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					                          A Publication of the Fort Vancouver National Trust

              Fort Vancouver Times
                                                                             Spring 2010

New event with fireworks makes a comeback
       Bank of America steps up as presenting sponsor
                               Our community had celebrated July 4th at Fort Vancouver
                               National Site for 46 years. However, in 2009 the event had
                                       to be cancelled due to limited funding. This year
                                           the Fort Vancouver National Trust, with sup-
                                              port from Bank of America and other part-
                                               ners, corporations and individuals, is work-
                                                ing to bring a new July 4th event to our
                                                community: Independence Day at Fort
                                                 Vancouver presented by Bank of America.
                                                  In order to make the new event economi-
                                                 cally sustainable, a nominal admission fee
                                                now will be charged to those ages 13 and
                                              older. Attendees will enjoy a renewed focus
                                          on family, community and fun. Returning to our
                                      roots, the celebration will culminate with a spectacu-
                               lar fireworks show launched from Pearson Field. Please
                               join us in supporting this iconic event and help bring back
                               Vancouver’s Independence Day celebration! For details visit

                               Frequently Asked Questions
                               Q: Will there be a fireworks show at this event?
                               A: Absolutely! The fireworks will be launched from Pearson
                                  Field. Not only will the fireworks be a half-mile closer than
                                  in previous years, but the fireworks display will be directly
                                  overhead and will include a wider range of pyrotechnics
                                  compared to past fireworks shows.
                               Q: What can my family do at Fort Vancouver National Site
                                  while we are waiting for the fireworks show?
                               A: Families will find a full slate of fun activities to enjoy
                                  throughout the day. The atmosphere will be like an old-
                                  fashioned country fair with a fun, family-friendly focus.
                                 l   Live music and more entertainment on four stages: main
                                     stage, acoustic stage, children’s stage and heritage stage
                                 l   Children’s entertainment including puppet shows, old-
                                     fashioned children’s games like three-legged races, face
                                     painting and more—and all of it free!
                                 l   Patriotic parade of vintage fire trucks, military vehicles
                                     and cars, led by children festively dressed in red, white
                                     and blue
                                 l   Teens will enjoy music, crafts, water balloon competi-
                                     tions, dollar cage and more
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                                                      Fort Vancouver National Trust

   Optomistic Focus
  President’s Column                                                     Bookstore and the Fort Vancouver Bookstore, property opera-
                                                                         tions and historic preservation of Officers Row and the West
                          A Great Year Ahead                             Barracks and many more.
                          by Elson Strahan
                                                                         Thanks to our recent successes—our outstanding Dancing
                       In the past year you may have seen a              with the Local Stars fundraising event, our impressive 3%
                       bumper sticker that read: “I refuse to            commercial vacancy rate and our 100% residential occupan-
                       participate in this recession.” In real-          cy rate on Officers Row, coupled with the generous support
                       ity, few have escaped the recession.              from our sponsors and annual fund contributors—the Trust
                       Certainly the Fort Vancouver National             weathered 2009 poised to embrace a very solid 2010.
                       Trust was not unscathed, but our focus
                                                                         We would not be in this position without your investment in
  remains optimistic and our programs vibrant.
                                                                         the future of the Fort Vancouver National Site through your
  Case in point: in this newsletter you will read about our “rein-       generous donation to the Fort Vancouver National Trust.
  vention” of Independence Day at Fort Vancouver as well as our          Your continued financial support will help enable us to meet
  May 20th Marshall Lecture with National Park Service Direc-            our mission objectives, which will enrich the cultural and
  tor Jon Jarvis. In addition to these public events, which are part     economic vitality of our region.
  of our Celebrate Freedom programs, the Trust’s responsibili-
  ties include operating the Pearson Air Museum, the Pearson

  INDEPENDENCE DAY—Continued from front cover
                                                                                      Fort Vancouver National Trust
      l   Live music, guided walking tours, great food and a                             General O.O. Howard House
          Beaches Cabana beer garden will appeal to adults                        750 Anderson Street, Vancouver, WA 98661
      l   Historical elements include black powder demonstra-             Main: 360-992-1800 l Fax: 360-992-1810 l
          tions, Victorian ladies’ croquet games, 1880s waltz dem-
          onstrations by costumed interpreters and more                                            Mission Statement:
   Q: Where will be the best spot to see the fireworks?                    The mission of the Fort Vancouver National Trust is to achieve
   A: The best place to view the fireworks show is at the Fort Van-        national recognition of the Fort Vancouver National Site. The
      couver National Site. The fireworks will be launched from            Trust is a private non-profit organization formed to advance
      Pearson Field, just as they were for many years.                     the preservation and education purposes of the Fort Vancouver
                                                                           National Site. The Trust supports its partners in a collective effort to
   Q: Will fireworks be visible from Clark College, the Columbia           preserve, enhance and operate Fort Vancouver as a premier historic
      River or Portland?                                                   site for public benefit through education, resource development,
   A: The fireworks will be set off at Pearson Field at Fort Vancouver       advocacy, community, identity, programs and cultural tourism.
      National Site instead of from a barge in the Columbia River, so
      it is unlikely that the fireworks will be visible for people who     Board of Trustees                      Ex-Officio
      are not at Fort Vancouver. Join us and enjoy the show!               Ed Lynch, Co-Chair                     Jan Bader, City of Vancouver
                                                                           George “Bing” Sheldon, Co-Chair        Tracy Fortmann,
   Q: When does the event begin?                                           Stacey Graham, Vice Chair                 National Park Service
   A: The gates open at 8 a.m. The venues and entertainment                JD Muyskens, Secretary                 Jennifer Kampsula, MARS Assoc.
      begin at 12:00 noon.                                                 Steve Horenstein, Treasurer            David Nicandri, Washington State
                                                                           Bruce Hagensen, Chair Emeritus            Historical Society
   Q: Is there an admission fee to attend this fun, all-day event?                                                Elson Strahan, Fort Vancouver
                                                                           Twyla Barnes        Tom Koenninger
   A: Yes. In order to make this event sustainable for our com-                                                      National Trust
                                                                           Brad Carlson        Mike McCoy
      munity, admission will be $5 for adults and teens. Children          Paul Christensen    Mary Meyers        Photo Credits: Bill Alley,
      ages 12 and under are free. Tickets will be available for pur-       Ward Cook           Dick Pokornowski   Dorine Bishara, Jeff Dodge,
                                                                           Hunt Coracci        Roger Qualman      Kim Hash, Susan Holton,
      chase at
                                                                           Eric Fuller         Bob Ridgley        Rob McNary, Brian Shumaker,
   Q: Can I purchase tickets for those in need?                            Dean Irvin          John Rudi          Mike True and the National
                                                                           Richard Keller II   Mike Williams      Park Service
   A: Yes, you can purchase tickets for economically disadvan-             George Killian
      taged families. The Trust will distribute these donated tick-
      ets through several local organizations.                                        To receive this newsletter electronically,
                                                                              email editor Susan Holton at
   Q: Where can I find more information?                                        or download it on our website at
   A: Visit or call the Fort Vancouver National
      Trust, 360-992-1800.                                                     C 2D
                                                               Spring 2010

National Park Service
News from your national park,                                           Public Archaeology Field School returns to
                                                                        Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
Fort Vancouver National Historic Site                                                           Thanks to the support of the Fort
                        By Tracy Fortmann, Superintendent                                       Vancouver National Trust and oth-
                        Fort Vancouver National Historic Site                                   ers, the annual public archaeology
                         Here at Fort Vancouver National His-                                   field school will break new ground
                         toric Site, we are thrilled that Jon Jarvis,                           (literally and figuratively) at the Fort
                         Director of the National Park Service,                                 Vancouver Village this summer, be-
                         will visit our site May 20 to deliver the                              ginning June 15. The field school
                         Fort Vancouver National Trust’s Mar-                                   partners with Portland State Univer-
                         shall Lecture. We hope many of you                                     sity and Washington State University,
will join us for this free public event (see page 5 for details).                               Vancouver.

