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									                                          In Recognition Of Our Founding Supporters
                               For Making A Difference In The Life Of A Person With A Disability.

               Please Join Us As We Celebrate Your Commitment To Making A Difference

                                   Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 6:00pm
                                                    Alfredo Of Rome
                                            4 West 49th Street, New York, NY
                                                           Cocktail Fare

                                                 Event Committee
                                              Arthur Aidala, Esq.
                                                  Tiki Barber
                                                Kenneth Dobyns
                                            Margaret J. Giannini, MD
                                                 Howard Yager

                       To attend, please designate your contribution in the amount of:

                                  __$250          __$500           __$1,000           __$2,000

           Contributors at these levels will be spotlighted on the Opportunity League Website
                                                       I am unable to attend, but I would like to support the
             I will attend _______.
                                                       Opportunity League with a contribution of $___________.
                      To secure a reservation, a response would be appreciated by February 10th to:
                                Ms. Melissa Kamin, HVCPA - Opportunity League
                                   40 Jon Barrett Road, Patterson, NY 12563
                           Phone: (845) 629-2824 Email:

      Please make checks payable to: Opportunity League, or please call to pay by Credit Card.
The fair market value for attending the event is $55 per person. Any amount contributed above this amount may be deducted by you.

                               Opportunity League...
      Improving The Lives Of Children And Adults Through Inclusive Play For All.
  The mission of the Opportunity League is to promote health, physical fitness, wellness, independence, and an enhanced quality
  of life through inclusive recreation and sports competition for people of all abilities and all ages, in community based, accessible
                                    multi-use parks, schools, healthcare and rehabilitation facilities.

         The Opportunity League is a tax exempt organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

                                                   Thank You For Your Support!

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