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           FIRE CHIEFS


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Marcus Weston
Publication Director
Naylor, LLC
(800) 369-6220, ext. 3465
Dear Members and Colleagues:

New York State Association of Fire Chiefs is pleased to announce that we have chosen to continue
working with Naylor, LLC, as our official integrated media communication partner for 2012. Naylor
provides advertising, publication and media services that build your company’s image and link your
brand with buyers in New York’s $1.8 billion fire service industry (excluding New York City/FDNY). We
are partnering with Naylor to provide the following:

        o    SIZE UP magazine                                    o    FIRE 2012 Expo Program Guide
        o    The NYSAFC Bugle eNewsletter

By affiliating your organization with New York State Association of Fire Chiefs, you are making an
excellent investment in your business and brand. We are confident that our partnership with Naylor will
continue to increase the unmatched educational, networking and promotional opportunities already
included in our membership.

NYSAFC’s full complement of communications options delivers your message to key members who
specify products, lead projects and approve purchases on behalf of their departments. This is your
opportunity to advertise and promote your products and services to a major purchasing audience.

NYSAFC is proud to serve as New York’s leader in the fire service industry and as the voice of the
profession. Our media outlets provide valuable opportunities to present in depth perspectives on the
vast array of issues important to our membership.

Since 1969, Naylor has crafted custom communication solutions for businesses like yours. When you
advertise with NYSAFC through Naylor, you can expect:

        Top quality exposure to key decision makers with purchasing power
        Professional advertising design services
        Ongoing customer service support

Tell the fire service industry about your business’ quality product or service and that you stand with your
peers in support of our association. When an account executive from Naylor contacts you, please
consider allocating part of your advertising budget to placing your message in NYSAFC media.


Chief Frank J. “Skip” Sylvester
Each issue of SIZE UP contains information
on new training techniques, the latest equip-
ment and technologies, noteworthy emer-
gency incidents across the state, discussions of
requirements, laws and legislative matters and
information on public fire prevention education.
Additionally, updates from the president, execu-
tive director and other officers will keep readers                     When you
informed of NYSAFC activities and related industry news.
                                                                     advertise within
WHAT WE DELIVER TO                                                   SIZE UP magazine,
OUR ADVERTISERS                                                      your message
SIZE UP readers are the leaders of their departments and the         reaches:
decision-makers with purchasing authority for their organiza-
tions. As an advertiser, your message will not only be delivered     100% of the more
to fire departments in every region of the state, the largest fire     than 9,000 members of
department in the world — FDNY, and members in 35 states             NYSAFC.
and three countries, but will also reach leaders in the EMS and
emergency management fields. SIZE UP readership represents
a powerful and dynamic group of leaders in the emergency             100% of the nearly
services.                                                            1,900 fire departments
                                                                     throughout the state of
IN PRINT OR IN PERSON                                                New York.
Integrate your marketing message and maximize your adver-
tising investment. From magazine to event, no matter how
                                                                     An audience from 35
you need to communicate with your customers, Naylor can
tailor an advertising program to match your company’s needs
                                                                     states and three
and budget. Reach decision-makers in New York state's fire            countries including
protection industry before and during the buying process with        Canada and Bermuda.
NYSAFC's integrated communications opportunities.

In addition to print, SIZE UP is now also available in a fully interactive digital
version, free to NYSAFC members. Viewers can virtually flip through the pages,
forward articles of interest to colleagues and click on ads to be redirected to the
advertisers' websites.

   Link your ad to the landing page of your choice.
   Increase traffic to your website.
   Interact with viewers to facilitate the buying process.
   Generate an immediate response from customers.

   View each page as it appears in print.                    Bookmark and insert notes.
   View a list of articles for one-click access.             Perform a keyword search of the entire magazine.
   Navigate and turn pages with one click.                   Email articles of interest to colleagues.
   Read the issue online or download it for later.           Click on ads to go directly to the advertisers' website.

eToolbar | $1,029.50
Your company name is displayed on the toolbar, found in the
top-right corner of every page of the digital edition next to
frequently used navigational icons.

eSponsorship* | $1,549.50
Your message will be prominently displayed directly across
from the cover of the magazine.

Ad “Jolt” Upgrade | $309.50
Transform your static, passive advertisement into an atten-
tion-grabbing, animated message. The digital edition of the
magazine offers dynamic capabilities not available in the print
                                                                                      eSkyscraper | $1,549.50
eLink | Included in Display Ad Rates                                             The eSkyscraper ad displays the entire time the
eLinks increase traffic from your ad in the digital edition to              digital edition is open giving your message consistent
your company's website or a corporate email address. Most of                                                and lasting exposure.
our advertising options include this feature at no additional
charge. Additional fees apply where noted.

