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       September 1951

   Official Publication of
Student Association Congress
     Fort Worth, Texas

        Marlyn Aycock
       Stafford-Low don

                                                               HOWDY, and . . .
                                                                ... Welcome to TCU. We of the Student Govern-
                                                             ment on the Hill are eager to work with and .for you
As Texas Christian University begins its 79th year,          during the 1951-52 school year. Many hours of careful
we are happy indeed to have you with us. You are             planning and hard work have been and will be spent
enrolled in one of the four oldest institutions of           in making your life at Froggieland as pleasant as pos-
                                                             sible. Your Student Government is instrumental in
higher learning in the State of Texas. The academic
                                                             assuring this success.
standards of this Institution are quite high ; the
friendly and democratic spirit of the campus is                 Be aware of your Student Government-as an ac-
                                                             tive body whose purpose is the majority'S desire. Feel
widely recognized. We are glad to have you with us
                                                             free to suggest and criticize. And remember, you have
and we sincerely hope your life here will be interest-
                                                             a standing invitation to visit Congress meetings, or
ing and helpful.                                             just come up to the office and tell us your troubles.
                             Your friend,                    We'll listen. That's our job.
                             M. E. SADLER                                                  Sincerely,
                             President                                                     DICK RAMSEY
                                                                                           Student Body President

                                                         1                             5

    WHAT EVERY YOUNG FROG                            o
     SHOULD KNOW ABOUT .                             W
Howdy Week                                       5   D
Froggieland                                 ... 17   Y
Activities                                      33

Athletics                                       51
Organizations                                   57

Churches . .. . .. . . . ... . . . .. . .       67   E

Student Government ..... ........ .             73   E


                        HOWDY                                  T. C. U. dances are usually informal, last from 9 'till
                                                             12, and more freshman go than upperclassmen. Re-
      College ... at last! Twelve years you've studied for   member though, the girls have to be in the dorm at
 it. Now you are here and probably feeling very much         11 p. m. on week nights, 12:45 Saturday, and 10: 30
 alone. The professors call you "Mister" and "~is~" ...
 Sophs yell "Slime" and "Fish" . .. everybody IS In a        Sunday. Don't get caught by the clock!
 hurry and through it all you are no doubt confused             On the subject of being formal . .. don't. Nobody's
 . . . right?
                                                             formal around T. C. U. Everyone speaks to everyone
   Well, the Student Congress has prepared this little       else and you should too. Remember this, the one cam-
 booklet for you and your days here . . . it's to let you    pus tradition that ranks above all else is FRIENDLI-
 know what is going on and what to do.
                                                             NESS. Don't fail to speak to anyone.
   Here are a few preliminary pointers ...
   A big part of your college life will be social, so the
                                                                       HISTORICAL BACKGROUND
 sooner you begin the more you will enjoy it. Don't be
 bashful about meeting new people. If you like his or          Howdy Week as we now know it resulted from the
 her looks, step right up with a friendly "HOWDY,"
                                                             desire on the pa~t of the student body to orientate the
 who knows where you will end up?
                                                             incoming students to the social facilities of TCU, a
   Where will you meet these people? AT THE                  part of campus life as important, they thought, as the
 FUNCTIONS, so make it a point to be there.                  academic and religious.
     You will notice that the profs now address you as         As a means of keeping the friendly spirit alive
  Mister or Miss. Sounds great, doesn't it? Well, what       among both old and new students, the name "Howdy
  do you call them? A lot of them have worked hard
                                                             Week" was chosen because of its western connotation,
  to earn Doctor's degrees, so give them credit by calling
  them "Doctor." It flatters the ones who aren't and         and because TCU is in Fort Worth, "Where the
. gives justice to the ones who are.                         West begins ... "
                             8                                                          9
                                                       Sdedette , , ,
Sunday, September 9, 1951                                7 : 30 p. m.    HI THERE! Little Theater
  Registration and room assignments                      8: 30 p. m.     HI THERE! Little Theater
  Church group Open Houses
                                                       Thursday, September 13, 1951
Monday, September 10, 1951                               6: 00 p. m.     Howdy Week Banquet
  9: 00 a. m.    Registration Fort Worth Students        7: 30 p. m.     HI THERE! Little Theater
  6 : 30 p. m.   Yell Session, Quadrangle
  7: 30 p. m.    Official Opening Howdy Week           Friday, September 14, 1951
  8:00 p. m.     Campus-wide Open House                  5: 30 p. m.     Hay Ride
  8: 30 p. m.    President's reception, Waits Hall       6 : 30 p . m.   Bar-B-Que
                                                         7:45 p. m.      Barn Dance
Tuesday, September 11, 1951
  8 : 00 p. m.   Street Dance, Waits-Foster Parking
                                                       Saturday, September 15, 1951
                                                         8 :00 p. m.     Ship-Wreck Dance, Field House
  8 : 15 p. m.   HI THERE! Musical in Little Theater

Wednesday, September 12, 1951                          NOTE: Schedule subject to change.
  12 : 00 noon    Yell Session, Front Administration
                            10                                                       11
                                                             , , ,

                ALMA MATER                                    ADDY WAR HYMN

       Hail, all Hail, T. C. U.                Rise up and give a cheer for dear old Addy,
         Mem'ries sweet, comrades true:        Addy's the Frog that's going all the way.
       Light of faith, follow through,         Here's the way we feel about our Addy-
         Praise to thee, T. C. U.              Give 'em a cheer, give 'em a cheer and say Rah! Rah!
       Hail, all Hail, glory bright,           Addy will dig his spurs into Peruna
         Purple Frogs, honor white,            He'll ride him at a gallop all the way,
       Victory! Spirits true-                  While the Frogs are mixin'
         Praise to thee, T. C. U.              Cheer for Texas Christian,
                                               Addy will lead to victory today!
                FIGHT SONG
                                               We are the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian,
     We'll raise a song, both loud and long,
                                               Good sportsmen, we, on every field of play,
     To cheer our team to victory.
                                               We are the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian
     For TCU so tried and true,
                                               We sing the praise of the greats of yesterday...
     We pledge eternal loyalty. Rah! Rah!      So rise up and give a cheer for dear old Addy,
~I   Fight on boys fight,
                                               Addy's the frog that's going all the way.
     With all your might,
                                               While the Frogs are mixin'
     Roll up the score for TCU,
                                               Cheer for Texas Christian,
     Hail white and purple flags,
                                               Addy will lead to victory today!
     Whose heroes never lag,
     Horned Frogs we are all for you!
                       12                                                13
                                     PURPLE, WHITE
                                 Purple, White, Fight, Fight
        . . . . .. . ... .. T!
       . . . .. . .. . .. . C!   Who Fight, We Fight,
       .... . .... .. . U!       Purple, White, Fight, Fight
       Frogs Fight.                      RIFF RAFF
                                  Riff Ram Bah Zoo,
                                  Lickety Lickety Zoo Zoo,
                                  Who Wah Wah Who
Frogs . . .... fight              Let 'er Go, TCU.
Frogs ... . .. fight
Yea ...... Frogs, Fight          TEXAS CHRISTIAN FIGHT
Fight em, Froggies, Fight 'em       Texas Christian Fight
  ""              "                 Texas Christian Fight
Yea.       . . Frogs, fight!        Texas Christian Froggies·
                                    Fight! Fight! Fight!
       "YOICK" YELL                 Fight! Fight!
   Yoi . . . ... . . . ... ick      Fight! Fight! Fight!
   Whose Frogs?
                                      WHISPER YELL
   Yoi .. . . ........ ick
   Our Frogs!                       F! F! FRO (softly )
   Yoi . . . . . . . .. . ick       O! O! OGS
   Horned Frogs                     FRO OGS FROGS
   Fight 'em!                       (repeat 3 times geting louder )

