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                                                                      Est. 1984


      Your Maine Source For Hardy Perennials!   TM

                    2010 CATALOG
Notes from the farm
                 Did you ever wonder what the name of that plant is that grew at the edge
                 of your Grandmother’s favorite garden? Here at Fieldstone Gardens we
                 have been able to help many gardeners finally solve that life long mystery.
                 In fact, we maintain as many old time favorites here on our 250 acre farm.
                 We not only carry the hard to find but we also carry the newest cultivars
                 introduced each year. Check out two of the newer colors of Echinacea at
                 the bottom of this page. Talk about a wow factor in your perennial garden.
                 Additionally, we are very proud to be the sole distributors of any new intro-
                 ductions from the Dunlop and Cole line of Siberian Irises. To wet your
                 appetite, we’ve lowered the prices on several cultivars from the original
                 introductions. Now is a great time to sample these exquisite Siberian
                 irises. Check out their new 2010 additions in the middle of this catalog.

                 With a reputation for those hard to find as well as the newest cutting edge
                 perennial cultivars, we are distinctly know as a destination point nursery.
                 Most of our return customers pack a lunch and make a day of it. When
                 customers arrive here for the first time they are truly awestruck. There are
                 several garden paths that can be taken in and about the retail area. Inspi-
                 rational gardens proudly display their phenomenal specimen plants
                 throughout the park like property. Some of the key focal points are a
                 twenty five foot fifteen year old climbing hydrangea, nine ponds, a very
                 special wedding photography garden, four generations of rock walls-both
                 formal and informal, a 30 year old apple orchard and fields beyond your
                 imagination. Encompassing the nursery are 80,000 red pine trees. These
                 trees make the perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts as well as

                 We invite you to visit our spectacular nursery any
                 time you are in the neighborhood. We also invite
                 you to view our farm via the internet. Just click
                 on the “Photo Tour” button on our home page at
                                                                                     st Mo
                                                                              Har ve
                 Welcome to Fieldstone Gardens and Happy

  On The Cover                                                            Sund

                                                      See Echinacea purpurea ‘Harvest Moon’
                                                      on page 12 and ‘Sundown’ on page 13.

                                                                                                          NURSERY INFORMATION

YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! When visiting in Maine, plan                               CONVENIENT WAYS TO SHOP
a visit with us! We are conveniently located less than an
hour from LL Bean and Maine’s scenic mid-coast. Our                        ONLINE Offering complete plant listings
Annual Open House this year is Sunday, June 27, 2010.                                   including photos and descriptions.
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United States as well as internationally.                                  & FAX
                                                                                        55 Quaker Lane
                                                                                        Vassalboro, ME 04989-3816
The 250 acre farm is a meticulously maintained location                                 207-923-3836 (phone/fax)
with acres of field grown stock as well as over 60,000 con-
tainers. Open to the public, the display gardens have been                              In season hours: 9-5 Tues-Sun
                                                                                        Closed Mondays.
a destination for day-trippers from the state as well as the
region.                                                                                 Off season hours: 9-5 Mon-Fri
                                                                                        Closed Saturday and Sunday.
We pride ourselves on our plant quality and outstanding
service to our customers. All of our perennials are grown in               SHOP         Come visit! Our retail location is
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our Zone 4 location and are proven to be superior selec-                                Tuesday-Sunday, 9:00am-5:00pm.
tions for your garden!                                                                  Closed Monday.

                                                                    We are located between Augusta and Waterville, about 15
                                                                    minutes from each.

                                                                    FROM AUGUSTA (Exit 109/30)
                                                                    Go East into Augusta on Rte. 100. Go around both traffic
                                                                    circles 180 degrees and continue on Rte. 100 as it merges
                                                                    with Rte. 201 North. Follow Rte. 201 North exactly 10
                                                                    miles (from the 2nd circle) to Bog Road on your right. Fol-
                                                                    low Bog Road for 2.5 miles. Take a right onto Cross Hill
                                                                    Road for 1 mile. Take a left onto Quaker Lane. Watch for
                                                                    the State directional signs.

Go straight for 1.8 miles, until the intersection for route
201. Go North (left) on to route 201 for 9 miles. Look for
Bog Road on the right. Follow Bog Road for 2.5 miles. Take
a right onto Cross Hill Road for 1 mile. Take a left onto
Quaker Lane. Watch for the State directional signs.

Go East on Rte. 137 across the Kennebec River. Take a
right onto Rte. 201 South and drive exactly 6.5 miles.
Follow Bog Road for 2.5 miles. Take a right onto Cross Hill
Road for 1 mile. Take a left onto Quaker Lane. Watch for
the State directional signs.

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A $20 fee is imposed on all returned checks. THE PRICES
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AVAILABILITY: We carefully plan our catalog inventory. However,
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equivalent choice. We also carry many unusual perennials that are
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                                                                            such as drought, extreme heat or cold, possible neglect, or winterkill.
gather the order prior to your arrival.
                                                                            Claims of plant damage will receive consideration only when made
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NURSERY VISITS: When visiting in Maine, plan to come see us!                Maine State Department of Agriculture, Division of Horticulture.
We are located near golf courses, lakes, campgrounds, and less
than an hour from LL Bean and Maine’s scenic mid-coast. Our An-
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nual Open-House is Sunday, June 27, 2010. (Note: The nursery is
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2                                              2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

                                                                       ACH670 Achillea millefolium ‘Strawberry Seduction’ 8.85
                                                                       Part of the Seduction series which are known for their sturdy,
Yarrow has a long season of bloom year after year. The                 compact growth habit, long bloom period, and interesting
flowers are flat heads of tight clusters that bloom in June-           flowers. Produces large corycombs of tiny, velvet red florets
September, and provide a constant source of cutting ma-                with bright gold centers. This vigorous grower has lovely deep
terial for bouquets or dried flower arrangements. Deeply               green foliage. Great in fresh or dried arrangements. 18-20".
divided foliage gives a fern-like appearance. An easy to               Zones 4-8.
grow perennial that is right at home in a well-drained gar-
den soil in full sunlight. Divide every 3-4 years. Zones 3-9.          ACH680 Achillea millefolium ‘Summer Wine’               7.85
                                                                       Deep wine-red flowers slowly changing to purple. Bright green
ACH030 Achillea ageratifolia ‘Apricot’                  7.85           foliage. Full sun and drought tolerant. Blooming throughout
Apricot colored flowers growing to 24". Prefer average to dry          the summer. 24".
soil, full to partial sun. Zone 3.
                                                                       ACH68U Achillea millefolium ‘Sunny Seduction’ 12.85
ACH465 Achillea ‘Mary Ann’                                  9.85       Buttery yellow flowers atop silvery green foliage. Makes an
Pale yellow flowers atop 12-18" wispy silvery foliage.A great ad-      exellent cut flower. 20-30". Full sun. Zones 4-8.
dition to any garden. Full sun and well-drained soil. Zones 3-8.
                                                                       ACH693 Achillea millefolium ‘Wonderful Wampee’ 8.85
ACH475 Achillea millefolium ‘Apricot Delights’              7.85       An excellent addition to the Tutti Frutti family. The blooms are
Apricot Delight is in the Tutti Frutti family. This family has a       rich pink to an apple blossom blush with a sturdy compact
wonderful range of pinks,apricots to near red flowers that are         growth habit that lasts long through the summer. An excellent
sturdy and compact blooming throughout the summer. Full                cut flower dried or fresh. A sun lover and very drought toler-
sun intensifies the hues. Also drought tolerant. A great cut           ant. 15". Zones 4 to 8.
flower fresh or dried. 15". Zones 4-8.
                                                                       ACH700 Achillea ptarmica ‘Boule de Neige’                   7.85
ACH490 Achillea millefolium ‘Cerise Queen’              7.85           Deep green leathery foliage with masses of double white flow-
Shell pink to deep cherry red flowers on strong stems. Makes           ers. Good dried flower, too! Full sun, well-drained soil. 18-24".
a great cut flower. Up to 24" when in flower. Blooms from
June through late summer. Zone 3-9.                                    ACH950 Achillea x ‘Moonshine’’                           7.85
                                                                       A real beauty with brilliant 2-3" lemon-yellow flowers high-
ACH515 Achillea millefolium ‘Credo’                        7.85        lighted by silver-gray foliage. Long blooming, June-September.
Soft yellow flowers. Grows 24-32". Fragrant. Full sun. Zone 3-8.       Introduced by Alan Bloom of Bressingham Gardens in
                                                                       England. This is considered one of the best hybrid yarrows!
                                    18-24". Drought tolerant.

                                                                       ACH965 Achillea x ‘Pomegranate’                      10.85
                                                                       Compact bushy plant with grey green foliage. Deep pome-
                                                                       granate red flowers hold color long into summer. Grows best
                                                                       in full sun. 21-23". Drought tolerant.
ACH615 Achillea millefolium ‘Paprika’                       7.85
Red-orange perennial with fern-like foliage. Prefers full sun and      ACH970 Achillea x ‘Schwellenberg’                        7.85
average soil. Blooms early summer with a long bloom time.              Deep gold flowers and ferny, silver foliage. Average to sandy
Great cut flower.Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. 18-24".        soil, must have good drainage. Flowers July-Spet. 18-24".
                                                                       Excellent cut flower!
NEW ACH625 Achillea millefolium ‘Pretty Belinda’ 10.85
Dense, flat clusters of vibrant, lilac-pink flowers bloom June-
July. Deep cut, fern-like, medium green foliage. 20". Zone 3-8.
                                                                            Thank You! The plants
ACH635 Achillea millefolium ‘Red Velvet’                    7.85
Dark rose red flowers hold their color well throught the summer.
                                                                            were so lovingly packed.
Makes and excelent cut flower. 18-24" full sun. Zones 4-8                   Arrived beautifully!
ACH660 Achillea millefolium ‘Saucy Seduction’ 10.85
Large rose-pink blossoms atop silvery green foliage. Makes a
                                                                                                             - SH, Woolrich, ME
great cut flower. 24". Full sun, drought tolerant. Zones 4-8.

