 It is proposed to develop students’ employability through extracurricular
                 activities along with improving the image of students within the local
                 community – many local residents have a very negative attitude towards

                 The Union is striving to be environmentally sustainable and actually
                 received an award this year.

                 The Union is looking to improve commercial services over the next 2
AGM11/04          RB explained that ‘Open Floor’ means a question and answer session.
Open to the
Floor            Q.1: Floor asked how the bus service could be drastically improved?
                 Single buses are too small to cope with volume of students needing
                 buses at peak times. Many students missing important lectures.
                 A.1: SU to contact First Bus for an answer to this problem. Last year RB     TH/RB
                 contacted First Bus regarding this ongoing problem but apparently the
                 bus company requires evidence. Students need to fill out Complaint

                 Q.2: Katy advised her bus pass was stolen and she has to pay out
                 another £80 for a new term bus pass. She wanted to make sure
                 students are aware of the availability of insurance to cover loss of bus
                 A.2: BE stressed that everyone is asked if they want insurance at point of
                 sale, but First Bus posters need to advertise that insurance is available.   TH

                 Q.3: George asked for a free cash machine in SU.
                 A.3: RB explained it was not a free service to SU and feasibility would
                 depend on increased usage of Bar by students to pay for its cost.

                 Q.4: Number of students attending SU evening events declining – why?
                 A.4: RB thought it was probably easier for students to get into town.
                 We lost many students last year but hopefully we will have greater
                 student support with external Promoters (C-Squared and Mister Bibby)
                 holding events in SU at cheaper prices than in town.
              Q.5: Debbie Chapman said that the SU toilets were in a disgusting state
              and what could be done about improving them?

              A.5: TH said that improvements had been made over the summer but
              he would try and improve matters. The University is paid to clean the
              toilets during the week and weekend Bar staff have been asked to check    TH
              toilets and report any problems to Bar Manager . TH would speak to the
              University regarding this matter.

              Q.6: Lizzie cycles to and from University at night. She asked if it was
              possible to have more lights on the drive?

              A.6: RB to contact Head of Estates, Carolyn Puddicombe, to see if more    RB
              lighting is feasible.

              Q.7: A query had been raised by Robert Payne via email asking for a
              squat rack in the Union gym
              A.7: Rb to look into the viability of getting a squat rack in the gym

Item for receipt: None
AOB: None
Meeting closed: 2pm.
                                          Environment and
                                          Ethics Committee
                                    Minutes of Environment and Ethics
                                    Meeting held 03.11.11: 4pm – 6pm
                                         Newton Park, SU Office

In attendance:
Chair: Simon Jilley (Environment and Ethics officer)
Secretary: Richard Bidgood (President)
Talitha Burnett

Chris Leigh
Lindsay Horler

Item             Points of discussion                                              Actions
 EEC11/02        The chair introduced paper EEC11/02 and discussed the
Evaluation of    purpose of committee, he saw it as a stratigic look for the
the Green        direction of the enviornmental initialties that happened from
Focus Society    the Union around the university. The committee is established
                 to represent the environmen and ethics of the Union’s
                 operations and to establish the Unions positions on matters
                 around environment and ethics.
                 The university has an environmental steering group and it is
                 suggested that this committee is in response to it. it would be
                 good practice for matters arising in the envirnomental steering
                 group to be taken to the EEC to give the Unions perspective on
                 The envinomental issues in the university are felt to e very
                 fragmented and a committee like this would help cement all
EEC11/03          The chair introduced paper EEC11/03. It was to evaluate the
                 green focus society. The chair commented on its successful
Strategy for     uptake on fresher’s fair achieving over 80 sign ups. He stated
the academic     that 3 newsletters have been made since and the last one was
year             opened and read 22 times. It was stated that this society was
                 set up to represent the environmental movement from
                 students; previously there had been nothing from students so
                 this society started. The committee discussed the socials had,
                 attendance was good the first one had 10 people attend and
                the second unofficial one had15 which included the veg soc.