                                                              Dad's Day ....                                   . Sat., Oct. 20
                                                              Football: Texas A. & M., here .               ... Sat., Oct. 20
                    FALL SEMESTER                                                                             .. Sat., Oct. 27
                                                              Football : USC, Los Angeles .
       September 10, 1951, to January 26, 1952                Football: Baylor, Waco . .                     ... Sat., Nov. 3
Dormitories ...... . ..... . ... . ..... Sun., Sept. 9        Freshman Prom .'                          . ... Fri., Nov. 10 C!JeI~
                                                              Mid-Semester Report of Failing                                      •
Howdy Week           .. ............... Sept. 10-15
                                                                Grades to Registrar .                 .... Mon., Nov. 12
Freshman Testing and
   Orientation ...... Mon., Tue., Wed., Sept. 10-12           Football: Texas, Austin                        .. Sat., Nov. 17
Registration of Students above                                Thanksgiving Recess Begins,
   Freshman Rank . .. Mon., Tue., Wed., Sept. 10-12              10:00 p. m. .                           . .Wed., Nov. 21
Registration of Freshman and                                  Football: Rice, here . . .... . .... Sat., Nov. 24
   Transfer Students       ... ...... Thurs., Sept. 13        Classes Resume, 8: 00 a.' m .... .. .. . Mon., Nov. 26
First Meeting of MWF Classes,                                 Football: SMU, here (Homecoming). Sat., Dec. 1
   8:00 a. m ...                           . Fri., Sept. 14   Pearl Harbor Day Dance .                            . Fri., Dec. 7
First Meeting of TIS Classes,                                 Christmas Recess Begins,
  8: 00 a. m.. . . .               . .... Sat., Sept. 15         10:00 p. m.. . . . . . . . . .           . . Thurs, Dec. 20
Formal Convocation, Ed Landreth                               Classes Resume, 8: 00 a. m . . . : . .... .. Wed., Jan. 2
  Auditorium ..... ... ... ... . .... Tues., Sept. 18
                                                              Fall Semester Examina-
Last Day for Adding Courses .         . . . Fri., Sept. 21       !ions . . . . . . . . .        . .. Mon., Sat., Jan. 21-26
Football, Kansas, here . .                 . Sat., Sept. 22   Registration, Spring
Football: Nebraska, Lincoln . ........ Sat., Sept. 29            Semester                . Mon., Tue., Wed., Jan. 28-30
Football: Arkansas, Little Rock .       . ... Sat., Oct. 6
Last Day for Dropping Courses
  Without Grade                        ... Sat., Oct. 13
Football: Texas Tech, Lubbock .           . . Sat., Oct. 13
                            16                                                             17
      Sept. 22 :   Kansas, here
     Se,pt. 29 : Nebraska, Lincoln
     Oct. 6: Arkansas, Little Rock
     Oct. 12: Texas Tech, Lubbock
     Oct. 20 : Texas A&M, here
     Oct. 27 : USC, Los Angeles
     Nov. 3: Baylor, Waco
     Nov. 17 : Texas, Austin
     Nov. 24: Rice, here
     Dec. 1: SMU, here

      .   tp~
 Oct. 19: Texas A&M Fish, College Station
 Oct. 31: Baylor Cubs, here
 Nov. 16:   Texas University Frosh, here
 Nov. 30: SMU Colts, Dallas
   (Note: A fifth 'game may be added)

  TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS                                          DORMITORIES
                                                              Foster, first" of the new dormitories on the campus,
   Texas Christian University is situated in a beautiful   was designed to be "the best in Texas" and to set a
residential district in the southwest section of Fort      pattern for those to follow. Completed in May, 1941 ,
Worth. It is less than twenty minutes' ride by bus         at a cost of $300,000, it is named for R. Houston
from the heart of the city.                                Foster, 15 years a trustee and chairman of the board
                                                           at his death in June, 1941. It has 104 rooms and
   Fort Worth is a growing city of 300,000 popula-         houses 204 women.
tion. As a railway, bus, highway and airline center of        Waits, newest dormitory for women, was completed
the Southwest, it provides quick and adequate trans-       in November, 1947. It was named for Dr. E. M. Waits,
portation service. It is the regional center of many       TCU president, 1916-1941, and president emeritus
industrial activities, furnishing a laboratory for many    until his death in December, 1949.
kinds of university research. It has a large number of        Jarvis, the oldest of the women's dormitories, car-
churches and civic and philanthropic organizations;        ries its name over from a building on the original
                                                           Thorp Springs campus honoring J. J. Jarvis, board
its public educational facilities are widely recognized    chairman.
as superior both in curriculum and in physical equip-         Tom Brown, newest of the men's dormitories, has
ment. It has many private schools, and three other         61 rooms and houses 126 men. It cost $250,000 and
institutions of higher learning.                           was completed in September, 1947. Its name honors
                                                           Tom Brown, Frog fan and benefactor for many years
   The City of Fort Worth and the University attract       and trustee from 1941 until his death in 1950.
many distinguished visitors and lecturers from all            Clark, built in 1913, honors not only the name of
parts of the nation. Through the lectures, music clubs     the founders of TCU, Addison and Randolph Clark,
and similar organizations, artists of world renown are     but also many other members of their families asso-
to be heard each year.                                     ciated with the university. It has 74 rooms and houses ·
                                                           140 men.
                                                              Goode, oldest of the men's dormitories, was first
                          20                                                         21
built along with Jarvis and the Administration Build-                         STADIUM AND GYM
ing in 1911. Named for Mrs. M. A. Goode, who gave
more than any person for its construction, the build-             Athletic plants at TCU consist of the Stadium and
ing has 42 rooms and houses 86 men.                            Gymnasium and a field house. Seating 33,000 in per-
                                                               manent concrete seats completely sur round ing a
                                                               "sunken" bowl, the Stadium, built in 1930 and en-
                      FINE ARTS                                larged twice since then, has often been called the
   Providing a "Three-in-One" arrangement, tbis new-           most beautiful in the Southwest. While this compli-
est building on tbe campus features tbe Ed Landretb            ment is a matter of opinion, it is a statistical fact that
Auditor~um; three stories of offices, studios and class-       here are the best parking facilities (for 5,000 cars)
rooms of tbe School of Fine Arts; and the Little               in this area and perhaps in the nation.
Theater, with separate entrance along the west side.              The second athletic unit is the Gym; however, most
Opened in September, 1949, it cost $1,800,000 and              athletic facilities, including track, baseball diamond
is the largest building of its kind in Texas, if not in        and practice fields are adjacent to the Stadium. The
the South, and is the only structure in the nation pro-        basketball team plays home conference games at Fort
viding under one roof complete facilities for all the          Worth's Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum, the golfers
arts. The acoustically - perfect auditorium bears the          play at Colonial Country Club, and only the tennis
name of the chairman of TCD's $10,000,000 building             team has its home grounds near the Gym. Built in
program, of which this building is a part-Ed Lan-              1921, the Gym serves primarily as headquarters for
dreth, a trustee. Seating capacity is 1,623.                   physical education classes. A new $750,000 Field
                                                               House is listed among the urgent projects in the build-
                                                               ing program, and when it is completed, this building
                                                               will be rehabilitated as a gym for women.

      UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN CHURCH                                          SCIENCE BUILDING
                                                             The latest addition to TCUs physical plant is the
   Across the street from the north end of the campus
                                                           new Science Building, located just . south of the Li-
is University Christian Church, which-while not an         brary on east campus. Scheduled for occupancy by
actual part of the University-provides an integral         the Spring semester, the building cost over $1,000,000.
part of University life. It is the church home of many     All science departments will move to the new and
of the faculty and students and it sponsors one of the     complete building, said to be one of the best of its
most active student organizations, the D . S. F. Built     kind in the nation.
in 1933, the building has been enlarged this past year,
with an additional chapel and educational building.          ROBERT CARR CHAPEL AND RELIGION
The tower may be seen at different seasons from                         BUILDING
many points in the city.                                       The Robert Carr Chapel will be built with funds
                                                            contributed for that purpose by Mr. Robert Carr, San
   Seating capacity for the sanctuary has been in-        . Angelo, Texas.
creased from 500 to 740 seats. A small balcony pro-
                                                               The Educationai Building which is to be construct-
vides a foyer beneath, which the original building          ed in conjunction with the Robert Carr Chapel will
did not have. With its completion early this year, the      meet the needs of both the undergraduate Depart-
University Christian Church has added another con-          ment of Religion and Add-Ran College of Arts and
tribution in the beautification of the University's         Sciences, and the Brite College of the Bible, the the-
                                                            ological seminary of the University.
                                                               TCUs School of Religion Building is to be con-
                                                            structed on the lots across the street north of the Mary
                                                            Couts Burnett Library, near the Memorial Entrance
                                                            to the main campus and Administration Building.

                          24                                                          2S
                                                                               , , ,

 DR. OTTO NIELSEN                             DR.  1. C. WRIGHT
 Vice-President, TCU                                                  BOB CORNELL                                      JIMMY PASCHAL
                                               Business Manager                                                     Originator Howdy W eek

                       DR. M.   E.   SADLER
                        President, TeU                                                       DICK RAMSEY
                                                                                          President, Student Body

DR .T. F. RICHARDSON                          MISS   E.   SHELBURNE
   Dean of Students                              Dean of Women         Russ   HURST                                   MARLYN AYCOCK
                                                                      Editor, The Skiff                             Chairman, Howdy Week
                                26                                                                  27
                                                        ACTIVITY FEE AND CARD
                     , , ,                      Each student taking nine or more semester hours
                                             is required to pay a General Activities Fee of $12.50.
                                                This fee permits the student to attend all athletic
                                             contests, Fine Arts productions, lectures and concerts
                                             and religious activities without additional cost. It also
                                             includes subscriptions to the Skiff and Horned Frog.
                                                Upon payment of the General Activities Fee, each
                                             student is issued a personal identification card. This
                                             card must be presented whenever attending any of
                                             the activities mentioned above.
                                                If you should lose your card, report its loss at once
                                             to the Business Office.

