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Olean General Hospital’s 2007 Annual Publication
Our MissiOn
  The mission of Olean General Hospital is to provide excellent patient care in response to the
  health care needs of the community.
  In support of this mission, Olean General Hospital is committed to the following:

  Compassion........our sympathetic awareness of each person’s needs
  Integrity..............our dedication to honesty
  Innovation..........our pursuit of creativity
  Respect..............our commitment to treat everyone with dignity
  Community.........our understanding that we exist to serve those among us
  Education...........our belief that knowledge fosters excellence

Our VisiOn
  Olean General Hospital will be recognized as a progressive, innovative, rural community hospital
  that is acknowledged for the development of programs and services which enhance the health sta-
  tus of the community. We will exceed the expectations of those served, maintain standards of the
  highest quality and promote a rewarding work environment for staff and physicians.
                                                                            Message From
                                                                      The Chief Executive Officer
                                                                          & Board Chairman

                                                                   Timothy J. Finan, left, President and CEO, meets with
                                                                   David L. Prince, Chairman of the Board.

  On the following pages we take you on a tour that identifies and explains some of the many new programs
  and services available at Olean General Hospital. This hospital is a special place. With a legacy of over
  100 years of care and service to the Olean area, Olean General Hospital remains dedicated to a mission
  that is responsive to the health care needs of of the community while placing the highest priority on treat-
  ing every individual with compassion, respect and dignity.

  On behalf of our talented physicians, managers, and staff members, we welcome the opportunity to serve
  you and thank you for your continued support and encouragement.


  Timothy J. Finan                                                        David L. Prince
  President and Chief Executive Officer                                   Chairman, Board of Directors

               Board of Directors                                         Administrative Team
• Timothy J. Finan - Olean General Hospital                      • Timothy Finan - President & CEO
• David Prince, Chairman - Databranch, Inc.                      • Karen Fohl - Vice President For Institutional
• Lynda Quick, Vice-Chairman - Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES           Advancement and Foundation President
• Brenda McGee Snow, Secretary - St. Bonaventure University      • Lugene Inzana - Vice President For Finance / CFO
• James Bellanca - The Rehabilitation Center                     • William Mills, M.D. - Vice President For Medical Affairs
• Thomas Buffamante - Buffamante, Whipple, Buttafaro, PC         • John Snyder - Vice President For Human Resources
• Sr. Roberta Brunner, OSF - Franciscan Sisters of Allegany      • Cathleen Wright, RN - Vice President
• Pierre Dionne, M.D. - Olean General Hospital Medical Staff        For Patient Care Services/CNO
• Michael Fischer, PhD. - St. Boanventure University
• William Jaremko, M.D. - Olean General Hospital Medical Staff
• Muhammed Javed, M.D. - Olean General Hospital Medical Staff
• Thomas Lutz, M.D. - Olean General Hospital Medical Staff
• Norman Moore - Retired, Dresser Rand
• Arun Patel, M.D. - Olean General Hospital Medical Staff
• John Sayegh - Greater Olean Area Chamber Of Commerce
                Our Community. Our Hospital.

Over A Century of Caring.
                                                                          Profile of Olean General Hospital
            Management Team                                     Beds:                                             186
• Gail Bagazzoli, RN - Manager, Emergency Department            Admissions/year:                                8,049
• Jean Bailey, RN - Director, Nursing Administrative Services
                                                                Births:                                           760
• Tina Baxter, RN, - Nurse Manager
• Mary Beyth, RN, Nurse Manager                                 Days of Care:                                  37,443
• Donna Brenneman, RN - Director, Quality Assurance
                                                                Emergency Room Visits/year:                    28,110
• Christopher Carll - Manager, Environmental Services
• John Eichner, Controller                                      Ambulatory Surgeries/year:                      8,159
• Mary Fay - Manager, Nutrition and Diabetes Services
                                                                Dialysis Treatments/year:                       9,680
• Denise Fish, RN - Director, Critical Care Services
• Joe Gaughn - Director, Facilities Services                    Radiology Exams/year:                          64,558
• Suzanne Gaughn - Manager, Volunteer Services
                                                                Laboratory Tests/year:                       426,119
• Melanie Gergel - Director, Patient Access
• Lawrence Graner - Director, Materials Management              Rehab Visits/year:                             44,628
• Kathleen Grillo - Manager, Medical Records
                                                                Total Employees:                       948 (800 FTE’s)
• Chris Hewitt, RN, - Nurse Manager
• Sr. Dana Hollis - Manager, Pastoral Care                      Annual Operating Budget:                 $76,004,827
• Christopher Howell - Manager, Cardiopulmonary Services
• Helen Layman - Manager, Diagnostic Imaging
• Sandra Macfarlane - Manager, Rehabilitation Services
• Karen McClelland, RN - Director, Surgical Services
• Lois Nease - Manager, Accounts Receivable
• Robert Piechota - Manager, Laboratory Services
• John Policastro - Director, Community Relations
• Jerri Ritter, RN - Nurse Manager                                                   2006 Financials
• Deborah Stevens, RN - Nurse Manager
• Ginny Wilhelm - Physician Relations Coordinator
                                                    Sleep Disorder Center
It is estimated that 50 to 70 million Americans
suffer from some sort of sleep disorder which
hinders daily functioning and adversely affects
health and longevity. The cumulative long-term
effects of sleep loss and sleep disorders have
been associated with a wide range of deleterious
health consequences including an increased risk
of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression,
heart attack and stroke.

Olean General Hospital’s Sleep Disorder Center
relocated to the Hampton Inn to provide a more
“sleep-friendly” environment doubling its size to
accommodate six sleep studies nightly.

Eric TenBroeck, M.D., board certified Sleep
Medicine physician, is the Director of this
program which provides services for patients
with various types of sleep disorders. Full
evaluations include the assessment of a sleep
disorder by consultation and, if necessary, by
polysomnography (sleep studies) with state-of-
the-art equipment. Disorders evaluated include
snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia,
narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, sleepwalking,
nightmares, etc. Treatment options include
behavioral treatments, pharmacological,
surgical, dental appliances, continuous positive
airway pressure devices (CPAP), etc.

Olean General Hospital recently introduced a
pediatric sleep program to diagnose children
with sleep disorders. These children may
show symptoms such as excitability, irritability,
difficulty staying focused on tasks or school
activities and poor attention span.

  Eric Tenbroeck, M.D. stands in front of the
  Hampton Inn in Olean, home of Olean General
  Hospital’s Sleep Disorder Center.
                                                                      Rusty Moore, D.O., shows a patient the results from a study. It
                                                                      is part of a multi-pronged approach to physical medicine and

Physical Medicine and Pain Management
Olean General Hospital recently developed a Physical         Common conditions that are treated by physiatrists
Medicine and Pain Management program.                        include sports injuries and musculoskeletal pain
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation involves the            syndromes such as, low back pain, traumatic brain
management of disorders that alter the function and          injury, amputation, fibrommyalgia, spinal cord injury and
performance of the patient. Emphasis is placed on the        stroke. Chronic pain management is achieved through a
optimization of function through the combined use of         multidisciplinary approach involving physical therapists,
medications, physical modalities and experiential training   occupational therapists and interventional procedures
approaches. Electrodiagnostics are used to diagnose and      when indicated.
provide prognosis for various neuromuscular disorders.
Gundlah Dental Center
                                          The Gundlah Dental Center was                 dental care, the center recently began
                                          established to provide regular and            providing Senior Citizen discounts.
                                          timely dental care for the community,         Additionally, the center also started a
                                          regardless of insurance type.                 program to accommodate most dental
                                                                                        emergencies, including those of new
                                          This new modern facility consists of four     patients, generally within 24 hours.
                                          state-of-the-art operatories with digital     As part of a community outreach effort,
                                          x-ray equipment. It provides cleanings,       dental staff provide education to local
                                          fillings and simple extractions.              daycare centers and schools, teaching
                                                                                        children good brushing habits and the
                                          Under the direction of Gregory                importance of starting an oral care
                                          McCraith, D.D.S., the center employs          program early.
                                          dentists, dental hygienists and dental
                                          assistants and it is in the midst of          The Gundlah Dental Center is located at
                                          planning an expansion to accommodate          623 Main Street (Dialysis Building) on
                                          the enormous demand for services. In          the Olean General Hospital campus.
                                          order to assure senior citizens access to
Operatory at the Gundlah Dental Center.

                                                                              Above, Gregory McCraith, D.D.S. performs a
                                                                              procedure on a patient at the Gundlah Dental

                                                                                               Right, Sarah Tallchief, dental hygienist, examines a
                                                                                               patient at the Gundlah Dental Center.
  Center For Wound Healing
  And Hyperbaric Medicine

William Chlosta, M.D., above, right, and Hyper-
baric Technician Jerry Cummins, prepare a patient
for hyperbaric treatment at Olean General Hospi-
tal’s Center For Wound Treatment and Hyperbaric

Non-healing wound cases can exact a toll on
patients far beyond the pain and discomfort
of the wound. They can cause patients
to lose their mobility, which may lead to
a decline in general health and emotional
well being. Patients often become disabled,
unable to work and dependent on care from
their families.