ACH665 Achillea millefolium ‘Sawa Sawa’                       7.85
Nice soft orange flowers on strong stalks. Makes a great cut flower.
Medium green foliage forms in a neat clump. 24-28" when in
bloom. June-September. Full sun, moderate water. Zones 3-8.

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                                                                    Recently Actaea has seen several name changes. Still the
                                                                    same great plant ideal for a shady moist spot in the gar-
                                                                    den. Provides height as well as some brightness with white
                     Monkshood are a fine addition to the           flowers and now even a pink cultivar. The traditional Actaea
                       semi shaded garden. Heights range            known as Baneberry is grown for its compound leaves and
                        from 3-6’ with colors of blues,             colorful berries. It also prefers a shady moist woodland
                         pink, yellow and white. All parts of       location. Note, the berries and roots are poisonous.
                           the plant are poisonous. Zones
                            3-6.                                    ACT075 Actaea japonica var biternata               10.85
                                                                    Pristine white plumes come from clumps of handsome dis-
                                                                    sected foliage in summer. This plant can be accommodated
                                                                    in smaller gardens. 3’. Part shade.
             Aconitum carmichelli ‘Arendsii’8.85                    ACT100 Actaea pachypoda (Syn: A. alba)                      8.85
            Beautiful plants that provide intense blue flowers      A popular wildflower requiring a shady location in moist humus
           in September and October. Thick leathery green fo-       rich soil.White flowers in early spring, followed by white berries
        liage on sturdy stems that never need staking. Full         in late summer. An appealing addition to any woodland
        sun. Definitely makes a statement! 3-4’.                    garden! 24-36". Zones 3-7. Berries are poisonous.

ACO175 Aconitum carmichelli ‘Barker Variety’              8.85
Violet blue flowers opening in August and September. Makes
a great cut flower. Does best in a moisture retentive soil. Full
sun to part shade. 5’. Zone 4.

ACO190 Aconitum carmichelli ‘Spatlese’               8.85
A fall blooming Monkshood with long racemes of large violet
blue hooded flowers. 5’. September.
                                                                    ACT125 Actaea pachypoda ‘Rubra’                       8.85
ACO225 Aconitum lamarckii (Syn: A. pyrenaicum) 7.85                 The flowers appear a week earlier and are larger but not as
Yellow Monkshood is unusual as it grows spikes of pale yel-         fringed as other baneberry plants. The /4" red berries are
low flowers. Prefers to be grown in a cool location in moist fer-   borne on slender green pedicels. 24-36".
tile soil in partial shade. Great for cutting and used in floral
arrangements. 3-5’. Zones 3-7.                                      ACT160 Actaea racemosa ‘Atropupurea’                      12.85
                                                                    Attractive purple foliage all season. In September, slender white
ACO250 Aconitum napellus                                8.85        flower stems appear reaching a height of up to 5-6’. Fragrant.
Blue flowers for late season color. Blossoms appear in August       Full shade. Excellent plant in right location. Zones 3-8.
and early September. Full sun to part shade. 36-48".
                                                                    ACT175 Actaea racemosa var. Cordifolia                      8.85
ACO275 Aconitum napellus ‘Album’                           8.85     Creamy fluffy flowers similar to other Actaeas. Divided dark
A vigorous and robust plant with white flowers that appear in       green long leaflets. Blooms late summer to early fall. Attracts
June-July and persist well into late summer. Grows up to 36-48".    butterflies. Full sun to light shade. Moist soil. 4-5". Zones 4-8.

ACO750 Aconitum x ‘Blue Lagoon’                        12.85        ACT200 Actaea racemosa ‘Pink Spike’                    18.85
Extremely heavy-blooming, compact plant that flowers pro-           Pale pink flowers and dark bronze-purple foliage. Part shade
fusely in midsummer, then continues for the rest of the sea-        with a rich soil. Can take full sun if provided with constant
son. Adding several weeks of hard-to-find blue to your garden       moisture. Blooms summer through fall. 4-5’. Zones 4-8.
display. 10-12". Zones 4-8.
                                                                    ACT400 Actaea simplex ‘James Compton’                   14.85
ACO755 Aconitum x ‘Cloudy’                             12.85        White spires, with great dark purple foliage. Blooms late sum-
Large soft baby blue and white fowers that are beautifuly dis-      mer to mid fall. Shade plant. In the North can take full sun
played from August through October. Dark shiny foliage. Full        but needs constant moisture. 5’.
sun to part shade. Lovely cut flowers. 50-60". Zones 3-8.
                                                                    ACT425 Actaea simplex ‘White Pearl’                   10.85
ACO875 Aconitum x cammarum ‘Stainless Steel’ 12.85                  If your looking for late season color, this plant is a good
Interesting metallic blue flowers in July with complementing        choice! The arching white spikes appear in September-
grayish-green leaves. 40". Zones 4-9.                               October. Best choice for southern climates. 3-4’. Zones 3-7.

4                                         2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

                                                                      ALL400 Allium thunbergii ‘Ozawa’                     7.85
                                                                      We love this one because it rewards us with wine-red blos-
Striking, deciduous climber. This unusual, overlapping                soms in late September and October. Here in Maine that is
foliage looks marvellous on a sunny, protected wall. This             a real plus! A gem reaching a height of up to 12".
vine may grow up to 15-20' and makes an excellent focal
point. Zones 4-9.

ACU190 Actinidia kolomikta                                 14.85
Tri-colored vine with pink and white variegation which can            Bog Rosemary is an easy evergreen shrub for moist peaty
cover entire leaf surface, just the tips or not show at all. White    semi-shade areas. Dense clusters of bell-shaped flowers
flowers. Small edible fruit. Minimum fertilizer for best color.       in late May/June. Spreads slowly by runners. Zone 2-8.
15-20’. Zones 4-8.
                                                                      ANC200 Andromeda polifolia ‘Blue Ice’               14.85
ACU200 Actinidia kolomikta ‘Arctic Beauty’             14.85          Powdery blue foliage covered with pink bell-shaped flowers
(Kolomikta Vine) Grown for its very attractive foliage. Young         and blooms in the spring. Needs a well drained moist sandy
leaves purplish, variegated with white to pink splashes on            soil. 2-3’. Zones 2-8.
mature plants. Fragrant, white half-inch flowers appear in
early summer, bearing 1" fruit in late summer. Leaves may
revert to green while plant gets established. Be patient!
Needs a good well drained soil. Full sun. 15-20’. Zones 4-8.
                                                                      Jack-in-the-Pulpit has been a favorite of American gar-
                                                                      deners for years. These plants survive best in woodland
                                                                      gardens that contain rich moist soil. Zone 4-8.
An all time favorite perennial renown for its long lasting
attractive foliage. Sprays of chartreuse flowers appear in            ARI025 Arisaema dracontium                               8.85
early summer in great masses, excellent for bouquets.                 Unique May blooming woodland perennial! 12-20" with a
Best in partial shade, moist soil, but can tolerate dry               long yellow "tounge" that adds great interest to this moisture
shade. An easy plant to grow.                                         loving plant. Does great in shade with a rich soil. Zones 4-9.

ALC400 Alchemilla mollis                             8.85             ACH030 Arisaema kiushianum                              32.85
Large, roundish leaves. Our local deer population seems to            A unique new Japanese variety. This Jack-in-the-Pulpit places
leave this one alone! 16-20".                                         it flowers at ground level, carpeting the partly shaded bed or
                                                                      border in exotic, hooded blossoms in mid- and late spring!
                                                                      15". Vertically striped in chocolate and shimmery golden and
                                                                      boasting a long spadix that covers the open top of the bloom
                                                                      and extends out 6" like a tail or whip. Unbelievably showy!
Often seen only in the herb garden, Allium has a place in             Flowers are long-lasting. Partial shade. Zones 6-9.
the perennial border, too! The attractive upright vertical
foliage offers a nice contrast to other plants in the                 ARI035 Arisaema ringens                                  32.85
garden. Butterflies love the blossoms! Colorful flowers               If you have an interest in this group of plants this is one you
appear in midsummer to fall.                                          should think about adding to the collection.

ALL050 Allium cernuum                                  7.85           ARI040 Arisaema serratum                              32.85
(Nodding Onion) A lovely allium with lavender-pink drooping           This plant might do well located in deep shade along a shady
flowers. Blooms August into September. 18".                           edge or in a woodland garden.

ACT100 Allium flavum                                    7.85          ARI050 Arisaema sikokianum                                32.85
(Yellow Onion) Open flower clusters resembling ‘exploding yel-        A very striking and bold addition to the woodland garden. This
low stars’ appear in midsummer. Blue-green foliage. 12-15".           Arisaema has a dark spathe and snow white spadix. Blooms in
                                                                      mid summer. A large, impressive find for the collector. 18-24".
ALL145 Allium maximowiczii ‘Alba’                             7.85
Beautiful white flower clusters grow 3-6". Shiny deep green leaves.   ARI100 Arisaema triphyllum                                 8.85
                                                                      The spathe or ‘pulpit’ is green with brown stripes within, arch-
ALL300 Allium senescens                          7.85                 ing over the white spadix ‘Jack’. Blooms in late spring. 12-24".
Pink flowers appear mid-August above twisted blue-gray
leaves. 6-12". Good rock garden plant.                                ARI110 Arisaema triphyllum ‘Starburst’                    32.85
                                                                      Most unusual and attractive form of our native Jack-in-the-
ALL375 Allium stellatum                              7.85             pulpit discovered in Virginia. The emerging trifoliate spring fo-
Pink Prairie Onion of the eastern Great Plains. 8-15" with            liage is highlighted by distinct silvery-white veins. Vigorous,
umbels of deep pink stars.                                            woodland native that goes dormant by late summer.

