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                    6880 Palmer Park Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80930

Your DAV Chapter Officers                                           Your DAV Auxiliary Officers
*Commander Don Watts                                                        *Commander Doris DiSalvo
*Senior Vice Vickie Woodard                                               *Senior Vice Kathleen Hanner
*Junior Vice Terry Mikesell                                                *Junior Vice Gertrud Spence
Adjutant Bob Manery                                                            Adjutant Carolyn Shaver
*Treasurer Carl Hickling                                                    *Treasurer Barbara Beavers
*Chaplin Bonnie Rudolph                                                           *Chaplin Julia Milner
*Officer of the Day Jack Artman                            *State Executive Committee Barbra Langdon
Sergeant at Arms Reginald Clay
*Department Executive Committee Willy Shaver
Judge Advocate Matt Burns
* denotes elected positions

                       ****** NOTICE ******
                     13 APRIL 2010 at 7:30 P.M.
                       ****** NOTICE ******
The main purpose of this annual newsletter is to provide written notice to all members of
Colorado’s DAV Knob Hill Chapter 26 that it is time for the annual election of YOUR
Chapter and Auxiliary officers. The elections are scheduled for the membership
meetings on 13 April 2010 at the Chapter’s hall (6880 Palmer Park Blvd). Please come
in that night for a free meal, a visit with fellow DAV members, and to VOTE!

CHAPTER COMMANDER COMMENTS: Another year has passed and we have
accomplished several things to make this another successful year for the Chapter. On Flag Day
we held a ceremonial flag burning for many retired flags. The ceremony included the Girl & Cub
Scouts that are sponsored by this Chapter.
Our building’s parking lot was in desperate need of repair so this year we got several bids on the
project. We had the back half of the parking lot totally covered with new black top and in the
front we had all the large cracks filled before resealing the entire area.
We held our annual Flea Market and had quite an amount of items donated to us. The funds
raised from the sales and the rental of table space at the flea market was lucrative.
At the start of the fall football season the E-Board initiated a plan called “NFL Nights”. The hope
was to get new members and some of the older members to start coming to meetings and get
more active in the DAV. This was successful in the fact that we acquired several new members.
During the Veterans Day weekend we did our annual greeting at the Golden Corral. This was
also a successful project with the funds raised during the event going to a local veteran’s nursing
home for patient activities.

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Our Sunday night Bingo continues to be our most successful fundraiser and was the primary
source of the funds used to repair the building’s parking lot. Your Bingo team is doing very well,
but we have the same old problem we have always had. The same small group is still working
bingo and we could use a few small breaks. More bingo workers are needed! Volunteering just
once a month would be a great help. We have a good time working with each other and our
customers. Come help us at 6 PM on any Sunday.
Primarily due to the efforts of one member, we were able to acquire some large wooden storage
buildings this year. One building is being used for a storage shed for some of the items that have
been donated to us. The other two buildings were skillfully mated, by members, into a garage
for storage of the Chapter’s 1947 white Cadillac. Hopefully you saw our car in several of the
local patriotic parades the Chapter attended this year. Our prolific members also helped us get
some new carpet for the office and auxiliary meeting room.
I would like to thank all of the officers of the Executive Board, Committee members, and the rest
of the DAV members for all the help and guidance they have given me this year. I hope to see
everyone on April 13th, election night. Thanks also to the Auxiliary ladies for the excellent meals
they serve us on meeting night. Don Watts, Commander
Greetings from Your Chapter Senior Vice Commander. The past year has been a great year.
We continue to grow in Chapter members and we are very excited about the opportunity to meet
all of you. This year we hope to establish goals for our Chapter ….focused on identifying
activities and opportunities to help and support our fellow Disabled American Veterans. This
year’s Chapter election is very important to select our future leadership. We hope you will join
us the second Tuesday in April for this very important election. A free dinner is always hosted at
our membership meetings at 6:30 pm followed by our 7:30 pm membership meetings. We look
forward to your support and to helping us excel. As an example of some our activities, we re-
opened our Lounge for NFL Sunday football and had a grand Super Bowl finale in February.
We participate in many of our local parades and support our Veteran Hospitals throughout
Southern Colorado. Our Chapter is one of the largest in the State. We truly hope you will join
us the second Tuesday of every month to help make our Chapter, not only one of the largest but
the best in Colorado, dedicated to supporting our Disabled American Veterans. If you have any
questions please call us at 719-591-8787 or feel free to contact me directly at 719-650-2784.
Thank you for your service to our wonderful country. Vickie Woodard, Senior Vice Commander
CHAPTER INFO: Your DAV Chapter is making use of the membership communications
resources provided by the National DAV. Please visit the Chapter 26 web site at to see our schedule of events, announcements, or just to get copies of the
Chapter’s Bylaws and Constitution. If you want to add something to the site feel free to e-mail
us at: We have started an e-mail address list for notices and
such so if you would like to share your e-mail address please send it to us.
Remember, the Chapter rents the rooms in your club for weddings, retirements, birthday parties
and banquets. Food may be brought in but due to insurance rules the kitchen cannot be rented
out. For information and pricing call the chapter, 591-8787, and leave your name and address
and someone will get back with you. The building is used almost every day/night for meetings,
such as, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, VFW, Weight Watchers, Germania Club, Piecing
Partners (Quilters), Pikes Peak Retrievers, and of course DAV/DAVA meetings and functions.

