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					World’s Largest RYLA
PDG Madhura M Chatrapathy

                              District 3190 created a unique history by
                              holding RYLA with 25102 school students
                              partaking on 18th August 2011, in a 6 hour
                              session from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

25,102 + 9th & 10th std students in 100 + schools 500+ classrooms involving
41 of the 55 Bangalore Rotary Clubs, 650+ Rotarians, Inner Wheel members,
Annes, Annette’s, Rotaractors as trainers and facilitators. Through 18 trainers’
training programs 750 trainers trained by Rtn. Ramkumarr Shesh the prime
mover and the architect of RYLA 25000 with his Born To Win team.

  I AM A WINNER reverberated everywhere and the Spirit of I CAN was all

Rtr. Anant Singh Sikarwar, President of Rotaract Club of Welingkar sharing
his experience says a batch of us, about MBA students, trained as trainers
started our day on a high note to be a part of one of the biggest events RYLA
25000. The whole theme of this RYLA was to motivate the young people and
make them realize that they are the WINNERS.

For the first 5 minutes they were hesitant but once they joined the flow of the
session they became more interactive and all of them started taking part in
the activities. We got a chance to teach them, to sing with them, to dance with
them too.

Rtr Sikawar adds that the moving moments that he would like to share would
be that “students didn't want us to finish the program or leave, some of them
cried, some of them hugged us, they have taken our autographs,

All this was achieved by meticulous planning, winning strategies and training
of trainers through 18 Train the Trainer programs by 7 master trainers in a
span of 3 weeks. The training in 100 locations in 500 class rooms meant,
execution with an aplomb. The program was devised after a research by the
Born to win team.

A mailer was sent with a checklist to all the clubs What the Rotary Club
should do to help Under Privileged Children smile and empower them to
Believe, Think and Act as a Winner? A flow chart was provided to trainers and

The Clubs had to take care of the trainers and facilitators conveyance, where
needed and refreshments. Students are provided their Mid-day meal by the
Government. The cost of it all for a Club was Rs.10 or less per

“It was a day that will remain etched in our memories. We were able to
bring smile on the faces of thousands of angels. More than those school
students we were feeling like WINNER'S “, concludes the delighted young

Headmistress of the Government High School in Peenya, Manjula Kumari
appealed to President Sreenivasamurthy of Rotary Bangalore Peenya, “Sir,
this kind of program is needed for the Government school students in
particular. It is life changing experience. Please hold it every year.” It was the
same story every where whether it was a private school or government
school. The teachers were taken by the impact of making young people feel “I
Am A Winner”.

A thrilled Ramkumarr Sheshu writes on his FaceBook wall, “25,000 children
believing and saying - I am a Winner- feeling on top of the world. Goal
achieved, great team work, enthusiastic response from 41 Rotary Clubs and
above all- 25,000 WINNERS in one day. That calls for a celebration.”

Venky Rajagopal wrote “Congrats to everyone!!!! It is not only that I
personally saw Rotarians undergoing a change. Many Rotarians have
decided to be part of these kinds of projects from now on..."

Rotarians were on top of the world - they reached Within to Embrace

Sharmila S, a teacher from Government high school Doddanekundi school
wrote to the Rajeeb Kumar Roy “ As you shared with us that one professor
who made that impact on you ,we hope among the 183 participants there is a
100 percent impact. Personally, I found the whole concept very interesting as
somewhere down the line, be it our own children or the students we are just
asking them to be in the rat race of academics forgetting to remind them to
cherish their dream as to whatever they want to accomplish in their life. Roy’s
response was ” Someone told me ‘A teacher is one who touches.’ I am sure
that today you and all your friends who took similar classes became teachers
in true sense.”

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