                                                           STUDENT LOAN FUND
                                                The SlUlllner Congress of 1949 established the Stu-
                                             dent Loan Fund whereby any student in good stand-
                                             ing may borrow up to $10 for as long as 30 days
                                             without interest. A 10-cent service charge is levied on
              BETTYE O'BRIEN
                                             all loans to cover materials and administrative cost.
                                                All delinquent accounts are fined 25 cents a week
                                             for each week of delinquency.
                                                The Loan Fund contains some $1,500 from various
                                             congress appropriations.
                                                Administrator of the Fund is Mr. Curtis J. Firkins.
JOE SHIRLEY                    KEN JONES     Miss Ann Underwood is Loan Fund secretary.
Cheerleader                    Cheerleader
                    28                                                  29
                   PUBLICATIONS .                                           THE MILITARY
    TCU has twO University-sponsored publications and        For the first time since the Navy V-12 unit left the
 two sponsored by Student Congress.                       campus in 1945, TCU again offers military training
    The Skiff is the official campus newspaper. It is
                                                          leading to reserve commissions.
 published weekly by students of the Journalism De-
 partment. Subscription is free and copies may be ob-       Two branches of service are available : Air Force
 tained from any of the various distribution boxes        ROTC which specializes in Air Force administration
 located around the campus or from The Skiff office       and Army Transportation Corps ROTC.
 in Goode Hall basement, telephone 323.
    Russ Hurst is Skiff editor for 1951-52.                 Any male freshman is eligible to enter ROTC train-
    The other official student publication is the year-   ing and he will be deferred in the draft as long as he
 book, the Horned Frog. Any interested student may        maintains satisfactory academic and ROTC standing.
assist in its preparation. All students taking nine or
more semester hours both fall and spring semesters           The physical examination required for enrollment
are eligible to receive a copy of the annual when it      at TCU is sufficient for ROTC also. If a student suc-
is completed near the end of the spring semester.         cessfully completes the first two years of training and
   The Horned Frog office is in Goode Hall Base-          desires to enter advanced ROTC, a separate physical
ment, telephone 240. Marlyn Aycock is editor of the       examination is necessary.
'52 yearbook.
                                                            Further ROTC information is available in the Uni-
   Student Congress-sponsored publications are the
Frog Horn and Congressional Digest.                       versity catalog.
   The Frog Horn is a free informational guide and
handbook for freshmen and new students entering
TCU in September.
   This year's Frog Horn editor is Marlyn Aycock.
   The Congressional Digest is a free monthly resume
of congress' activities. The editor for 1951-52 has not
yet been chosen.
                          30                                                        31
                THE INFIRMARY                                                CAFETERIA
   TCU maintains a complete infirmary in the east          TCU operates a Cafeteria which is located in the
end of Waits Hall. Resident students are required to     basement of the Administration Building. Since most
pay the medical fee of $7.50 which covers the service    new students will board in the Cafeteria, here are a
of the registered professional nurse, the dormitory      few tips which will help students get beter service
visits of the university physician and such common       and the Cafeteria give better service.
medicinal material which can be supplied from stock        Hours of operation, which are closely observed, are:
without prescription. Outside doctor's services, hos-          IVeek Days                        Sttndays
pitalization or other service beyond the infirmary are
                                                         Breakfast     7:15-8:15         Breakfast      8:30-9:00
paid by the student.
                                                         Dinner . 0 0011 :15-1:15        Dinner      . 12:00-1 :15
                                                         Supper        5:00-6:00         Supper         5:00-6:00
                                                           Boarding students serve themselves so that lines
                                                         may be kept moving. Food allowances will be posted
               TRUST FUND BANK                           in the cafeteria so each student may know how much
   The Business Office houses the Student Trust Fund                        he
                                                         and which foods ° may take.
Bank. This service is free to all students and student      Board for the fall semester begins Monday morn-
organizations. There is no charge for handling the       ing, September 10.
accounts, although cashing of checks is limited to
the university area.
   (For further information refer to University Bul-

                         32                                                         33

1   .   ~




                 FRESHMAN PROM                                              STUDENT BODY TRIPS

   One of the major events in the life of a first-year           Each year, in conjunction with one of the out-of-
Froggie is the Freshman Prom, scheduled this year              town football trips, the students board a special train
for Nov. 10.                                                   and "follow the Frogs."
  Flower salesmen, ticket sellers and busy telephones            On alternate years the trips have been to Texas
in the girls' dorm start the fun and confusion that            University in Austin, or to Rice Institute in Houston.
ends with the playing of the last dance.                       However, the revision of the football schedule to a
                                                               week later last year resulted in the choice being the
  Highlight of the ball is the crowning of a freshman
                                                           i   game with the Aggies of Texas A&M College.
coed as Freshman Prom Queen, selected by a battery
of judges at the dance.                             .             In all probability the trip this year will be the tra-
                                                               ditional one to the state capital.
   Since the Prom comes early in the life of a student's
stay at TCU, Big Sisters and Big Brothers are on hand             The students rise before the sun and laden with
to help find dates for those who haven't had a chance           pennants and cowbells head for the special train. The
to get acquainted.                                              next few hours are one constant pep rally. Here, school
                                                               'spirit is magnified.
  Freshman Proms have been held previously in
TCD's fieldhouse, but this year it is planned for the             Arrangements are made for central headquarters for
Lake Worth Casino, where more room and a more                  the visiting TCU students in the host town, and a pep '
ballroom ish atmosphere is provided.                           rally is held at some centrally located point.
  Although only one queen is crowned, the feeling                The train returns that night after a social with the
prevails that each girl is her date's own special queen.       host school.

                          36                                                              37
                  HOMECOMING                                             INITIATION DAY
  Homecoming arrives with the SMU football game,            At some date during the fall, as yet undetermined,
Dec. 1, the last and usually one of the best games of    the gals of the Class of '55 will suddenly and de-
the season.                                              liberately appear on campus in non-Harper's Bazaar
   A week-long period of pep rallies, sing songs, and    and non-Vogue attire. That will be Initiation Day.
,parades precedes the game on Saturday.                     That will be the time when young Froggettes be-
   Highlights of Homecoming Week. are the tradi-         have as puppets with members of Leti pulling the
tional downtown pajama snake-dance and quadrangle        strings. On Initiation Day, "big sisters" select the
bon-fire on Friday night, the parade Saturday morn-      wardrobes from Salvation Army, Bundles for Britain,
ing, and the game Saturday afternoon.                    and Goodwill Industries cast-offs. These Anatoles of
                                                         Paris will reveal to the world of fashion garbs like it
   Thousands of exes return each Homecoming to the
                                                         has never witnessed before-except on Initiation Day.
Hill where they enter into the spirit of the affair as
fervently as the younger Frogs. Departments, schools        Administration Building steps and sidewalks usually
and dormitories hold open houses where returning         are toothbrushed, campus personalities receive kisses,
students renew old and make new acquaintances.           serenades and maid service from these women of an-
   Contests are held among the various dormitories for   other world. Nose-propelled peanuts and oranges be-
the best decorated building, and a trophy is awarded
the winner. Last year freshman barracks Y and Z
                                                         gin rolling on lounge and post office floors.
                                                            In the evening, these frash girls appear before of-
                                                         ficers and members of Leti in initiation ceremonies.
took top honors with a joint display between the
                                                         There they usually pass their tests and are transformed

                                                         into young ladies, capabie of their positions in campus

                          38                                                       39
              FINE ARTS FESTIVAL                                                 LITTLE THEATER
  In December or thereabouts, the finer arts are pa-              Students, by paying their activity fee, receive a sea-
raded before the student body and townspeople in the            son ticket to the plays presented by the department of
form of the Fine Arts Festival.                                 Speech-Drama in the Little Theater.
  Each year a theme or c~mposer is chosen and all                 About five plays, with the last one being an orig-
phases of the arts are worked around this theme. They    ,.     inal world premiere, are presented yearly. Last year's
have ranged from Bach to the modern era.                        schedule included an experiment in theater-in-the-
  Several ensemble programs, faculty recitals, a play           round.
of the period and other programs are featured.           ...,     The Little Theater opened in 1949 with "You
  The art department displays the paintings and                 Can't Take It With You," and has included such
sculpture works available in the art gallery.                   recent hits as "Life With Father," "The Heiress," and
                                                                "Three Men on a Horse."
                                                                  Originals have been "Burning Embers" and "Crest
                                                                of the Wave."
     GILBERT AND SULLIVAN FESTIVAL                                The summer season has included such triumphs as
  Each year for the past decade, the University Choral          "Claudia" and "Our Town."
Club has presented a Gilbert and Sullivan Comic                   Each year a Shakespearean drama is included.
Operetta. Last year's production was "The Sorcerer."              The Little Theater only holds some 225 persons, so
  The productions have been under the direction of              most productions run for two weeks.
William J. Marsh, noted authority on this phase of                Tryouts are open to all students regardless of major.
English musicallife.