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ARI120 Arisaema urashima                               32.85
Very bold and sturdy when full-grown 3-4’. The inflorescence
is 6" tall, not counting the 18" tail that emerges from the         Also known as Silkweed, members of this genus are won-
spadix. The lower part is off-white with brown spots, and the       derful for use as dried ornaments. Asclepias have milky
large hood is a deep brown with white spotting and striping.        sap and silky seeds, and some species are known to
                                                                    flower quite handsomely. Drought tolerant.

                                                                    ASC010 Asclepias incarnata                              7.85
                                                                    (Swamp Milkweed) Pink flower clusters bloom early to mid
ARL100 Aristolachia durior                               18.85      summer. Willow-like leaves 4-5" long. Prefers moist soil. Sun
An ideal foliage vine that creates a screen for complete privacy.   to part shade. 3-5’. Zones 3-9.
Huge, handsome, heart-shaped leaves of glossy, dark green.
Can be trained to your porch, trellis, or archway. Flowers re-      ASC015 Asclepias incarnata ‘Cinderella’                     8.85
semble a tiny Dutch pipe. Sun or shade. May reach up to 30’.        Vanilla scented large compact rose pink flowers. Deadhead-
                                                                    ing can stimulate another bloom cycle during midsummer to
                                                                    early fall. Full sun with moist rich soil. Attractive to humming
                                                                    birds and butterflies. Great cut flower. 3-5’. Zones 3-9.

A choice of either large or dwarf selections makes this             ASC025 Asclepias incarnata ‘Ice Ballet’                 8.85
beautiful plant adaptable to most situations. Very showy            Small clusters of white flowers in early summer. Long lasting
with large white plumes. July through August. Prefers               cut flower. Tolerant of drought conditions, although prefers
moist soil. Zones 3-7.                                              moist to wet, humus-rich soil. Good source of nectar for
                                                                    butterflies and hummingbirds. 3-4’.
ARU100 Aruncus aethusifolius                               7.85
This fern-like little gem has dark green foliage with cream col-    ASC120 Asclepias tuberosa ‘Gay Butterflies’                  8.85
ored flower spikes in June that are 10-12". Perfect for the         Scented flowers varying in brilliant colors of reds, oranges, and
shady area of your rock garden or the front of the border.          yellows blooming from midsummer to early fall. Does best in full
                                                                    sun and well drained soil. Attracts butterflies. 2’. Zones 3-8.
ARU125 Aruncus dioicus (Syn: A. sylvester)                 7.85
Make sure to provide plenty of room for this one. Very showy        ASC125 Asclepias tuberosa ‘Hello Yellow’               8.85
in June and July with full ivory plumes. Prefers moist soil. A      Bright yellow flowers that grow 24-36". Prefer full sun and
very beautiful plant, perfect for the shade garden, that can be     well drained soil. Zones 4-9.
used just for the foliage alone! 4-6’. Zones 3-9.

ARU300 Aruncus x ‘Misty Lace’                             10.85
Bred by Dr. Allan Armitage of the Univ. of Georgia. This cross of   One of the most reliable and easy perennials we know! Fa-
A. aesthusifolius and A. dioicus shows excellent tolerance to       mous as a shade plant, but here in Maine it does as well in
heat, humidity and cold and has a nice, compact habit grow-         full sun with a moist soil. We recommend Astilbe for its
ing 30". Attractive, arching, cream plumes bloom on deep red        showy plume-like flowers and for the attractive foliage that
stems late spring-early summer. Partial sun Zones 4-5.              persists all season. Several varieties have reddish-bronze
                                                                    leaves that add to their allure. Some varieties disease and
                                                                    pest resistant. Flowers from June to September. Zone 4.

An excellent shade tolerant ground cover. A perfect fo-
liage specimen for the woodland garden. The plant emits             ASL0020 Astilbe arendsii ‘Etna’                       7.85
a ginger-like fragrance when the roots are cut. Prefers a           Brings crimson red plumes on dark green foliage. July 24".
rich, slightly acid, moist soil.
                                                                    ASL0040 Astilbe arendsi ‘Fanal’                                 7.85
ASA100 Asarum canadensis                             7.85           Bright red flowers. Bronze foliage. July. 20-24". Full to part shade.
(Canadian Wild Ginger) Large light green leaves. Purplish-
brown flowers blooming in April-May are usually hidden by           ASL0080 Astilbe arendsii ‘Fire’ (Feurer)                  7.85
the dense foliage. Deciduous. More heat tolerant than the           A.`Feuer’(G.Arends 1940) The warm glowing red flowering
European Wild Ginger. 6-8". Zones 4-7.                              spikes of this astilbe are frothy and loosely conical. These sit
                                                                    on light, feathery mounds of light green foliage and look won-
ASA200 Asarum europaeum                               8.85          derful when planted in a drift. July. 20".
(European Ginger) A beautiful plant that produces a glossy
dark green foliage throughout the season. Best in moist             ASL0140 Astilbe arendsii ‘Granat’                        8.85
shade, but can tolerate that dry shady area of your garden.         Deep carmine-red flowers in July. 28-30". Nice cut flower/but-
4-6". Zones 4-7.                                                    terfly plant. Tolerates part to full shade.

6                                         2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

ASL0280 Astilbe chinensis ‘Visions in Red’     8.85                 ASL3400 Astilbe simplicifolia ‘Darwin’s Dream’            7.85
Deep red buds that open to a red/pink bloom above                   Dense, dark pink plumes in July. Shiny dark green foliage. 18".
green/bronze foliage. Flowers in July. 12-15".
                                                                    ASL3420 Astilbe simplicifolia ‘Darwin’s Snowsprite’ 8.85
ASL0620 Astilbe japonica ‘Montgomery’                     7.85      Loosely formed small white plumes 12".
Scarlet-red flowers. July. 24-36".
                                                                    ASL3580 Astilbe simplicifolia ‘Sprite’               7.85
                                                                    Chosen by the Perennial Plant Association as the perennial
                                                                    plant for 1994! Long blooming with light pink blossoms July
                                                                    through August. Bronze foliage. 15-18".
ASL1020 Astilbe arendsii ‘Bergkristall’                   7.85
Pure white. 30". July.                                              ASL3600 Astilbe simplicifolia ‘Touch of Pink’              7.85
                                                                    Arching, fluffy plumes of pale apricot/pink in July. Very glossy
ASL1650 Astilbe simplicifolia ‘White Sensation’ 8.85                dark-green leaves. Part shade and a rich moist soil. 16".
Crisp white plumes with shiny dark green foliage. Blooms
from mid to late summer. Full sun to part shade. Great for
borders. 24-30". Zones 4-6.
                                                                    Delicate flowers consisting of clusters of tiny florets sur-
                                                                    rounded by papery bracts. Blooms in early summer to
                                                                    mid summer. Prefers sun or light shade and moist organic
                                                                    well-drained soil. Zone 4-7.
ASL2330 Astilbe arendsii ‘Jump and Jive’                  8.85
Different then other Astible’s. A very well formed upright,         AST025 Astrantia carniolica ‘Rubra’                 8.85
mounded and compact plant. The rapid growth rate, uniform           Umbels of deep red pincushion-type flowers in late spring.
habit and flowering freely makes this plant a stand out. Bright     Nicely divided basal foliage makes a dense clump in good
pink flowers with dark green foliage. 18-24".                       growing conditions. 24".

ASL2425 Astilbe arendsii ‘Nikky’                         8.85       AST085 Astrantia hybrida ‘Abbey Road’                      10.85
Pink and white blooms that flower against dark foliage. Bloom       Large reddish-pink flowers grow 18" in mid to late summer.
time is early to mid-summer. 28". Prefers moist soil.               This astrantia prefers partial shade, but will tollerate full sun.
                                                                    Moist soil.
ASL2450 Astilbe arendsii ‘Pink Paradise’            7.85
Long pink plumes from early to mid-May which continue for           AST200 Astrantia hybrida                             9.85
about 3 weeks. 35".                                                 (A. m. ‘Rosensinfonie’) Rose and pink bracts. Prefers part
                                                                    shade. 30".
ASL2720 Astilbe japonica ‘Elizabeth’               8.85
Raspberry plumes in mid summer. Part shade to shade and             AST235 Astrantia hybrida ‘Ruby Cloud’                 12.85
a moist soil. 28".                                                  Round cream-colored florets with purple-red flowering bracts.
                                                                    Prefers moist well-drained soil. 2-3’.
ASL2760 Astilbe japonica ‘Europa’                        7.85
Clear pink. Perfers partial shade or partial sun and moist soil.    AST285 Astrantia major ‘Tickled Pink’                   10.85
Blooms in June-August. 26".                                         Now known as ‘Temptation Star’. A unique large flower with a
                                                                    starry pink coller of pointed bracts above with umbels of bot-
ASL2820 Astilbe japonica ‘Peach Blossom’               7.85         ton like, dark pink blooms produced in large clusters with lacy
Light salmon pink blooms in June, good for cutting. Attracts        foliage. Part shade with rich moist soil. 15-18". Zones 4-8.
butterflies. Part to full shade. 24".
                                                                    AST300 Astrantia major ‘Canneman’                     10.85
                                                                    Dome like flowers cradled by upturned bracts in soft pale
                                                                    pink shades with unique lobed basil foliage. Will bloom from
                                                                    early summer to early fall if you keep it dead headed. Full
These shorter astilbes are perfect for the front of the bor-        sun to part shade with rich moist soil. 24-36". Zones 4-9.
der or as ground covers. The delicate fine-cut foliage is
attractive all season. Good for containers. Moist well-             NEW AST355 Astrantia maxima ‘Pink Pride’              10.85
drained soil, partial shade. Zone 4-8.                              Large pink flowers on wiry stems above mid green foliage ap-
                                                                    pear in June and last through the summer. A fast grower.
ASL3220 Astilbe crispa x ‘Perkeo’                         8.85      Grows best in full sun and moist soil. 24". Zones 4-7.
Dark rose plumes in July. 8-10".
                                                                    AST600 Astrantia x ‘Bloody Mary’                          12.85
ASL3360 Astilbe simplicifolia ‘Bronze Elegans’       7.85           Large red flowers, dark glossy foliage. Cut flower, dried flower.
Light pink plumes above 12". bronze foliage. August.                18-24". Zones 3-9.