*Animation and video capabilities available

  "I LOOK FORWARD to my copy of SIZE UP. I learn a lot as to what is
  going on around me and the ever-changing rules and regulations."
  Chief Jim Brunelle, Jr.,
  Kingsbury Volunteer Hose Co. #1

            "NYSAFC'S COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAMS provide timely and
            informative thoughts and ideas on the latest trends in the fire
            service industry."
            Nick Stenhouse,
            Westerly (RI) Fire Department

  "NYSAFC'S MAGAZINE GIVES the most bang for the buck. Without
  this being available we would not have many choices or opinions to
  consider, whether for purchases or techniques."
  Rich Abbott,
  Pompey Hill Volunteer Fire Department

            "I HAVE ALWAYS looked to NYSAFC as the "source" regarding the
            many challenging issues facing the fire service industry today.
            SIZE UP, in particular, provides an opportunity to allow for
            honest discussion and differences of opinion."
            Robert McMahon,
            Putnam County

                                         NET SUSTAINING/CORPORATE
                                         MEMBER ADVERTISING RATES
                                                                                                        ALL RATES INCLUDE EMAGAZINE LINKS
                                                                                                                     Revisions and Proofs: $50.00
FULL- COLOR R ATE S                                                                                             Position Guarantee: 15% Premium

 Size                                      1x                                        2-3x                                      4x
 Double-Page Spread                        $4,029.50                                 $3,629.50                                 $3,219.50
 Outside Back Cover                        $3,249.50                                 $2,989.50                                 $2,739.50
 IFC or IBC                                $3,039.50                                 $2,779.50                                 $2,529.50
 Full Page                                 $2,569.50                                 $2,309.50                                 $2,059.50
 2/3 Page                                  $2,079.50                                 $1,869.50                                 $1,659.50
 1/2 Page                                  $1,569.50                                 $1,409.50                                 $1,259.50
 1/3 Page                                  $1,089.50                                 $979.50                                   $869.50
 1/4 Page                                  $779.50                                   $799.50                                   $619.50
 1/6 Page                                  $559.50                                   $499.50                                   $449.50
 1/8 Page                                  $429.50                                   $389.50                                   $339.50

 Size                                      1x                                        2-3x                                      4x
 Full Page                                 $1,589.50                                 $1,429.50                                 $1,269.50
 2/3 Page                                  $1,409.50                                 $1,269.50                                 $1,129.50
 1/2 Page                                  $1,069.50                                 $959.50                                   $859.50
 1/3 Page                                  $739.50                                   $669.50                                   $589.50
 1/4 Page                                  $539.50                                   $489.50                                   $429.50
 1/6 Page                                  $399.50                                   $359.50                                   $319.50
 1/8 Page                                  $289.50                                   $259.50                                   $229.50

Advertiser indemnifies Naylor, LLC and the Association against losses or liabilities arising from this advertising. Naylor, LLC assumes no liability whatso-
ever, except to the extent of a one time paid advertisement of the same specification, in the next or similar publication, if any proven or admitted errors or
omissions have occurred. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Interest shall be charged at 2% per month compounded to yield 26.82% per year on
overdue accounts. A charge of $32.00 will be levied against all returned checks. Revisions to previously submitted ad copy are subject to additional charges.
In the event of a contract cancellation, the advertiser/or agency agrees to repay Naylor, LLC any discounts granted for multiple insertions less any discount
applicable for the number of insertions completed in the contract. All cancellations must be received in writing prior to the advertising sales deadline. All
premium positions are non-cancelable. Prices are net of agency commission. Ads may also appear in an online version of the publication(s).

                                                                                                            1/2 PAGE      1/2 PAGE
                                                                                                           HORIZONTAL       LONG
                                     FULL PAGE        FULL PAGE           2/3 PAGE              2/3 PAGE                    VERT.
       DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD                                                                                                                         1/2 PAGE
                                     NO BLEED           BLEED            HORIZONTAL             VERTICAL

    1/3 PAGE        1/3 PAGE       1/3 PAGE           1/4 PAGE            1/4 PAGE           1/6 PAGE       1/6 PAGE         1/8 PAGE          1/8 PAGE