We have a busy spring filled with free public events and edu-           The field school will explore Fort Vancouver’s multi-cultural
cational programs for your entire family. The fact that the             Village, home of the Hudson’s Bay Company workers. Also,
NPS Director will visit Fort Vancouver fortifies our park’s             known as Kanaka Village, this was the largest Pacific North-
emphasis on educational programs for all ages. I am proud               west settlement in the 1830s and 1840s and housed people
that we have programs unique to our site, such as our Dame              from all over the world and the Pacific Northwest, including
School and Young Engagé School. For information about                   Native Hawaiians, African Americans, the Métis and people
any of the programs below, call the Fort Vancouver Visitor              of many American Indian tribes. It was also the induction
Center, 360-816-6230.                                                   site for the 1930s-era Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
                                                                        and the field school will undoubtedly recover remains of
The Dame School and the Young Engagé School                             this important period of the Post’s history. The CCC in the
We are now instructing and engaging youths ages 9 to 18 in              Pacific Northwest was headquartered at Fort Vancouver. Its
these two educational programs. Our Young Engagé School                 most famous commander was George C. Marshall.
and our Dame School are based upon the school that was
here at Fort Vancouver during the Hudson’s Bay Company                  Students will discuss the field school activities with visitors,
era. In the 1840s, 60 students attended school at the fort. In          interpreting the significance of the site and the educational
the morning, girls and boys attended school together in the             purposes of the project. The season also will include free
building known as the Owyhee Church. During the morn-                   public lectures by guest speakers and staff.
ing session, students learned to read, write the ornate cop-            Fort Vancouver Visitor Center now offers
perplate script of the time and studied subjects such as ge-            area-wide Visitor Information
ography, botany, math and music. In the afternoons, boys                The downtown Vancouver visitor center, previously on
worked in the fields, gardens or trade shops and girls were             Main Street, has combined operations with the Fort Van-
instructed in handiwork.                                                couver Visitor Center, located at 1501 E. Evergreen Boule-
Following this tradition, our volunteer training program for            vard on the south side of Officers Row. Now visitors have a
girls and boys encompasses many of the skills that were in-             one-stop shop to gather information about the entire region
cluded here historically, as well as themes which assist the stu-       while also learning about Fort Vancouver. Visitors can pick
dents in sharing their knowledge with today’s visitors. Cur-            up free copies of the visitor guides, area maps and brochures
riculum includes carpentry, cooking, trades and gardening.              and also can access a dedicated computer terminal to search
                                                                        regional tourism destinations. Out-of-area visitors can
Fort Vancouver’s Annual                                                 reach the Visitor Center toll free at 877-224-4214 or locally at
Children’s Cultural Parade is April 23rd                                360-992-1824.
                         Join us on Friday, April 23 at 9 a.m.
                         for our ninth annual Children’s Cul-           Fort Vancouver is on National Geographic’s
                         tural Parade. It’s a fun, free event and a     GeoTourism Mapguide!
                         chance to see thousands of Vancouver’s         Another exciting note is that the Fort Vancouver National
                         elementary children dressed up in cos-         Historic Site is one of four Clark County venues listed on
                         tumes and flags celebrating their fam-         National Geographic’s new GeoTourism Mapguide for the
                         ily’s culture. The parade is the culmina-      Central Cascades. This two-sided fold-out map is available
                         tion of a six-week educational program.        at no cost at the Fort Vancouver Visitor Center.

                                                                  C 3D                                            
                                                      Fort Vancouver National Trust

   Celebrate Freedom Programs
                          By Kim Hash
                          Director of Programs
                                                                         Marshall Youth Leadership Award:
                          Fort Vancouver National Trust                  40 et 8, Voiture 99 steps up to sponsor the Marshall
                                                                         Youth Leadership Award for three years
                          The Trust’s Celebrate Freedom
                          office is buzzing with activity.               Last fall during the Marshall Public Leadership Award cer-
                          We invite you to join us for                   emony, representatives from the 40 et 8, Voiture 99, a local
                          our 2010 events:                               veterans organization, announced their sponsorship of the
                                                                         Marshall Youth Award program for the next three years. Paul
   l   Marshall Youth Leadership Award – March 17
   l   Marshall Lecture – May 20
   l   Flag Day Ceremony – June 14
   l   Independence Day at Fort Vancouver – July 4
   l   Marshall Leadership Award – November 3
   l   Veterans Parade – November 6

   Marshall Public Leadership Award
   presented to Phillip Haberthur
                        Phillip Haberthur, recently appointed
                        Deputy Mayor of Battle Ground, has
                        been named the 2009 recipient of the             Mason and Phil Ruhmshottel presented a check for $50,000
                        General George C. Marshall Public                to the Fort Vancouver National Trust. Through the proceeds
                        Leadership Award. He is the 21st re-             of its Bingo parlor on 78th Street, the 40 et 8 supports many
                        cipient of this prestigious annual com-          charitable organizations in the community. At their request,
                        munity award honoring the legacy of              the recipient’s college scholarship will be increased from
                        one-time Vancouver resident General              $1,000 to $2,500 annually beginning this year.
                        George C. Marshall. Haberthur, 32, is
   an attorney with Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt. He holds                Established in 2000, this annual award is presented to an
   a Juris Doctor degree from Lewis & Clark Law School and               11th or 12th grade high school age Clark County student who
   a Bachelor of Social Science degree from Washington State             demonstrates leadership, takes a stand for the rights of oth-
   University.                                                           ers, serves as a role model, shows initiative and motivates
                                                                         others to become involved.
   In his letter to nominate Phil, Battle Ground Mayor Michael
   Ciraulo wrote, “I first came to know Phil when he joined our
   Rotary club and then when he was appointed to the Battle                 Celebrate Freedom                        Presented by
   Ground Planning Commission. Phil immediately struck me as                Flag Day Ceremony
   a natural-born leader. His ability to gain others’ trust, his will-
                                                                            Monday, June 14, 3:30 p.m.
   ingness to do hard work and his global perspective on a mul-
                                                                                 This is a free public event
   titude of issues make Phil the ideal recipient of this award.”
   As recipient of the Marshall Award, Haberthur will travel to
   Lexington, Virginia, to tour the Marshall Foundation and to
   Colonial Williamsburg and Washington, D.C. He also will par-
   ticipate in Celebrate Freedom programs throughout the year.
   The Marshall Public Leadership Award is one of the Cel-
   ebrate Freedom programs produced by the Fort Vancouver                  FORT
   National Trust.                                                         VANCOUVER
                                                                           National Site on the
                                                                           Parade Ground at the Bandstand
                                                                                                                    FORT VANCOUVER
                                                                                                                      National Trust                                                     C 4D
                                                                                  Spring 2010