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                                                                      NEW BER750 Bergenia cordifolia ‘Winterglut’             10.85
                                                                      Thick leathery leaves are a glossy green throughout spring and
A perennial that has ornamental interest all season. Our              summer and turn to a deep red in fall and winter. Pink flowers
15-year-old specimen located in an island bed produces                in spring somethmes rebloom in the fall. 12-15". Zones 3-8.
attractive gray-green foliage in the spring, reaching a
mature height of 3-4’. The flowers appear in June for 3-4             BER850 Bergenia x ‘Dark Margin’                       10.85
weeks, with the long seed pods providing plenty of mate-              Bright purple red flowers over green leaves with maroon mar-
rial for dried flower arrangements. Full sun or partial               gins and turn a glossy deep maroon in the winter. Full sun.
shade. performs well in our garden soil. Zone 4-8.                    12-15". Zones 4-8.

BAP050 Baptisia alba (aka: B. pendula)                   8.85         BER950 Bergenia x ‘Overture’                           12.85
White 12-20" racemes. Grows best in sun but tolerates                 Deep violet-magenta flowers. Has bright green purplish fo-
shade better than blue form. Well drained soil and is drought         liage that darkens in the winter. Blooms early to late spring.
resistant. Good speciman plant. Easy to grow. 4". Zones 4-8.          Full sun. 15-18". Zones 4-8.

BAP350 Baptisia x ‘Carolina Moonlight’                  12.85         BER975 Bergenia x ‘Rosi Ruffles’                         8.85
Stunning soft 18" yellow flower spikes in late spring. A great        Flush of rosy-pink flowers in early spring, reblooms through-
full sun plant that is heat tolerant and drought resistant.           out summer and into fall. Thick leathery foliage is nice an
4-5’. Zones 4-9.                                                      compact reaching 8-12". Grows in sun or shade. Zones 4-8.

BAP400 Baptisia x ‘Purple Smoke’                    12.85
Grey stems, blue tinted foliage and showy blue purple flow-
ers. Strong and vigorous. 3’. Zones 3-9.
                                                                      The marsh marigold is found growing throughout New
BAP450 Baptisia x ‘Twilite Praieieblues’                     14.85    England along streams and brooks. Attractive shiny
Deep purple violet flowers and a lemon yellow keel at the cen-        leaves are a perfect background for the large clusters of
ter. A bushy hybrid that will in 2-3 years cover itself in hundreds   flowers that appear in April-May. Prefers partial shade.
of enchanting blooms from late spring to early summer. Great cut      Zones 5-7.
flower. Full sun and well drained soil. 5’. Zones 4-8.
                                                                      CAL100 Caltha palustris (Early)                          7.85
BAP500 Baptisia sphaerocarpa ‘Screaming Yellow’ 12.85                 This selection we find will flower a week or more earlier then
Vivid yellow to butter yellow flowers on blue-green foliage.          the speices. A local grower has made this selection and
Sturdy, drought and deer resistant. 24-36".                           shared them with us.

                                                                      CAL300 Caltha palustris ‘Flore Plena’                    12.85
                                                                      (C. p. ‘Multiplex’) Attractive double yellow flowers. 1-2’.
Unusual foliage specimens are always welcome in the
perennial border. The Bergenia’s outstanding feature is its
broad, glossy 8-10" leaves which are evergreen and
tinged a red color in the winter. Plants confine them-
selves to neat clumps and offer a nice show of color in               A large group of perennials that provides blossoms in
the Spring. Low maintenance and pest free. Sun in the                 shades of blue, white, and pink, in an assortment of
North, shade in southern areas. Moist well-drained soil.              heights from 8-24". Some are valuable as ground covers
Zones 4-8.                                                            and others as cut flowers. Full sun or part shade and a
                                                                      fertile well-drained soil. Zones 3-7.
BER200 Bergenia cordifolia ‘Baby Doll’                  8.85
A low growing bergenia that forms a neat rosette. Dense clus-         CAM085 Campanula carpatica ‘Blue Clips’              6.85
ters of light pink flowers on 12" stems.                              Light green leaves and large blue cup-shaped flowers that
                                                                      bloom from June through September. A good choice for the
BER255 Bergenia cordifolia ‘Bressingham Ruby’ 9.85                    rock garden, as an edging in perennial borders or for con-
Outstanding foliage color from glossy green in summer to ruby         tainers. 6-8".
red in winter. Deep rose-red flowers in spring. Considered to be
one of the best ruby-leaved varieties. 12-15". Zones 3-8.             CAM100 Campanula carpatica ‘Deep Blue Clips’ 6.85
                                                                      Dark blue bell-shaped flowers appearing in June/July. At-
BER400 Bergenia cordifolia ‘Perfect’                         8.85     tractive green foliage. Excellent for the rock garden or the
Lilac-red flowers atop maroon foliage.                                front of the border. 8-10".

NEW BER725 Bergenia cordifolia ‘Winter Glow’ 13.85                    CAM130 Campanula carpatica ‘Pearl Deep Blue’ 6.85
Thick leathery glossy green leaves turn to a redish bronze in the     A more compact carpatica. Large upright deep blue flowers with
fall. Bright red flowers throughout the spring. 12-15". Zones 3-8.    good heat resistance. Blooms in mid summer. 8". Zones 3-8.

8                                          2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

CAM170 Campanula carpatica ‘White Clips’               6.85         CAM760 Campanula punctata ‘Pale Blue Lilac’            7.85
A great compact plant with bright white bell-shaped flowers         Large bells of soft pale blue tinged with lavender. Makes a
in midsummer. Makes an excellent addition to the front of           great cut flower! 24-28".
the border. 8-10".
                                                                    CAM775 Campanula punctata ‘Pink Chimes’                    9.85
CAM260 Campanula glomerata ‘Bellefleur Blue’ 8.85                   Dainty pink bellflowers hang high on this compact plant. Per-
Bears numerous deep-blue flower clusters just above its at-         fect plant for borders. Prefers full sun to partial shade. 15".
tractive ovate foliage. The compact and uniform growth habit
and floriferous nature of the Bellefleur series will liven up any   CAM777 Campanula punctata ‘Plum Wine’                    12.85
perennial program. Well suited for production in small con-         Beautiful large mauve bells on stalks that rise 15" from the
tainer sizes and can easily be marketed alongside bedding           5" dark foliage. A treasure for its dark foliage. Deer resistant
plants. 4-6". Zones 3-8.                                            and attracts hummingbirds. Zones 4-9.

CAM275 Campanula glomerata ‘Crown of Snow’ 8.85                     CAM790 Campanula punctata ‘Sarosota’                    8.85
(Syn: C. g. ‘Schneekrone’) Beautiful large white clusters of        This is a great selction due to it purple pendulous flowers in
flowers. 24". Full sun to part shade.                               midsummer. 3’.

CAM285 Campanula glomerata ‘Joan Elliot’                7.85        CAM800 Campanula punctata ‘Wedding Bells’            8.85
Violet-blue flower clusters in June. Sun to part shade. Good        Double white ‘hose-in-hose’ flowers in midsummer. Tends to
cut flower. 18".                                                    spread. Makes an elegant addition to the garden as well as
                                                                    an outstanding cut flower. 24-32". Zones 5-7.
CAM295 Campanula glomerata ‘Odessa’                        8.85
Large royal purple upfacing clusters. Rise from a mound of deep     CAM860 Campanula takesimana                               7.85
green foliage in May-July. Prefer sun to part shade. 24-36".        Handsome foliage comprised of large glossy, green leaves.
                                                                    Large tubular, lilac-white bells with many maroon spots inside.
CAM330 Campanula kemulariae                              7.85       Vigorous, spreading by underground runners. Ideal for the
A creeping rootstock gives rise to tufts of shiny leaves. Pen-      woodland garden or as a ground cover. July. 2-3’. Zones 5-7.
dulous stems produce blue bell-like flowers mid summer. Part
shade, well-drained soil. 8". Zones 4-9.                            CAM880 Campanula takesimana ‘Elizabeth’             8.85
                                                                    Very impressive with large tubular burgundy bells. Great
CAM438 Campanula persicifolia ‘Blue-Eyed Blonde’ 12.85              grower and makes an excellent cut flower. Blooms mid sea-
Forming a low mound of long, narrow bright yellow foliage           son, reaching 24-28".
with taller stems in summer that hold deep violet-blue bells.
Full sun. 12-18". Zone 3.                                           CAM890 Campanula trachelium ‘Bernice’              10.85
                                                                    Double lavender fringed cup-shaped flowers in midsummer.
CAM470 Campanula persicifolia ‘Chettle Charm’ 8.85                  Bright green foliage. Spreading growth habit. 18".
Creamy white, bell-shaped flowers each with a light margin of
blue along the edges of each petal. 36". June-July.