PROOFS                                                                          ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS
Proofs of ads produced by Naylor are available upon request at a                All digital color and greyscale artwork must be supplied at 300 dpi.
charge of $50.                                                                  Line art must be supplied at 600 dpi. High-res PDF, EPS, TIFF, and
C ANCELL ATIONS                                                                 high-res JPEG files are accepted.
In the event of cancellation of a contract, the client agrees to repay          IMAGES FROM THE WEB ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR PRINTING.
Naylor, LLC any discounts granted for multiple insertions less discount
applicable for the number of insertions completed in the contract pe-           All color artwork must be in CMYK Mode, black and white artwork
riod. All premium positions and direct mail pieces are non-cancelable.          must be in either Greyscale or Bitmap Mode. RGB Mode artwork is not
All cancellations must be received in writing prior to the advertising          accepted and if supplied will be converted to CMYK Mode which will
sales deadline. A charge of $30 will be levied for returned checks.             result in a color shift.
REVISIONS                                                                       All screen and printer fonts as well as linked images must be supplied
Revisions are rework for Naylor, LLC and are subject to a $50 surcharge.        if not embedded in the file.
Naylor provides basic ad assembly and layout to non-agency clients at                Size                       Width                Height
no charge to the client.
                                                                                     DPS Bleed                  17"                  11.125"
Go to the Naylor website at and click on Ad Upload.                   DPS Trim                   16.5"                10.875"
Locate your publication code, advertising order number and advertis-                 DPS Live Area              15.417"              9.5"
ing code in the box at the top, right-hand side of your advertising
space contract. Simply fill in your company’s contact information along               Full Page Bleed            8.625"               11.125"
with these three pieces of information, browse for your file and click                Full Page Trim             8.375"               10.875"
submit. Changes or corrections resulting from problems with supplied
material will be billed at cost plus 15%.                                            Full Page Live Area        7"                   9.5"
TERMS                                                                                2/3 Hz.                    7"                   6.333"
Payment due upon receipt of invoice. Interest shall be charged at 2%
per month compounded to yield 26.82% per year on overdue accounts.                   2/3 Vt.                    4.583"               9.5"
AD AGENCY COMMISSIONS                                                                1/2 Hz.                    7"                   4.583"
All prices are net. Ad agency commissions are not included in quoted
                                                                                     1/2 Vt.                    4.583"               7"
SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS                                                                1/2 Long Vt.               3.333"               9.5"
Ship all advertising materials to the attention of your account repre-               1/3 Hz.                    4.583"               3"
sentative at:
N AY LO R , LLC                                                                      1/3 Vt.                    2.166"               9.5"
5950 NW 1st Place                                                                    1/3 Sq.                    4.583"               4.583"
Gainesville, FL 32607
Fax: 352-331-3525                                                                    1/4 Hz.                    4.583"               3.333"
Toll Free: 800-369-6220                                                              1/4 Vt.                    3.333"               4.583"
For additional advertising information, please contact:
                                                                                     1/6 Hz.                    4.583"               2.166"
Publication Director                                                                 1/6 Vt.                    2.166"               4.583"
(800) 369-6220, ext. 3480                                                            1/8 Hz.                    3.333"               2.166"
                                                                                     1/8 Vt.                    2.166"               3.333"

                                                    THE NEW YORK STATE ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS | MEDIA PLANNER 2012
Please check the category that you would like to be listed under, then initial and date the bottom of the page.
If your category, product or service is not listed, a new listing can be created for you.
Our publication features an Index of Advertisers section in which your company will be listed under the category
of your choice with the page number of your ad. When our members are in the market for a specific product or
service, they can search the Index of Advertisers and quickly locate advertisers that specialize in that category.
One free category is included with any size ad and additional categories are only $20 each.