Chronic wounds, sometimes caused by
trauma in accidents and falls, are often        need to be able to call on expertise they can   (HBOT) is offered in appropriate cases
associated with underlying conditions such      trust.                                          utilizing Sechrist Model 3300 monoplace
as diabetes, high blood pressure, peripheral                                                    hyperbaric chambers.
                                                The Center for Wound Healing And Hyperbaric
arterial and venous disease, emphysema,
                                                Medicine at Olean General Hospital offers
arthritis, and cancer.                                                                          Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also used
                                                a wide range of comprehensive wound care
                                                services. The Center provides evaluation and    in the treatment of carbon monoxide
Eighty-six thousand amputations each year                                                       poisoning, decompression sickness, gas
are the result of foot ulcers that plague one   treatment of problematic wounds utilizing the
                                                latest products and techniques in order to      gangreen and various other conditions.
out of every seven people with diabetes.
                                                optimize the likelihood of a positive wound
Wounds that won’t heal are often signs of       healing outcome.                                The Center is open from 8 am to 4 pm,
larger and more complicated problems.                                                           Monday through Friday with emergency
Physicians and nurses in our communities        In addition, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy          hyperbaric services available 24 hours per

Because medical care has become more specialized and increasingly           primary care physician while managing the entire inpatient episode
dependent on complex technology, caring for hospitalized patients has       of care.
changed. More and more patients admitted to hospitals have complex
medical issues that demand greater physician presence and expertise.        Hospitalists, one of the fastest-growing physician specialties, are
In order to provide on-site medical staffing for round the clock patient    immediately available to see patients. When necessary, they may visit
needs, 365 days a year, Olean General Hospital recently implemented         patients several times a day. Tests that are performed in the morning
a Hospitalist program.                                                      can normally be reviewed the same day by the Hospitalist and shared
                                                                            with patients immediately. Hospitalist patients also benefit from
The Hospitalist program is staffed by physicians, physician assistants      coordinated, timely and efficient care which may result in an earlier
and nurse practitioners who are specially trained in the medical care       discharge. Upon discharge, hospitalists provide a detailed report of
of patients in a hospital. At the request of a patient’s primary care       the hospital stay and findings to the patient’s physician so that they
physician, hospitalists manage an individual’s medical care throughout      can resume care after discharge.
their hospitalization, coordinating care provided by multiple medical
providers such as physician specialists, therapists, pharmacists and care
managers. Hospitalist providers stay in close contact with the patient’s

                                                                                             Michael Pelechaty, M.D., Director of the Hos-
                                                                                             pitalist Program, discusses a patient’s treatment
                                                                                             with a Physician Assistant, Sara Hines.
Patients coming to Olean General Hospital will notice that
exceptional customer service begins before they even walk
through the front doors. The Hospital offers free valet
parking service at its main entrance for the convenience
and safety of all patients and visitors.
                                                                  Convenient Patient Access
Van GOGH, a free non-emergent transportation service,
drives local residents in need of rides to and from the Olean
General Hospital campus. The van staff includes specially-
trained volunteer drivers and assistants that are readily
available to assist patients on and off the vehicle. Van
GOGH’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday
from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
              Right, Terry Ryder, Valet Attendant, assists a
              driver from her vehicle in front of the hospital.
              Above, a volunteer Van GOGH driver picks up a
              patient at her home.
Emergency Department /
Immediate Treatment Center
 Enhanced technology in the Emergency                       Expanded hours now offered in ITC from
 Department                                                 11a.m. to 11p.m.
 Olean General Hospital’s Emergency Department              Whether it’s lumps, bumps, sprains, simple fractures,
 now utilizes a completely paperless electronic             allergic reactions, lacerations, a cold, or some other
 medical record system. This innovative new system          urgent condition, the Immediate Treatment Center
 tracks the status of care for every emergency              (ITC) is available for you. We now provide ITC care
 department patient, from arrival to discharge -            seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Outside of
 enhancing efficiency and patient safety, every step of     these hours, Olean General Hospital offers a 24-hour
 the way.                                                   physician-staffed emergency department to treat any and
                                                            all emergency needs with the added support of a full
 The system shows real-time status of patients and          range of ancillary services including the best diagnostic
 pending tests represented by colors, icons and visual      imaging equipment in the region, a JCAHO approved
 alerts. Critical information is always visible such as     laboratory, cardiopulmonary experts and a team of
 allergies, past medical history and vital signs. One-      specialists.
 touch charting choices allow for quick and easy input
 and physicians use bedside order entry with handheld
 units to order tests and studies.

                         Right, a screenshot from the new patient tracking system
                         that accompanies the Emergency Department’s electronic
                         medical record system. The software allows for greater
                         efficiency in the Emergency Department.
64-Slice CT Scanner & High-Field Open MRI
Bigger. Better. Faster. Olean General Hospital’s Department        its board-certified radiologists and physicians to see things never
of Diagnostic Imaging provides the most advanced technology        before possible.
available. With the recent addition of a new Espree High-Field
Open MRI and state-of-the-art 64-slice CT Scanner, Olean           For patients, this means the most accurate diagnosis and treatment
General Hospital simply has the best diagnostic imaging tech-      anywhere.
nology in the region.

Over the past two years Olean General Hospital has upgraded
its entire complement of diagnostic imaging equipment to allow

                                         Right, Olean General Hospital’s new High-Field
                                         Open MRI will allow physicians to see things that
                                         simply cannot be seen on any other MRI in the
Above, Ann Hawkins, CT Technologist, observes
a patient in preparation for a CT scan.
         New Physicians in 2007

       (Left to Right) P Henri Lamothe, M.D., Gary Carl, M.D., Rusty Moore, D.O., and Tahir Chauhdry, D.O. represent four of
       the 14 new physicians who joined the Olean General Hospital medical staff during 2007.

Ramani Arya, MD - Family Practice     William Chlosta, MD                              Michael Pelechaty MD, - Hospitalist
4039 Route 219                        Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine   Olean General Hospital
Suite 102
Salamanca, NY 14779                   Cyril Gunawardane, MD -Cardiology                Lee Ruotsi, MD
(716) 945-2233                        Olean Medical Group                              Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine
                                      535 Main Street                                  Olean General Hospital
Kurt Benham, M.D. - Opthamologist     Olean, NY 14760                                  (716) 375-7400
Allegany Eye Associates               (716) 372-0141
130 S. Union Street                                                                    Shazia Siddiqi, MD - Pediatrics
Olean, NY 14760                        .
                                      P Henri Lamothe, MD                              610 Wayne Street
                                      Chief of Emergency Department                    Olean, NY 14760
Gary Carl, MD - Urology               Olean General Hospital                           (716) 372-1570
Olean General Hospital
(716) 375-7400                        Gregory McCraith, DDS                            Josephine Thangathurai, MD Family Practice
                                      Gundlah Dental Center                            Southern Tier Community Health Ctr. Network
Tahir Chauhdry, DO - OB/GYN           Olean General Hospital                           500 Main Street
Women’s Health of WNY                 (716) 375-7300                                   Olean, NY 14760
130 S. Union Street                                                                    (716) 375-7500
Suite 7                               Rusty Moore, DO
Olean, NY 14760                       Physical Medicine & Rehab                        Alexandra Wesley, MD -Radiology
(716) 372-2229                        Olean General Hospital                           Olean General Hospital
                                      (716) 375-7333

Golden Stethoscope Award
                                                                                                The Golden Stethoscope Award rec-
                                                                                                ognizes physicians who demonstrate
                                                        Left to right, Nadeem Khan, M.D.,       extraordinary patient care, caring and
                                                        Thayaparan Mathanakaran, M.D.,          compassionate communication by exhibit-
                                                        and Henry Storch, M.D. were 2007        ing an exceptional level of professional-
                                                        winners of the Golden Stethoscope       ism, integrity and teamwork in caring for
                                                        Award.                                  patients and families.
  Child Advocacy Center
Southern Tier Healthcare and Olean General           development of the Southern Tier Child Advocacy
Hospital collaborated this year to develop a Child   Center.
Advocacy Center.
                                                     The Southern Tier Child Advocacy Center is a
Until now, a child who was a victim of abuse was     safe child friendly center that supports a multi-
often unknowingly revictimized by the agencies and   disciplinary investigative approach to child physical
people who were supposed to help. Professionals      and sexual abuse allegations. Historically, abused
from the child protection, investigative, legal      children were shuffled from agency to agency telling
and medical systems would interview the child        their story of abuse and reliving these terrifying
separately and repeatedly in police stations and     moments over and over again. This center brings
hospitals and other environments designed for        together agencies in one child friendly setting that
adults.                                              is physically and psychologically safe for children.
                                                     This collaborative approach is proven to reduce the
Earlier this year, Olean General Hospital and        trauma experienced by child victims and supports
Southern Tier Healthcare coordinated the             the healing process accountable.

                                                                            Pictured above is the play area at the Child
                                                                            Advocacy Center located on the Olean General
                                                                            Hospital campus.
                                                                   Donor Listings
                   The following is a listing of gifts by category received from September 1, 2006 to September 30, 2007. We again extend our deepest appreciation to you.