                        Marshall Lecture
                        May 20th Marshall Lecture to feature Director of
                        the National Park Service, Jonathan B. Jarvis
                                                   Jonathan B. Jarvis, Director of       The National Parks: America’s
                                                   the National Park Service, will       Best Idea, the documentary se-
                                                   deliver the Marshall Lecture—         ries directed by Ken Burns,
                                                   the cornerstone of the Fort           was the second most-watched
                                                   Vancouver National Trust’s Cel-       limited series on PBS during
                                                   ebrate Freedom programs—on            the last decade and reached
                                                   May 20 in Vancouver.                  33.4 million viewers.
                                                     Jon Jarvis, who became the 18th     Elson Strahan, President and CEO of the Fort Vancouver
National Park Service

                                                     Director of the National Park       National Trust, said, “Clearly, the American people hold our
                                                     Service last October, stands at     national parks in the highest regard.”
                                                     the helm of an agency that pre-
                                                                                         The Fort Vancouver National Trust’s Marshall Lecture hon-
                                                     serves and manages some of our
                                                                                         ors the character and principles of General George C. Mar-
                                                     nation’s most treasured land-
                                                                                         shall, who served at Vancouver Barracks as Commander of
                        scapes and cultural icons. Fort Vancouver National Historic
                                                                                         the 5th Infantry Brigade from 1936 to 1938.
                        Site is a unit of the National Park Service.
                                                                                         Marshall’s most enduring legacy is creating the postwar Eu-
                        Jarvis began his career with the National Park Service (NPS)
                                                                                         ropean recovery program known as the Marshall Plan, for
                        in 1976 as a seasonal interpreter. He moved up through the
                                                                                         which he received the Nobel Peace Prize.
                        agency as a protection ranger, a resource management spe-
                        cialist, park biologist and chief of natural and cultural re-
                                                                                           What: The Marshall Lecture
                        sources. He most recently served as the Regional Director
                        of the Pacific West Region.                                        Who: Jonathan Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service
                                                                                           When: Thursday, May 20th at 11:30 a.m.
                        “Director Jon Jarvis has devoted his life to preserving the        Where: Hudson’s Bay High School, 1206 East Reserve
                        special places of the National Park System—like Fort Van-             Street, Vancouver, WA
                        couver,” said Fort Vancouver National Historic Site Super-         Info: Free, but tickets are required. To request tickets,
                        intendent Tracy Fortmann. “Recognizing that our young                 call 360-992-1800 or register on the Trust’s website at
                        people are tomorrow’s leaders, he is committed to engaging  
                        youth in all dimensions of public service. This makes Jon Jar-
                        vis the ideal Marshall lecturer to address Vancouver’s youth.”

                                 Wes and Nancy Lematta are honored at 2009 Veterans Parade
                        The 23rd Annual Celebrate Freedom Veterans Parade pre-           Parade Grand Marshals Wes
                        sented by the Frank and Joanne Lough Legacy took place on        and Nancy Lematta rode in the
                        Saturday, November 7, 2009. With the theme “Honoring the         Wells Fargo stage coach. The
                        160th Anniversary of the Army at Vancouver Barracks,” this       Lemattas have been long-time
                        Department of Defense sanctioned parade boasted more             community philanthropists and
                        than 110 entries. The                                            supporters of the Fort Vancou-
                        reviewing     officer                                            ver National Site through their
                        was Major General                                                generous donations to the Pear-
                        Curtis Loop (ret), a                                             son Air Museum. The Trust joined the community in acknowl-
                        former commander                                                 edging Wes Lematta’s many contributions and was saddened at
                        of the 104th Division                                            his passing prior to publication of this edition of the Times.
                        US Army Reserves
                                                                                         Thanks to a substantial gift from the estate of Frank and
                        stationed at Van-
                                                                                         Joanne Lough, the future of Vancouver’s Celebrate Freedom
                        couver Barracks.
                                                                                         Veterans Parade is guaranteed in perpetuity.

                                                                                    C 5D                                              
                                                  Fort Vancouver National Trust

                      Pearson Air Museum
                            FORT VANCOUVER
                               National Site

                        Manager’s Message                           Open Cockpit Day is May 29
                                                                                                       At this popular annual
                        By Bill Alley, Curator and
                                                                                                       event, see the cockpit from
                        Museum Manager                                                                 the pilot’s perspective. For
                        Pearson Air Museum                                                             the price of admission,
                        Operated by the Fort Vancouver                                                 climb into the cockpits of
                        National Trust                                                                 a selection of the museum’s
                                                                                                       vintage aircraft. In addi-
  Pearson hosted presentation on T-6 trainer                        tion, youth ages 8 through 17 can enjoy a free flight from
  aircraft by Museum of Flight Senior Curator                       Pearson Field thanks to the generosity of the EAA’s Young
                                      Dan Hagedorn, senior cu-      Eagles program. Flights are scheduled on a first come, first
                                      rator and director of col-    served basis so arrive early to register for a free flight.
                                      lections at the Museum of
                                      Flight in Seattle, present-
                                      ed North American’s T-6:                       The Pearson Air Museum Bookstore
  The World’s Most Famous Trainer Family at a free presenta-                         Chasing Icarus by Gavin Mortimer. Mortimer
                                                                                     reveals the pioneers of flight as fitting
  tion on January 28 at the Pearson Air Museum. He spoke in
                                                                                     descendants of the legendary Icarus, risking
  the shadow of Pearson’s own T-6. The North American T-6                            all in pursuit of glory. Chasing Icarus captures
  Texan was a single-engine advanced trainer aircraft used to                         both a pivotal moment in the history of
  train Allied fighter pilots during World War II.                                    aviation and the end of the gilded era that
                                                                                      would soon descend into the devestation of
  John Kalde is Pearson’s 2009 Volunteer of the Year                                  World War I, cloth, $26.
                                   At its annual Volunteer
                                   Dinner, Pearson Air Muse-                           Children’s corner: Parachute Stomp Rocket.
                                   um awarded the traditional                          Three parachutes and rockets. No battery,
                                   leather bomber jacket to                            no fuel required. Ready to fly in minutes.
                                   the museum’s Volunteer of                           Adjustable launcher. Ages 7 and up, $22.95
                                   the Year, John Kalde. John,
                                   a long-time flight engineer                                               Pearson Air Museum
  and pilot for United Airlines, who recently celebrated his 91st                                     embroidered key ring, $4.95
  birthday, logged more than 450 hours as a Pearson docent in                                                Pearson Air Museum
  2009. In total, Pearson’s volunteer staff gave more than 3,500                                        embroidered luggage tag,
  hours of their time in 2009.                                                                          $5.95, Combined set $8.95