                The content of the social was discussed and it was expressed
                that it was to get to know one another and to understand the
                cause of the society; the newsletter was also advertised at the

                The content of the newsletter was also discussed and it was
                thought that it was a good method for consolidating all that
                was happening around the university and it was viewed that
                the new format using mail chimp was effective.

                The newsletter could be more clearer in terms of dates for
                events that are happening maybe incorporating drop down
                style ‘read more’ buttons.

                There was a discussion on how the newsletter can be better

                An idea of having a media working group was discussed this led
                to the idea of having an officer in charge as a port of call for the
                media efforts for the committee/group which would then have
                a working group to distribute the work load.

                The committee discussed the posibility of working with SpaLife
                to further promote the newsletter and the activities of the
                movement.                                                              SJ

EEC11/04        SJ presented paper EEC11/04 this was the strategy for the
Involvement     committee, the chair wanted to invite more relelvant society
in University   heads but was unable to get their contact details as the Union
Policy          website was out of date, it was stated that the new website is
                imminantly going live and the committee was assured that it
                would be up to date.

                The importance of this group was highlighted to bring to
                together all groups to the committee and the the focus was
                enphasised on the ‘environmental movement’ of the union and
                the university.

                It was emphasised also the importance of keeping this
                committeee open to the union membership to allow interested
                members to attend.

                The university’s focus on the people and planet green legue
                was highlighted.
             Discussion over the word ‘profitable’ were made in reference
             to the outcome of the movements actions. This was changed to

             Discussion was made over the description of the committee as
             the ‘ one decision making body’ this was deemed as a bit too
             authoritarian, so was changed to ‘the EEC’

             There was also an addition to that sentence, to engage all
             environment and ethics groups ‘ and other union members’.

             Another point was added to the end of the strategy

             ‘future meetings will be effectively advertised to the student

             This was to ensure a good attendance to the committee and to
             ensure its longevity.

             SJ read through the strategy again.

             The example given of free range eggs was deleted as having
             this would be out of date with campaigns if certain ones were
             mentioned in the strategy.

             The strategy was approved.

EEC11/05     SJ presented the paper involvement in University policy.

Open         It was highlighted that there was to date no fair trade
discussion   investment, it was deemed a good idea for a campaign to
on           change this. This would be good for publicity and a good
campaigns    catalyst for students to get involved.

             The sale of bottled water at the university was something to
             look at in the future.

             The sustainable food campaign was also deemed as a good
             campaign to run.

             It was recommended that these campaigns are suggested to
             interested groups to run as campaigns in this academic year.

             SJ presented the paper discussion on campaigns.

             The committee asked if there was budget available for the
             environment and ethics committee campaigns, the answer was
             SJ will talk to the Vice president campaigns and
             communications and the General manager to see if there is
             budget available.
AOB           Richard Bidgood had a discussion with councillor Roger
              Symonds, the cabinet member for transport; he was
              approached regarding a cycle path to the university from the
              town centre and wanted some feedback. RB is rafting an email
              with ideas on how the cycle track can be implemented and
              asked for ideas from the committee.

              The committee talked about;
                     the unusable condition of the current path along       RB
                      the A4
                     The lack of lighting,
                     The potential for a barrier to separate the road
                      and the path. And; the possibility of joining up the
                      old railway cycle path to the globe round about.

              These suggestions were taken on.

Item for receipt: None

Date of next meeting: 12th January 2012
                                         Media Committee
                                         Minutes of Media Committee
                                     Meeting held 03.11.11: 5pm – 6pm
                                          Newton Park, SU office
In attendance:
Chair: Roya Soleimanifar (Media Officer)
Deputy Chair: Harry Birch (Vice-President Campaigns & Communications)
Secretary: Harry Birch (Vice-President Campaigns & Communications) & Roya
Soleimanifar (Media Officer)

Name                                              Representing
Carl Anka                                         SpaLife TV
Juna Abrams                                       SpaLife Magazine
Richard Whittaker                                 SpaLife Radio
Mark Tucker                                       SpaLife Marketing