CAM525 Campanula persicifolia ‘Grandiflora Alba’ 6.85
Single white flowers in July. Makes for an excellent cut flower.    A long-lived plant with sturdy stems that needs little stak-
Grows to about 24". Zones 3-7.                                      ing. There is a clump in our orchard that is at least 21 plus
                                                                    years old! The flowers resemble a turtle’s head, hence the
CAM675 Campanula poscharskyana ‘Blue Waterfall’ 7.85                name. Appearing in August-October, they provide bright
Vigorous, low growing, spreading groundcover, absolutely cov-       late season color. Full sun or partial shade. Zones 3-7.
ered with deep blue starry flowers in June-July. 8-10".
                                                                    CHN100 Chelone glabra                                     7.85
CAM720 Campanula punctata ‘Cherry Bells’          8.85              White flowers with a tinge of pink. 2-4’. Zones 3-8.
Beautiful long, red tubular flowers in midsummer with a
spreading growth habit. 12-24". Zones 4-9.                          CHN150 Chelone glabra ‘Black Ace’                     7.85
                                                                    White snapdragon-like flowers on green-black leaves. 3-4’.
CAM740 Campanula punctata ‘Kent Belle’                8.85
Glossy violet-blue 2" bells on long upright stalks. Lots of         CHN200 Chelone lyonii                                  7.85
vigor! A must-have! Blooms mid summer. 18-24".                      Elegant pink flowers that make for a great hummingbird plant.
                                                                    Late season blooms make the plant a welcomed site in the
CAM745 Campanula punctata ‘Little Punky’                  12.85     garden. 24-32". Great cut flower!
A cute dwarf with blush-white tubular flowers that are heav-
ily spotted cherry red inside. The shiny, dark green leaves form    CHN325 Chelone obliqua ‘Alba’                        7.85
a very dense low clump. Full to part sun. 8-10". Zones 3-8.         White hooded flowers from July-August, 24-28". Full sun to
                                                                    part shade, moderately moist soil is best.

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Small woodland flowers that are simply stunning when                   A large family of flowering plants that contributes over 100
planted in groupings along a stream bank or in a wood-                 popular varieties of perennials and annuals. The perennials
land garden!                                                           listed below have daisy-like flowers in mid-summer. Ideal for
                                                                       butterflies/bees. Full sun and well-drained soil.
CLA100 Claytonia virginica                             7.85
A low growing perennial with somewhat fleshy leaves, pro-              COR125 Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Tetra Giants’           9.85
ducing pink-striped white star-like flowers in early spring.           Large golden flowers in mid to late summer. Flowers last a
Moist but well-drained soil in a woodland area. In midsum-             long time. Adds color to any garden. 2-3’. Zones 3-8.
mer-spring beauty goes dormant. A pair of smooth, grass-like
leaves occurs halfway up the slender, 4-12" stem.                      COR300 Coreopsis rosea ‘Crème Brulee’                         9.85
                                                                       Fine airy thread leaf type foliage with rose pink flowers all sum-
                                                                       mer starting in July. Great for front of borders. 12-18". Zones 3-8.

                                                                       COR490 Coreopsis verticillata ‘Golden Gain’               8.85
The common name Sweet Fern is derived from the fern-like               Quite a different dwarf variety as it flowers for a long period
foliage that omits a sweet smell from the aromatic foliage.            of time. Truly golden flowers covering clump forming foliage.
This native to North America is a small shrub that grows 3-4’.         Blooms in the summer. 16-18". Zones 4-9.

COM100 Comptonia peregrina                                      8.85   COR500 Coreopsis verticillata ‘Golden Showers’ 7.85
Thin narrow leaves are 2-4" long. Either flowers or catkins are pro-   Bright yellow star-shaped flowers. Unique, fern-like foliage.
duced in clusters at ends of branches depending upon sex of the        Good cut flower. Drought resistant. Sun or light shade. June
plant. Openings in coniferous forest in well-drained, dry, acid,       to frost. 24". Zones 5-9.
sandy or gravelly soils. Because it fixes nitrogen, does well on
disturbed sites or sites with sterile soil. Drought & salt tolerant.   COR520 Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’                7.85
                                                                       Chosen 1992 Perennial Plant Association’s Plant of the Year.
                                                                       Delicate lemon-yellow flowers from midsummer to fall.
                                    Drought resistant. Does well in southern gardens. Attractive
                                                                       fern-like foliage. Sun or light shade. 18-24". Zones 5-9.

                                                                       COR525 Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonray’                   10.85
                                                                       Produces masses of light creamy yellow blossoms atop airy
                                                                       clumps of fine, needle-like foliage.The plants bloom all summer
                                                                       long for three continuous months. 18-24". Full sun. Zones 4-9.

                                                                       COR530 Coreopsis verticillata ‘Sunbeam’                    7.85
This adaptable and undemanding plant is very popular                   A virbrant lemon yellow flower with specks of burnt orange in
for use as a ground cover in partial shade and a well-                 the center. Blooms mid to late summer with some fall bloom-
drained moist soil. The very fragrant blossoms in                      ing. Dark green thread leaf foliage. Dry to moist garden soil.
May/June are excellent for cutting. Beautiful for natural-             Full sun. Atractive to butterflies and birds. 18-20". Zones 4-9.
izing in woodland areas. 6-8". Zone 2-7a.
                                                                       COR540 Coreopsis verticillata ‘Zagreb’                    7.85
CON020 Convallaria majalis                              6.85           Bushy 12-15" plants are covered in June/July with masses
Very fragrant, nodding white bells. May-June. Great for natu-          of starry golden yellow flowers. Fern-like foliage. Zones 3-9.
ralizing in a woodland garden! Great cut flower!

CON030 Convallaria majalis ‘Albostriata’            14.85
Longitudinally striped basal leaves creamy white arching               Great cold-climate woodland ground cover. Prefers moist
stems of pendent bell shaped scented white flowers in                  cool areas. Will grow in part shade.
spring. Very striking plant. Sun to part shade. 9".
                                                                       COS100 Cornus canadensis                                    7.85
CON070 Convallaria majalis ‘Dorien’                      12.85         A woodland ground cover supplying four seasons of interest.
The best variety of Lily of the Valley for cutting with scented        Glossy evergreen foliage, white flowers in early spring followed
white flowers. An excellent selection which produces broad             by clusters of red berries in early fall. 4-6". Zones 2-6.
leaves and larger flower bells on long stems. 12".
                                                                       DAP200 Daphne mezereum                                    12.85
CON150 Convallaria majalis 'Hardwick Hall'          12.85              (February Daphne) Fragrant pink to lavender blooms in early
Narrow margins of yellow bordering a dark green leaf. White            spring. Prefers well drained soil and full sun. One of the hardi-
flowers.                                                               est Daphnes for New England. 36".

10                                         2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

                                                                    DIC840 Dicentra x 'Burning Hearts' PPAF                14.85
                                                                    A nice compact bleeding heart. Reaches 10-12". Deep rose
DAP200 Daphne mezereum                                    12.85     red flowers bloom on top of the blue-gray fern like foliage.
(February Daphne) Fragrant pink to lavender blooms in early
spring. Prefers well drained soil and full sun. One of the hardi-   DIC850 Dicentra x ‘Candy Hearts’ PPAF                       10.85
est Daphnes for New England. 36".                                   This is a new compact form of bleeding heart. By mid spring
                                                                    this plant sports a wealth of pendant flowers that are fragrant
                                                                    and bright rose pink. The flowers will contiue on until a hard
                                                                    frost. The foliage is very attractive in that it is lacey and blue.
DAR100 Darmera peltata (Syn: Peltiphyllum)             12.85
White flowers, fading to pink, appear in early spring on 3’         DIC875 Dicentra x ‘Ivory Hearts’ PPAF                    10.85
cymes. Large, shiny, leaves up to 18’ across appear soon            An amazingly compact plant and on top of that this plant
after. Water-loving plant needs a large area preferably along       does not stop flowering until frost. This is like the Dicentra x
a stream or pond. Shade. Cool moist soil. 5’. Zones 5-7.            `Candy Hearts’ but ivory in color. The flowers are fragrant,
                                                                    large pendant, heart-shaped pure white flowers, gorgeous
                                                                    blue green ferny foliage. 12".

                                                                    DIC900 Dicentra x ‘King of Hearts’                       10.85
                                                                    Delicate finely cut soft grey green foliage with dark rose heart
                                                                    shaped flowers, June to September, slow spreading, 12".
                                                                    Zones 3-8.

                                                                    DIC920 Dicentra x ‘Luxuriant’                          8.85
                                                                    A gorgeous dicentra with cherry-red flowers that bloom
                                                                    continuously from April until September. 12". Zones 3-7.

                                                                    NEW DIC950 Dicentra x ‘Spring Magic’                   16.85
                                                                    Clusters of pink, heart-shaped flowers May-July. Rich green
                                                                    fernlike foliage throughout the year. Part sun to full shade.
                                                                    Zones 4-8.