            Guardian                                                Anonymous                                                                                 The Clute Family
 Gifts of $250,000 to $499,999                                  Ramani Arya, M.D.                               Donors                         A Holiday Gift in honor of Mrs. Russell Clute
                                                               Mrs. Edward Bebko                        Gifts of $500 to $999                                Cytec Industries, Inc.
              Anonymous                                 In memory of Dr. E. J. Bebko                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Douglas
                                                              Lucy and Don Benson                            M. Javed Akhtar, M.D.                 In memory of Dorothy W. Kaltenborn
                                                                  Laurie Branch                   Alcas Corporation – Growing Our Own                   Raymond and Sheri Douthit
                                                              R. Sean Buckley, M.D                           Traineeship Program                       In memory of Marie Napoleoni
          Humanitarian                                   Thomas & Kay Buffamante                          Dr. and Mrs. Adil AlHumadi                    Stephen and Cynthia Ebsary
 Gifts of 100,000 to $249,999                              Edward and Violet Butler                         Adil H. Al-Humadi, M.D.                             Mary Kehoe Fay
                                                        Edward and Elizabeth Bysiek                    In memory of Amina Al-Humadi                     In celebration of my Nutrition
            Karen A. Traver                                    Al & Virginia Cecchi                        Gail and Enzo Bagazzoli                    and Diabetes Department Staff
                                                               Joseph G. Chiapuso                   In memory of Charles J. Dwaileebe                        Suzanne M. Gaughn
                                                            Cal & Virginia Cialdella                             Jean Bailey                    In honor of my children, grandchildren,
                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Dominic A. Colarusso, Jr.                James and Paula Bardenett, Jr.                     mother, family and friends
       Special Founders                                     Mr. & Mrs. Kirk S. Davis               In memory of James D Bardenett, Sr.                         Dr. Daniel Gesek
  Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999                           Dr. and Mrs. Richard Decker                       James & Ann Bellanca and                              Kathleen Hogan
                                                              The DeRose Family &                    The Rehabilitation Foundation Inc.                         Christine Jones
            Alcas Corporation                               Mazza Sheet Metal, Inc.                      Shane and Laurie Blakeslee               In memory of Linda Leilous, my sister.
       Its Officers and Employees                          Scott and Paula Derwick                      Karen and Thomas Bowersox                        Dr. and Mrs. R. Barry Jordan
   Mr. & Mrs. Erick (Marianne) Laine                              Brent A. Driscoll            In honor of the Emergency Department Staff             Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Klaczynski
     Mr. & Mrs. James (Carol) Stitt                              Thomas J. Dunn                          Ken and Donna Brenneman                                 Donald Lochte
  Mr. & Mrs. Francis (Marla) Weinaug                  Maureen Avril Chin Fatt, OSF –                J. J. Bucher Producing Corporation              Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mang and family
  Mr. & Mrs. Robert (Maureen) Lorenz                   Franciscan Sisters of Allegany                   In honor of Joseph J. Bucher                      Rose Pappas Endowment
       Carl W & Constance Ferris                        Timothy and Cathleen Finan                           John and Sue Culbert                            Mike and Judy Patton
                                                          Michael and Carol Fischer                   In memory of Bill and Ethel Hehir               In honor of Peter Godfrey, M.D.
             Jack & Dea Hart                                      Grey Fitzpatrick                         Mrs. John E. Dusenbury                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Quinn
In honor of John, Michael and Louis Hart                    Karen and Richard Fohl                           Genevieve Dwaileebe                               Anthony J. Rovito
                                                   In honor of Robert and Helen Rowe                      Mr. and Mrs. John F. Elsen                   In memory of Mary Ann Rovito
       Louis & Patricia Magnano                                Frank T. Frost, M.D.                        Denise and Jessica Fish                              Dawn Schwartz
                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Rajan Gulati                        In celebration of Jessica                    In memory of Joseph Whalen
F. T. and Anna C. Manley Memorial Fund                            Thomas J. Hart                        Ronald F. Garvey, M.D., MBA                               Libby Smith
                                                            In honor of Helen Rowe                In celebration of Kelly and John Garvey        In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Meiers
                                                     Dr. Ahmad and Dr. Naheed Hilal                    Joseph and Suzanne Gaughn                    Dawn and Frank Snyder & family
            Founders                                    Arthur and Doreen Hornburg                   Great Lakes Orthopedic Labs, Inc.               In memory of Donald Baham, Sr.
  Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999                              In honor of Dr. Daniel Lai                    In honor of James J. Tanous                      Roy and Nancy Sutterfield
                                                           Lugene & Jeanne Inzana                       Dr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Greene                       Victor and Bonita Vena
                Anonymous                                   In honor of our children                            LeRoy Hanchett                        In celebration of the wedding of
                Anonymous                                Dr. and Mrs. Edward Jordan                    Dr. and Mrs. William F. Hughes               Michael and Ann-Marie (Vena) Abdo
       Carroll and Dolores Anstaett                         Stephen & Jenny Kane                          Mark and Barb Langenhan                         Bill and Karen Weatherell
         Estate of Robert M. Diggs                       Dr. Robert and Nancy Krall                         Helen and Lyle Layman                  In memory of Margaret E. Weatherell
    Exigence Medical of Olean, PLLP               Mr. & Mrs. Robert (Maureen) Lorenz           In memory of Dr. Bernard Yurick, Radiologist                    Doris E. Wiegand
        Muhammed T. Javed, M.D.                         Lumsden & McCormick, LLP                             Robert & Carol Lucia                          Charlie and Joie Wilson
       In memory of Saifullah Khan                        Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Lutz                        Karen and Jim McClelland                 In memory of our son, Paul A. Wilson
      Drs. Ashok and Yogini Kothari                    Mr. & Mrs. Arnold McHone, Sr.                   James and Sandra Macfarlane                       Daniel and Christine Young
         Erick and Marianne Laine                    In celebration of our children and                Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Malanowski
      Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Mahar                                grandchildren                                  Laura Martin                                       
      Dr. and Mrs. Michael Maresca                            Steve and Lois Nease                    Olean Area Federal Credit Union                          Partners
    Olean General Hospital Auxiliary                     Dr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Oliva                        Dr. and Mrs. Arun Patel                        Gifts up to $249
      The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.           Rod and Cathy Olson – OSM Corporation                         Mike and Judy Patton
   Lewis & Doris Reisner Endowment                    Pamela and Dennis Pezzimenti                         Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Proto                    Abbott Welding Supply Co., Inc.
             Diane M. Scaturo                  In celebration of Dominic & Paula Rogers                Lynda Quick and Ronald North                           Jack and Joyce Aderman
   Southern Tier Anesthesiogists, PC                             40th Anniversary                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Quinlan                      In memory of Daniel Aderman
      Mr. & Mrs. James (Carol) Stitt                  Dennis and Pamela Pezzimenti                             Ried’s Food Barn                                       Marcy Aloi
         Henry and Marcia Storch                      In memory of Frances I. Rogers                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ried                               Alice E. Altenburg
  In honor of our parents, children and                      Sue and Bob Piechota                          Mr. and Mrs. David Ried                                   Debbie Ames
               grandchildren                                 In honor of our families                         The Seamon Family                    In memory of my father, Archie Nichols
          Dr. Cathleen R. Wright                                 Hannah D. Potter                         Deborah and John Stevens                           Dana and Shannon Amore
                                                    In honor of Theodore W. Gundlah                     Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tripodi                      In honor of Gracie Lee Amore
                                                           Bob and Francie Potter –                     Rev. Msgr. William O. Wangler                              Susan B. Anders
                                                           Potter Lumber Co., Inc.                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wittmeyer            In memory of my mother, Janet A. Anders
             Sponsor                                      Mr. and Mrs. David Prince                           George M. Wolfram                                    Susan B. Anders
    Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999                              Robert and Tiffany Prizel                   In memory of Marjorie Wolfram                In memory of my father, Hal F. Anders
                                                            Robert and Helen Rowe                             Zonta Club of Olean                                   Kay Anderson
       Carroll & Dolores Anstaett                        Dr. and Mrs. David Shulman                                                                      In memory of Nancy Campbell
           AVI FoodSystems                            In memory of Frances Shulman                                                                  Lisa Anderson and George Seamon
  Louis P. Ciminelli Construction Co.                         Stuart and Mimi Smith                                                                                  Anonymous
      Dr. and Mrs. Sanjay Gupta                                  Brenda M. Snow                               Associates                                       In honor of Jesus Christ
      Dr. and Mrs. Ben M. Hwang                                     John Snyder                         Gifts of $250 to $499                                        Anonymous
           William M. Kinley                   In celebration of our wonderful employees                                                                         In memory of Helen
            Michael W. Kunz                                      Florence E. Stout                           Gretchen Anderson                                       Anonymous
     In memory of Karen A. Kunz                            Mrs. Phyllis M. Stranburg                            Anonymous                              In memory of our special patients
 Olean Wholesale Grocery Co-op Inc.                      Fred and Linda Conklin Taft                            Anonymous                                         who have passed
          Louis Prumbs, M.D.                              In memory of our parents,                             Anonymous                                            Anonymous
 In memory of Vera DeMiles Prumbs                      Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Conklin                            Anonymous                                  In honor of Kathryn Muscato
        Regional Cancer Care –                           and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Taft             In honor of the Pharmacy Department                                Anonymous
        Ranjit S. Dhaliwal, M.D.                                Richard F. Tamutus                       Steve & Kristi Snow-Baxter                         In honor of John J. Gibbons
    In memory of Dr. Manju Gupta              In memory of Donald and Mary B. Tamutus           In celebration of our grandchildren, Alexis                  56 Anonymous donations
    Dr. Lyle F. Renodin Foundation                         Dr. Srinivas Thandla and                             and Brooklyn                                         Anonymous
      Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Scott                             Dr. Sushama Kotmire                 Steven R. Beck & Shannon L. Nameth                       In memory of Louis DiPietro
                                                    Mathanakaran Thayaparan, M.D.                           Mark and Mary Beyth                                      Anonymous
                                                        WalMart Department Store                  In celebration of Ana Dolores Beyth                  In memory of Richard N. Tucker
                                                           Suzanne & John Watson                          Miles & Bernadette Bintz                                   Anonymous
              Patrons                             Wayne Paving & Contracting/Wayne                             Marion Boyce                             In memory of Travis Hemenway
    Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999                                        Concrete                          In memory of Rae Anne Tyrrell                                 Anonymous
                                               Kaleigh Wilday Endowment – Cattaraugus                         Mary A. Brennan                                 In memory of Jean Wind
    Employees of Alcas Corporation                     Region Community Foundation                         Chris and Marge Carll                                   Joan Armbruster
     American Regent – Luitpold                         Harold and Connie Wolfinger                       Charles F. & Ann Clarke                                   John B. Arnold
           Pharmaceuticals                               Mr. and Mrs. Merle R. Zetler                In honor of Caden William Clarke                          Fred and Mary Lou Ash
      Dr. & Mrs. Galvin Anderson                 In honor of our Cardiac Rehab Nurses
                                                                 Donor Listings
                 The following is a listing of gifts by category received from September 1, 2006 to September 30, 2007. We again extend our deepest appreciation to you.