Apologies: None
Minutes of previous meeting: None
Matters arising: None
Chairs Business: The next Student Council meeting will be held on the 22/11/11.
Careers in conjunction with SpaLife is hosting a careers event on the 6/12/11 at 2pm in the Careers
Department - how to break into the media industry.
SpaLife Emails are now fixed.
Mac login details for each session of SpaLife will be circulated amongst the committee members.
The Students’ Union has redeveloped its website and it should be up and running from the 8/11/11
with the capability to run SpaLife online articles.
Carl Anka has had to step down as SpaLife Head Radio Producer, the recruitment of this position will
be discussed later on in the committee and a formal thank you was given.

Item           Points of discussion                                                Actions
MC 11/01       The Chair introduced the supporting document 11/01 and stated
Consitution    to the committee that a Student Media Constitution had been
               devised over the summer 2011 which included the Heads of
               SpaLife’s recommendations.

               The Committee read through the Constitution and no concerns
               were raised. The Chair proceeded by stating that there needed to
               be a formal vote to accept the student Media Groups
               Constitution.                                                       JA, RW, MT , CA and
                                                                                   RS to circulate
               The Committee voted and the Constitution was passed.                constitution amongst
                                                                                   its members
MC 11/02       The Deputy Chair Introduced the supporting document 11/02 and
Training       relayed to the Committee that the Media Group’s training
              schedule needed to be reassessed for the following academic
              year 2012/13. He then went on to ask for feedback on all three
              training sessions.

              Training session 1)                                                 CA, JA, RW, MT, (All
              -Needs to take place in a less noisy environment                    heads) to email HB
              - Should be in a lecture room not the Students’ Union               who they want to get
              - Look at the time of day                                           in contact with from
              - Some form of video played to show what we do                      Sion Hill.
              - Issues getting equipment out

              The Deputy Chair said that he had approached the University         HB
              about equipment hire already but in the future we should put
              more pressure on the University

              Training session 2)
              - Spent too much time talking about media law
              - Media law was very specific to the magazine not so much other
              areas of SpaLife
              - Group sessions were very useful

              Training session 3)
              -Look to hold the sessions at Sion Hill between 12-2pm              HB,
              - Lack of participation due to emailing systems being down          Next meeting
              - Ask designers to recommend friends                                training session to be
              - Target who we know already and get them to spread the word        approved

MC 11/03      The Chair introduced the supporting document 11/03 and relayed
              to the Committee the Media Groups key viewing statistics and
Review and
Recruitment   recruitment statistics.

              It was highlighted that designers, producers and photographers      RS & HB
              needed to be targeted to join the Media Group via a new
              recruitment campaign.

              It was also stated that the Media Group’s student engagement
              via its social media networks needs to be increased. A system was
              devised where all the Heads of SpaLife have the responsibility to   CA, JA, RW, MT and
              update the networks by using their own unique status.               RS

              TV: – at the beginning of any TV status or tweet

              Mag: - at the beginning of any Mag status or tweet

              Radio: - at the beginning of any Radio status or tweet

              Marketing just simply updates status/ tweet.

              The marketing password for the social networks were circulated      HB
              and social network training will be given to the marketing team
              and heads by the end of November.

MC 11/04      The Chair introduced the supporting document 11/04 and stated
Production   that the Media Group had recently had several complaints
Cycles       against its approachability due to a lack of clear production

             It was then relayed to the Committee the importance of having
             clear production cycles.

             The Chair then stated that the production cycles with keys dates
             needed to submitted to the Media Officer by the 13th November        CA, JA, RW and RS
             to avoid these complaints again.

             It was highlighted that the marketing team needed to see the         MT
             other production cycles before creating their own and therefore
             the marketing’s productions cycle will be submitted a week later
             – 19/11/11.

             The dates for the submission of production cycles were noted by
             all Committee members.

MC 11/05     It was highlighted that the Media Group needed to increase its
SpaLife      brand image across all of its platforms. The following suggestions
             were discussed to increase the Media Groups brand image.