One of the best perennials for the shade or woodland gar-
den! All are easy to grow, requiring moist, but well-               This permanent long-lived perennial has handsome leathery
drained soil. Lovely delicate flowers in late spring.               foliage that when crushed emits a delightful lemon fra-
                                                                    grance. The flowers and leaves have been known to form a
DIC100 Dicentra cucullaria (Dutchman’s Breeches) 7.85               gas which may be ignited on a warm evening. Give it a sunny,
Fragrant white flowers blooming in April-May. Prefers a moist       well-drained location near the back of the border. Takes time
woodland location. Lovely finely cut foliage. 8-10".                to establish itself. so place in a permanent location. An aris-
                                                                    tocrat of the garden! Good butterfly plant! Zones 3-8.
DIC410 Dicentra eximia ‘Snowdrift’                         8.85
Two of these bleeding hearts are placed at our entrance and         DID100 Dictamnus albus (Syn: D. fraxinella)          12.85
they continue year after year to provide us with white blossoms     The 1" white flowers are held on a long raceme. A very spe-
from May through Sept. Up to 24" with partial shade and moist       cial plant for the garden! 24".
soil, they should perform well for you under similar conditions.
                                                                    DID200 Dictamnus albus ‘Purpureus’                    12.85
DIC575 Dicentra formosa ‘Aurora’                        7.85        Forms an attractive plant with spikes of deep rose-pink flow-
White flowers above beautiful greyish foliage. Very vigorous.       ers with reddish veining. July. 24".
10". June-September.

DIC775 Dicentra spectabilis
(Common Bleeding Heart) An old favorite, bearing long
                                                      8.85               As always, you folks
racemes of drooping rosy-pink heart-shaped flowers. Flow-
ers late May into June. You can’t beat this one for its low
                                                                         in Maine are the best!
maintenance and reliability! 30". Zones 2-9.                             I continue to recommend
DIC800 Dicentra spectabilis ‘Alba’                       8.85            you to fellow gardeners.
In our shade garden, the white bleeding heart is noticed by
everyone who passes by.The abundant flowers brighten up any                                             - BS, Lambertville, NJ
dark corner.A very special perennial. 30". Zones 2-9. May-June.

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No garden would be complete without this old favorite.             A spring blooming perennial that should be seen more in the
The stately flower stalk, growing up to 3’, adds splendor          rock garden. Compact little plants that carry an abundance
to the background of the perennial border.                         of flowers in early spring. Full sun but will tolerate some
                                                                   afternoon shade. Must have good drainage. Zones 4-8.
DIG180 Digitalis grandiflora (Syn: D. ambigua)         8.85
(Syn. D. ambigua) TRUE PERENNIAL!! Yellow flowers with             DRA200 Draba siberica (Syn.D.repens)                     7.85
brown markings. Blooms during June and July. Attractive dark       Low growing spreading perennial though not invasive. Every
green foliage that stays semi-evergreen here in Maine. 36".        spring we marvel at the abundance of yellow flowers that car-
                                                                   pet the dense bright green foliage. Ideal for the rock garden.
DIG190 Digitalis lutea                               8.85          3-4". Zones 4-8.
Grows 24-36" with tiny cream-yellow flowers in midsummer.

DIG200 Digitalis mertonensis                           8.85
A perennial foxglove that has broad green attractive foliage       An easy, low maintenance plant that provides late season
all season. Dark pink flowers atop 24" spikes.                     color. Large daisy-like flowers are long lasting, making
                                                                   them good cut flowers. Full sun, average soil. Does well in
DIG500 Digitalis purpurea ‘Foxy’                       7.85        southern gardens. 24-36". Zones 3-8.
Colorful and long-blooming. Starts blooming at 18" and
eventually reaches a bushy 3’. Foxy makes a big show in June       NEW ECH110 Echinacea purpurea ‘After Midnight’ 12.85
and July. Mixed colors.                                            Fragrant dark magenta petals eminate from a dark red cone
                                                                   in midsummer. Being only 12" makes this echinacea an ex-
DIG680 Digitalis x ‘Goldcrest’                            12.85    ellent choice for borders. Full sun. Zones 4-8.
A relatively stout, sterile hybrid that produces strong, upright
racemes of yellow-peach flowers with reddish brown mark-           ECH200 Echinacea purpurea ‘Bright Star’                 7.85
ings. The plant blooms mid-summer to mid-fall, having a long       Immense daisy-like blooms of rosy-red with a maroon
blooming period, attracting hummingbirds with its yellow bun-      center that remains attractive even after the flower fades.
dles of flowers. Zones 4-9.                                        August-September. 3-4’.

                                                                   ECH240 Echinacea purpurea ‘Doppelganger’              10.85
                                                                   (Syn. ‘Double Walker’) Unique double-decker rosy-purple
A shade-loving genus, Disporum is an attractive plant              coneflower. Develops a second bloom on top of vivid orange
growing just 12-24". Nodding, narrow, creamy bells occur           cone during second year when well established. Ideal for nat-
in small groups in early spring, giving way in the fall to         ural gardens and borders. Makes an unusual and striking cut
colored berries. An easy perennial to grow with spreading          flower. 30". Zone 3.
habit. Disporum are easy in rich, well-drained soil where
they will form impressive colonies.                                ECH260 Echinacea purpurea ‘Harvest Moon’             10.85
                                                                   (Syn. 'Matthew Saul') Fragrant golden flowers the color of a
DIS050 Disporum sessile ‘Variegata’ (Broad Leaf) 8.85              big harvest moon. Overlapping petals make the flower look
Great green/cream variegated foliage and white flowers             fuller and larger. Vigorous grower. 24-30".
tinged in green make this 12-16" perennial a beauty for the
woodland garden. Prefers full shade to partial shade and a         ECH355 Echinacea purpurea ‘Pica Bella’                   12.85
moist soil. Zones 4-8.                                             Showy colorful bright red pink flowers with burnt red orange
                                                                   cone. Blooms summer through to fall. Full sun dry to moist soil
DOD850 Dodecatheon x ‘Aphrodite’                      8.85         .Attracts butterflies and a great cut flower. 24-36". Zones 4-9.
Shooting Star. Large robust plants with loose umbels of rich
purple rose with reflexed petals blooming May to June, 20".        ECH359 Echinacea purpurea ‘Pixie Meadowbrite’ 12.85
Part shade and rich woodland soil, for the woodland garden         Pink blooms atop short strong stems in summer. Full sun,
or shady rock garden. Plants go dormant mid summer.                18-24". Zones 4-8.

                                                                   ECH370 Echinacea purpurea ‘Ruby Star’ (Rubinstern) 7.85
                                                                   Large flat flowers of bright rose lavender. July-August. Full sun
One of our favorites! It produces an abundance of yellow           and well drained soil. Beautiful! 30-36".
daisies in late spring. Ideal cut flower. Zones 4-7.
                                                                   NEW ECH389 Echinacea purpurea ‘Summer Sky’ 12.85
NEW DOR135 Doronicum orientale ‘Leonardo’              10.85       A beautiful two toned echinacea, the first of its kind. Petals
2" yellow daisies April-May. Compact plant reaching only 12-       fade from a redish pink near the orange cone to a pale
15". Excellent cut flower. Full sun to part shade. Zones 4-7.      coral/orange near the tips. 2-3’. Full sun. Zones 4-8.

12                                       2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

ECH391 Echinacea purpurea ‘Sundown’                       12.85     EPI800 Epimedium x versicolor ‘Sulphureum’            8.85
Intense enormous russet orange blossoms. Blooms mid sum-            Elegant light yellow flowers. This is a great plant for the
mer to fall. Heat and drought tolerant. Attracts butterflies and    shaded area of your garden. 12". Zone 4-8.
bees. Full sun and well drained soil. 36-42". Zones 3-10.
                                                                    EPI820 Epimedium x warleyensis                        9.85
ECH392 Echinacea purpurea ‘Sunrise’                       12.85     Coppery-orange sepals with spur-like brownish petals. 12".
Elegant butter yellow petals about 5" across on a very sturdy
stem. Blooms mid summer to mid fall. Atractive to bees, birds,      EPI890 Epimedium x youngianum ‘Merlin’                 12.85
and butterflies. Full sun, dry to moist soil. 24-36". Zones 4-9.    The leaflets are sharply serrated, marked with red upon emer-
                                                                    gence in the spring, and turn a deep shade of crimson in the
ECH393 Echinacea purpurea ‘Twilight’              12.85             fall. The 3-8 pendulous flowers are about 3/4" across and light
Rose-red flowers blooming in mid summer. Prefers full sun           pinkish white.Flowers are essentially spurless. Zones 5-8.
with a well dreined soil. 24".
                                                                    EPI900 Epimedium x youngianum ‘Niveum’                 8.85
ECH450 Echinacea purpurea ‘White Swan’                      8.85    Pendulous pure white flowers in April-May. Part shade.
Large white flowers surrounding a coppery cone. A great cone-       Beautiful! 8-10". Zones 5-8.
flower that will add some height to your full sun garden. 24-36".
                                                                    EPI950 Epimedium x youngianum ‘Roseum’                8.85
                                                                    Pink to rose flowers in April-May. Part shade and moist soil.
                                                                    8-10". Zones 5-8.
Excellent slow-spreading evergreen ground cover for the
shade. The compound leaves are light green, taking on a red-
dish tinge in fall. Grows well under trees if the soil has been
amended with organic matter, such as peat moss. April-May.          A prominent wildflower that makes an excellent choice for
                                                                    the perennial garden. Provides late season color. Very easy
EPI200 Epimedium grandiflorum (Syn: E. macrantheum) 8.85            to grow in moist, well-drained soil. Full sun or part shade.
Very showy silvery-pink flowers tinged with lavender. Flowers
in April-May. Part shade.10-12".                                    EUP260 Eupatorium maculatum ‘Carin’                      8.85
                                                                    A new color for Joe Pye Weed. Unique silvery pink flowers and
EPI250 Epimedium grandiflorum ‘Lilafee’                 8.85        purple stems. Grows July-September in part shade. Prefers
Lovely lavender-violet flowers.Young spring foliage is beige-       moist, well-drained soil. Attracts butterfilies, hummingbirds,
brown and greens up in early summer. 8-15".                         and bees. 5-6’. Zone 4-9.