                       Alice T. Aul                       Leon C. Collins – Burton Hotel                              Clarice Furniss                              Danielle Iantorno,
                In memory of Roy Aul                                   Judy Cooper                                   Arlene Gajewski                        Tatum-Jessen-Katelynn Giles
                        Amy Baer                         Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Cramer                         In memory of Austin Wilcox                  In memory of Reubens Iantorno
                     Armeda Bailey                     In memory of Kaleigh E. Wilday &                               Anthony Gallo                                and Beatrice Pilon
                      Bonnie Baker                       In honor of Debbie Stevens, RN                      Linda and Harvey Galloway                     Graham and Suzanne Hughes
             In memory of Betty Baker                                Luella Cordner                  In memory of Claire A. (Toni) Branch                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hull
                    Diane A. Balaban                                  Thomas Craig                          Michael and Sharon Gardner                            Daniel D. Iszkiewicz
                    Karen Balcerzak                             Wilbur and Sylvia Crum                             Michael J. Gardner                               Christy Jamison
       In celebration of Kyra Balcerzak             In celebration of Theodore Gundlah                              Richard W. Gates                                  Terri Jamison
                   Jay and Jill Ballard                        and the dedication of the                       Harold and Marjorie Geise                    In honor of Maternity Nursing
                    Mrs. Elsie Banton                           Gundlah Dental Center                                 Cheryl Gentner                                Gerald Johnson
 In honor of Dr. William Cihak and Staff                          Donald D. Dahlgren                                  Mary Gerstung                      In memory of my Wife and Sister
                   Sheila M. Barbaro                               Susan DeBarbieri              In celebration of new Radiology Equipment                        Barbara L. Johnston
                In memory of my Dad                           In memory of Tillie Fulton                          Nadine Faye Gerwitz                     In memory of my Mom and Dad
                       Kay Barton                                      Vita DeCarlo                                  Michael Gibbons                                Shirley M. Jones
              In memory of Bob Barton                                  Gail DeFiore                        In memory of John J. Gibbons                              Susan J. Kelly
           Mr. and Mrs. James Basher               In celebration of Dominic and Hannah                        Wilson and Marian Gilbert                             Tracey Kellner
               Tony and Jean Bassano                           Louis and Tracy DeRose                                 Elaine Gleason                        In memory of C. Fred Kellner
               In honor of Dr. Gil Witte                               Pamela Derx                         Dr. Peter and Sharon Godfrey                              Marie Kennedy
                      Rhonda Batt                           Ralph and Mary Jane Dibble                Holiday Remembrance in honor of                               Jane R. Kenyon
                  In celebration of life                         Richard & Anna Dille                                   Dr. Gil Witte              In honor of our good nurses and doctors
                      Ruth V. Baum                           Dr. and Mrs. Pierre Dionne                    Dr. Peter and Sharon Godfrey                              Melody R. Kerr
                     Stella E. Bebko                               Geoffrey Dietrich                           Christmas Remembrance                      In memory of John Sullivan and
 Steven R. Beck & Shannon L. Nameth                          In memory of Ethel Dietrich                in honor of Dr. Thaddeus Wojcik           In honor of the Mental Health Association
                      Joan M. Bell                                 Theresa DiPietro                        Dr. Peter and Sharon Godfrey                  and their care for needy patients
           In memory of Martha Ratzel                     In memory of my Mother, Mary             Christmas Remembrance in memory of                               Lindsey Kinnaird
                       Jack A. Bell                          Mr. and Mrs. David Ditanna                                 Gene Neiler                                  Mary Lou Kline
                Ronald & Yolanda Bell                               Bruce S. Dodge                         Dr. Peter and Sharon Godfrey                                Karen Knight
            In memory of Norma I. Bell                              Angie Donovan                              Christmas Remembrance                         In honor of our OGH Family
                   Tom and Joan Bell                        In honor of Donald Donovan                 in memory of Bob and Rita Neiler                               Arlene Knittel
        In honor of Theodore Gundlah                                Teresa Donovan                                    Beth Goldsmith                         Anthony and Barbara Kopko
       and the Gundlah Dental Center                                Edward Douglas                          In memory of Dr. B. S. Yurick                        Dave and Irene Krahe
     Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Bergreen               In memory of John D. Mountain, M.D.                        Stephan and Joan Gollaher                In memory of Matthew J. M. Krahe
                    Catherine Biggs                           April and Stephen Douthit                              Katherine Golley                         Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Krall
                       Dee Bishop                           In memory of Doug Belleisle                          Mr. and Mrs. John Goy                                Carolyn Kron
             In memory of Fred Bishop                      Raymond and Shirley Douthit                          In memory of Anna Goy                                 Susan Kunkel
                     Monroe Bishop              Birthday and Mother’s Day Remembrance                               Mary Jean Grace                  In memory of Bob and Dorothy Keffer
                   William J. Bizzaro              In memory of Dolores “Wally” Morgan                       In memory of Fred G. Grace                       Chuck & Rose Kwiatkowski
            Roland and Marjorie Black                             Sarah Beth Douthit                                    Joyce Gratz                                    Angela Kyler
                      Nancy Blade                     Holiday Remembrance in honor of                             Great Lakes Institute                          Ron and Carol Kyser
                      Roland Block                      Stan Morgan, Pat & Deb Morgan                                 Sandra Greek                  In celebration of our grandson, Nathan
        Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Bohan               and Dale & Nathane Morgan & family            In celebration of new Radiology Equipment                             Lila LaBella
   Bolivar-Richburg Faculty Association                          John and Ruth Doyle                               Margaret G. Green                       In memory of Philip R. LaBella
          In honor of Helen A. Bernard                           Joe & Phoebe Drake                       Dorothy and Caddy Greenidge                          Steven and Eileen Lanza
                    Joseph G. Boyd                    In memory of Clair LaVerne Austin                               Kathleen Grillo                                 Sharon Lapolt
                In honor of June Boyd                           Dresser Rand National                                 Debbie Grinols                                  Stanley Latas
                    Shirley Bradford                            Leadership Association                              Melissa Gunsolus                                  Cecelia Lesho
   In memory of my father and mother,                             Matthew J. Driscoll                        Mrs. John Guson and family                        Dale and Margaret Lewis
     Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Stives, Sr.                              Betty H. Dutton                             Professor John Guson                        In honor of Olean, New York
        and in memory of my husband,                           Frank and Susan Dynda                                   Joan M. Gust                           Ron and Barb Lingenfelter
                    Dana P. Bradford                         In memory of Elsie L. Keck                       In memory of John W. Gust                 In memory of Donald Lingenfelter
                      Cathy Briggs                                   Marion Easton                                   Michael Hadden                     Rev. and Mrs. Walter B. Loncosky
         In memory of Eloise Callahan                          In memory of Milton Bird                               Tabitha Haight                           Roger and Frances Lord
Robert T. Brooks – Brooks Locksmithing                            Steve & Betty Eaton                       In memory of Mary Pascucci                                 Jack Lorenz
               Brad and Candy Brown                   In memory of Anne & Austin Finan                                   Grace Hall                          Mr. & Mrs. Calvin M. Loucks
            In memory of Evelyn Smith                               John P. Eichner                                   Debra Halliday                           Steven and Lori Lovejoy
           Brenda and Leonard Brown                                  Rachelle Elliott               In memory of Carol Hahn, Francis and              In celebration of Theodore Gundlah
                Bob & Rebecca Bruso                            In honor of Justin Elliott,                           Frances Halliday                           and the opening of the
     In honor of our daughter, Meagan                         I am so proud of you and                         Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hannon                         Gundlah Dental Center
       Mr. and Mrs. Blaise Buffamante                         we miss you so very much                    In memory of Dr. D. L. Wormer                           Joe and June Lowe
            Virginia and Rosie Burdick                                 Debbie Ertell                                Cynthia B. Harris                               Mr. Louis Lucco
              In memory of John Fuller                                 Alex Euston                    In memory of Timothy Nelson Blair                        Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lucco
                    The Burton Hotel                 In celebration of Taylor Ann Euston                                Joan Harter                                Tiffany Y. Lukehart
  In memory of Albert and Clara Collins                                Sherri Evens                       In memory of Eugene P. Harter                            The Lynch Family
         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Busack                                Norma Fallenstein                                    Joan Harter                        In honor of Barbara Trombetta
                     Edye Butchello                        Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Feuchter              In honor of Henry D. Storch, M.D.                              Denise Lynch
    In memory of the Butchello Family                                  Lorrie Fisher                               Thomas E. Hartnett                        In memory of John C. Lynch
                    Marjorie A. Butler                           In honor of our brave                       In honor of Douglas Shaffer                       Thomas and Jean Lyons
         In memory of Gerald J. Butler           servicemen and women around the world                             William J. Hastings                    In memory of Mary Catherine &
                      Carol Capito                                     Lorrie Fisher                        In memory of Lettie Hastings                            Daniel McCarthy
   In memory of Capito/Belvees Family                In memory of our friend, Matt Ryan                             John C. Hausman                          Chuck and Laura McGovern
       Mr. and Mrs. George B. Carlson                      James and Sandra Fitzpatrick                  In memory of Sara E. Hausman                               Sharon McGrath
         In honor of our grandchildren                          Katherine Fitzsimmons                                  Ann Hawkins                         In honor of all Lab Employees
         Mr. and Mrs. Norman Carlson                          Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Flynn                             Arthur O. Hector                          David and Jean McInroy
                James and Joyce Carr                                 Jean E. Follett                                Richard E. Heiser                              Lynne McLaughlin
                Pat and Gloria Carroll                             Loretta K. Forrest                         Joseph and Sandra Heister                              Richard McNeil
     Cattaraugus Abstract Corporation          In memory of Roberta J. Forrest, my mother                         Patricia Ann Heister                     In honor of Dr. Edward Jordan
       Cattaraugus County Baseball –                               Everett C. Fortner                                Rick Hernandez                         Helen and Herbert MaCauley
             Exceptional Senior Game                     In memory of Helen W. Fortner                              George D. Heron                             In honor of our families
                      Janice Caya                                   William E. Foss                            Michael and Molly Higgins                    Helen and Herbert MaCauley
               Kim Chamberlain, CNM              In memory of Michele Foss Bartholomew                                Leslie Hoffman                       In honor of Theodore Gundlah
            In memory of my husband,                              Lawrence Fountain                                  Linda Hollamby                       and the Gundlah Dental Center
                 Ernest Chamberlain                               Bill and Sondra Fox                  In celebration of Ethan and Tehya                    Helen and Herbert MaCauley
                   Delores Chapman            In celebration of John Sawaya’s 85th Birthday                   Holy Name of Mary Church                     In memory of Dolores Morgan
         In memory of Joseph Nasuta                                Dennis A. Frame                                   Ethel S. Hopkins                          Craig and Diana Maguire
          Mr. and Mrs. James L. Clark                              Paula Freitag, RN                            Bob & Sharon Horrigan                 In celebration of Travis and Andrew
                    Marilyn. L. Clark                               John G. French                               Christopher S. Howell                     Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Mahar
      Herman and Margaret Cocchetto                       In memory of David M. French                      In celebration of our children                   In celebration of Karen Fohl,
      In honor of the Cocchetto Family                                                                                                                              on her birthday.
                                                                  Donor Listings
                  The following is a listing of gifts by category received from September 1, 2006 to September 30, 2007. We again extend our deepest appreciation to you.