                     AWARDS                                                    FAVORITES
   Efforts are made to recognize outstanding contribu-       Each year the student body elects the three boys
tions made by individuals through the various awards       and girls from each class they believe to be their
presented yearly.                                          favorite students on the ·campus.
  The SKIFF AWARD is presented by the student                This year's election will be held sometime during
newspaper to the student who has aided the student         the early spring semester with the Presentation Ball
body to the greatest extent.                               being held about St. Valentine's Day.
  The UNSUNG HERO A WARD is presented by                      Much kidding and chiding has resulted from the
the annual for the behind-the-scenes work on the part      idea of selection of one's favorite persons. Neverthe-
of a student.                                              less it is one of the finest personal honors that can
  The GOOD PEOPLE AWARD goes to the choice                 be bestowed ripon a student.
of the publications editors to recognize some individ-        When the Horned Frog is distributed late in the
ual for being a "human being."                             spring, the choice of the election is revealed for the
   The GOUGH ORATORICAL AWARD is made                      first time to the student body. The secret of who the
by the speech department to the winner of the Gough        favorites really are is one of the closest guarded on
Contest in oratory each spring. It is one of the univer-   the campus.
sity's oldest awards.                                         Accompanying the favorite selections are the exalt-
  The STUDENT GOVERNMENT SCHOLAR-                          ed positions of Mr. and Miss TCU. This couple are
SHIP is awarded by the Congress annually to the            also chosen by popular vote and results announced in
person they feel has contributed most to the welfare       the Horned Frog.
of the student body.
  Other awards and scholarships may be found in the
University Bulletin.
                           42                                                        43
               SPRING ELECTIONS                                                     RANCH WEEK
  A noticeable air of tenseness settles on the TCU                  Ranch Week! What a heck-of-a-time! After weeks
campus near the close of the spring semester, and                 of planning on the part of the TCU Chamber of
there is a good reason: It's election time.                       Commerce, this annual affair begins to creep into
   And at this time all the would-be office holders               Froggies like a fever, to explode sometime in March.
and political aspirants climb out of their "Holes"          ...     Prior to that blessed time, students elect their
to renew old acquaintances, make new ones and "get                Ranch Week Queen and Foreman. Beards are grown
out the vote."                                                    by those who can and fuzz by those who can't. Pistols
  It's old "Buddy Week" in action-all a part of the               (water, that is) are brought out ready for another try.
democratic process.                                                  The calendar is crowded with fun-packed events
   Offices to be filled during this election are the five         from the rodeo to the barn dance. Tarrant County
cheerleading positions, editors of The Skiff, campus              Sheriff Sully Montgomery swears in the TCU sheriff
newspaper, and Horned Frog, the TCU yearbook;                     who, in turn, swears in his deputies. Other Southwest
student body president, vice-president, and all con-              Conference schools send representatives who are es-
gressional offices except freshman positions.                     corted by Chamber members.
   At the beginning of the fall semester, an election               Events include a barbecue, egg-tossing, sack-racing
will be held to fill the freshman student congress                and other games on the quadrangle, a picnic, rodeo,
offices, any vacancies which have occurred since spring           and barn dance.
and any class officers. Any incoming freshman will                  Everyone wears western garb and the jail appears
have an opportunity to file for offic~ to represent his           on the campus, to become the center of attraction for
class on the student governing body, which is de-                 un-Westernlikers, campus bandits and wrong-doers.
signed to give practical governmental experience to         'I
the students.

                           44                                                               45
         INTRAMURAL OPEN HOUSE                                              SWEETHEART BALL
   One of the top attractions on the campus during              Sometime in the ,spring, congress will announce the
the spring semester is the traditional campus sports          opening of nominations for Sweetheart of TCU for
show known as Intramural Open House, which was                1952.
started in 1934 by Prof. Tom Prouse, physical educa-             Any girl may enter the contest and a preliminary
tion director.                                          ...   election will be held. The five girls with the most
   Everybody can't be an athletic star, but here is a         votes will be candidates for Sweethe~rt and the Sweet-
chance for any student who desires to "get into the           heart Court.
act." Events include boxing, fencing, swimming, bas-             At the Spring Formal at the Casino, the girl among
ketball and diving.                                           the five with the most votes will be presented as
  A main feature of the show is the selection of an           Sweetheart of TCU. The other four will be members
Open House Queen from one of the campus beauties.             of her court.
Any coed is eligible to enter the contest.                       As TCU Sweetheart, the lucky coed will receive a
   Besides the usual athletic events, which are top           trophy and the right to represent TCU at social func-
drawing cards in themselves, Prof. Prouse always              tions of other schools during the ensuing year.
comes up with surprise features for the program.                She may go to University of Arkansas' Gaebale, to
Some of these in past shows have included a take-             Baylor's May Day, to Texas u.'s Round-Up, Texas
off on bathing beauties, enacted by "winsome" foot-           A&M's Cotton Ball, to Rice's Roundelet, or any of
ball huskies; a "Beauty vs. Beast" basketball bout;           numerous other colleges and universities throughout
grudge boxing and wrestling matches; tight-wire acts;         the state which invite TCU to send delegates each
and a duel with electrified sabres.                           year.
  Each year it's something new . . . and fun for all.

                          46                                                            47
Lv ~ \.0 ~ \.. \. "" l "
~ ~~ \"." \..   \.   "" .........
FAREWELL AND SPRING FORMAL DANCES                                       JOURNALISM DAY
  The two major social events of the spring for many        Each spring, journalism students have a special day
Froggies are the Farewe)1 and Spring Formal Dances.      of their own. On Journalism Day, the Skiff Award
  The Spring Formal is usually in March .or April,       for outstanding service to the student body is pre-
sometimes with a name band. It is at the Spring        . sented, and a special program features some prominent
Formal that the Sweetheart of TCU and her court are      member of the journalistic field. Past Journalism Day
presented for the first time to Froggies and Frog-       speakers have been Frazier Hunt and Boyce House,
gettes.                                                  both well-known in the field of journalism.
  The last big affair of the year before buckling
down to exams is the Farewell Dance, often the last
college dance for many students at TCU. The Fare-
well Dance is informal and often features a name                   CREATIVE WRITING DAY
band such as Gene Krupa, Carmen Cavallero and             Literary aspirants also have a day of their own each
others.                                                 spring when Creative Writing Day rolls around.
  Both the Spring Formal and Farewell Dance are           Prizes are given for the best works and special divi-
held at the Lake Worth Casino, a favorite spot of      sions are open to freshmen. The different contests in-
many Frogs.                                            clude: fact or fiction, narative sketches, articles, crit-
                                                       icisms or research papers, informal essays, poetry, short
                                                       stories, dramas, Southwestern articles and non-fiction