EPI275 Epimedium grandiflorum ‘Orange Queen’                        EUP275 Eupatorium maculatum ‘Gateway’                7.85
          (Orangekonigin)                               8.85        Wine red stems with mauve pink clusters. July-Sept. 5-6’.
Light creamy orange flowers and great green foliage. Great in
partial shade with a moist soil. 8-15".                             EUP400 Eupatorium x ‘Little Joe’                           8.85
                                                                    Lavender flowers atop green leaves. Blooms in midsummer, and
EPI440 Epimedium pallidum                                 8.85      prefers moist soil. Requires sun or partial sun. 48". Zone 4-8.
Upright yellow spring blooms with fine foliage lasting 6 weeks.

EPI510 Epimedium pubigerum                              9.85        A large group of perennials known chiefly for their showy
Compact mounds of leathery, evergreen dark foliage. Pani-           flowers which are brightly colored bracts. Easy to grow in
cles of yellow flowers, creamy-white inside. Partial shade in       dry, well-drained soil. Full sun.
any soil. 10-15".
                                                                    EUR250 Euphorbia dulcis ‘Chameleon’                       7.85
EPI700 Epimedium x cantabrigiense                      9.85         Early in the season, foliage is grape-purple. Later foliage
Pinkish-orange flowers above lustrous evergreen foliage.            matures to an intense purple. Yellow flowers. 12".

EPI760 Epimedium x perralchicum ‘Frohnleiten’ 8.85                  EUR300 Euphorbia epithymoides ‘First Blush’          14.85
Eventually, one plant will become a colony of evergreen             Green and cream variegated foliage flushed with pink during
foliage with bright yellow flowers with short bronze spurs in       the early season. Prefers full sun to partial shade in well-
early spring. Best to cut right to the ground in fall. 12-16".      drained soil. Zone 4-7.
Shade to part shade in a well-drained fertile soil.
                                                                    EUR525 Euphorbia polychroma (Syn: E. epithymoides) 7.85
EPI780 Epimedium x rubrum                                8.85       Always a focal point in our display garden in early spring. This
Ruby red flowers with a light center. Part shade to shade and       euphorbia produces bright yellow bracts atop 12-24" stems.
a moist well-drained soil. Outstanding! 8-12". Zones 4-8.           An undemanding plant that is sure to please. Zones 4-8.

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EUR610 Euphorbia x ‘Blue Haze’                        12.85      FER130 Athyrium niponicum ‘Pictum’                       8.85
Blue-gray foliage is crowned with yellow-green flower heads.     (Japanese Painted Fern) This is one of our favorite ferns! Very
Compact evergreen mound. Partial shade, well drained soil.       attractive foliage comprised of fronds that have a silver-gray
Zones 7-9.                                                       variegation while the stems are maroon. Would brighten up a
                                                                 dull corner of the shade garden. Needs moisture.
EUR625 Euphorbia x ‘Helena’s Blush’                   10.85
A compact euphorbia with green and cream varigated foliage       FER135 Athyrium niponicum ‘Red Beauty’                  8.85
showing a hint of pink on the underside. Features a yellow       Vigorous relitive to the Japanese Painted Fern. Bright red
flower with a green center in spring to early summer.            stems and veins that take 2-3 years to develop and in shade
16-20". Full sun. Zones 4-8.                                     it will get sharp silver and green shadows. Moist to average
                                                                 well drained soil. Full shade to part sun. 12-18". Zones 3-8.
EUR700 Euphorbia x ‘Mini Martinii’                   8.85
Upright reddish stems and green foliage. Light green disc-       FER150 Athyrium niponicum ‘Ursula’s Red’              8.85
shaped flowers bracts with red centers. 6-10". Full sun to       Broad silver foliage traced with wine-red. A real knock out!
part shade and a well drained soil.                              Needs at least part shade and consistent moisture. 16".

                                                                 FER200 Athyrium x ‘Brandford Beauty’                 8.85
                                                                 Red stalks and grey speckled leaves. A fast and vigorous
                                                                 grower. A wonderful plant for woodland gardens or shade
All species have alternate leaves and swollen nodes.             gardens. 24". Zones 5-9.
These plants require a lot of space and should be planted
with adequate spacing.                                           FER240 Athyrium ‘Wildwood Twist’                     8.85
                                                                 Smokey gray and green fonds that twist with age. Perfers a
FAL320 Fallopia japonica ‘Crimson Beauty’           9.85         moist to wet organic soil. 16-18".
Tall, impressive with arching branches and dark crimson
plumes in late summer. Treelike perennial best used as a         FER335 Dryopteris filix-mas (Male Fern)                 7.85
speciman or with other bold plants. Cut back to keep in          The fronds are deeply cut and frilled at the ends of the seg-
check. 8-12’.                                                    ments and are a true green. They easily attract attention in
                                                                 their shaded niches such as rocks, screes, and narrow canyon
FAL400 Fallopia japonica ‘Variegata’                    8.85     bottoms. Part sun to shade and prefers moist rich soil. Can
Attractive variegated leaves of white, yellow and pink.          tolerate some dryness. 18-24". Zones 3-9.
Summer flowering. Full sun to part shade. 4’. Zones 5-9.
                                                                 FER410 Matteuccia struthiopteris (Ostrich Fern) 7.85
                                                                 Large ostrich-like leaves. Likes moist, humus rich soil and an
                                                                 open shady area and can tolerate sun in swampy areas. Likes
                                                                 to be near water. 3-4’.
A shaded garden is always a challenge. However ferns
can play a major role in any area where limited sunlight         FER450 Onoclea sensibilis (Sensitive Fern)            7.85
and moist, rich, well-drained soil exist. Use as a ground        A nice fern found in woods and wetlands in the eastern U.S.
cover along banks and streams as well as foundation              Great for use in shade to partial shade with plenty of soil
plantings.                                                       moisture. 12". Zone 4-9.

FER050 Adiantum pedatum (Maidenhair Fern)                8.85    FER510 Osmunda regalis (Royal Fern)                     7.85
One of the most graceful of all ferns. Delicate in appearance,   Huge graceful fronds, considered one of our finest ferns. Can
but perfectly hardy. Moist soil that does not dry out is rec-    tolerate a wet location. 3-4’.
ommended. 15-18". Zones 3-8.
                                                                 FER560 Polystichum acrostichoides (Christmas Fern) 7.85
FER100 Athyrium filix-femina (Lady Fern)                 8.85    Dark, evergreen foliage provides good backdrop for smaller
An attractive fern, fine and delicate. Shade or partial shade.   plants. Fronds used in floral arrangements. Partial shade in
Will tolerate moderately dry soil. Great woodland selection.     moist, well-drained soils. 12".

FER115 Athyrium filix-femina ‘Lady in Red’            8.85
An Athyrium with showy burgundy running throughout the           Delightful perennial that thrives in moist locations. All
stems. Unique and a worthy addition to your fern collection.     produce feathery plumes in mid or late summer. Sun or
30-36".                                                          light shade. Zones 3-7.

FER120 Athyrium niponicum ‘Metallicum’                  8.85     FIL400 Filipendula purpurea ‘Elegans’                   7.85
(Japanese Painted Fern) Wine red fronds with a silvery green     A bold addition for the garden. Large broad green leaves with
overlay. 18".                                                    sprays of pink flowers in July. 24-36".

14                                      2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

FIL420 Filipendula purpurea ‘Nephele’                8.85
40" stems with pink flowers that fade to creamy white. They
prefer part shade and moist soil. Zone 3.                           A large genus of valuable perennials. Many can be used
                                                                    as a ground cover because they do a magnificent job of
FIL425 Filipendula purpurea ‘Plena’                    7.85         smothering out weeds. However, they are easy to control
Double red flowers in mid to late summer. Prefers moist, rich       and can be incorporated into the garden without fear of
soil in partial shade. 40".                                         invasion. All varieties have attractive foliage, including
                                                                    late fall color. The first flush of bloom is early summer
FIL455 Filipendula rubra ‘Albicans’                       8.85      continuing into September. Excellent subject for the rock-
White blooms in early summer atop 5-6 foot stems. Full sun          ery or the border. Full sun to partial shade.
to part shade, moist well drained soil, but will tolerate dry or
soggy soil. Zone 3-9.                                               GER012 Geranium cinereum ‘Carol’                            8.85
                                                                    Bountiful bright pink velvety flowers with fine dark veins, June-
FIL500 Filipendula rubra ‘Venusta’                         8.85     Sept. Sun to part shade and a well drained soil. 6".
(Queen of The Prairie) Vivid rose plumes appear in July and Au-
gust. One customer told us the blossoms reminded her of cot-        GER025 Geranium cinereum ‘Purple Pillow’                    9.85
ton candy! A perennial that demands a place in the back of          Low mounds to 6" with very floriferous purple blooms from June-
the border due to its height. Wonderful with astilbes and lilies.   August. Does well in part shade. Great for the butterfly garden.