  Soar with Books toddler program resumes at Pearson
                                          After a hiatus, Pear-
                                          son’s popular avi-
                                          ation-themed sto-                Windspiration Airliner
                                          rytime, Soar with                Twist airplane, $26.95
                                          Books, has returned
                                          on the first Saturday
                                                                      Pearson Air Museum
                                          of the month from              1115 E. Fifth Street, Vancouver, WA 98661
                                          11 a.m. to noon. Tod-          Phone: 360-694-7026
  dlers and their parents, grandparents or other adult chap-   
  erones enjoy airplane stories under the wing of a vintage           Museum & Bookstore Hours
  plane, crafts and an age-appropriate tour of the air museum.           Open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
  It’s free for children under age 6.                                    Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
                                                                      Museum Admission
  Pearson Airplane Modelers Annual Show is March 13                      Adults: $7; Seniors & active military with ID: $5
  This annual exhibition and awards ceremony is in the mu-               Students (ages 6-17): $5; Children under 6: Free
  seum’s main hangar. For those of you have never attended,              Family rate: $22 (2 adults and up to 4 children)
  be prepared to see some spectacular craftsmanship.                                                C 6D
                                                         Spring 2010

Pearson Air Museum
Curator’s Corner                                                 efficiency. The manufacturer claimed a 30 percent improve-
By Bill Alley                                                    ment over a standard propeller because “the slipstream (of
                                                                 the prop) straightens out fairly well after one revolution….
The Everel Single-bladed Propeller                               This is the condition that permits the single blade to turn in
                                           At first glance, it   undisturbed air.”
                                           just doesn’t look     Experimentation seemed to back up the manufacturer’s
                                           right. The usual      claims, and the Everel Propeller was put to a practical test in
                                           symmetry and          1939. Jesse Jones, who had been testing the Everel Propeller
                                           balance one has       on a Taylorcraft since its introduction, outpaced all competi-
                                           come to expect        tors in the Taylorcraft race at the 1939 Miami Air Show, fin-
                                           from an aircraft      ishing with a comfortable quarter mile lead due, he claimed,
                                           propeller is miss-    to the revolutionary properties of his Everel propeller.
                                           ing. Perhaps it
                                                                 The Everel Propeller Corp. relied heavily on Jones’ achieve-
was broken, a relic of a long ago accident, or maybe it is an
                                                                 ment in marketing their unique prop, but in spite of claims of
example of a past experimental design. If you suspected the
                                                                 increased efficiency, improved maneuverability and decreased
latter, you would be right on target.
                                                                 fuel consumption, the single-bladed propeller never caught
The odd looking propeller attached to the Pearson Air Mu-        on with the general aviation community. The Everel Propeller
seum’s 1930 Lambert R-266 radial engine is an Everel single-     Corporation would continue to develop their variable pitch
bladed propeller, first introduced in 1937. The single blade     designs, but utilized a more traditional propeller. The single
is balanced by a counterweight, and an axis point within         bladed prop did not, however, fade completely away. Today
the hub allows for an automatic variable pitch for peak          they are still commonly seen on flying model aircraft.

      A benefit for the Fort Vancouver National Trust
           including the Pearson Air Museum                            Saturday, September 11, 2010
          For sponsorship opportunities, contact:                         at Pearson Air Museum
              Kim Hash, Director of Programs
                     360-992-1804 or

     National Trust

                                                                                  2009 winner Susan Courtney

                                                            C7 D                                          
                                                          Fort Vancouver National Trust

           Reserve the Date! Upcoming Events at Fort Vancouver National Site
                                                                        April                                              April
                                                        3 11 a.m.                                        24 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
                                                           Soar with Books toddler reading, crafts,          Junior Ranger Day, Fort Vancouver and
                                                           museum tour, Pearson Air Museum, fee              Fort Vancouver Visitor Center (NPS)
                                                           (PAM)                                         23-25 all day
                                                        4 10 a.m.-2 p.m.                                     11th annual Discovery Walk Festival, entire
                                                           Easter Brunch, Grant House, reservations          site including Land Bridge (360-818-4280;
  Daily Cultural Demonstrations at                         360-906-1101 (GH)                       
       Fort Vancouver (7 days/week)
        Experience the sights, sounds and smells of                                                                        May
        the life at Fort Vancouver. The Blacksmith                                                        1 11 a.m.
        Shop, Carpenter Shop, Kitchen and/or Bake                                                            Soar with Books toddler reading, crafts,
        House come to life as staff and volunteers                                                           museum tour, Pearson Air Museum, fee
        in period clothing demonstrate the work                                                              (PAM)
        of the Hudson’s Bay Company employees
        (NPS)                                                                                             8 noon-4 p.m.
                                                                                                             Cultural demonstration: Tatting, McLough-
                     March                             10 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
                                                                                                             lin House, Oregon City (MH)

                                                           10th annual Critter Count, Water Resourc-      8 1-3 p.m.
     6 11 a.m.                                                                                               Second Saturday: Youth activities with ac-
        Soar with Books toddler reading, crafts, mu-       es Education Center (VWC)
                                                                                                             companying adult, Water Resources Edu-
        seum tour, Pearson Air Museum, fee (PAM)       10 1-3 p.m.                                           cation Center (VWC)
     6 9 a.m.-4 p.m.                                       Second Saturday: Youth activities with ac-
        Educator workshop: “History on Location”           companying adult, Water Resources Edu-
        featuring Dr. Richard Etulain, author and          cation Center (VWC)
        historian, presented by the Center for Co-     10 12-4 p.m.
        lumbia River History, Red Cross House, pre-        Cultural demonstration: Needlebooks,
        registration at            McLoughlin House, Oregon City (MH)
    13 10 a.m.-5 p.m.                                      National Park Week, Fort Vancouver (NPS)
        Airplane Modelers Annual Show, Pearson
                                                       21-28 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
        Air Museum, fee (PAM)
                                                           Volunteer Appreciation Passport Program,
    13 12 noon-4 p.m.                                      Pearson Air Museum (PAM)
        Cultural demonstration: Botanical art,
        McLoughlin House, Oregon City (MH)                                                                9 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
                                                                                                             Mothers Day Brunch, Grant House, reserva-
    13 1-3 p.m.                                                                                              tions 360-906-1101 (GH)
        Second Saturday: Youth activities with ac-
        companying adult, Water Resources Educa-                                                         15 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
        tion Center (VWC)                                                                                    Spring Roll Out at Pearson Field sponsored
                                                                                                             by Pearson Advocates for General Aviation
                                                                                                         15 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
                                                                                                             National Park Family Day, Fort Vancouver
                                                       23 9-11 a.m.                                          Visitor Center and grounds (NPS)
                                                           9th annual Children’s Cultural Parade, Fort
                                                           Vancouver and along Fifth Street (NPS)