 Carol L. Mahoney and Ira Katzenstein                   Daniel and Mary Lou Palumbo                                Helen Schwindler                        Becky (Maureen) Walenczyk
  In honor of Dennis M. Mahoney, M.D.                            Cheryl Papasergi                                   Diana M. Scotty                         In celebration of Ben & Boo
  and In memory of Jack Godfrey, M.D.                              Betty Pappas                      In memory of Ted & Sophia Scotty                               Robert F. Walk
             Arthur and Merilyn Mang                      In memory of Rose Pappas                                  Joyce M. Seeley                                Barbara Walker
          In memory of Robert Nugent                              Park Pharmacy                        In memory of Kenneth A. Seeley                In honor of the Nursing Staff of OGH
                    Linda Manross                          Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Park                        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Segulin                              Edith M. Walker
                    Debra Maquet                                  Evelyn Parsons                     In honor of Galvin Anderson, M.D.                        Mr. and Mrs. John Walsh
           In celebration of TJ Kephart                            Kathleen Paul                                    Bette R. Senfield                               Robin Walters
                  John J. Mansour                                 Cynthia Paxhia                                Mike and Jean Senuta                                 Sean Waples
                  A. Michelle Marks                        In memory of Wyatt Zuber                                 Virginia Shaffner                               Cheryl Warters
          In memory of Philip J. Marks                        Bob and Nancy Payne                 In honor of Dr. Bhayani and Dr. Hwang                         Darlene Washington
                  Mary Barb Marra                 In honor of George and Marcia Pancio                               Tonya Shannon                      In memory of John Washington
                   Marjorie Martin                    on their 50th Wedding Anniversary                  Edward and Elizabeth Sharkey                             Lanna Waterman
         In memory of Floy Marsfelder                         Mr. Leland Pemberton                                       Ann Shay                        In memory of Andy Waterman
   Dennis and Molly Martinelli & Family                           Lorena Perkins                        In memory of Goodsel E. Morrill                           Lanna Waterman
   In memory of Thomas E. Martinelli &                       Dana and Karen Perrigo                             Maureen M. Sheahan                     In honor of Marcia Storch and in
                Elizabeth J. Scanlon                            Jim & Betty Peters                        In memory of Daniel Sheahan                      celebration of her retirement
                    Philip M. Masi                         In honor of Ruth Goldstein                                  April Shelton                                  Ann Waters
           In memory of Rose A. Masi             Peterson Roofing Co. of Olean NY, Inc.                       Natalie and Frank Siclari                   In honor of Raymond Waters
               Reid & Cindy Matteson                      David and Sandra Pettengill                               Janice M. Siford                          Richard and Ann Waters
        In honor of Theodore Gundlah               In honor of Henry and Evelyn Gilbert                     Craig and Punkie Sinesiou                               Richard Wattie
            Jan Melaro & Bob Blovsky                       David and Sandy Pettengill                     Albert and Josephine Sirianni                       Karen and Bill Weatherell
      In celebration of Brock and Nick                  In memory of Marion R. Wood                                Daniel A. Sirianni                    In memory of Amnia Alhumadi
      Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Memmott                                   Kurt M. Pfaff                          In honor of Margaret Sirianni                           Elizabeth Webb
          Thomas and Rose Michienzi                              Leslie Phearsdorf                                    Esther Sisson                         Frederick and Diane Weiss
            Carm and Rick Mikolajczyk          In honor of James & Julia Phearsdorf, Sr.                             John C. Sisson               In honor of my uncle, Theordore Gundlah
 In celebration of our three grandsons,                            Karen Phillips                                 Victor L. Skadowski                          and the naming of the
                Rick, Ryan and Riley                    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Policastro           A Christmas Remembrance in memory of                          Gundlah Dental Center
   and in celebration of Flossie & Katie              In celebration of our children and              John J. and Helen M. Skadowski                                Bonnie Welch
                  Julie Mikolajczyk                                grandchildren                               Bob and Vicki Slevinski           In honor of the Information Systems Team
              In memory of Jean Wind                        Harley and Shirley Poore                         In honor of Robert Nugent                   Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Whitcomb
                    Ellsworth Milks                                Marie Preston                           Mr. and Mrs. Donald Slocum                              In celebration of
   In honor of 3rd Floor nurses and staff           In celebration of Theodore Gundlah                                  Elsie Smith                         Leesha and Kyle Whitcomb
                      Cathy Miller                          Royal and Phyllis Preston                                  Helen Smith                             John and Kim Whitney
            In celebration of my family             In memory of Mary Preston Decker                        In memory of Emily Packer                             Elizabeth Wilcox
                  Stephen W. Milley                                 David Pupo                                        Sharon Smith                  In memory of Owen Wilcox and Jacob
                    Anne Milligan                                 Phyllis M. Quick                             Sherry and Jerry Smith                               Bucher Family
                    Cathy Milliken                               Douglas Rhodes                                In honor of John Robey                              Gladys Williams
            In memory of Aunty Nonie                              Annette Rickey                                  Stu and Mimi Smith                                 Kari Williams
                 Frances H. Milliman                               Teresa Riehle                       In loving memory of Gert Konert                       In honor of Zane & Hunter
        In memory of Glen B. Milliman                            Dorothy W. Riley                                    Maxlyn Snyder                                  Kathy Willover
           Charles and Jean Moehring                        Steve & Diane Robertson                      In memory of Maxson M. Frost                     In memory of Dewey Willover
                    Daniel P. Mohr                           John and Esther Robson                     Brian, Lisa & Anastasia Sortore                              Cindy Wilson
                Natale “Ned” Mollica                    In honor of Dr. John Hennessy                                Kathleen Speta                           Richard and Jean Wilson
                      Jan Moore                Rocking Horse Realty – Mr. Chuck Cooper             In honor of my co-workers in Dialysis                             Amy L. Wolfe
 In memory of Francis & Lillian Stewart                      In honor of Ted Gundlah                           The Sports Locker, Inc.                        Paul and Mary Lou Wood
         Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Morgan                              Milton O. Rodkey                                     Sandy Staley                               Jason A. Yaworski
             In memory of our parents                       In memory of Merle Miller                In memory of John & Betty Kimball                            Barbara R. Young
             Jerry & Marianne Morgan                                Dawn Rose                                      Norma B. Stephan                          Mr. and Mrs. Duane Young
         In honor of Dr. William Cihak,                      In memory of Patti Rose                  In memory of Stanley E. Stephan                               Leslie Zwiefka
                Dr. William Jaremko,                              Herbert L. Rose                            John and Helen Stephens                       In honor of my son, Zachary
Dr. Richard Scott and Dr. Nadeem Khan                            Amber Rossman                                    Dan and Tina Stetz
                 Sandra L. Mountain                      Mr. and Mrs. James Rouleau               In memory of John and June Ksionzyk
                   Kimberly Mulkin                               Anthony J. Rovito                                    Laurie Stewart               Gifts in Kind (Over $500)
          In memory of Ethelyn Brown                      In memory Mary Ann Rovito                              In honor of my family
               Casimer J. Myszkowski                             Anthony J. Rovito                                  Roberta Stickles               Cutco employees and members of the
                    Maria F. Nash                     In memory of Richard H. Dawson                              Jim & Susanna Stitt                 Steelworkers’ Union Local 5429
         In memory of Wilfrid, Anthony                        Yong and Larry Russell                          Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stokes                 Drs. Ashok and Yogini Kothari
                   and Gayle Nash                                  Beverly Ryan                                          Jo Strang                 Marketing Technologies of WNY, LLC
                     Teresa Neely                          In memory of Dottie Smith                       In celebration of my new job              The Wanderers Motorcycle Club
                     Lynn Neeson                                    Sheila Ryan                                     Mary M. Sullivan                        Werzalit of America
                      Paula Nellis              In honor of Cardiopulmonary Department                   In memory of Richard Dawson
              In memory of Jean Wind                     Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sader                                 Mary M. Sullivan                        Gifts in Kind
                    Paul A. Nelson           In celebration of Mr. and Mrs. George Pancio        In memory of Marie Walterich Grossman                     Gretchen Anderson
                     Harriet Nevil                    on their 50th Wedding Anniversary                    Michael and Melissa Sullivan                       Denise Auman
                  Jeanne Newburg                           Norman and Ann Samurin                       In memory of Jay A. Brooks, Sr.                       Gail Bagazzoli
                  Jerry T. Newburg                                Gordon Sanford                                       Tom Sullivan                    Besecker and Coss Service
                Emogene Newhouse                                Mary Ann Sawaya                        In memory of Florence I Sullivan                        Cathy Briggs
                 Susan D. Nickerson                           Diana and Tim Scanlon                                     Ruth Sutter                       Jason & Kari Buckles
 In memory of James A. Doucett, M.D.                        In memory of Ruth Payne                                    Colleen Swift                        Linda Conklin Taft
            Kenneth and Doris Nielsen                         and Daniel H. Scanlon               In memory of my Mom, Athelene Perry                          Linda Elliott
         In honor of Dr. Ashok Kothari                             Chris Scaturo                                   The Sports Locker                           Barb Elwood
              Noreen A. O’Neill-Moore              Mr. and Mrs. Kelly and Kim Schauer                               James J. Tanous                        Kathy Fitzsimmons
       In memory of Dennis R. O’Neill           In honor of our son, Henry W. L. Schauer                              Jane S. Taylor                            Karen Fohl
                   Rebecca Nodler                              Marjorie Schaumleffel                        Debbie and Neal Teachman              Mary Kay Houben and Environmental
 In honor of my Husband and Children                             Daniel R. Schnell                  In honor of our nieces and nephews                           Services
                Bernard J. O’Connor                           Rudy and Edie Schrot                             Gail – Carol Thompson                             Joy Hunt
             On The Side Liquor Store                             Mark R. Schuler                                   Tracy Threadgill                       Fr. Richard Husted
     Richard and Catherine Opferbeck                        Clair and Janet Schuman                 In celebration of my granddaughter,                    JCC Nursing Class
              In memory of Paul Puvel                In celebration of our Grandchildren                            Paige Threadgill                           Nancy Krall
                    Patricia Ostrye                    Ben and Rose Schwabenbauer                                   Brieanne Torrey                         Mary Ellen Miller
         In honor of Robert Ostrye, Sr.       In memory of Ben & Corrie Schwabenbauer                               Danice M. Travis              Marsha Ingalls and Nutrition Services
                     Dorothy Ours                          Dr. and Mrs. Paul Schwach               Andrea Trisciuzzi and Chuck Gannon            Radiology Department at Olean General
                Josephine Pagliaroli                           Heidi Beck Schwarz                             Richard and Jean Wilson                            Hospital
                In memory of Teresa                    In memory of Patricia Ross and                              Shannon Viereck                 Beverly Ryan and ER Department