             It was aired that due to the Students’ Union using their TV
             channel on YouTube more, SpaLife will have to look into opening
             its own TV channel.

             It was highlighted that the Media Group needed to get hold of
             substantial distribution units for the magazine, thought to cost
             around £30-£50 per unit.

             It was stated that the Media Group needed a promotional TV           RW
             advert and the Head of SpaLife TV was actioned to develop this
             video before the Christmas break.

             It was identified that social networks needed to be developed
             and a general banner needed to be brought to heighten
             awareness of the brand.

             All of the above was approved by the Committee.

             The Chair then explained which budget from the Media Group           MT
             these developments should come from, It was identified that
             everything should come from the £350 marketing budget except
             the distribution units which come from the general expenses
             budget. It was also agreed that the marketing team should
             manage these developments.

             All of the above was approved by the Committee.

MC 11/06     The Chair introduced the supporting document 11/06 and went
Funding        on to explain the background into the funding mechanism of the
Committee      Media Group.

               The Chair stated that there was a need to develop the Media
               Groups funding structure and as a result wanted to establish a
               Sub-Committee of the Media Committee to research into
               different funding mechanism.

               She stated that there are two vacant positions on the Sub-
               Committee who will join the Vice-President for Campaigns and
               Communications and the Part-Time Media Officer.

               Three members of the Committee expressed their interest in the      RS
               Sub-Committee and therefore, the Chair advised the three
               members to send an email stating why they wanted to become a
               part of the Committee and what they think they could bring to
               the Committee in 150 words.

               The decision as to who to appoint for the Committee will be sent
               via email confirmation the following day with dates for the first

               The Committee approved.

Item for receipt: None

AOB: With the current Head Radio Producer stepping down it was decided that a recruitment
schedule was needed to be devised to fill this position. The Head of Marketing and the Part-Time
Media Office agreed and stated that they would take this task on and submit a recruitments
schedule to the Vice-President for Campaigns and Communication by the 08/11/11.

Meeting Closed: 6.10pm.

Date of next meeting: 12th January 2012
                                                              Meeting Minutes

Meeting held: 3rd November 2011      6:00pm-7:00pm       Newton Park,
                                                         Main House            MH111
Chair: Adam Peters
Deputy Chair: Amy Stringer

In Attendance:

Name                    Representing
Sean Sloan              Debating Society
Ben Scott               Debating Society
Lindsay Horler          Yoga Society
Shu Qi Man              Knitting Society
Tristan Payne           Frisbee Society
Tom Shivers             Labour Society
Heidi Budden            Film Society
Jessica Hall            Film Society

Apologies: Gemma Cantwell, Claire Way
Minute of previous meeting: None Given
Matters arising: None
Chairs Business: None

Item              Points of discussion                                   Actions

SOC11/01          VP Activities and Participation reminded all in
                  attendance that the work they are putting into their
Opportunities     society can be recognised as volunteering.
avalable to       She also introduced the three RAG Charities we are
societies through raising money for this year (Mencap, Bath Cats and
volunteering      Dogs home and Hope HIV) and encouraged the
                  societies to get involved with raising money.

                  Children in Need was introduced, along with the
                  activities that are going on for the day.            To keep all
                  Frisbee Society were used as an example of a         societies updated
                  Society raising money for charity. As they are doing on Children in
                  a 24hour Frisbee-a-thon on campus for Children in Need           ccc

                  Need, and have also been involved in Charity bag
                  The Chair spoke of how happy he was about the
SOC11/02          Fresher’s Fair, and he thanked all of the societies
                  who took part. Then asked for any feedback on the
Freshers Fair     day, as this year it was on a separate day to the
Thank you to      commercial fair.
societies for the
effort they put in. President of the Debating Society said numbers were
                    slow for the second day. Resulting in not a great
                    sign up.

                  President of the Frisbee Society recommended that
                  the Societies fair should be before the commercial
                  fair, to attract a greater number of people.