    17 4 p.m.
        Marshall Youth Award Ceremony, Marshall
        House (Trust)
    25 6 p.m.
        Multi-course   dinner with    Maryhill
                                                                                                                                             National Park Service

        Winery. Grant House, $75, reservations
        360-906-1101 (GH)
    28 7 a.m.-2 p.m.
        2nd Annual Fort Vancouver Run (5K,10K,
        15K) begins at the Fred Meyer Grand Cen-
        tral Shopping Center, goes over the Land
        Bridge, through the Fort Vancouver Na-                                                           20 11:30 a.m.
        tional Site and along the Columbia River.      24 10 a.m.-1 p.m.                                     Marshall Lecture with National Park Ser-
        Some proceeds benefit the Fort Vancouver           Nez Perce Chief Redheart Ceremony, Low-           vice Director Jon Jarvis, Hudson’s Bay High
        National Trust. For info:                          er Parade Ground across street from the           School, tickets: (Trust)              Fort (City)                                                         C 8D
                                                                     Spring 2010

     Reserve the Date! Upcoming Events at Fort Vancouver National Site

29 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
   Open Cockpit Day at Pearson Air Museum.
   Climb into a vintage open cockpit plane,
   fee (PAM)

29-30 noon-4 p.m.
   14th annual Sturgeon Festival: A Celebra-
   tion of Columbia River Ecosystems. Live an-
   imals, hands-on activities, Water Resources
   Education Center (VWC)
31 11 a.m.
   Memorial Day celebration by the 40 et 8
   CMAC (Community Military Appreciation
   Committee) in conjunction with Washing-
   ton Army Reserve units 2nd Brigade, 95
   Division and 396th CSH (Combat Support
                                                 EVENT CONTACT INFORMATION
   Hospital), War Memorial at Vancouver Bar-
                                                 Abbrev Organization                                                     Website                                               Phone
   racks on Fort Vancouver Way. For informa-
                                                 CITY    City of Vancouver . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 360-487-8000
   tion, call Dan Tarbell at 360-521-0540.
                                                 CCRH Center for Columbia River History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 360-258-3289
                                                 TRUST Fort Vancouver National Trust . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 360-992-1800
                                                 MAR     Marshall House on Officers Row . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 360-693-3103
                                                 MH      McLoughlin House, Oregon City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 503-656-5146
                                                 NPS     National Park Service,
                                                         Fort Vancouver Visitor Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 360-816-6230
                                                 PAM     Pearson Air Museum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 360-694-7026
                                                 PFA     Pearson Field Airport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 360-487-8619
                                                 GH      Grant House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 360-906-1101
                                                 VWC     Water Resources Education Center. . . . . 360-487-7111
                                                 Fort Vancouver National Site group tour reservations:
                                                 Group tours, excluding school groups (Trust): . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brenna Beck – 360-694-7026
                                                 School group tours at Fort Vancouver (NPS): . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nadine Renfro – 360-816-6212
                                                 School group tours at Pearson Air Museum: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 360-694-7026
                                                 School group tours at Water Resources Education Center: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 360-487-7111
31 1:30 p.m.                                     Fort Vancouver National Site facilities and rental reservations:
   Memorial Day 1860s cannon salute, Parade      Bandstand, Land Bridge, Heritage Oak and Picnic Shelter:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . (NPS) – 360-816-6230
   Grounds near O.O. Howard House (NPS)          Evergreen Blvd. Arboretum (corner Evergreen/Reserve) . . . . . . . . . . Brenna Beck – 360-694-7026
                                                 Pearson Air Museum: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brenna Beck – 360-694-7026
                                                 General O.O. Howard House: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brenna Beck – 360-694-7026
                                                 Marshall House: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Frances Anderson – 360-693-3103
                                                 Grant House:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 360-906-1101
                                                 Red Cross Building/E.B. Hamilton Hall: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jessica or Matt – 360-906-1101

                                                                         C 9D                                                                                    
                                                 Fort Vancouver National Trust

  Society Members’ Corner
                       Meet Alishia Topper                         opportunities available on this remarkable 366-acre urban
                                                                   national park. My door is always open for those who want
                       Director of Development
                                                                   to learn more about this historic site.”
                       Alishia Topper joined the Fort Van-         Alishia is a Battle Ground High School graduate and long-
                       couver National Trust in December           time Vancouver resident. She holds a Bachelor of Science
                       as Director of Development with re-         degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in For-
                       sponsibility for the Trust’s annual fund    eign Languages and Cultures from Washington State Uni-
                       programs, capital campaigns and com-        versity. She earned her Master of Public Administration
                       munity outreach initiatives.                with a certificate in Nonprofit Management at Portland
  Alishia said, “I am excited to be a part of this dynamic non-    State University. Topper was also a 2000 NCAA Division 1
  profit organization.The Trust provides our community with        National All-American in the 800 meter and competed in
  a one-of-a-kind support system to preserve our unique his-       the 2000 U.S. Olympic Trials.
  tory and to promote our heritage. I serve as a link for our      Join Alishia and fellow Society members at the private mem-
  contributors to engage in and take advantage of the ample        ber receptions below. Thank you for your support!

                             Society Member Private Receptions 2010
                                                                   Campfires & Candlelight
                                                                       Saturday, September 18, 2010 – TBA
                                                                                                Join us for a private tour
                                                                                                through time, beginning with
                                                                                                the Hudson’s Bay period
                                                                                                through World War II. You
                                                                                                will experience the sights and
                                                                                                sounds of life inside and out-
                                                                                                side Fort Vancouver with a
                                                                                                National Park Service ranger.
  Fort Vancouver Lantern Tours
                                                                                                A family friendly event.
     January and February
                                                                                                l   RSVP Requested
                                A number of Society mem-
                                bers and their friends enjoyed     Annual Society Meeting
                                our two private Lantern Tours          Thursday, October 7, 2010 – 6:00 p.m.
                                earlier this year. Each carried    A way for the Fort Vancouver National Trust to say THANK
                                his own lantern and toured         YOU for your support. Join us at Pearson Air Museum for a
                                with a National Park Service       black-tie optional event while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and
                                ranger through the fur store,      beverages.
                                counting house and bake
                                house.                             Christmas at the Marshall House
                                                                       Saturday, December 11, 2010 – 11:00 a.m.
  House at the Village Grand Opening
                                                                   Select special Fort Van-
     Saturday, June 19, 2010 – TBA
                                                                   couver gifts for your
                                Celebrate the grand opening        holiday gift giving at
                                of Fort Vancouver’s house at       the Marshall House
                                the Village. A guide will inter-   while enjoying a private
                                pret life in the Village during    reception in this 1886
                                the mid 1800s. Private recep-      home decorated for a
                                tion will include beverages        Victoran Christmas.
                                and pastries.
                                l RSVP Requested                                               C 10 D
                                                          Spring 2010

Donor Spotlight
David and Ceci Smith
know their support to the
Fort Vancouver National Trust
makes a difference.