               and Giacomo Pagliaroli           In honor of Arthur Beck on his retirement               In memory of my Grandparents                          Dawn Snyder
               Mr. & Mrs. Brad Painter                        Victoria A. Schwentner                              Judith Holt Wachob                             Fred Taft
      In memory of Pauline Sunderlin                        In celebration of the 2007                             Wesley Wakefield                            Paula Ursoy
    Raymond and Rosemary Paladino                               JCC Nursing Class                                                                            Barbara Walker
                                    Cumulative Donor Listings
                                                                                                                              In Honor of Rose and Oreste Proto
Mabel Norton Adams                  The following is a list by categories                Benefactors                                    Psychiatric Network
                                     of the cumulative gifts of $10,000         Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999                  Regional Cancer Care Olean – Bradford
      Society                       or more given to the Olean General                                                                 Ranjit Dhaliwal, M.D.
 Charter Members                            Hospital Foundation.
                                     We extend our deepest appreciation
                                                                              Alcas Corporation – Community Health Care
                                                                                         Traineeship Program
                                                                                                                                        Manju Gupta, M.D.
                                                                                                                                        Peter Scibetta, M.D.
                                                   to you.                                     Anonymous                            The Estate of Donald Roon
                                                                                       Carroll & Dolores Anstaett                      Rotary Club of Olean
   Securing the Future                                                                 Estate of Florence Brown                     In memory of Marie Lorenz
of Olean General Hospital                      Dignitaries                      Dr. and Mrs. Zahid M. Chohan, F.A.C.S.             and in honor of the significant
                                    Gifts of $10,000,000 and above                Louis P. Ciminelli Construction Cos.        contributions made to our community
The Mabel Norton Adams Society                                                          Community Bank, N.A.                         by Bob and Marie Lorenz
                                            Charles Norton Adams                       Catherine Cridler & Phyllis                   Diane McCarthy Scaturo
    honors a dedicated group of        In loving memory of my mother,                      and Ernest Cridler                     In memory of Dr. Frank M. and
  individuals who have chosen to             Mabel Norton Adams                      Carl W. & Constance F. Ferris                     Joan Quinn McCarthy
                                                                                      Dr. Robert A. & Nancy Krall                   Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Scott
include Olean General Hospital in                Anonymous                             James & Sharon McAfee                            Jim & Paula Snyder
        their estate planning.                                                            Hannah Digel Potter                   In recognition of all the wonderful
                                                                                  Mohammad Sarwar, M.D., FACR                    hardworking and caring nurses
           Anonymous                                                                   Estate of Helen S. Wuest                       Dr. & Mrs. Henry Storch
                                               Visionaries                                                                           Mrs. Ralph Stranburg, Jr.
           Anonymous                      Gifts of $1,000,000 -                                                               In memory of my beloved husband,
           Anonymous                           $9,999,999                                                                               Ralph Stranburg, Jr.
                                                                                       Special Founders                       Wayne Paving & Contracting/Wayne
           Anonymous                            Francis J. Ryan                   Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999                                Concrete
        Dr. Adil AlHumadi                                                                    Adelphia Corporation                               
   Dr. & Mrs. Galvin (Sheryl)                                                                      Anonymous
             Anderson                      Leadership Circle                              Drs. Javaid & Faiza Asgher                      Founders
                                     Gifts of $500,000 – $999,999                            Rick & Kathy Bokman                Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999
   Carroll & Dolores Anstaett                                                            Estate of Virginia O. Bronold
                                               Alcas Corporation,                    Estate of Richard Danforth Brown                   Dr. & Mrs. Adil AlHumadi
    Randolph & Carol Brown                Its Officers and Employees                      Thomas & Kay Buffamante              In memory of father, Husain AlHumadi
   Thomas & Kay Buffamante            Mr. & Mrs. Erick (Marianne) Laine            Butchello Memorial Golf Tournament                 Dr. & Mrs. Galvin Anderson
                                        Mr. & Mrs. James (Carol) Stitt                         Nancy U. Campbell                            Laurie A. Branch
       Kirk & Aileen Davis           Mr. & Mrs. Francis (Marla) Weinaug                    In memory of my parents,                      R. Sean Buckley, M.D.
          Robert Diggs               Mr. & Mrs. Robert (Maureen) Lorenz                   Dr. and Mrs. Henry F. Ulrich         In memory of Dr. Richard Joseph and
Carl W. & Constance F. Ferris                                                              Robert A. Catalano, M.D.                     Mary Elizabeth Buckley
                                                 Steven D. Boser                            & Madeline F. Catalano                  Cattaraugus County Industrial
         Grey Fitzpatrick            In grateful appreciation of my mother,       In honor of Anthony and Ida Catalano                    Development Agency
                                                    Ann Boser                             Clark Patterson Associates                  Mr. & Mrs. Albert D. Cecchi
      Karen & Richard Fohl
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Kirk S. Davis                     Cal & Virginia Cialdella
         Elizabeth Hestle                 Louis & Patricia Magnano                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Davis, Jr.                  Brent Driscoll & family
 Arthur E. & Doreen Hornburg                                                          In loving memory of our parents,                      Anne Dusenbury
                                                                                             Robert D. Davis, M.D.                Exigence Medical of Olean, LPPL
        William M. Kinley                                                                Chief of Surgery 1961-1977             First Presbyterian Church of Olean
     Dr. & Mrs. Robert Krall                   Guardian                                     and Joan G. Davis, R.N.                      First Tier Bank & Trust
                                    Gifts of $250,000 to $499,999                   The DeRose Family & Mazza Sheet                             Fleet Bank
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lorenz                                                                        Metal,Inc.                             Karen & Rick Fohl
                                                 Anonymous                            In memory of Joseph A. DeRose                     Dr. & Mrs. Sanjay Gupta
   Mr. & Mrs. Louis Magnano                  Catherine M. Cridler                      Dexter Corporation Foundation                    Jean Fitzpatrick Henzel
         Mildred Milliman                  Dresser Rand Company                                Robert “Mac” Diggs                 In memory of E. Boyd Fitzpatrick
                                          Estate of Arlyeen Edel, RN                       Carole & John Dwaileebe                    Cecily and Joseph Higgins
        Hannah D. Potter                          Inez Hupp                              Roger Faulring - Advest, Inc.             Dr. Ahmad and Dr. Naheed Hilal
 In memory of Frank D. Potter                  Mildred Milliman                             Grey & Jean Fitzpatrick                  Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Hinckley
                                       In memory of Belle Bennett and                   Franciscan Sisters of Allegany                       M. Javed, M.D.
    Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                 Gertrude Ebeling                     Franklinville Aristocrats, I.O.O.B Club               Stephen & Jenny Kane
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rowe                                                        In memory of our departed Brothers &                  Dr. & Mrs. Harry Lochte
                                                                                                    Sisters                         Lumsden & McCormick, LLP
         Francis J. Ryan
                                                                                              Frank T. Frost, M.D.                    Mr. & Mrs. John J. Murphy
     Christopher J. Scaturo                   Humanitarian                               In memory of Charlotte Frost                Niagara Mohawk Foundation
        Diane M. Scaturo             Gifts of 100,000 to $249,999                               Frank Gelsomino              Olean Association for the Blind & Visually
                                                                                   In memory of Josephine and Eleanor                  Handicapped Foundation
        Phyllis Stranburg                          Anonymous                                    Jack & Dea Hart                             Olean Wholesale
                                           Estate of Katherine Hawley           In honor of John, Michael and Louis Hart               Grocery Cooperative, Inc.
In memory of Ralph Stranburg                    William M. Kinley                                Henkel Loctite              In honor of our employees and members
         Karen A. Traver             In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Adam C.                    In honor of our employees                   Dr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Oliva
                                                      Kinley                              Arthur & Doreen Hornburg                     In celebration of Gabrielle
        Dr. Joseph Tripodi            F. T. and Anna C. Manley Memorial          In honor of our sons, David and Steven             John & Mimi (Rowe) Peacock
    Francis & Marla Weinaug                           Fund                                 Dr. & Mrs. Ben M. Hwang                  Paul & Maria Qualtere Burcher
                                    Employees of Olean General Hospital                Dr. Ashok and Dr. Yogini Kothari              Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Quick III
      Skip & Greta Wilday              Olean General Hospital Auxiliary                 Mr. & Mrs. Arnold McHone, Sr.               Dr. Lyle F. Renodin Foundation
     Mike & Carol Wittmeyer         Southern Tier Anesthesiologists, PC*              In celebration of our children and                St. Lawrence Radiology
                                          Douglas B. Borromeo, M.D.                               grandchildren                     Dr. & Mrs. G. Michael Maresca
  In memory of John H. Burns             Stephen D. Carlson, M.D. PhD                     Francis & Roberta Mahar -                     Dr. & Mrs. Arooj Shaikh
         Margaret Wright                     Orlando E. Cruz, M.D.                        Service Store Park & Shop                         Florence E. Stout
                                             Hector Martinez, M.D.             In memory of Francis and Margaret Mahar                  Suzanne & John Watson
                                            Wade R. Porterfield, M.D                         Jack & Louise Murphy                       John & Karen Whelpley
                                      Lewis & Doris Reisner Endowment                       and The Murphy Family                  In celebration of Erick and Ryan
                                          Estate of Lea Tindolph, M.D.              In memory of Ellen Murphy Forness                      The Wilday Family
                                                Karen A. Traver                                 Margaret Norton                  Ward & Mary, Ward (Skip) & Greta
                                         Dr. Joseph J. Tripodi & Family                In memory of William N. Norton                    Dr. Cathleen R. Wright
                                              In loving memory of                          The Pepsi Bottling Group
                                               Elizabeth J. Tripodi           Physicians of the Olean Medical Group, LLP
                                                        &                               Jim & Gail Olson - OSM Corp.
                                         Joseph A. Wintermantel, M.D.          In memory of Thomas & Catherine Olson /
                                    St. Francis Hospital - Chief of Surgery                  Henry & Hilda Grecke
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto
                    The following is a listing of gifts by category received from September 1, 2006 to September 30, 2007. We again extend our deepest appreciation to you.