  Absorbents                                                    Cervical Collars                                       EMS Equipment & Supplies
  Accountability Systems                                        Chassis - Rescue Vehicles                              Engines - Transmissions
  Aeromedical Services/Aircraft                                 Cleaning Supplies                                      Environmental Foams/Extinguishing Agents
  Air Bags                                                      Clothing                                               Exercise Systems
  Air Conditioning & Heating Systems                            Collectibles                                           Exhaust Removal - Air Purification
  Air Supply/Portable Rescue Systems                            Command Centers                                        Exhaust Removal Systems
  Airway Equipment                                              Communication Solutions                                Extrication Equipment
  Alarms                                                        Communications Equipment/Supplies                      Fans/Generators
  Alternators                                                   Compressors - Air                                      Financial Institutions
  Ambulance Dealers/Distributors                                Computer Services - Software/Hardware                  Financial Institutions - Services
  Ambulance Manufacturer/Refurbishing/Conversion                Concrete Cutting Equipment                             Fire Department Administration
  Ambulance Record Books                                        Confined Space Equipment                               Fire Extinguishers
  Ambulance Vehicle Equipment                                   Consultants/Management Services                        Fire Protection & Inspection
  Ambulances                                                    Containment Units                                      Fire Rescue Boats/Life Rafts
  Apparatus - Accessories                                       Cots/Stretchers                                        Fire Rescue Saws
  Apparatus - Chassis                                           CPR Equipment/Supplies                                 Fire-Resistant Fabric Manufacturers
  Apparatus - Fire/Rescue/EMS                                   Crash/Rescue/ARFF                                      Fire/Emergency Education
  Apparatus -                                                   Credit Union                                           Fire/Emergency Services Journals
   Used/Refurbished/Conversions/Maintenance/Repair              Crisis Planners                                        Fire/Security Systems
  Architects & Construction Services                            Custom Awards                                          Firefighter Gear/Accessories/Apparel
  Architects - Fire Training Buildings/Engineers                Custom Built Tankers                                   Firefighter Health Services
  Arson-Related Products                                        Custom Cab & Chassis Manufacturing                     First Aid Kits
  Associations/Organizations                                    Data Collection                                        Flashlights
  Audible Warning Devices                                       Decontamination/Shelters/Deployment                    Flooring
  Audio/Visual - Videos/Slides                                  Defibrillators/Cardiac/AEDs & Supplies                 Foam Equipment/Foam Systems
  AVL/GPS/Mapping                                               Detectors - AC/Gas                                     Fog/Smoke Generators & Ejectors
  Backboards                                                    Disinfectants/Skin Preps                               Footwear
  Badges/Patches/Pins/Emblems/Insignias                         Dispatch/CAD                                           Full-Line Distributor
  Bags/Cases/Kits                                               Display Fireworks                                      Fundraising
  Bandages/Dressings/Prep Kits                                  Distance Based Education                               Furniture
  Batteries/Charger Packs                                       Distributors of Fire & Emergency Supplies              Gauges/Flow Meters/Sensors
  Billing Services                                              Diving & Water Rescue                                  Generators
  Blankets                                                      Doors - Roll-Up                                        Gloves
  Blood Pressure Monitoring Equipment/Supplies                  ECG Monitors/Recorder & Supplies                       Grant Programs
  Body Armor/Tactical                                           Education - Colleges/Training                          Hardware
  Books/Films/Videos                                            Education - Training Materials                         Haz-Mat/WMD/Terrorism Response Equipment
  Brackets & Mounts for Equipment                               Electrical Systems                                     Health/Fitness/Self-Care
  Breathing Equipment/Supplies                                  Emergency Air Medical Service                          Helmets & Accessories
  Burn-Free Products                                            Emergency Lighting                                     Hose & Fittings
  Burn-Treatment Kits/Supplies                                  Emergency Medical Equipment                            Hose Storage
  Cameras                                                       Emergency Warning Systems                              Hose/Nozzles/Reels/Couplings/Adaptors
  Catheters                                                     Employment/Recruitment                                 Hot/Cold Packs


                 One free listing with any size ad. Additional listings at $20.00 each. No limit. Please list new categories on this sheet.

                           ________Additional Index Categories X $20.00 = $____________________

Please check the category that you would like to be listed under, then initial and date the bottom of the page.
If your category, product or service is not listed, a new listing can be created for you.