“The Fort Vancouver National
Site is a special place. We’ve lived
all over the country and not
very many communities value
or invest in their history the way
Vancouver does. We consistently
support the Trust’s work to
preserve Vancouver’s rich history
for all.”
                                           Dave and Ceci today and in 1970.

Dave and Ceci Smith’s roots run deep in Vancouver. Ceci’s         are passionate about ensuring that future generations, like
family moved to Vancouver in the early 1900s. Raised in the       their four grandchildren, have the opportunity to live in a
Hough neighborhood, Ceci attended Fort Vancouver High             community that values history and honors military history.
School. She graduated from Oregon State University, taught        The Celebrate Freedom programs, including the Veterans
for the Department of Defense and obtained a master’s de-         Parade and Independence Day at Fort Vancouver, and the
gree before marrying Dave Smith. Dave, a graduate of the          site’s connection to military history all inspire Dave and Ceci
State University of New York and a naval aviator, completed       to support the Trust.
a thirty- four year career as a pilot for Delta Airlines.
                                                                  The Smiths have served on several Vancouver boards and
Dave and Ceci were fortunate to return to Vancouver more          commissions: the Vancouver First United Methodist Foun-
than 20 years ago, when Dave began flying Delta’s routes to       dation, the Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation,
Asia, permitting them to be the third generation to live in the   the Clark College Foundation, the Vancouver School Dis-
family home. Today Dave and Ceci are involved in the daily        trict Foundation and many more.
lives of their children and grandchildren, who all live here in
                                                                  At the Fort Vancouver National Trust, Dave and Ceci not
Vancouver. Ceci’s eyes light up when she talks about picking
                                                                  only contribute financially, but also volunteer their time
up her “little people” at preschool.
                                                                  on several committees and for events. The Trust thanks the
The Smiths have been dedicated supporters of the Fort Van-        Smiths for their committed support.
couver National Trust for fifteen consecutive years. They

      Join the Smiths in supporting the Fort Vancouver National Trust!
  Annual membership provides the Trust with vital funding         The Fort Vancouver National Trust is a registered 501 (c)3
  to operate the Pearson Air Museum, to support the Na-           not-for-profit organization. Memberships directly sup-
  tional Park Service in providing adult and children’s edu-      port Trust programs and renovation on the 366-acre
  cation and to deliver the Celebrate Freedom programs            historic site. To learn more about the Trust’s activities or
  including the Flag Day Ceremony, Veterans Parade and            how you can help preserve Vancouver’s unique history
  Independence Day at Fort Vancouver. Contribute today            and support education, contact:
  and join Dave and Ceci and fellow community members
                                                                     Alishia Topper, Director of Development
  in honoring the past and investing in our future.
                                                                     360-992-1801 or

                                                            C 11 D                                         
                                                                       Vancouver National Trust
                                                                   FortSeptember/October 2008

   Properties & Preservation
  Officers Row: Fast Facts
  One of Vancouver’s Favorite Places to Live, Work and Play
  What is Officers Row?                                                                      Who operates Officers Row today?
  Officers Row consists of twenty-one Victorian-era homes                                    The Fort Vancouver National Trust holds the master lease
  along East Evergreen Boulevard between I-5 and Reserve at                                  for Officers Row which enables the Trust to manage prop-
  the Fort Vancouver National Site.                                                          erty operations, renovations and development at the Fort
  Who originally lived on Officers Row?                                                      Vancouver National Site.
  U.S. Army officers and their families stationed at Vancouver                               Do people live on Officers Row?
  Barracks lived on the Row.                                                                 Yes! The Row has 35 residential one- and two-bedroom
  When were the houses on the Row built?                                                     townhomes ranging from 675 square feet to 1,600 square
  The oldest house on the Row is the Grant House, built in                                   feet. Residential tenants sign one-year leases ranging from
  1849, and the youngest house was built in 1907. Sixteen of the                             $725 to $1,500 monthly.
  houses were built in the 1880s.                                                            Can businesses lease commercial space on Officers Row?
  Did Officers Row always look as pristine as it does today?                                 Yes! Including the Grant House and the Marshall House,
  No. By the 1970s, the houses on the Row had fallen into vary-                              there are 15 commercial buildings on the Row.
  ing states of disrepair. These grand homes were in danger of                               What are the perks to living or working on Officers Row?
  being lost forever.                                                                        In addition to the ambience of tree-lined Officers Row, ten-
  How were these historic homes preserved and renovated?                                     ants enjoy a front-row seat to Independence Day, the Veter-
  In 1974, a group of citizens began a grass-roots effort to re-                             ans Parade, 1860s vintage baseball games and other events.
  claim Officers Row, and eventually the homes were placed                                   Tenants can access one of the city’s most popular walking
  on the National Historic Register. In 1981, the homes were                                 trails within seconds or be in downtown Vancouver, on I-5
  marked as surplus by the U.S. Army and were in danger of                                   or Portland in minutes.
  being auctioned to the highest bidder.                                                     How can I lease residential or commercial space on Officers Row?
  Who owns the buildings on Officers Row today?                                              Call the Fort Vancouver National Trust, 360-992-1800.
  In 1984, the deed to Officers Row was transferred to the City
  of Vancouver for $1. The City initiated a $10.9 million reha-
  bilitation effort in 1987.

                                           The most distinctive houses on Officers Row
     The Ulysses S. Grant House, 1849                          The George C. Marshall House, 1886                      The General O.O. Howard House, 1879
                                        Description: The                                         Description: The                                 Description:
                                        oldest house on                                          only Queen Anne                                  Technically south
                                        Officers Row was                                         style home on the                                of Officers Row,
                                        constructed       of                                     Row and the only                                 this classical re-
                                        hand-hewn       logs                                     home with stained                                vival and Italiante
                                        and was covered                                          glass, the Marshall                              style house fea-
                                        with siding in 1855.                                     House’s most dis-     tures a symmetrical façade, low-pitched roof
     Visitors can still see an interior wall of exposed log.   tinctive feature is its turret.                         and polygonal bay windows.
     History: Although this post commander’s                   History: Built as quarters for the Commander            History: The original occupants were Gen-
     house is named for our eighteenth president               of the Department of the Columbia, the house            eral Oliver Otis Howard, Commander of the
     who served as quartermaster at Vancouver Bar-             is named for General George C. Marshall, who            Department of the Columbia, and his fam-
     racks early in his Army career, Grant never lived         lived in the house from 1936 to 1938. His most          ily. A Civil War veteran who later headed the
     in the house. The house was renamed the Grant             recognized accomplishment, for which he re-             Freedmen’s Bureau, Howard commanded en-
     House following the former president’s visit to           ceived the Nobel Peace Prize, is authoring the          gagements between the Indians and the Army,
     Vancouver Barracks years later.                           Marshall Plan for the economic rebuilding of            including the Nez Perce War while stationed
     Today: The Grant House is a restaurant open               Europe following World War II.                          here. Howard later was superintendent of West
     for lunch and dinner and hosts wine tastings              Today: The Marshall House is open to the pub-           Point and helped establish Howard University.
     and holiday meals.                                        lic for guided tours and it is a popular wedding        Today: The Fort Vancouver National Trust oc-
                                                               and event venue.                                        cupies the main floor of the Howard House,
                                                                                                                       and Congressman Brian Baird’s southwest
                                                                                                                       Washington staff occupies the second floor.                                                                      C 12 D
                                                              Spring 2010