  Gifts in Tribute Program                      Bernard John Bysiek
                                                                                                Mrs. Hannah D. Potter                             Evelyn Spencer
This listing reflects gifts received between                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                         Carol Troskosky
                                                Jennie Mazza
September 1, 2006 & September 30,                                                               Chris & Diane Scaturo                             Mansel Wells
2007. Memorial gifts received from our                                                          Southern Tier Anesthesiologists, PC               Mr. & Mrs. Ward C. Wilday
                                                Lucy Carinci
Annual Campaign are included in that                                                            Dr. & Mrs. Henry Storch
                                                Bill & Karen Weatherell
listing.                                                                                        Sally Welch Taber                                 Vincent W. Kwiatkowski
                                                                                                Celestine Welch                                   Frank & Mary Chesner
                                                C. Wayne Carr
Gifts made in loving memory of:                 Fred & Linda Conklin Taft
                                                                                                John Fuller                                       Edward F. LeBlanc
John Adami                                                                                      Virginia & Rosie Burdick                          James & Joreen Cornell
                                                Jane M. Coombs
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Mahar                     Tammy Miller
                                                                                                Charlotte Haines                                  Mary Letro
                                                Vector Marketing Department
Mahlon R. Alexander                                                                             Bill & Karen Weatherell                           Erick & Marianne Laine
                                                Ronald & Jeanne Veno
Fred & Linda Conklin Taft
                                                                                                William Hanson                                    Carol Limerick
                                                Sonja J. Covert
Amnia Al-Humadi                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                         Virginia & Rosetta Burdick
                                                Joan & Tom Bell
Dr. & Mrs. Ben M. Hwang                         Charles & Dona Cooper                                                                             Bill & Karen Weatherell
Dr. Robert & Nancy Krall                                                                        H. Michael Herger
                                                Wilbur & Sylvia Crum
Southern Tier Anesthesiologists, P.C.                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                         Bea Lippert
                                                Mary K. Fay
Fred & Linda Conklin Taft                       Karen & Rick Fohl                                                                                 Mary & Paul Gardner
Bill & Karen Weatherell                                                                         Chuck Hitchcock
                                                Ruth E. Gabriel
                                                                                                Raye Green                                        Patricia Lounsberry
                                                Raye Green
Ralph A. Anastasia                              Mary Greenawalt                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto
Jennie Mazza                                                                                    Nora Holland
                                                Bertha Hall
                                                                                                Chad, Jennifer, Aurora Holland                    Ted Luty
                                                Faith A. Handley
Dorothy Atkins                                  Jack Huselstein                                                                                   Theresa Crowley
Frances Atkins & family                                                                         Milford A. Irons                                  Jennie Mazza
                                                M. Javed, M.D.
Paige Drake                                                                                     Betty R. Bergreen
                                                Bob & Marie Johnson
Robert & Helen Rowe                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Scaturo                 William McClune
                                                Joan Kaydos
                                                                                                Betty J. Wasson                                   Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto
                                                William M. Kinley
Alice T. Aul                                                                                    Jeanette Wasson
                                                Helen & Herb MaCauley
Joanne Macdonald Carls                          Jim & Jeanne Mathieson                                                                            Geraldine McGinty
Karen & Rick Fohl                                                                               Milead Joseph                                     Bob & Sue Piechota
                                                Teresa Moszak
Margaret G. Green                                                                               M. Javed, M.D.
                                                Susan D. Nickerson
Mr. & Mrs. Frances Mahar                        Olean General Hospital Business Office                                                            Karen McGonnell
Susan D. Nickerson                                                                              Georgia E. Kane                                   Bill & Karen McGonnell
                                                Sue & Bob Piechota
Hannah D. Potter                                                                                Karen & Rick Fohl
                                                Mrs. Hannah D. Potter
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                         Martha Matthews
                                                Gloria Reynolds
Bette R. Senfield                               Cindy & Bob Rodd                                                                                  Bill & Karen Weatherell
Edith Sodano                                                                                    Robert M. Kent
                                                Carole Sander
The Bucktail Chapter of the Militant                                                            Manuel Freitag                                    Angelo Melaro
                                                Fred & Linda Conklin Taft
Officers Association                                                                            M. Javed, M.D.                                    Cindy & Bob Rodd
                                                Ken & June Wallace
                                                                                                Board of Directors & Executive Director of
                                                Toots Weitzel
Elizabeth Austin                                                                                Pfeiffer Nature Center                            Judge Glen E. Mencer
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                                                                       Brenda & Jim Rivetti                              Dr. Robert P. & Anna E. Krall
                                                Dr. John DeMarco
                                                Theresa Crowley
Kathryn R. Bailey                                                                               Nasir Khan                                        Vincent Monachino
                                                Jennie Mazza
Dawn Snyder                                                                                     Deanna Barrett                                    Jennie Mazza
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto
                                                                                                Dee Bishop                                        Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Scaturo
Martin L. “Marty” Ball                                                                          Denise Fish
Frank & Mary Chesner                                                                            Vicki Goodfellow                                  Leo D. Moss, M.D.
                                                Luella Gordon Depew
                                                                                                Rev. Ron Reichman                                 Steve & Betty Eaton
R&y Barrett                                                                                     Beth Torrey                                       Grey Fitzpatrick
Raye Green                                                                                      Cindy Vanderhoef                                  Rick & Karen Fohl
                                                Vickie Donavon
                                                Jennie Mazza                                                                                      William & Sondra Fox
John M. Belk                                                                                    Robert M. King, Sr.                               Dr. & Mrs. Giles B. Hamlin & family
Theresa Crowley                                                                                 Jeff & Helen MaCauley                             George & Norma Hendrix & family
                                                Thurley M. Driscoll
Jennie Mazza                                                                                    Sue & Bob Piechota                                Joel & Carol Horowitz
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Finan
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Proto                         Karen & Rick Fohl                                                                                 Dr. & Mrs. William Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Proto                                                                         Mary J. Kock                                      Dr. Robert & Nancy Krall
                                                Helen & Herb MaCauley
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                                                                       Jennie Mazza                                      Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Krall
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mahar
                                                Hannah D. Potter                                                                                  Erick & Marianne Laine
Helen Bell                                                                                      Gertrude Konert                                   Helen & Jeff MaCauley
                                                Chris & Diane Scaturo
Ruth Gabriel                                                                                    Erick & Marianne Laine                            Susan & Jerry S. Nickerson
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Michael Strucker
                                                                                                Stu & Mimi Smith                                  Hannah D. Potter
Robert Biehler                                  Kathryn Marie Duhan                                                                               Dr. Boonlua & Dr. Ratana Ratanawongsa
William M. Kinley                                                                               Emily Krall                                       Chris & Diane (McGovern) Scaturo
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto
                                                                                                Karen & Rick Fohl                                 Tatjana vanderHorst Schwendinger
Anne Bise                                                                                       Herb & Helen MaCauley                             Fred & Linda Conklin Taft
                                                Leon Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                                                                       Dr. Robert P. & Anna E. Krall                     Paula & Gary Ursoy
                                                Helen & Jeff MaCauley
                                                Carm & Rick Mikolajczyk
Claire A. Branch                                                                                John Ksionzyk                                     Lonnie Moss
Robert G. & Diane M. Buckley                                                                    Mildred Milliman                                  Tatjana vanderHorst Schwendinger
                                                Marge Feichter
Karen & Rick Fohl                               Richard & Bonnie Yaw
Mary Ramire Gardner                                                                             Karen A. Kunz                                     Helen Murrin
Michael & Valerie Kane                                                                          Tim Bush                                          Susan D. Nickerson
                                                Austin L. Finan
Mr. & Mrs. B. B. Voorhees                                                                       Julie Cassada                                     Mr. & Mrs. B. B. Voorhees
                                                Gail & Enzo Bagazzoli
                                                                                                Mary Ann Dubots
                                                Stephen & Betty Eaton
Gilbert H. Brinnier                                                                             Michael W. Kunz                                   Marie L. Napoleoni
                                                Dr. Ahmad & Dr. Naheed Hilal
Thomas J. Dunn                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Mahar                       Rita Brown
                                                M. Javed, M.D.
Mary M. Hungerford                                                                              Jean Rexford                                      Cattaraugus Empire Zone
                                                William M. Kinley
                                                                                                Mary Reichman                                     Raymond & Sheri Douthit
                                                Jeff & Helen MaCauley
Randolph C. Brown                                                                               Jean Rexford                                      Raymond & Shirley Douthit
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mahar
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                                                                       Anthony J. Rovito                                 Robin Dunnington
                   The following is a listing of gifts by category received from September 1, 2006 to September 30, 2007. We again extend our deepest appreciation to you.

