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					     UA Huntsville
Intercollegiate Athletics

      Strategic Plan
      February 2009
   . . .to facilitate and enrich educational and
    personal growth opportunities for our students
    through participation in intercollegiate athletics
   Commitment to student-athlete welfare
   Advocates for athletic excellence, academic
    performance, ethical conduct, diversity, and

To create an elite NCAA Division II and
Division I (ice hockey) athletics program that
mirrors, embraces, and is fully integrated into
the academic purpose of the university.

   16 men’s and women’s varsity sports
   200 student-athletes
   Compete at NCAA Division II in all but ice
    hockey, NCAA Division I
   22 student-athletes have 4.0 in one or both
    of past two semesters
   83 student-athletes maintain a GPA of 3.0
    or higher
Benefits of Intercollegiate Athletics

    Athletes contribute to campus life
    Athletics increases student recruitment and
    Student-athletes feel direct benefit from their
     participation—opportunity to compete while
     earning a first-rate education
    Lessons in teamwork, perseverance and
     discipline build leaders
    Athletes are good alumni
     Five Core Areas

   Academics
   Athletics Competition
   Financial Resources
   Facilities
   Community Engagement
           1. Academics
   Excel in classroom and graduate
   Recruit student-athletes who are prepared
    and motivated
   Team median GPA 3.0 ↑
   Graduate rate of 85 %
   Secure an academic advisor
        2. Competition
   Winning percentage of 70 %
   Win GSC Women’s All Sports Trophy
   Finish in top 3 Men’s All Sports Trophy
   All sports finish in top 50 % of GSC
   Attract more student-athletes
           3. Financial Resources
   Double Athletic Association membership,
    currently 1,134 donors
   Double annual giving, currently $421,555
   Generate 50 % ↑ in tickets, licensing,
    merchandising, sponsorships
   Double athletics named scholarships
   Hire full-time athletics fund-raising professional
              4. Facilities
   All teams compete on campus
   Complete baseball/softball complex
   Renovate Spragins Hall
   Renovate tennis courts and soccer fields
   Build Convocation Center/ Ice Arena
   Build track and field complex
        5. Community Engagement
   Create fun, events that bring people to campus,
    position UAHuntsville as a community hub
     Youth sports
     AUSA

     BRAC

     Chamber of Commerce

     Huntsville Young Professionals

     UAH Alumni Association

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