                         50                                                       51

                        ATHLETICS                               Meyer has coached seven. All-Americans: Darrell
                                                              lester, Sam Baugh, Dave O'Brien, Ki Aldrich, I. B.
      Texas Christian is blessed with one of the finest       Hale, Darrell Palmer, and Clyde Flowers.
    coaching staffs in the nation as well as talented
                                                                last year "Dutch" signed a new contract for three
    youngsters from Texas high schools.                       years, and upon its completion he will have served
       Football:                                              31 years as a Frog coach.
       The head man of football at TCU was also head            Assistant Coach Abe Martin has been at his Alma
    man of football for the entire nation in 1949, as         Mater in his present position since 1945. He spent
    president of the National Football Coaches Associa-       the years from his graduation in 1932 to that year in
    tion.                                                     most successful high school coaching positions at
       Perhaps as significant as that honor, however, to      lufkin, El Paso and Paschal in Fort Worth. Abe was
    sports enthusiasts in the Southwest is the fact that he   on the Frogs' first conference championship team in
    holds the one-school longevity record in the South-       1929, and was a three-year letterman at TCU.
    west Conference. The 1950 season was his 17th as
    head coach and 27th on the Frog coaching staff.              Basketball :
       Both are all-time records in the Southwest Confer-        When Basketball is mentioned at TCU, so is Head
    ence-no other SWC coach has ever been at a single         Coach "Buster" Brannon. This year's basketball team
    school as long, either as head coach or as a member       will consist of all-senior members of "Brannon Brats."
    of the coaching staff-and probably in the nation.         undefeated freshman team of three years ago, who
       Coach Meyer joined the staff of TCU in 1923 as         also were SWC co-champions last year.
    freshmen mentor, a position he held until 1934 when          Coach Brannon is a former Frog himself, having
    he became head coach. As a student and coach,             played as a starter on the first Frog quint to win a
    "Dutch" has served actively in Frog sports life for       championship, in 1931, and was all-conference in .
    more than 30 years.                                       1932 and 1933, and captain in 1933.
       Meyermen have played in post-season bowls: twice         He returned in the spring of 1948 from Rice,
    in the Cotton, twice in the Sugar, once each in the       where he coached two conference championship teams.
    Orange and Delta bowls.                                   Just prior to his return to his Alma Mater, however,
                              54                                                        55
he spent two years at the University of Florida as                   1951-52 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE
backfield coach in football.                               Date           Opponmt                                    Place
  At TCU he assists in football coaching as well as        Nov. 29 A. c. c. . .                                     . .Abilene
carrying head basketball coaching duties.                  Dec. 3 A. C. c. .                             . ... Fort Worth
   Baseball:                                               Dec. 6 Manhattan                                   . . New York
   Baseball at TCU is synonymous with Coach Walter         Dec. 8 Canisius. .                                 . Buff, N. Y.
Roach. Coach Roach is synonymous with practically          Dec. 13 Howard-Payne                             .. Fort Worth
every sport at Froggieland, holding eight varsity let-     Dec. 14 Hardin-Simmons . .. . .. . ... Fort Worth
ters from TCU and three all-conference awards.             Dec. 20 Nebraska                .........                   . Dallas
                                                           Dec. 21 Texas Tech . .          . . . . ... . .... .. . Dallas
   He is head baseball coach, assistant varsity football   Dec.27-29 SW Tourney              ........                  . Dallas
coach and head freshman football coach. He was             Jan. 5 Texas . ........ . .                  . ... Fort Worth
graduated from TCU, having captained the 1936 Cot-         Jan. 8 Rice ..        . . .. .. . .... . ... . ... Houston
ton Bowl Champions and being a first-team end on
                                                           Jan. 11 Bay lor                              . . . . Fort Worth
the Sugar Bowl champions of 1935.                          Jan. 17* SMU ..                         . . ... . Fort Worth
   Spring Sports:                                          Jan. 26 Oklahoma City U .              . ... Oklahoma City
   Spring sports at TCU include, as well as baseball,      Feb. 2 Arkansas. ....... .. ...                   . . Fayetteville
tennis, track, golf and intramural play. Tennis coach      Feb. 6 Texas A&M ... . .. . ..... College Station
is Prof. C. A. Burch, Poss Clark is track coach and        Feb. 12 Rice                             . ..... Fort Worth
Tom Prouse is golf coach.                                  Feb. 16 Texas                                         .... Austin
                                                           Feb. 19 Texas A&M .. ... . .                   . .. Fort Worth
   Mr. Prouse also guides intramurals to an interest-      Feb. 23 Baylor ..                          . . ... ... .. Waco
ing and exciting season each spring, concluding the        Feb. 25 Arkansas                      . .. . . .. Fort Worth
season with the annual "Intramural Open House." At         Mar. 1 SMU           . ......                          . ... Dallas
this time, various champions are crowned in swim-
                                                              *Game to be changed.
ming, boxing and other fields of athletic endeavor.

                          56                                                               57

                 ORGANIZATIONS                               the advancements and possibilities in the field of
   Texas Christian University has 'a variety of thriving     chemistry.
student organizations designed to stimulate interest            Organization meetings consist of working more
and provide opportunity for student expression in the        closely together in practical work in the field rather
fields of learning, service, and sports, all of which are    than the necessary theories of the classroom.
a part of the educational process. Membership in these         Membership is restricted to chemistry majors from
organizations is not based upon social standing, or          the school of AddRan College of Arts and Sciences.
mere personal preference of the members, and no so-
ciety may be of a secret nanue or order. The spirit
of democracy prevails. All student organizations have
faculty sponsors. The following groupings will show          ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION
the variety and types.
                                                                 Members of the TCU Chapter of the Association
  Hono?' Societies: Alpha Chi (scholarship), Phi              for Childhood Education direct their interests toward
Sigma Iota (modern language), Alpha Psi Omega                 the teaching and training of children, visiting schools
(dramatic), Ampersand (senior women), Pi Kappa                throughout the city, attending various lectures and
Delta (debating), Sigma Tau Delta (English), Pi              sponsoring speakers who have something of value to
Gamma Mu (social science), M u Phi E psi 10 n-               contribute to the club. At least one philanthropic .
(music), Phi Mu Alpha Simphonia (music).                    .pro ject is planned during the year to bring happiness
                                                             to some group of underprivileged children.
  Department Clttbs:
   The purpose of the American Chemical Society is
to help the students of chemistry become familiar with
                           60                                                         61
                                                           A series of parties and banquets are sponsored each
                   BRUSHES CLUB
                                                         year for the ~njoyment of the members.
   Artists of the campus meet with the Brushes Club.
Together they receive backgrounds, social as well as
artistic, and practical work other than that of the
classrooms of the department of art in the School of           J.   WILLIARD RIDINGS PRESS CLUB
Fine Arts.                                                  The purpose of the club is to promote the ac-
   To further th~ principles of art, and to strive for   quaint~nce  of. all students on the campus who plan to
greater cooperation between the students of art and      ma~e Jou~naltsm their life work, and to sponsor pro-
perfection in their chosen fields are the goals of the   feSSIOnal Journalists' visits to the club.
Brushes Clubbers. Membership is limited to majors
                                                           Membership is open to freshmen interested in and
and minors in art.
                                                         up~er ~lassmen  majoring in journalism. The organi-
   Year's activities include addresses from various      zation ~s named after J. Williard Ridings, late head
authorities in the art fields, exhibits of painting,     of the Journalism department.
 sculpturing and ceramics of members in the gallery at
 the Fine Arts Building.

                 CLUB                                      Junior and senior men majoring in the School of
   Open to women students majoring or minoring in        Business are eligible for membership in the TCU
 the School of Business, the Business and Professional   Chamber of Commerce.
 Women's Club was organized to develop a profes-           The purpose of the organization is for the students
 sional interest in the opportunities open to women      of the business school to become better acquainted
  in this field.
and gain a working knowledge of the chamber of             Activities include an open house for mathematics
commerce idea. They strive to locate positions for its   exes during the homecoming celebration and the an-
members and to serve as a council guiding the social     nual Christmas Party.
affairs of the school of business.                         Each spring the membership attends a banquet.
   Throughout the football season, members of the
chamber spent countless hours in the drug, lounge,
classes and other campus points selling the pep rib-                       LOS HIDALGOS
bons: . "Lasso the Steers," etc. Proceeds from these        Members of Los Hidalgos are interested, first, in
purple-printed white ribbons go toward the general       bringing its members together in social and intel-
budget of the Chamber, and is spent, in return, on       lectual intercourse; second, in keeping close touch
 the student body in the annual Ranch Week cele-         with college life; and third, in encouraging the speak-
 bration in the spring.                                  ing of good Spanish by the members.
                                                            Membership is open to anyone interested in the
                                                         purpose of the organization, but he must have had
                                                         at least one year of college or two years of high school
   The Parabola Club was founded on the campus in
1928. Its purpose is to stimulate interest for mathe-
                                                           Meetings are held twice monthly from October
matic majors and to provide interesting topics for
                                                         through May.
   Membership is open to those students who have
completed their freshman math courses and who have               TCU ACCOUNTANTS SOCIETY
an active interest in mathematics.                          The Texas Christian University Accountants So-
   Meetings are held monthly on the last Friday of       ciety, founded in 1948, is an honorary organization
the month.                                               to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the
                           64                                                      65
basis of the accou.nting profession. It promotes the        ( Psychology), German Club (German), Radio Work-
study of the accounting profession. It also acts as a      shop (Speech-Drama-Radio ), and World Federalists
medium between professional men, instructors, stu-         ( History) .
dents, and others who are interested in the develop-
                                                             EX/1'a-D epartmmtal: Alpha Phi Omega, Flying
ment of the study or profession of accountancy.            Frogs, Herpetology.
                                                             Music Organizations: Band, University Chorus, A
                                                           Cappella Choir, Symphony Orchestra, String Quartets,
         TCU CHAPTER OF CHI BETA                           Brass and Woodwind Ensemble, Stage Band.
   Home economics majors and minors form them-                Athletic Orga1Zizatiom: "T" Association (men who
selves into the TCU chapter of Chi Beta.                   letter in athletics), Women's Sports Association.
   As goals, they have set for themselves to foster
                                                              Rel;gio1tS Groups: Christian Service Fellowship (for
high ideals of and appreciation for the home hfe,
                                                           those training for full-time Christian service), Stu-
to develop personality, poise and initiative and to
                                                           dent Christian Association, Homiletic Guild, Ministers'
encourage leadership and professional interest in the
                                                           Wives' Club, Meliorist Club (University Christian
various fields of home economics.
                                                           Church) , Baptist Student Union, Presbyterian Youth
   Numerous social events include a formal dinner in       Fellowship, United Religious Council, Methodist Sw.
the spring.                                                dent Movement.
   Other department clubs include the Fallis Players
                                                            Social and Se1"vice Clttbs: Bryson, Frogettes, Leti,
 (School of Fine Arcs), International Relations (Gov- .
                                                           Hoe Down Club, Ice Skating Club, Vigilantes, Yacht.
ernment), LeCercle Francais (F r e n c h ), N a tu r a I
Science Soicety (Science), Poetry Club (English),
 Chi Delta Mu (Religion), Theodolite (Engineering),
T. C. U. Physics Society (Science), Psychology Club
                          66                                                         67