Planned Giving
Move into your Retirement Home
                                                                                      Rates for One Life Gift Annuities*
Trading One’s Home for Cash and a Gift Annuity
                                                                                         Age         Rate         Age         Rate
                                         Peggy was eager to move into her dream           60         5.0%          76        6.4%
                                         retirement unit at Rose Villa but couldn’t
                                                                                          61         5.1%          77        6.6%
                                         sell her home in West Vancouver. She then
                                         read an article in the Senior Messenger          62         5.1%          78        6.7%
                                         about the real estate program at the Fort        63         5.2%          79        6.9%
                                         Vancouver National Trust whereby the             64         5.2%          80        7.1%
                                         Trust acquires one’s residence in ex-
                                                                                          65         5.3%          81        7.3%
                                         change for cash and a charitable gift an-
                                         nuity. Peggy phoned Tom Bashwiner at             66         5.4%          82        7.5%
                                         the Trust, and the exchange was executed         67         5.4%          83        7.7%
                                         within a six-week period.                        68         5.5%          84        7.9%
As the illustration shows, Peggy received cash that she used for her down                 69         5.6%          85        8.1%
payment at Rose Villa and, beginning in December of 2010, will receive                    70         5.7%          86        8.3%
life-income payments from her gift annuity. (Peggy’s rate is higher at 7.2%               71         5.8%          87        8.6%
by deferring payments for one year.) Peggy said, “This really worked well
                                                                                          72         5.9%          88        8.9%
for me. I’ll also leave a testamentary endowment gift to the Trust that
will bear my name and provide some perpetual support to their very                        73         6.0%          89        9.2%
special mission.”                                                                         74         6.1%         90+        9.5%
                                                                                          75         6.3%
Peggy’s Gift Plan                                           Peggy – Age 78
                                                             7.2% Annuity             * Rates for Two Life Annuities are slightly lower

                                   Cash - $66,250
   $265,000                       Costs - $38,750                     Fort
                                 Annuity - $160,000              National Trust
                                   One       Life                  $150,000

  Annual payout of $11,520 for one life. Tax free portion of $7,880.

    Please run me a confidential illustration. Below is my infomation:                Tom Bashwiner
                                                                                      Director of Gift Planning
    Home address: ____________________________________________________      

                                                                                                  FORT VANCOUVER
    Approximate value: $__________ Age(s) for gift annuity:_______ _______                          National Trust

    Owner’s phone/email ______________________________________________                General O.O. Howard House
                                                                                      750 Anderson Street
    Mail, phone or email your information to Tom.
                                                                                      Vancouver, WA 98661
Photo: Tom Bashwiner and Peggy

                                                                 C 13 D                                               
                                                     Fort Vancouver National Trust

                                          Membership Societies
   The Membership Societies support                       Our sincere gratitude to all of our supporters who
       the programs, planning and                              honor the past and invest in the future
    operations of the Fort Vancouver
                                                  General George C.           Builders                  Stewards of Time           Duane & Margaret
     National Trust, a not-for-profit             Marshall Society            of the West               Nicolas Allenbaugh            Lansverk
   organization dedicated to achieve              Dollie & Ed Lynch           Steven & Jeanette Bader   Angelo Investment Co.      MacKay Sposito, Inc.
                                                  Peggy Andrix                Twyla & Allan Barnes      Tom & Donna Bashwiner      John & Dona Marshall
        national recognition of the                                                                                                Dale & Linda McLain
                                                  City of Vancouver           Bob & Karen Bernhardt     Broughton H. & Kelley
      Fort Vancouver National Site.               Realvest Corporation        Peg & Steve Busick          Bishop                   Jill McLean
                                                                              Bill & Catharine Byrd     Heidi Johnson Bixby        Terrill K. Moffett
            The Fort Vancouver                    General O.O.                Hunt Coracci &            Dale Bowlin                Daniel & Val Ogden
              National Trust:                     Howard Society                Vianney Long            Boyd Coffee Company        Bruce & Pam Paris
                                                  Bank of America –           Susan Courtney &          Robin & Lyle Bradford      Larry Paulson
  l   Coordinates the Celebrate Freedom             presenting sponsor,         Dean Irvin              Mark O. Brown              Performance Abatement
      programs including the Flag Day Cer-          Independence Day at       Richard & Carol Dickey    George & Diana Bryant         Services, Inc.
                                                    Fort Vancouver            Evergreen Memorial        Les & Julie Burger         Royce & Margaret
      emony, Veterans Day Parade, Marshall        Comcast                                                                             Pollard
                                                                                Gardens, Inc.           John & Linda Caton
      Public Leadership and Youth Leader-         First Independent Bank      Tracy Fortmann &                                     Lee & Sondra Powell
                                                                                                        Dave & Kelly Christel
      ship Award programs and the General         Gloria E. John                Doug Wilson             Alexa Mae Clark            Ronald & Terry Prill
      George C. Marshall Lecture Series.          Eleanor & Georges           Elsie Franz Finley        Erica Clark                Quantum Residential
                                                    St. Laurent               Robert Franz                                         Christine Rood
                                                                                                        Henry & Lynette Curtis
  l   Operates Pearson Air Museum and             Robert & Marilyn Ridgley    Stacey Graham             Davidson & Associates      Martha Sharman &
      manages event rentals and the museum’s      SEH America                 Susan Gilbert               Insurance Agency, Inc.      J Warren Reid
                                                  Veolia Water – presenting                                                        Kent & Patricia Shorthill
      events including Open Cockpit Day,                                      Steve & Cindy             Mary Denny
                                                    sponsor for Flag Day        Horenstein                                         Judy South
      Aviation Summer Camp and Christmas                                                                Mike Dixon
                                                    Ceremony                  Jett & Loretta Hoskins                               Stoel Rives, LLP
                                                                                                        Harris Dusenbery
      at Pearson.                                 Voiture 99, 40 et 8 –       Ronald Keil                                          James Tompkins
                                                                                                        Roger & Susan Ehle
                                                    presenting sponsor,                                                            Ryan & Alishia Topper
  l   Manages the Fort Vancouver National           Marshall Youth
                                                                              Richard & Patty Keller    First Pacific Associates
                                                                                                                                   Michael & Courtney
                                                                              Joanne Kendall            Ron Frederiksen &
      Site retail operations including the Fort     Leadership Award
                                                                              Killian Pacific             Terry Murphy
      Vancouver Bookstore and Pearson Air         General Ulysses S.          Tom & Marilyn             Deborah Fischer            Venerable Development,
      Museum Bookstore.                                                         Koenninger                                            LLC
                                                  Grant Society                                         Beverly Fogle
                                                                              Irwin & Dovy                                         Florence Wager
                                                  Albina Fuel                                           Stan and Colleen
  l   Serves as cooperating association to        Columbia Cascade
                                                                                Landerholm                Freidberg                Samuel Wheeler
      the National Park Service at Fort Van-        Company                   Jim & Kym Martin          Frito Lay                  John & D’Alene White
                                                                              Jim & Kay McClaskey                                  Mike & Lori Williams
      couver National Historic Site.              ESD112                                                Bruce Hagensen
                                                  Eric Fuller & Associates    J D & Dianne Muyskens     Kim Hash                   Joe Wilson
  l   Holds the master lease for Officers Row     Steve & Jo Marie Hansen     NW Natural                Heurlin, Potter, Jahn,     Celebrate
      and West Barracks properties, which en-     Connie & Lee Kearney        OTAK, Inc.                  Leatham & Holtmann,
      ables the Trust to manage property op-      Kirkwood Family             Joe & Teresa Pauletto       P.S.
                                                                              Peterson Family           The Scott Horenstein Law
                                                    Foundation Fund
      erations, renovations and development                                     Foundation                Firm                     Ray Hickey
                                                  LSW Architects
      at the Fort Vancouver National Site.        Miller Nash LLP             Roger & Katy Qualman      Wally & Marjorie           Dollie & Ed Lynch
                                                                              Ed & Cherry Shaw            Hornberger               Leslie Durst
  l   Facilitates the site’s Education Mas-       Harley & Janet Morgan
                                                                              George & Carolyn          Kaare & Teresa Hyde        Bob Bush
                                                  Steve & Jan Oliva
      ter Plan and Long Range Plan operation-                                   Sheldon                 iQ Credit Union            Frank & Joanne
                                                  Vern & Jelene Peterson
      al and program priorities in conjunction    Dick & Annette
                                                                              David & Ceci Smith        Jennifer Kampsula &        Lough Legacy
      with its Partners.                                                      Lois Elaine Smith-Zoll      Kelvin Wong
                                                                              Western Display           Ronald & Sandra
                                                  Port of Vancouver
  l   Provides financial support to the           Elson & Jan Strahan
                                                                                Fireworks                 Kawamoto
      National Park Service for education                                                               Keith & Merle Koplan
                                                  Thompson Metal Fab, Inc.
      programs.                                   Jon & Colleen Thrift
                                                  Wells Fargo
  l   Promotes the Fort Vancouver Nation-                                                                           Membership Societies
      al Site as a visitor destination through    Chief Factor’s
                                                  Guild                       Donations received             $20,000+ General George C.
      marketing and communications, man-                                                                               Marshall Society
                                                  Ward & Lois Cook                  as of
      agement of the group tourism program        John J & Lois A Tennant     February 20, 2010              $10,000+ General O.O. Howard
      and coordination of public and private        Foundation
                                                                                                              $5,000+ General Ulysses S. Grant
      events.                                     Keller Foundation
                                                  Mike & Dorothy McCoy                                        $3,000+ Chief Factor’s Guild
  l   Spearheads resource development             Threshold, Inc.                                              $1,500+ Builders of the West
      efforts through planned giving pro-         Vesta Hospitality Group                                       $500+ Stewards of Time
      grams, corporate and individual donor
      solicitations and grant writing.                                                      C 14 D
                                                            Spring 2010

