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                of European                              Winner 2008
                                                          Regional Innovation Award

 Region: Noord Brabant (NL)           About Innovative Actions Brabant
 Project name: Innovative             SOLUTIONS FOR DEMOGRAPHIC CHALLENGES
 Actions Brabant 3 (IAB-3)
 Launch: 2005

Aim of the project
The Innovative Actions Brabant
program 3 (IAB-3) aims to bring
the region closer to finding ʻsmart
solutionsʼ for the ageing
                                      In the next few decades the         for care by paying more
                                      Province will face a number of      attention to prevention and
                                      societal challenges that cannot     well-being. In IAB-3, both
                                      be solved by existing,              categories of solution were
                                      traditional solutions. The key      included by focusing on 3
                                      problem is the aging                related aspects of the aging
                                      population, which will have a       population:
                                      wide-spread impact: more             • Cure: innovation and medical
                                      pressure on the care and               technology;
                                      health sectors, the need for         • Care: developing innovative
                                      permanent education, and               solutions in important sectors
                                      impact on the labour market,           of care, including palliative
                                      quality of life in rural               care;
                                      communities, public transport,       • Prevention and well-being:
                                      the housing market, and the            ensuring that the elderly
                                      demand for more public safety.         remain healthy, independent
                                                                             and active for a longer period
                                      The province has identified two         of time.
                                      potential categories of solution.
Key results                           The first involves coming up
                                                                           Impressions from
                                      with innovations in and for the
                                      care sector that will lead to a      our jury
Key results                           more effective and efficient
                                      provision of care. The second        "This project targets one of the
IAB 3 aimed to have 16 sub-           involves reducing the demand                   most significant social
projects, with at least 40 SMEs and                                       predicaments facing Europeans
35 civil society organisations.                                             and citizens around the world:
These targets were by far                                                     an ageing population. Noord
                                                                          Brabant suggests an innovative
exceeded: 21 sub-projects were         Contact                                approach to proactively deal
remunerated and involved more                                             with a major societal challenge."
SMEs and civil society                 Mr. Dick de Jager
                                       T: +31 6 526 33305                                Susanne JUSTESEN
organisations than expected. The                                                     Innovation Advisor, Ph.D,
                                       E: ddejager@bom.nl
Province received 68 submissions.                                                     Innoversity Copenhagen

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