                  President of the Labour Society thinks they should
                  both be on the same day.

                  Vice President Activities and Participation stated
                  that space is the main issue.

                  President of the Debating Society suggested some
                  Societies could bring their own gazebo.

                  President of Debating society mentioned that he can
                  put on three different fairs, wedding, mind body
                  spirit or pampering. This is a way of utilising the
                  space in the marquee.

                  President of Yoga said they should be in a separate
                  place but on the same day.

                  President of Knitting mentioned that if the two fairs
                  were together the businesses will overwhelm the

                  President of the Debating Society noticed that there
                  was not a great deal of people through the door on
                  the second day. Thus contribution to minimal sign

                  Film Society said they had no problem with this at
                  all and had a good sign up on the day.
SOC11/03         The Chair asked the societies to give an update of
Societies Update how everything is going for them this year.

                  President of Debating Society mentioned he had to
                  do talks in lectures to get members. But now it’s all
                  going well, they are using a slightly different format
                  to last year, and are now ready to take on other

                  President of Knitting said they are all doing really
                  well, they had 35 people turn up to the social and
                  more want to come. They have been knitting hats to
                  go on the top of Innocent smoothie bottles.

                  President of Yoga said they have 35 people on
                  average, on the first week there were so many
                  people there was no space for them.

                  President of Frisbee said they have got 20 solid
                  members, and they will be ready for tournaments the
                  early new year. They have a new pink and black kit.
                  And also raised £184 doing a bag pack.

                  Labour President, spoke about the trade union strike,
                  and asked for others to bear in mind the strike.

                  Glee society said they have 10 to 15 members
                  weekly. They mentioned that Friday was perhaps not
                  the best day for rehearsals, as people like to go home
                  at the weekends. They are also planning a flash mop
                  at the weekend.

                  The film society president said they had 370 sign up
                  from the Fresher’s Fair, they are having weekly film
                  screenings also.

                  The Chair thanked all for their contribution.

                  The chair told the room that there will be a clubs and
SOC11/04          societies Christmas dinner on the 13th December,       To email all about
                  this will be held at the Students Union for £10ish a the Christmas
Christmas         head and with free entry to SU Next Tuesday!           Dinner.
                  The president of yoga said that there should be a lot
                  more getting together for the clubs and societies.
Items for receipt: None

AOB: The Vice President Activities and Participation requested to know where and when all
of the societies meet. This is for the benefit of everyone and to be put on the new Students

Debating – Tuesday - NE101 – 7pm – Fortnightly

Knitting – every other Monday – 7.30-9.30 – destination changes, in town

Yoga – ST106 – Wednesday – 6.15-7.15 or 7.30-8.30

Frisbee – Wednesday 2.30 – 5pm on the top fields

Labour Society are contactable through Facebook, they don’t meet regularly.

Glee – Friday – 6-8pm – UT112 or MTG01

Meeting Closed: 6.55pm.

Date of next meeting: 12th January 2012 MH111, 6-7.
                                               Athletic Union
                                       Minutes of Athletic Union Meeting
                                       Meeting held 03.11.11: 5pm-6pm
                                       Newton Park, MH.111

In attendance:
Chair: Amy Stringer (Vice-President Activities & Participation) AS
Deputy Chair: Adam Peters (Clubs and Societies Officer) AP

Rugby, Hockey, Badminton

Apologies: None Noted.
Minutes of previous meeting: No Previous Meeting
Matters arising: N/A
Chairs Business: None to Note

Item            Points of discussion                                            Actions
 AU11/01        AS made committee aware of the agenda item and asked the
BUCS            committee to comment on how they felt BUCS was going.