Fort Vancouver Bookstore
                                            Think Green for Spring!

                                                                                            Wildflowers of the
1000 Gardening        The Collector          Northwest Author!       Off the Beaten Path    Pacific Northwest       Humming Bird
Questions & Answers   Jack Nisbet            The Sibley Guide to     Washington: A Guide    Mark Turner & Phyllis   Wooden Necklace
The New York Times    Pacific Northwest      Trees                   to Unique Places       Gustafson               Native Northwest
$19.95                Author                 David Allen Sibley      Sharon Wooton &                                $7.95
                                                                                            $27.95 - Plan a
                      $23.95                 $39.95                  Maggie Savage                                  Hand crafted in Canada
                                                                                            wildflower hike this
                                                                                            spring and summer!

                                             Tree Finder: A
                                             Manual for the
                                             Identification of
                                             Trees by Their Leaves
                                                                     Pacific Coast
                                             May Theilgaard                                 Curious George
                                                                     Tree Finder: A
                                             Watts                                          Plants a Tree
Heroes of the         Sukie Mix & Match                              Pocket Manual for
                                             $3.95                                          Margret & H.A. Rey
Environment: True     Stationery                                     Identifying Pacific                            Greening Your Office
                                                                     Coast Trees            $12.95 - Includes 20    Jon Clift & Amanda
Stories of People     Chronicle Books                                                       Kid-Friendly Tips for
Who Are Helping to    $8.95                                          Tom Watts                                      Cuthbert
                                                                     $3.95                  a Greener World         $7.95
Protect Our Planet
Harriet Rohmer

                                                                     Lavender Sachets       Native Design Zipper
                                                                     Fort Vancouver         Pouches
                                                                                            Native Northwest
                      Herb Garden Recipe    Vancouver, Washington    $2.95
                      Note Cards                                                            $7.50 - Multiple        Seattle Chocolates
                                            Tote Bag - $15.95        Harvested and
Bamboo Salad Hands    Galison                                                               designs available.      Meltawaymint &
                                            Use it for your          handmade by Fort
Native Northwest      $9.00                                                                 Hummingbird &           Coconutmacaroon
                                            Famer’s Market           Vancouver Garden
$19.95                                                                                      Raven shown.            $2.49
                                            goodies!                 Volunteers

  The Fort Vancouver Bookstore                        Bookstore Hours: Open 7 days a week, Spring and Summer hours (beginning
  Specializing in unique Pacific Northwest gifts      March 16th, 2010) 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Winter hours (October - March) 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  and historical, educational and regional guide      We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover; We ship
  books for all ages.                                 anywhere in the continental U.S. Gift cards available in any amount!
     360-992-1824, Inside the Visitor Center,         Educator Discount: Educators—including public and private school teachers,
     1501 E. Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver, WA           administrators and parents who home school their children—receive a 10 percent
  E-mail:                       discount on books, educational games and other materials for the classroom.
  Online store:               Member Discount: Members of Fort Vancouver National Trust receive a
  Retail Manager: Dorine Bishara                      10 percent discount at the Fort Vancouver Bookstore and the Pearson Air
                                                      Museum Bookstore.

                                                               C 15 D                                             
                                                   Non-profit Org.
FORT VANCOUVER                                    U.S. Postage Paid
  National Trust                                     Mailed from
General O.O. Howard House                           Permit No. 94
750 Anderson Street
Vancouver, WA 98661

             Unique & Beautiful Sites
           for Ceremonies & Receptions

                                 FORT VANCOUVER
                                   National Trust
                                 l   For parties up to 600
                                 l   Extensive list of approved
                                 l   Free parking

                                 The Marshall House
                                 Pearson Air Museum

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