  Immobilizers                                         Pharmaceuticals                                             Telemetry Equipment/Supplies
  Incident Command                                     Poison-Antidote Kits                                        Testing Personnel & Equipment
  Infection Control                                    Power Equipment                                             Thermal Imaging
  Inflatable & Rigid Hull Boats                        Product Testing Services                                    Thermometers
  Information Systems                                  Proportioners                                               Tires
  Instrumentation                                      Protective Clothing                                         Tools
  Insurance                                            Protective Equipment                                        Tools - Forcible Entry
  Integrated Public Safety Systems                     Public Safety & Education                                   Tools - Heavy Rescue
  Intercom Systems                                     Publications/Trade Newsletters                              Tourniquets
  Inverters                                            Pulse Oximeters                                             Traffic Control Products
  IV Equipment                                         Pumps & Equipment                                           Trailers
  Knives/Scissors                                      Pumps/Gauges                                                Training/Instructional Aids/Other
  Laboratory Testing                                   Radios/Portable Two Ways                                    Triage Kit Supplies
  Ladders                                              Refill Stations                                             Turnout Gear Storage
  Laundry Equipment                                    Reflective Tape Material                                    Uniforms & Accessories
  Leasing & Financing                                  Repair & Service - Equipment                                Vehicle Accessories
  Legal Services - Attorneys                           Repair & Service – Medical Equipment                        Vehicle Equipment
  Lifting Systems                                      Rescue Equipment                                            Vehicles other than Ambulances
  Lighting                                             Respiratory Systems                                         Ventilation Equipment & Fans
  Lighting - Vehicular                                 Restraints                                                  Ventilators
  Load Boosters                                        Resuscitation Equipment                                     Water Rescue - SCUBA Diving Equipment
  Lock Boxes                                           Retarders                                                   Water Systems
  Manikins/Simulators                                  Ropes/Chains/Safety Belts & Accessories                     Water/Ice Rescue
  Mapping/GIS                                          SCBA & Supplies                                             Weather Systems
  MCI/Disaster Management                              Schools/Education Programs                                  Websites & Internet Services
  Medical/Surgical Instruments                         Search & Rescue Equipment                                   Wellness/Fitness Programs
  Miscellaneous                                        Shelters                                                    Wildland Fire Equipment
  Mobile Command Centers                               Sirens/Lights/Alarms/Signaling Devices
  Monitoring Devices                                   Skid Units
  Monitors & Detectors                                 Snow Chain Systems
  Monitors - Deck Guns                                 Specialized Rescue & Firefighting
  Neonatal Transportation Equipment                     Tools/Equipment
  Novelty/Gift Items                                   Spill Control Products
  Nozzles/Hoses/Reels                                  Splints
  OB Kits                                              Sprinkler Accessories
  Organizational Systems                               Stethoscopes
  Orthopedic/Soft Goods                                Storage/Racks/Systems/Locking Drawers
  Oxygen Equipment                                     Stretchers/Lifters
  Patient Handling                                     Suction/Aspirators
  Pediatric Equipment                                  T-Shirts & Clothing
  Personal Alert Safety Systems                        Tank Level Indicators
  Personal Safety Devices                              Tanks

                One free listing with any size ad. Additional listings at $20.00 each. No limit. Please list new categories on this sheet.

                          ________Additional Index Categories X $20.00 = $____________________

Our publication is made possible solely through advertiser support. We appreciate the investment that our advertisers
make with the NYSAFC and strongly encourage our members to support the vendors that support our association. As the
official publication of NYSAFC, members know that they can confidently select the quality products and services featured
within the pages of SIZE UP.

10-8 Aerial Service                       Fire Hooks Unlimited, Inc.                 Passero Associates
Advantage Sport & Fitness                 Fire Soaps                                 Paul Congelosi Sales, Inc.
Air Cleaning Systems, Inc.                Firecom                                    Penflex, Inc.
Air Vacuum Corporation                    Fowler Route Company                       PennWell Corporation
American Trade Mark Co                    Frank & Sons Body Works                    PERMA
AMKUS, Inc.                               Fraternal Composite Service                Provident Agency, Inc.
B-LANN Equipment Co. Inc.                 G&G Fitness                                Quaker Safety Products Corp.
Backstop-USA                              H2M                                        Rock-N-Rescue
Baker Fabrication, LLC                    HBT Architects                             Safety First Fire Equipment Testing, Inc.
Bovenzi Architects                        Idaho Technology, Inc.                     Silver Towne Mint
Bullex Digital Safety                     IFSTA/Fire Protection Publications         Statewide Machinery, Inc.
C.E. Niehoff & Company                    INTEC Video Systems, Inc.                  Surrey Fire Safety House
C.T. Male Associates                      International Association of Fire Chiefs   Symbol Arts
Certified Ambulance Group, Inc.           Jerome Fire Equipment/MSA                  Tele-Lite, Inc.
Communication Corner                      Joel's Front Yard Steak House              Turning Stone Casino Resort
DR & W Enterprises, LLC                   Marion Body Works, Inc.                    Utica National Insurance Group
Eastford Fire & Rescue Sales, LLC         Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners               W&E Phillips Locksmith, Inc.
Emergency Reporting                       Mitchell Associates Architects             W.S. Darley & Co.
Emergency Responder Reply System          Morgan Stanley Smith Barney                Wascomat
   (                    Municipal Emergency Services, Inc.         Water Way Hose Testing
Essex PB & R Corp.                        Niedner                                    Weh Technologies, Inc.
Final Honor                               Oneida County CVB                          Wells Communication Service, Inc.
Fire Districts of New York Mutual         Onspot of North America,Inc.               Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc.
   Insurance Company, Inc.                                                           Ziamatic Corp.

                                       We appreciate your support!

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