                                                       Riverside Trinity Baptist        St. George's Rectory
                    CHURCHES                           606 Blandin                      35 08 Maurice
   Fort Worth has many churches that offer their       Rosedale Baptist                 St. Mary's Rectory
                                                       1201 Mansfield Avenue            131 2 S. Jennings
services and guidance to TCU students. Some of the
churches nearest TCU are listed below :                South Fort Worth Baptist         St. Patrick's Rectory
                                                       800 Fogg                         1206 Throckmorton
 Seventh-Day Adventist        College Avenue Baptist
                                                       Sycamore Heights Baptist         St. Thomas Rectory
 2020 Hemphill                1400 College             2800 Purington                   2920 Azle
 Southwestern Union           First Baptist            Travis Avenue Baptist            San Jose Rectory
 Conference of Seventh-Day    408yz Throckmorton       3041 Travis                      142 3 N . Calhoun
 Adventists                   Forest Park Baptist      Universit), Baptist              Advent Christian
 2829 \Vest Cantey            3232 Sandage             2716 Wabash                      2028 N. Riverside Dr.
 Texas Conference Seventh-    Glen Garden Baptist      West Side Baptist                Arlington Heights Christian
 Day Adventists               Wichita & Glen Garden    2838 West 6th Street             4629 Bryce
 2838 Hemphill
                            Meadowbrook Baptist        Worth Heights Baptist            Boulevard Christian
  Hemphill Heights Assembly 3201 Purington             3541 Bryan                       1421 Boulevard
  of God Church                                        Worth Hills Baptist              Chestnut Ave. Christian
                            Park Temple Baptist
  3725 South Adams                                     NW 31 & Prairie                  2422 Chestnut
                            2832 Townsend Drive
  Bethlehem Baptist                                    All Saints Rectory               East Annie Street Christian
                            Polytechnic Baptist
  3321 Forest Park Blvd.                               214 NW 20                        1234 E. Annie
                            3000 Avenue D
  Birchman Avenue Baptist                              Holy Name Rectory                First Christian Church
                            Ridglea Baptist
  3740 Birchman                                        1007 E. Terrell                  612 Throckmorton
                            6001 Calmont
  Broadway Baptist Church                              Our Mother of Mercy Rectory Handley Christian
                            River Oaks Baptist
  305 West Broadway                                    1104 Evans                  3128 N. Forrest
                            1601 Long
  B. H. Carroll Baptist                                St. Alice                        Magnolia Ave. Christian
                            Riverside Baptist          5600 Camp Bowie                  950 W. Magnolia
  3805 McCart
                            3119 Race
Memorial Christian                West Berry Church of Christ
805 W. Dickson                    270 1 W. Berry                 Church of Jesus Christ of     Ridglea Methodist
                                                                 Latter D ay Saints
                                                                                               6036 locke
Morningside Christian             The Church of God              2024 Clinton
Evans & E. Powell                 1304 Gould                                                 St. John's Methodist
                                                                 Reorganized Church of Jesus 311 University
Polytechnic Christian         -Congregational Methodist          Christ of the Latter Day
3105 Avenue J                  1236 E. Broadway                  Saints                      First Church of the
Riverside Christian               First Congregational           2929 Oakwood                Nazarene
1000 Bonnie Brae                  3563 Manderly PI.              Grace Lutheran              1201 E. Allen
University Christian              All Saints' Episcopal         404 Hemphill                   Polytechnic Church of
2724 S. University Dr.            5001 Crestline                                               The Nazarene
                                                                Lutheran Church of Our
                                                                Saviour                        3640 Avenue F
First Church of Christian         St. Andrew's Episcopal
Scientists                        10th & Lamar                  4301 E. Lancaster             First Pentecostal Church
502 Lamar                                                                                     of God
                                  St. Anne's Episcopal          St. Paul Lutheran
Second Church of Christian        Grand & Gould                                               20th & Long
                                                                3 10 W . Cannon
Scientists                                                                                    Twelfth Street Pentecostal
                                  St. John's Episcopal          Trinity Lutheran
2112 Forest Park Blvd.            2401 College                                                Assembly
                                                                3621 Tulsa Way                1101 E. 12th St.
Christian Science Joint           St. Luke's In The Meadow
Reading Room                      4301 Meadowbrook              Z ion Lutheran                Hemphill St. Presbyterian
504-B Main Street                                               112 Eagle                     1701 Hemphill
                                  Trinity Episcopal
Arlington Heights Church          3401 Bellaire Dr. S.          Central Methodist             St. Stephen Presbyterian
of Christ                                                       1527 Lipscomb
                                  Greek Orthodox Church                                       2600 Sandage
5001 EI Campo
                                  2022 Ross                     First Methodist               Trinity Cumberland
Calmont Avenue Church of                                        800 W . 5th St.
Christ                            Beth EI Congregation                                        Presbyterian
3600 Calmont                      207 W. Broadway               Matthews Memorial             4101 Frazier
                                                                Methodist                     Westminster Presbyterian
Highland Park Church of           Congregation Ahavath
                                  Sholom                        2416 W . Berry                1425 8th Ave.
1200 E. Richmond                  821 Taylor