                Badminton commented that they were happy with the
                procedure and was finding the whole experience enjoyable,
                however they did question how the travel arrangements
                would work due to multiple societies wanting mini bus

                AS made the committee aware that they could also use the Zaf
                as part of passing the driving test for the mini bus

AU11/02         AS thanked the committee for all the effort put in by sports
Freshers Fair   teams and welcomed comments on how they felt the day

                Badminton were very happy with the idea to make the com
                fair and C&S fair separate, however they also made a point of
                that some societies stalls made communication with potential
                members difficult, this opinion was shared among the

AU11/03         AS suggested to the committee that the AU could look into
Varisty         playing a lower level opposition to make varsity more
                competitive, this was opened to the committee for discussion

                Badminton disagreed with this idea saying that they felt the
            level of competition was beneficial to the development of the
            players at the AU.

            Hockey agreed saying that they enjoyed playing Winchester
            due to the friendly environment and reputation that the two
            institutions share.

            Badminton felt that the communication for varsity could have
            been managed better by the AU, due to the face badminton
            arrived 3 hours before their match with Winchester was due to

AU11/04     AS made the committee aware of the online stash ordering
Stash       system and also reiterated the deadline for ordering stash.

            AS then went on to encourage teams to upsell stash to their
            members as much as possible.

            The committee as a whole supported the new online system
            however it was brought to the chairs attention that members
            of some sports teams “didn’t see the point” of an online
            system when there was a much more simpler solution
            available (ordering and paying directly from the Student Union

AU11/05     AS made the committee aware that the AU was looking to
AU Dinner   change the venue for the AU dinner, AS then encouraged
            discussion from the group about a potential new venue.

            Badminton raised the issue that the bar tariff for the AU dinner
            was very high last year and that this was something we should
            look to address when looking for a new venue.

            AP suggested Ashton Gate (Bristol City FC), Hockey raised the
            issue of which financial line we should take “pay more in travel
            for a cheaper bar” and vice-versa.

            AS also raised the issue that a venue near the city centre could
            be very detrimental due to the fact that we would lost most
            people after the dinner to local pubs and clubs, the committee
            recognised that this was something that needed to be taken
            into account when selecting a venue.
                 Badminton agreed that Ashton Gate would be a suitable venue
                 and that we should look into it, or look to negotiate a bar tariff
                 with Bath Racecourse and not change the venue for this year.

AU11/06          AS encouraged teams to work more with RAG and look to build their
RAG              RAG totals to improve on the excellent figures from last year.

                 AS made the commitee aware of opportunities coming up such as;
                 children in need, movember, sport relief.

                 AS acknowledged and complemented Men’s rugby’s efforts so far
                 this year with their bucket collection at a recent Bath Rugby match
AU11/07          Badminton requested if their match times could be moved forward
Training         at Aquaterra

                 AS informed Badminton that this would not be possible because the
                 time slot booked was the only one abalable. Badminton accepted
                 this and said they were happy with training times.

                 Hockey- Nothing to report

                 Rugby- Nothing to report
AU11/08          AS opened the item by explaining what AU weekend was and asked
AU Weekend       the commitee if their teams would be interested in participating

                 Hockey raised the issue that some practicality issues with certain
                 sports would arise if the AU weekend took place.

                 AS noted these practicality issues and informed the commitee that it
                 would be further investergated.
AU11/09          AS explained that a Wednesday afternoon free campaign was to be
WAF              re-launched to ensure that our extra-corricular activities have every
                 possible chance to develop. AS requestion that the commitee put
                 their full support behind the campaign.

                 The whole commitee pledged their support

AU11/10          AS opened the floor for commitee members to discuss any issues
How’s it going   they saw as being important.

                 Badminton enquired if a sports hall was to be constructed in the
                 new University development. Badminton and Hockey suggested that
                 it would be a financial benifit to the University.

                 AP brought to the commitees attention how difficult planning
                 persmission was to obtain due to the fact we don’t own the land.

                 There was nothing else brought to the attention of the commitee.
Items for receipt: None

AOB: AS made the committee aware that a refreshers fair is in line to take place in January,
potentially the 11th

Hockey raised the issue that a refreshers fair isn’t useful for Athletic Union teams being so far into
the BUCS season. AS suggested that a January – January membership could be looked into being
implemented for 1st and 2nd year students joining teams.

Date of next meeting: 12th January 2012

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