; At Birth
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At Birth


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									                                              Responds to sounds
                                    First Steps of Southern Indiana
                                     Developmental Checklist

  At Birth                                4-6 months                               10-12 months
    Diagnosed physical or mental              Good head control in a variety          Crawling
       condition. The following are              of positions                           Pulling to stand
       conditions that have a high             Prop on elbows when on belly            Walking holding onto furniture
       probability of resulting in             Bears weight on legs                    Picking up small items using
       developmental delay:                    Beginning to roll well                    index finger & thumb & putting
       (1) Chromosomal abnormalities           Using both hands equally well             into mouth
           or genetic disorder                 Reaches and grasps toys well,           Eats stage 3 foods, crackers and
       (2) Neurological disorder                 mouths hands & toys                      soft foods
       (3) Congenital malformation             Shakes rattles                          Beginning to drink from sippy
       (4) Sensory impairment,                 Likes rocking, swinging, has               cup
           including vision and hearing          regular sleeping patterns. Less        Points with index finger
       (5) Severe toxic exposure                 colic (cranky) at this time            Beginning to place rings on
       (6) Severe infectious disease           Visually watches toys as they             stacker
       (7) Atypical development                  move                                   Uncovers hidden toy
           disorder                            Turns head to noise                     Places blocks into a container
    Biological risk factors that put a        Laughs aloud                            Stops activity when told “no
       child at risk of developmental          Squeals                                   no”
       delay if early intervention             Can find a object that has been         Calls parent “ma ma” or “da da”
       services are not provided.                hidden                                 Jabbers expressively
       (1) Limited prenatal care               Enjoys frolic and social play           1 word other than ma ma or
       (2) Maternal prenatal substance                                                    da da
           abuse                          7-9 months                                    Follow a simple command like
       (3) Severe prenatal                     On belly pushes up on arms                give me
           complications                       Begins sitting up by self               Holds more than 2 objects in a
       (4) Severe perinatal                    Pushes self into crawling                 hand
           complications                       Transfers toys from hand to             Explores toys to see how they
       (5) Asphyxia                             hand                                      work
       (6) Very low birth weight               Holding small items with                Repeats performance laughed at
       (7) Small for gestational age            finger – thumb opposition               Imitates new gestures
       (8) Severe postnatal                    Holds a toy in each hand                Moves to rhythms
           complications                        And bangs them together                 Simple play
                                               Turns head when name is
Birth-3 months                                  called Shakes head “No –           13-15 months
     Moving arms & legs easily                 No”                                     Walking
     Holding head erect at 3 months           Says “da-da” “ba-ba” and                Crawls up steps
     Hands open more and reaching              “ma- ma”                                Stacking 2 or 3 blocks
        at 3 months                            Eating stage 1 & 2 foods                Scribbles with crayons
     Crying time decreases                    Vocalizes to mirror                     Looks at pictures and books
     Looking at human face and                Imitates familiar gestures              Points to get an object
        environment by 3 months                Plays with a toy for several            Looks when asked “ where’s the
     Begins smiling                            minutes                                   ball?”
     Babbles or coos when talked to           Stranger Anxiety                        Imitates simple sounds
     Mouths hands                                                                      Stronger anxiety
     Molds body and cuddles                                                            Finger feeding soft table foods
     Draws attention in distress
    Holding and drinking from               Has 50 words                           Separates easily
     sippy cup                               Spoon feeding with less mess           Obeys simple rules
    Has 8 to 10 words                       Pretend play with dolls
    Resists adult control                   Initiates own play activities
    Plays ball                              Shows a variety of emotions
                                             Desires control of others          This is a developmental checklist
16-18 months                                 Comforts others in distress        that will assist you in evaluating
     Walks upstairs                         Identifies 6 body parts
     Runs                                   Sorts objects
                                                                                 your child’s development. When
     Throws ball overhand                   Remembers where objects            using this chart, observe your
     Scribbles well with crayon              belong                             child over a period of time. There
     Stacks blocks 3 to 4 high                                                  are several items listed for each
     Pretend play                     25-28 months                              age range. If your child is not
     Points to 5 named body parts          Imitates vertical, horizontal and   accomplishing at least five items
     Clearly says 15 to 18 words             circular scribbles
     Begins to use a spoon very            Turns pages in a book one at a      in his/her age range or has overall
       messy & will resort back to            time                               risks for delays, please contact our
       fingers                              Imitates lining up blocks for a     office for further information.
     Places only food in mouth               train
     Imitates adults- cleaning etc.        Has a vocabulary of 200 words       A risk for delay could include
     Pick up toys                          Putting 2 words together
     Temper tantrums are common            Understands size differences
                                                                                 diagnosis such as syndromes,
     Uses objects appropriately –          Understands 2 prepositions “on”     cerebral palsy, prematurity, Erb’s
       cup, spoon, brush                      “in”                               palsy, low birth weight, failed
     Points to 5 to 7 pictures             Takes off clothes                   newborn hearing or vision
     Matches Objects                       Identifies clothing for occasions   screening, maternal alcohol or
     Knows circle and square               Frustration tantrums peak           drug use during pregnancy, etc.
     Understands most nouns                Values own property
     Hugs and kisses parents               Pretend play with not real
     Imitates adult behaviors                props                              If you feel your child has a delay
                                                                                 please call 1-800-941-2450 to
19-21 months                           28-33 months                              make a referral.
     Carries toys when walking             Stacks blocks 8 high
     Creeps backward down stairs           Imitates making a cross
     Completes 3 piece shape sorter        Gives full name
     Speaks 20-25 words                    Matches shapes and colors
     Names several familiar objects        Listens to stories
       in environment                       Possessive of loved ones
     Follows 2 part familiar               Aware of sex differences
     Helping with                     34-36 months
       dressing/undressing                  Walks up and down stairs
     Eating table food or toddler            upright
       food                                 Balances on 1 foot
     Plays beside other children           Copies a circle                     First Steps of Southern Indiana
     Matches sound to animals              Cuts/Snips with scissors            serves Clark, Crawford, Dubois,
     Enjoys rough and tumble play          Uses 3 word phrases                 Floyd, Gibson, Harrison,
                                            Dresses self
                                            Plays group games
                                                                                 Orange, Pike, Perry, Posey,
22 -24 months
     Jumps in place                        Matches similar pictures            Scott, Spencer, Vanderburgh,
     Jumps off bottom step                 Sorts Shapes                        Warrick & Washington
     Completes 3 piece puzzle              Plays house                         counties.
     Stacks blocks 6 high                  Identifies body parts with
     Refers to self by name                  function

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