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									 To participate in “Be
 Our Guest” activities
 and programs, just
 show your “Be Our
 Guest” card!

September 2009
Programs for families of deployed military
 For Force Support              Children have many issues to deal with
 Squadron events           when a parent is deployed. They must
 and information           learn to deal with changes in their family
 visit us online at
                           relationships and responsibilities as well as
                           coping with the stress of a loved one being

                           away from their family for an extended
                 AAFES     period of time.
               761-8004         The Be Our Guest (BOG) Program
     Aces High Bowling     will be providing special BOG activities and
                           discounts on services for families involved
          Arden G. Hill    in 30 day or more deployments.
       Memorial Library
             731-2748           This newsletter will provide
       Child Dev Center    information on which facilities, times,
               731-2417    dates, and activities that will be offered.
      Grizzly Bend Club         For details on these events and to
               731-3359    register for a BOG card, please go online at
           Commissary or call Staci Corder at
             452-6993      731-4849.
      Family Child Care         Any Air
              731-2116     Guard or
 Fitness & Sports Center   Reservist that is
               731-3621    currently on
Malmstrom Auditorium       "Title 10" Active
                           Duty orders, is
    Outdoor Recreation     eligible to
                           utilize and or
    Arts & Crafts Center   participate in
                           t h e B O G
         Youth Program
               761-4634    program events
                           or services.
   To participate in “Be Our Guest”
   activities and programs, just
   show your “Be Our Guest” card!

 September 2009

Outdoor Recreation                     Arden G. Hill Memorial
Mountain Hayride & Wiener Roast        Library
Thursday, Sept. 17,                    Preschool Story Time
from 5 to 10 pm                        Tuesdays at 10 am
Crisp air and                          Themes:
mountain                                Sept. 1: Labor Day
scenery are                             Sept. 8: Grandparents
the perfect                             Sept. 15: Hispanic Heritage
setting for a                           Sept. 22: Apples
hayride and                             Sept. 29: Autumn Leaves
picnic! Our
hay trailer is                         Display Tables
better than                            Tables are placed throughout the
riding in a convertible! Free to BOG   library with displays on a variety of
cardholders.                           subjects.

Caving Adventure                       This month the tables will be
Sunday, Sept. 27,                      highlighting Hispanic Heritage. The
from noon to 8 pm                      new Homework Resource Center will
Lick Creek Cave features the           be open, which includes resources
Cathedral Room, the largest room       and information on home schooling.
of any Montana
cave.                                  There will be a table featuring
Transportation,                        activities from Arts & Crafts such as
helmets and                            framing, matting, ceramics and more.
headlamps                              Books on those subjects will also be
provided.                              on display.
Minimum age
requirement is 10;                     Elkhorn Diner
all those under the                    Dine and enjoy a movie with us
age of 18 must be accompanied by       weekly at the Elkhorn Diner! Free
an adult. All must be capable of       dinner and a movie served
climbing, crawling and duck            on Wednesday, Sept. 9.
walking. You'll get a workout. Cost:   Regular prices are on
$15 per person - Club Card 10%         the other Wednesdays.
discount honored. 1/2 price for        The movie starts at
BOG cardholders.                       5:10 pm.
  For Force Support Squadron events
  and information visit us online at

 September 2009

Aces High Bowling Center           Youth Center
Tuesdays, from noon to 9 pm
                                   Family Dinner, Movie, and
Thursdays, from 11 am to 5 pm
                                   Popcorn Night
Free bowling - show your “Be Our
                                   Friday, Sept. 18, at 6 pm
Guest” card and get 3 FREE games
                                   Is someone you
of bowling
                                   love deployed
includes free
                                   and you're
shoe rental).
                                   looking for
Get 10% off all
                                   something to
items in the pro
                                   do as a family?
                                   Then join us at the Youth Center for
                                   our “Family Dinner, Movie, and
Arts & Crafts Center               Popcorn Night”! Come enjoy some
Wednesdays, Sept. 16 & 30,         pizza, a great family movie on our
10 am to noon                      projection screen and delicious
Youth Ceramics                     buttery popcorn. FREE for BOG
and Craft Classes                  card holders, See you at the
are ½ price for                    movies! Please register by Sept. 16.
BOG cardholders.
($2.50)                            Child Development
Thursdays                          Center
FREE car wash                      “Give Parents a
from noon to 3 pm                  Break” program
for BOG                            is open to
cardholders. (See car wash         children ages 6
attendant)                         weeks to 9 years.
                                   It is available the
                                   first Saturday of each month from
                                   noon to 5 pm.
                                   Reservations may be made by
                                   calling the CDC at 2417/2737.

                                   A referral certificate will need to be
                                   obtained and signed by the deployed
                                   spouse’s supervisor in order to get pre-
                                   registered for GPAB at the CDC.

                                   All children must be registered by
                                   the Thursday before the scheduled
                                   GPAB day.
Family Child Care                      Enjoy these fun family nights at the
Return Home Care                       Club in September . . .
This is a FREE program for active      Family Night
duty members, Air National Guard,      Thursday, Sept. 3, 5:30 pm
and AF Reserve members                 Arts and crafts for the kids,
returning from deployments a           Cameron the Caterpillar, games
minimum of 30 calendar days or         and kids buffet.
                                       Back to School Family Bingo
This care                              Thursday, Sept. 17, 5 pm
will be                                Every child wins a prize!
provided                               Kids Buffet with Mini Burgers,
in the                                 French Fries, Mac & Cheese, and
Extended                               Chicken Nuggets
Duty                                   Special Needs Family Night
homes in                               Monday, Sept. 21, 5:30 pm
the Family                             Enjoy a pasta buffet with all the
Child Care                             toppings.
They will provide 16 hours of care     Cost for each Family Night:
per child for children ages 12 and     Children (3 and under): FREE
under.                                 Children (4-11): $6
                                       Adults (over 12): $8
This care must be used within 30       Club members save $1.
days of returning from the
Family Child                            50% Discount at KOA
Care will                               Honoring Deployed Military Families!
verify                                  For details on services offered, go
member’s                                to
eligibility for
this program                            Includes cabins, cottages, water
with the                                park and more.
military                                Sponsored by 1st Liberty F.C.U.
flight or the member’s command          For details visit, call
section, prior to reserving FREE        Dimmer at 1st Liberty 761-8300 or
child care for the family.              KOA at 727-3191.

Grizzly Bend Club                               Sponsored by:
Lounge Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday                                   FEDERAL CREDIT UNION
3:30 to 10 pm
Show your “Be Our Guest” card
and receive $1 off any bar menu
                                               Great Falls
item. (Monday - Friday, 4 to 9 pm)

                                     No federal endorsement of sponsors intended.

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