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Honorarium Request Form
All letters of agreement for honoraria will be issued from the Director's office.
In order to craft the letters in a timely manner, all honorarium requests must be completed at least one week prior to the event.
No honorarium letters of agreement will be written on the day of the event, nor will they be written after the event.
It is incumbent on the faculty host to provide accurate information to facilitate ease of communication with the guest.

FACULTY HOST:                                                                                           DATE:

(Your name will appear in the letter of agreement as the faculty host. You will be the primary
contact for the visit prior to, during, and after his/her arrival at the event.)

VISITOR INFORMATION:                                                                                    HONORARIUM:
Name:                                                                                                   1) Review your course/event budget to
                                                                                                        ensure sufficient funding;
Title (FAIA, AIA, Ph.D., Etc):
                                                                                                        2) Negotiate honorarium with guest (the
Institution:                                                                                            honorarium covers their effort and all
                                                                                                        transportation -- only under extreme
                                                                                                        circumstances will we reimburse for
Address 2:                                                                                              transportation;
                                                                                                        3) Fill in the amount of the honorarium in US
City:                                                                                                   Dollars below.
Zip code:
Country*:                                                                                               NOTES REGARDING COMPENSATION:
Telephone:                                                                                              Provide any information regarding special
                                                                                                        conditions or terms of compensation
*Note: if visitor is not a US Citizen, he/she will have to obtain a J-1 Short-term Scholar Visa. They
will have to obtain a IAP-66 Data Collection Form from a US Embassy/Consulate in their native
country, file the form, and obtain the visa prior to the event dates below. There will be no
exceptions to this policy. The faculty host is responsible for communicating this information to
foreign guests.

REASON FOR VISIT:                                                                                       DATE OF EVENT:
Please check all that apply:                                                                            (Be specific about start/finish times)
                                 Evening Public Lecture Series                                          Date
                                 Thesis Final Reviews                                                   Time
                                 Thesis Workshop                                                        Location
                                 ARCH 700 Final Reviews                                                 Comments
                                 ARCH 700 Workshop
                                 ARCH 600 Final Reviews
                                 ARCH 600 Workshop
                                 ARCH ___ Final Reviews (fill course number in box below)
                                 ARCH ___ Workshop (fill course number in box below)
                                 ARCH ___ Special Lecture/Event (fill course number in box below)
                                 Other (Specify Title of Event):

Please check any that apply (additional charges will be billed to your account):
                                 Accommodations Not Required                                            Arrive Date     Depart Date      Total Nights
                                 Please book room at Inn and Conference Ctr. ($199.00/night)
                                 Please book room at Quality Inn ($80.00/night)
                                 Please book room at Jashemski House in Silver Spring ($75.00/night)

HOSPITALITY:                                                                                            SPECIAL NEEDS:
If it is necessary to cater meals, please contact Grace Criscuoli.                                      Please list any special needs or other
                                                                                                        requirements for the guest.
                                 Food not included
                                 Lunch provided
                                 All meals provided
                                 Parking pass required
                                 Faculty host will pick up guest at airport/train station
                                 Guest should make his/her own way to event location

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:                                                                                 WHEN YOU'VE COMPLETED THIS FORM:
Please provide any additional information that should be included in the letter of agreement.
                                                                                                        EMAIL TO:
                                                                                                        Grace Criscuoli: gcriscuo@umd.edu

                                                                                                        QUESTIONS? BUDGET CONCERNS?
                                                                                                        Either ask Grace or Madlen Simon:
Updated 4/1/2009                                                                                        mgsimon@umd.edu

Letters of Agreement for Honoraria:
Faculty members who desire to invite guests to participate in academic events associated with the Architecture Program must follow these procedures:

1. Review the budget for the course / event program under your supervision to determine availability of funds.
2. Contact the guest to confirm availability and to negotiate the honorarium.
3. When you have confirmed the guest's availability and agreement to the honorarium, gather the visitor information listed on the Honorarium Request Form.
4. Fill in the form and submit the completed form to the Krista Johnson at least one week prior to the event.
5. Faculty members who initiate this process will be designated "Faculty Host" and will serve as the primary point of contact/hospitality for the guest prior to, during, and
after the visit. If person other than the individual initiating the honorarium request is to serve as the "Faculty Host," this information should be included in the Honorarium
Request Form.
6. The Director's office will process the Honorarium Request Form, create a Letter of Agreement, mail it to the guest, and copy it to the "Faculty Host."
7. Honorarium checks will be processed after the event has taken place and guests should expect to receive compensation within 30 days following the date of the event.

Proper visa required for International Visitors:
All faculty hosts should be aware that the University cannot disburse funds to foreign visitors unless proper visas have been obtained in advance of the event. Complete
information for foreign visitors can be found at: http://www.intprog.umd.edu/ies/Faculty/j1programs.html

Please share this information with foreign guests (even if they are currently in the U.S., at the time of arranging an event):

1. PRIOR to your visit to the U.S., please obtain the appropriate immigration status from Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) UPON ENTERING THE UNITED
STATES. Failure to obtain the proper immigration status will prevent UMCP (School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation) from providing any honoraria or
reimbursing ANY travel expenses.
2. Please note that a passport alone is not sufficient evidence to determine an alien's immigration status. Accordingly, the passport should be used only in conjunction
with the appropriate INS forms (I-94; I-551) that identify immigration status.
3. The following types of visas may be reimbursed for travel and subsistence expenses (if pre-approved by the University):
A-1/A-2, B-1, F-1, H-1A, H-1B, H-2, H-3, J-1, J-2, K-1, K-2, O-1, O-2, P-1,
P-2, P-3, Green Card, Refugee, TN, and WB.
(see: http://www.intprog.umd.edu/ies/umonly/hiringprocess.html)
4. Foreign visitors with one of the following types of visas may NOT receive any travel payments while in the United States: B-2, F-2, H-4, O-3, P-4, and WT.
5. If you do not obtain a visa prior to entering the United States, your visa status defaults to B2 and honoraria/reimbursement will not be allowed.

Further information on all UMCP Travel polices and other pertinent information is available at http://www.dbs.umd.edu/travel/.

Honoraria for Jurors on Interim, Midterm, and Final Reviews

Jurors from the Washington, Baltimore, Annapolis Region:
Our long standing policy is that local participants in juries should not receive honoraria for their participation in juries, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
However, AIA members may be granted CES units for participation in juries. Additionally, local participants should be mailed parking passes in advance of their visit. If
your individual studio budget permits, you may offer your guest lunch or dinner (which ever is appropriate). As always the University will not reimburse faculty or guests
for alcohol.

Jurors from locations at a distance of over 100 miles from College Park:
Prior to the beginning of each semester, a studio budget will be established by the Program Director that will give faculty a clear idea of the funds available for use during
the semester. Faculty should plan to use these funds in a responsible manner. Occasionally, at the conclusion of the semester, additional funds may be made available
(typically to upper level and thesis studios) to support guest reviewers.

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