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Got stuff to sell? The annual DAV 26 Flea Market will be held on 11 and 12 June 2010 at the
Chapter’s hall. You can rent a sellers 8 foot table from us for $12 each day. The Snack Bar will
be open from 8 – 4 PM. Contract Matt Burns at 719-632-8191 for more event information.
Help our Homeless Veterans: HUD-VASH (Housing & Urban Development-Veteran
Administration Subsidized Housing) is a program aimed at assisting the homeless veterans off
the street and into housing. Your DAV Chapter is assisting with this program so if you have non
perishable food items, cleaning supplies, bake ware, pots and pans, silverware, small kitchen
equipment or furniture please call David or Judith Fitzgerald at 685-1965/331-4243. A donation
voucher for tax purposes can be provided.
Need a place to retire you worn American flags? Drop them off at your DAV 26 hall and please
join us for our annual Flag Day retirement ceremony at the Chapter hall on 14 June 2010.
This year your auxiliary has had lots of fun and was productive for all of us involved. I have
enjoyed very much being your commander. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered, aided,
assisted and worked with our Auxiliary, our Chapter and all our Veterans and their families. A
special thanks to those who shopped, packed and delivered baskets for the needy; made the
holiday parties fun for everyone; helped with the nursing home visits and made our membership
barbeque a success. An extra special thanks to everyone who helped with the Americanism
program, making it a success. (Barb Clay‘s ideas; Bob Manery for the speaker; Todd King and
his volunteer band; the chapter members who cooked the meal; and Verna for those pies). Let’s
not stop now; we have much more work to do. Check out the Auxiliary news and stay involved.
Doris DiSalvo, DAVA Unit 26 Commander

St. Patrick’s day dinner: March 17, 2010 at 6:30 P.M. Please call 591-8787 and leave a message
that you will attend so we will have enough food for everyone. But if you forget to call come on
by any way. Price is $8.00 per plate for adults and $3.50 for children 5 to 12.

State Jr. Auxiliary Convention: March 20, 2010, 1:00 PM. State Jr. Advisor Barbara Beavers has
planned a great time for all the juniors in the state. Bring your youngsters out for a lot of fun.

Easter Egg Hunt: April 3, 2010, 10:00 A.M. Bring your own basket. In case of inclement
weather we will hide the eggs inside. Please sign up at the club on Sunday’s or whenever you are
in the club or call 591-8787 and leave a message. Eggs will be colored on the 3rd at 6:00 P.M.

Annual report luncheon: Immediately after the hunt on April 3 we will meet to complete our
annual reports. It is important that everyone be involved in these reports, (not just the chairman),
so everyone can learn what we are all about. A small lunch will be served.

DAV/DAVA State Convention: May 19 - 21, 2010, at the Doubletree Hotel in Denver.
Information will be given out at the April 13th meeting.

Sunday’s: Breakfast 8:00 A.M. to Noon and Snack Bar 6:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. These are our
fund raisers that provide us with the funds to support our nursing homes and our veterans and
their families. Volunteers are needed! Most of our teenagers will be leaving us soon for jobs and
college so we will be without many of our cooks.

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Disabled American Veterans
Knob Hill Chapter 26                                                     NONPROFIT ORG.
6880 Palmer Park Blvd.                                                     U. S. Postage
Colorado Springs, CO                                                             PAID
80915-1799                                                                Colo. Springs, CO
                                                                           Permit No. 130


Need help with your VA paperwork? Contact your DAV Service Center at 719-380-
8005. Their hours are 8 to 4, Monday – Friday. No Appointment is Necessary!
Your local DAV service center is located at 3754 East La Salle St., Colorado Springs,
CO 80909 (a few streets north of Academy Blvd. and Palmer Park Blvd).

Your DAV Service Center also provides FREE TRANSPORTATION DAILY to and from
the Denver Regional Medical Center. Call (719) 380-8005 to make arrangements.

      Remember your DAV Chapter 26 membership meetings are held on the
                          2nd Tuesday of every month
    The member’s free dinner starts at 6:30 PM and the meetings begin at 7:30 PM
        Join us for “all you can eat” Sunday Morning Breakfast from 8 AM to Noon
               Sunday Night Bingo (which is open to the public) starts at 7 PM
     The St Patrick’s Day Dinner is 17 March at 6:30 PM (Meal tickets are $8 each)
              Please come to our annual Easter Egg Hunt on 3 April at 10 AM

     Membership’s Election of Officers is 13 April at 7:30 PM
                         Please come on down and vote!

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