Leon & Mary Evans                             Phil Thompson
Loretta B. Fahy                               Bob & Maureen Lorenz
Greater Olean Area Chamber of
Commerce                                      Ruth Tingley                                                   Olean General Hospital
                                                                                                          Foundation Board of Directors
Helen & Jeff MaCauley                         Agnes Cornell
Mary Ellen Maine & Residents of Spring        Brent, Carolyn, Emily & Ryan Friend
OAHP Staff at HUD, Washington, DC             EthelRuth K. Torrey
Olean Board of Education                      Anonymous                                              Brent Driscoll                             Lucy Benson
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Paul Geise
Joseph A. Nasuta                              Joe & Pam Gleason
                                                                                                     Chairman                                   Scott Derwick
James & Joreen Cornell                        Frank & Glenda Jester                                                                             Naheed Hilal, M.D.
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Lowe
Neva Nelson                                   Mr. & Mrs. Roderick Lowe                               Karen Fohl                                 Ashok Kothari, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                     Mr. & Mrs. Vance Lowe                                  President                                  Marianne Laine
                                              Carm & Rick Mikolajczyk
Donald O’Brien                                Gerald & Thelma Moyer                                                                             Henry Storch, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Mahar                   Susan D. Nickerson                                                                                Edward Wagner
                                              Marian L. Ritter
                                                                                                     Dennis Pezzimenti
Mary P. Petre                                                                                        Vice Chairman                              Rev. William Wangler
Mr. & Mrs. B. B. Voorhees                     Madeline Volpe
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto
                                                                                                                                                Harold (Sandy) Wolfinger
Anthony Petrosewitz                                                                                  Diane Scaturo
Robert & Phyllis Burdick                      Victoria F. Washington
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                              Secretary                                  Honorary Directors
Kathryn Prichtard                                                                                                                               Father Kevin Downey
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto                     Andrew S. Waterman
                                              Susan D. Nickerson                                     Thomas Buffamante                          Arthur E. Hornburg
Rose Proto                                                                                                                                      William M. Kinley
Erick & Marianne Laine                        Gerald Weitzel
                                              William & Josephine Bruce                                                                         Robert A. Krall
William H. Putt
James & Joreen Cornell                        Mary F. Welch
                                                                                                                                                Robert R. Lorenz
                                              Jennie Mazza                                                                                      Hon. Jeremiah Moriarty III
Barbara Ranollo
Mr. & Mrs. Gino Malpiedi                      Judi Weatherby                                                                                    Hannah Potter
                                              Raye Green                                                                                        Louis J. Proto
Burton “Bub” Ritter                           David & Sandra Pettengill
Elizabeth Young                               Diane M. Scaturo                                                                                  Phyllis Stranburg
John Robey                                    Harry A. Williams
Sherry & Jerry Smith                          Frank & Mary Chesner
                                              Jim & Joreen Cornell
Barbaray Senyk
Jim & Paula Freitag
                                              Connie Williams
                                                                                               Celebrating our Auxiliary’s 50th Anniversary
                                              Jean S. Wind
Colleen Hogan Sheahan                         Anonymous                                         In grateful appreciation
Marge Bielawski                               Tony & Jean Bassano
Elsie Hogan                                   Dr. & Mrs. Henry D Storch
                                                                                                of the Olean General
Ruth Hogan                                                                                      Hospital Auxiliary for
Bernadette Lewis                              Marion Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mahar                      Fred & Linda Conklin Taft                         their tireless efforts
Mary Migliore                                                                                   over the last 50
Olean Wholesale Grocery Coop., Inc.           Gifts Made In Celebration Of:
Tom & Alice Pratt                                                                               years. Their dedicated
Maureen M. Sheahan                            Marcia Storch in honor of her                     fundraising efforts have
Western Family Foods                          excellence in teaching
                                              Lanna Waterman                                    provided our hospital
Stella Strucker                                                                                 with the ability to pur-
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mahar
                                              Diane Scaturo in honor of her birthday            chase advanced tech-
Marian Studley                                Karen & Rick Fohl
Paula Burlingame
                                                                                                nology and to update
Chad & Melissa Crawford                       In spite of our diligent efforts to be            needed equipment and
John Crawford                                 accurate in listing, we confess to the
Mary K. Fay                                   possibility of human error. If your name
Donna Wetherby                                has been misspelled or omitted, please
                                              accept our apologies & notify the Olean                               Each year the Auxiliary raises thousands of dollars for the hospital at the
Pauline Sunderlin                             General Hospital Foundation at 375-7445.
Kathleen & Pete Cucchiaro                     Thank you.
                                                                                                                    Annual Strawberry Festival. Activites at this early summer event include raf-
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Mahar                                                                                         fles, face painting, food, a health fair, and of course, strawberry shortcake.
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Painter

Colette M. Sweet
Theresa Crowley
Rita DeRose & family
Jennie Mazza

Donald Swift                                     Special thanks to all who have made gifts.
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Proto
                                                 They have done so for the sheer joy of knowing
Claire Taggerty                                  they have done something special.
Donna & L. J. Sweet
                  2007 Annual Community Report
515 Main Street                            Most photographs by Darrell Gronemeier
Olean, NY 14760
(716) 373-2600

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