N '
           STUDENT GOVERNMENT                                       Buford Latimer, Fine Arts representative
   Student government at TCU is based u~on the                      Wanda Tinkle, Fine Arts representative
democratic ideals and principles under which our                    Beth Pearson, School of Education representa-
American way of life exists.                                          tive
   The Student Association constitution was written                 Ruth McCleskey, School of Education repre-
by students, can be amended or discarded by students,                 sentative
and is administered by students.                                    Bob Johnson, Arts and Sciences representative
   Student governing body at TCU is th~ Student                     Martin Turner, Arts and Sciences representa-
Association Congress, composed of 26 voting mem-                      tive
bers.                                                               Thomas Dennington, School of Business rep-
    Fourteen of these members are elected in the spring               resentative
 and the remaining 12 are elected. the fir~t month of
 the fall semester. Offices to be filled thiS year are :            Joe Ward, School of Business representative
 three representatives from the f~eshman class, three          Other student elections, including cheerleaders and
 from the sophomore class and SIX lower class repre-        publications editors, are regulated by the Student Asso-
 sentatives-at-large.                                       ciation Congress and Constitution.
   Members of Congress elected last spring are:               Cheerleaders and editors are elected in the spring
                                                            with the 14 senior members of Congress.
        Dick Ramsey, president
                                                                The Student Court is the final authority in any ques-
        Bob Cornell, vice-president                          tion concerning congressional action. Five justices are
        Heino Ambros, senior class representative            selected by Congress from ten names submitted by
        Molly Dot Robertson, senior class representa-      . the president.
         tive                                                 The candidate receiving most votes in Congress is
        Don Brewer, junior class representative             the chief justice of the Court and the four receiving
                                                            the next largest number of votes are justices.
         Sue Scott, junior class representative
                            76                                                         77
                     PREAMBLE                                  Section 2
                                                                  The right of the individual to freedom of thought
   We, the students of TCU, in order to provide ollie
measure of student self-government, to reguhte :1\\            and expression in the formulation of common policy
                                                               is basic, and the following fights of the individual
matters delegated by the Un iversity to Studen: (on·
trol, organize for the conduct of camp~lS affairs and          student at Texas Christian University shall not be
                                                               abridged or denied by the government of this Asso-
for the furthering of cooperation among the ~tudents
                                                               ciation :
of our school, do hereby ordain and establ!s'1 th iS
                                                                     a. Freedom of speech.
Constitution.                                                        b. Freedom of press.
                                                                     c. Freedom to peacefully assemble.
                      Article I                                      d. Freedom to petition for redress of griev-
Section 1                                                                ances.
  The name of this organization shall be "The S:~I­                  e. Freedom to organize opposition to the stu-
dent Association of Texas Christian University."                         dent administration, and to seek control by
                                                                         winning the majority support of the voting
Section 2                                                                students.
   All students of the University who shall have paid
the Student Body Fee and are entolled fo r a minim'lm
of nine (9) semester hours, shall be members OC '~ 11 is                              Article III
Association. All members of the Association shall be           Section 1
eligible to vote in any regular or special election.              The legislative branch of this Association shall be
                                                               the Student Congress : The President of the Associa-
                        Article II                             tion, the Vice-President of the Association, the three
 Section 1                                                     representatives each from the Sophomore and Fresh-
    The fundamental principles of the great American           man classes, two representatives each from the Junior
 tradition of political and civil liberty . are a f-   and Senior classes, six Lower Class Representatives at
 firmed and embraced as part of thiS Constlt'1t·o'l            large, and two representatives from the School of
 in so lar as applicable t~ students attending a libe.: al     Business, th.e School of Fine Arts, the College of
 institution of learning.                                      Arts and SCIences, and the School of Education.
                             78                                                         79
                                                            majority vote a Bill of Impeachment against any of-
Section 2                                                   ficer of the Association.
  For the purpose of Student Government, a student                c. To supervise All-University social functions.
shall be classified as follows: Freshman, 0-23 semester
                                                                  d. To order disbursements from the Student Asso-
hours inclusive; Sophomore, 24- 53 se.meste! hours .in-
                                                            ciation Fund.
clusive; Junior, 54-83 semester hours lOc!Uslve; Selllor,
84 semester hours or more with undergraduate stand-               e.:0  select, or provide for the selection of, rep-
                                                            resentatives to events and functions which involve the
ing.                                                        interest of the Student Association.
     a. Representatives from the different schools
shall be elected from the Junior and Senior Classes,              f. To approve by absolute majority vote appoint-
and from the Graduate students.                             ments of the Presidel1t to the positions of Student
      b. Lower-Class Representatives-at-Large shall be      Association Secretary,.Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Ser-
elected from the Freshman and Sophomore Classes.            geant-at-Arms, and appointments of the President to
      c. Each member of the Congress must have an           fill the unexpired term of any members of the Con-
                                                            gress who are unable to complete their term of office.
 overall minimum grade index of at least 1.0 as de-
                                                                  ~. To approve by an absolute majority vote the
 termined by the registrar's office.
      d. No individual shall be elected to more than        appolOtment of the Election Committee and all other
                                                            committees as may be deemed necessary.
 one position at a time in the Association Congress.
                                                                 h. To approve by majority vote election rules
 Section 3                                                  and procedures as adopted by the Election Committee.
    The Association Congress shall be vested with the        . i. To take action, adopt resolutions, enact legisla-
 following powers :                                         tIOn; and to deal with all matters affecting the wel-
       a. To adopt its own rules of procedure.              fare of the Student Association.
       b. To expel by absolute majority vote any mem-            j. To select and invite a faculty member to be
  ber of the Congress, with the exce~tion of. the A~so­     the Faculty Advisor to the Congress.
  ciation Officers whom it deems gUIlty of lliegal, un-          k. To enact such legislation as may be deemed
  moral, or irascible conduct violative of the best in-     necessary and proper to carry out the foregoing powers.
  terest of the Association, and to adopt by an absolute
Section 4                                                     Section 2
  The Student Congress shall meet at least on 7 eache            T he President of the Student Association shall have
week, except during examin.ations, o.r on Umverslty           the following minimum qualifications:
holidays; and in such speCIal meetings as may be                    a. Shall have completed a minimum of 73 se-
called by the President, or as shall. be called by passage    mester hours at the time of the Spring Elections or
of a resolution in a regular sesSIOn of the Congress          if elected at the Fall Elections shall have completed
itself.                                                       84 semester hours.
                                                                    b. Shall have attained an overall grade point in-
Section S
   A quorum, necessary to transact business, .shall con-      dex of at least 1.S as determined by the Registrar's
sist of two-thirds of the total membership of the             O ffice.
                                                                    c. Shall have been a student of Texas Christian
Association Congress.
                                                              University for at least one semester prior to becoming
 Section 6                                                    a candidate for President.
   An absolute majority vote shall mean a majority
                                                              Section 3
 of the total membership of the Congress.
                                                                The President shall be charged with the following
                                                              powers and duties :
                        Article IV                                 a. Shall be a voting member of the Congress.
 Section 1                                                         b. Shall preside over all regular and called meet-
      a. The executive officers of this ~ss.ociation sl:all   ings of the Congress.
 be the President of the Student ASSOCIatIOn, the V lCe-           c. Shall nominate qualified individuals for the
 President of the Association, the Secretar? and th.e         position of Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Ser-
 Treasurer of the Association, and such assistant offi-       geant-at-Arms, and such committees as may be estab-
 cers as the Congress may appoint or select.                  lished by Congress, and subject to the approval of an
       b. The President, Vice-President, permanent com-       absolute majority of the Congress.
  mittee chairmen, and the Preside.nts of the classes shall        d. Shall fill vacancies on the Student Congress,
  constitute the Executive Committee.                         subject to the approval of an absolute majority of the
                              82                                                        83
Congress. This provision shall not be construed to
                                                             . . b. Shall be the official correspondent of the Asso-
apply to the Association President or Vice-President.       CIatIOn.
     e. Shall have the power to call the Congress into
Special Session.                                                   c. Shall be eligible to receive a salary.
     f. Shall be eligible to receive a salary not to              d. Shall be subject to dismissal by an absolute
exceed $25 a month.                                         majority vote of the Congress.
                                                                  e. Shall be a non-voting member of the Con-
Section 4                                                   gress.
      a. The Vice-President shall have completed a
minimum of 44 semester hours at the time of the             Section 6
Spring Elections or if elected at the Fall Elections          The Treasurer of the Association shall be appointed
shall have completed 54 semester hours, and have all       by the President subject to the approval of the Con-
other requirements the same as for President.              gress. The Treasurer shall have the following powers
      b. Shall serve as Executive Committee chairman.      and duties:
      c. Shall assume, the office of President in the            a. To keep an accurate account of the Associa-
event of death, withdrawal from school, or inability       tion Fund, and to report the status of the fund to the
of the President to serve the term, and shall serve the    Congress at each regular meeting.
remainder of the unexpired term with full powers as         .   b. Shall be empowered to sign checks Counter-
President under the provisions of Section 3, above.        SIgned by the President upon the direction of the
Section 5                                                  Congress.
   The Secretary of the Student Body Association shall          c. Shall be bonded.
be appointed by the President subject to the approval           d. Shall be eligible to receive a salary.
of the Congress. The Secretary shall have the follow-           e. Shall be subject to dismissal by an absolute
ing powers and duties:                                     majority vote of the Congress.
      a. To keep minutes of all regular and called meet-    . f. Shall be the chairman of the Budget Com-
ings of the Congress, to keep an accurate file of all      mIttee.
such minutes and other records of the Student Asso-
                                                                g. Shall submit, not later than the third Con-
                                                           gress meeting of each semester, a detailed budget for
the semester as drawn up by the Budget Committee.        before being presented. The Judges shall be selected
No expenditures may be authorized nor debts in-          not later than the second meeting of the Fall Con-
curred after the third meeting of each semester until    gress. The candidate receiving the most votes shall
the budget has been submitted and approved by the        be chief justice.
Congress.                                                Section 4
     h. Shall be a non-voting member of Congress.           Members of the Court shall have completed at least
                                                         4~ hours of academic credit (not counting P. E.)
Section 7
                                                         wIth a 2.0 grade point index. Members shall have
  The Executive Committee of the Association as
                                                         attended T. C. U. for two preceding semesters.
provided for in Section I-b shall have the following
powers and duties:                                       Section 5
     a. Shall meet at least once a month.                   Cases may be tried only with a full court present.
     b. Shall act in an administrative and advisory      Three members of the court must agree in order to
capacity in coordinating executive functions.            obtain a decision, and each judge shall vote on each
                                                         Section 6
                      Article V
                                                            The court shall have the following powers:
Section 1
  The final judicial authority shall be vested in the          a. To judge the constitutionality and legality of
                                                         all acts of the Student Association, the Student Con-
Student Association Court.
                                                         gress, and the Officers of the Student Association if
Section 2                                                these acts are questioned by a member of the Stud~nt
  The court shall consist of five judges.                Association.
Section 3                                                      b. To conduct impeachment trials of Student
  The President of the Student Association shall pre-    Association and Class Officers. Conviction shall con-
sent ten names to the Congress which shall elect five.   sist of the affirmative vote of four judges.
The ten presented must have been notified and must             c. To be the final authority in Association elec-
have indicated their willingness to accept if elected,   tions, their legality and procedures.
                          86                                                       87
Section 7                                               Section 3
  The terms of office of members of the court shall        The remaining seventy per cent of the Association
be from the time elected until the end of the current   Fund ~hall be placed in the regular account of the
school year in which elected.                           Association and shall be expended according to the
                                                        direcr i(1n of the Association Congress, subject to the
                     Article VI                         [01l0\v"111g provisions:
   In accordance with the policy of the University,           a. A separate estimate of receipts and expendi-
students may be named to such committees of the         tures shall be submitted during the semester for each
Administration as the Association may be invited to     event in which the expenditure of funds were antici-
name. Such committee members shall be selected in       pated. This estimate shall be detailed and shall be
such procedure as may be agreed upon by the Asso·       considered and must be approved by the Congress,
ciation Congress and the Administration of the Uni-     before funds may be disbursed. Expenditure or appro-
versity.                                                priation of funds to meet obligations not previously
                                                        approved and budgeted shall be expressly forbidden.
                    Article VII                               b. All expenditures of the Association shall be
Section 1                                               paid by check, signed by the Treasurer and counter-
  Each member of the Student Association of the         signed by the President.
University shall pay a Student Association Fee of            c. The Student Congress shall be empowered to
$1.00 per semester during his/ her enrollment.          establish a petty cash fund not to exceed $25.00 per
                                                        semester, and to be used for such routine incidentals
Section 2                                               as may occur in the operation of the Student Associa-
  Thirty per cent of the Association Fund shall an-     tion office, etc., provided that such a fund is provided
nually be placed in a special fund to be known as       in the Budget for the semester.
"The Permanent Improvement Fund." This fund shall
be disbursed only for tangible items which add to the
permanent improvement of the property of the Asso-                          Article VIII
ciation, or the University, and shall be of such a      Section 1
nature as to be used by succeeding Associations.             a. The annual Spring Elections shall be held not
                          88                                                      89
later than the last week of April nor earlier than the     for elections shall be drafted by the Election Com-
second week in April, at which time the President,         m ittee, approved by the Congress, and made generally
the Vice-President, and the members of Congress, not       available to all members of the Association prior to
including Freshman Representatives and Lower Class         the election.
Representatives, shall take office at the beginning of
the following fall semester. Those so elected. shall       Section 4
have full power to act until the Freshman Repre-             All elections of the Association shall be by Secret
sentative and Lower Class Representatives are elected.     Ballot.
      b. The annual Fall Election shall be held not        Section 5
later than the third week of the semester at which           A candidate may be elected to office if he is un-
time the Freshman Representatives, Lower Class Rep-        opposed in his particular race.
resentatives, and class presidents shall be elected, and
any vacancies in the previously elected Congress shall     Section 6
be filled.                                                    Congress shall provide at the last meeting of the
Section 2                                                  Spring Semester an Election Committee to hold elec-
                                                           tions for the Summer Congress.
   A simple majority of the vote cast in the election
shall be necessary to elect the President, Vice-Presi-
                                                                                 Article IX
dent, and Class Officers. In the event that no one re-
ceives a majority in these races, a run-off between the    Section 1
two receiving the most votes shall be held to deter-         Election of the Presidents of the four classes shall
mine the officer elected. Members of the Congress          be provided for by the Election Committee at the
shall be elected on a plurality basis.                     annual fall election.
Section 3                                                  Section 2
   An Election Committee shall be named annually             Editors of publications shall be selected in accord-
by the President with the absolute majority approval       ance with terms of agreement reached between the
of the Congress at the first meeting of the fall Con-      Association Congress and the Publications Committee
gress and shall serve throughout the school year. Rules    of the University.
                          90                                                        91

    Section 3                                                ceedings against any of the Association officers by the
      The Congress shall be empowered to hire a dance       submission of a petition signed by not less than 10 .
    manager and such assistants as may be deemed neces-     per cent of the members of the Association. Recall
    sary.                                                   proceedings may be initiated against Class Officers,
    Section 4                                               Class, and Representatives-at-Large by
                                                            the submission of a petition signed by not less than
       Cheer Leaders shall be elected by the Association
                                                            10 per cent of the Association comprising the group
    in such a manner, and by such procedures as may be
                                                            who were originally eligible to vote in the election of
    deemed advisable by the Congress.
                                                            the . ~fficer or representative. Upon receipt of a re~all
                                                            petitIOn by the Congress, the officer or representative
                         Article X                          concerned shall either resign, or shall stand for re-
    Section 1                                               election against any qualified person who may file
       Members of the Association may initiate any pro-     for snch office.
    posed new policy, law or amendment by a petition        Section 4
    signed by , 10 per cent of the members of the Asso-
    ciation. If the proposal is not adopted by the Con-        Referendum or recall elections demanded by peti-
    gress, the Election Committee shall pro~ide for a       tion or act of the Congress by 2/ 3 vote, shall be
    referendum election on the proposal, a simple ma-       held within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the
    jority therein sufficing for adoption.                  petition, or after resolution by the Congress calling
                                                            for such election.
    Section 2
       Members of this Association may call for a refer-
    endum upon bills passed, or under consideration by                            Article XI
    the Congress, by submission of a petition signed by     Section 1
    not less than 10 per cent of the members of the Asso-      Amendment of any or all sections or articles of this
    ciation.                                                Constitution may be proposed by a resolution adopted
    Section 3                                               by a 2/ 3 vote of the Student Congress, or by student
      Members of the Association may initiate recall pro-   initiative, as provided for in Article X, Section 1.
                             92                                                       93
Section 2                                                  Section 2
   Upon proper proposal of a constitutional amend-
ment, it shall be the duty of the Election Committee        . This Constitution supercedes all previous Constitu-
to provide, within fifteen days (excluding holidays),      tions of the Student Body of Texas Christian Uni-
for the necessary election to determine the will of
the Association thereon.                                   Section 3
Section 3                                                                                                   .
                                                             All terms of office as provl'ded b Y t h e prevIOus
                                                           Constitution shall be completed.
  A proposed amendment shall be adopted and shall
become an effective part of this constitution, replac-     Section 4
ing all inconsistent provisions, upon approval of a
simple majority of votes cast by members of the              . All statutes passed under the previous Constitu-
Association.                                               tIOn shall remain in full force and effect until duly
                                                           changed or repealed by the Congress or unless con-
                                                           trary to this Constitution.
                     Article XII
Section 1
   This Constitution shall become operative when ap-
proved by a simple majority of the members of the
Association voting, provided that such majority shall
equal at least 30 per cent of the voters in the last
election of a Student Association President in the Fall.
In the event that this Constitution should be adopted
in a spring semester, the first Spring Election may
be held as provided for in Article VIII, Sectionl.
Such election shall be presided over by the duly ap-
pointed committee of the last elected councilor
congress under the previous Constitution.
                TELEPHONE NUMBERS

Waits Hall                          Foster Hall
1st floor:   320                    1st floor: 222
2d floor,    west:    321           2d floo;'-west:    223
2d floor,    east:    355           2d floor, east :   262
3d floor,    west :   322           3d floor, west:    224
3d floor,    east:    356           3d floor, east:    263

Jarvis Hall                         Clark Hall
1st floor: 317                      1st floor: 208
2d floor: 318                       2d floor: 259
3d floor: 319                       3d floor: 258

Goode Hall                          Tom Brown Hall
1st floor: 236                      Section "A": 237
2d floor : 257                      Section "B": 238
3d floor: 256                       Section "C': 239

                        "W": 204
                        "X": 205
                        " Y": 206
                        "Z": 207

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