FIL550 Filipendula rubra ‘Venusta Alba’              10.85          GER130 Geranium himalayense ‘Gravetye’                 8.85
Pure white plumes emerging in July and August. Excellent for        Deep blue flowers with reddish centers and red-purple veins.
height and very attractive to bees. 4-6’.                           Sun to part shade in a well drained soil. 12-16". Zones 4-8.

FIL800 Filipendula ulmaria ‘Variegata’                   10.85      GER145 Geranium macrorrhizum                              7.85
Here is an unusual member with green and white variegated           One of the easiest geraniums to grow, either in full sun or
foliage. Definitely a nice accent plant, white flowers appear in    partial shade. Very aromatic foliage. Dark pink flowers in late
midsummer. 3-6’.                                                    spring. Somewhat spreading though not invasive making a
                                                                    nice groundcover. Drought tolerant. 18". Zones 3-8.
FIL850 Filipendula vulgaris ‘Kohome’                    7.85
This dwarf variety has light rose, miniature flowers in mid-        GER155 Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Album’                  7.85
summer. 6-8".                                                       White flowers with a touch of pink. Introduced by Walter
                                                                    Ingwersen from Bulgaria. Zones 3-8.

                                                                    GER225 Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Pindus’            10.85
                                                                    Low growing semi evergreen geranium. Purple/pink flowers
FRA060 Fragaria chiloensis ‘Lipstick’                   7.85        May-July, sun/shade. 8-12". Zones 3-8.
An attractive strawberry with rose-red flowers from June-
August. Low growing, reaching a height of only 6-8". Ideal as       GER275 Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Elizabeth Ann’ 9.85
a groundcover, for rock gardens or containers. Full sun, well-      Mounds of chocolate foliage with contrasting bright pink flow-
drained soil. Zone 3.                                               ers rising well above the foliage May to June. A vigorous
                                                                    grower that makes an excellent groundcover. Will tolerate
FRA100 Fragaria ‘Pink Panda’ (Syn: ‘Frel’)                 7.85     dampness. 10-15". Zones 4-9.
A delightful strawberry with bright pink flowers that are abun-
dant from June through September! Easy to grow and proven           GER285 Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Espresso’                  9.85
very hardy for us here in central Maine.                            Bronze foliage and sturdy pink flowers from May to July. Older
                                                                    blooms fading to white. 16".

                                                                    GER315 Geranium nimbus                                8.85
                                                                    Star shaped voliet colored flowers with shiny green foliage.
Lustrous dark green leaves, turning reddish in cold                 Can take part shade to full sun. 12-16". Zones 4-9.
weather. Strong aroma of wintergreen when crushed.
Shady, moist locations with highly organic soils are best.          GER345 Geranium phaeum ‘Lily Lovell’                      7.85
Beautiful ground cover. Zone 3-6.                                   Deep purple flowers atop 12" stems. We were impressed with
                                                                    the attractive bright green foliage that remained right up until
GAT100 Gaultheria procumbens                              8.85      late November, a plus for us in Maine!
A small creeping evergreen with shiny dark green leaves which
become a rich burgundy color in fall. White to light pink flow-     GER355 Geranium phaeum ‘Purpureum’                           8.85
ers appear in spring, bright scarlet fruits form in midsummer.      In late spring-early summer the plum/black flowers emerge
Acid moist organic soil. Sun to partial shade. 6". Zone 3.          above nice green foliage.A great choice for the collector. 20-24".

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GER365 Geranium phaeum ‘Samobor’                            9.85    GER665 Geranium sanguineum ‘Vision’                      7.85
Wonderful black-purple zoning on each leaf creates a great          Beautiful reddish-purple 5 petal flowers atop mounded
foliage effect complementing the dark burgandy flowers. Bet-        foliage. Deeply cut 5-7 lobed divisions turning red in the fall.
ter form in full sun. Shear back after initial bloom in May/June    Blooms from spring to early summer. Full sun to part shade.
for a fresh flush of foliage. 20-24". Zones 4-9.                    12-18". Zones 4-8.

GER370 Geranium phaeum ‘Springtime’                   8.85          GER735 Geranium wlassovianum                        12.85
Dark maroon flowers. Leaves are green, marbled with white in        Heavily veined magenta purple flowers on a bushey perennial
the spring. Prefers shade to part shade.12-24".                     to 24". Blooms July to August. Great fall foliage!

GER410 Geranium pratense ‘Hocus Pocus’           11.85                          GER745 Geranium x ‘Anne Folkard’            9.85
Large light purple flowers with dark bronze leaves.                                 This is a stunning plant that has climbing
Blooms June-Aug. Full sun to part shade. 12-16".                                         tendancies. Lighter green leaves.Velvety,
                                                                                          saucer-shaped, purple flowers with
GER510 Geranium sanguineum                            7.85                                 black centers. Long, slender stems
One of the most reliable of all geraniums able to grow                                    trail to form a bushy mound. Likes a
in a variety of situations. Full sun or partial shade in                                  sunny well-drained spot. Zones 4-8.
an average soil. Heat tolerant. Purple-red flowers in
June and July. Forms a dense mound of foliage that                                             GER765
will provide you with bright red fall color.                                                   Geranium x ‘Brookside’      8.85
                                                                                              A vigorous plant with large clear
GER520 Geranium sanguineum ‘Album’                 7.85                                    blue flowers and a pale center. Long
Same nice traits as Geranium sanguineum, excepts flowers                                blooming. 20". Zones 4-8.
of white appear in June and July. Grows 10-12". Zones 3-8.
                                                                    GER780 Geranium x cantabrigiense ‘Alba’                8.85
GER525 Geranium sanguineum ‘Alpen Glow’                 7.85        White and pale pink flowers. Has reddish foliage. Blooms
A mound of vivid rose-red flowers in spring over a low carpet       spring to summer. Well drained soil. Full sun to part shade.
of dark green foliage. Plant should be placed in full sun or        Great for rock gardens. 20". Zones 4-9.
partial shade in the front of the garden. 8-14".
                                                                    GER790 Geranium x cantabrigiense ‘Biokovo’               7.85
GER573 Geranium sanguineum ‘Elke’                    14.85          Dainty white flowers with a hint of pink appear above a dense
Pink flowers with dark pink veins bloom mid summer atop             mound of bright green leaves. Ideal for containers! 12".
green mounds of foliaige. Works well as a ground cover or as        Zones 5-7.
a border plant.
                                                                    GER810 Geranium x cantabrigiense ‘Karmina’           7.85
GER595 Geranium sanguineum ‘John Elsley’            7.85            An excellent groundcover geranium with rich raspberry pink
Named after the famous plantsman John Elsey by fellow               flowers in early summer. 6-8".
plantsman Alan Bloom. This variety has prostrate carmine
flowers with darker veins. 10-12".                                  GER820 Geranium x ‘Dilys’                               7.85
                                                                    Dark green foliage. Widely spreading. Reddish purple flowers
GER615 Geranium sanguineum ‘Max Frei’            7.85               with a dark center. 6". Zones 5-8.
Very free-flowering with deep magenta blooms. Compact,
mounding plant makes an excellent groundcover. Reddish              GER840 Geranium x ‘Johnson Blue’                          8.85
fall leaf color. 8-12".                                             Brilliant blue cup-shaped flowers. Finely divided foliage. Most
                                                                    heat tolerant of the species. Blooms from May-September.
GER620 Geranium sanguineum ‘New Hampshire Purple’ 7.85              18". One of the best! Zones 4-8.
Deep purple flowers that bloom periodically throughout the
season. 12-18".                                                     GER865 Geranium x ‘Orion’                                8.85
                                                                    Large, blue flowers with violet veins. Flowers July-August. Full
GER640 Geranium sanguineum ‘Shepards Warning’ 7.85                  sun to part shade. 18". Zones 3-8.
From Scotland. Bright cerise pink flowers over low dark fo-
liage. 8".                                                          GER902 Geranium x oxonianum ‘Rose Clair’          7.85
                                                                    Purple blooms last all summer. Low maintenance reaching
GER650 Geranium sanguineum ‘Spinners’                 7.85          14". Full sun to part shade. Moist to dry soil.
Large cup-shaped deep purple-blue flowers with clumps of
deeply divided leaves. Flowers in June. 30-36". Full sun to         GER920 Geranium x ‘Phillippe Vapelle’                    8.85
part shade and a well-drained soil. Zones 4-8.                      This variety has bluish-purple flowers with strong dark veins.
                                                                    Great unique foliage rounded soft velvet like leaves. 15".

16                                         2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

Easy care perennials that make a spectacular splash of                 Low growing evergreen perennials that produce blooms in
color in late summer. Grand cut flower. Perfectly hardy                March and April. Superb plant for the shade/woodland
perennial for full sun, moist well-drained soil. Should be             garden. Requires shade and a moist well-drained soil.
divided every 3-4 years in early spring. Zones 3-8.                    Regal beauty. Zone 4-9.

HEE070 Helenium autumnale ‘Kanaria’                       8.85         HEL140 Helleborus hybridus ‘Pine Knot Select’ 10.85
Excellent canary yellow flowers in mid to late summer. Great           Mixed colors of white, mauve or green. Partial to full shade.
for the back of the border. Full sun and moist but well drained        12-18".
soil. Drought tolerant. 3-4’. Zones 4-8.
                                                                       HEL150 Helleborus niger (Christmas Rose)                 8.85
HEE375 Helenium x ‘Biedermeier’                         12.85          It is always nice to know that in March we can go out into the
Dark brown cone with rich yellow tips and base with bright red         nursery and glimpse the first flowers of the Christmas
band reflexed throughout. Blooming mid summer to fall. Full sun        Rose.White tinged with pink they announce the coming of
average to moist soil. Awsome cut flower. 36-48". Zones 4-9.           spring for us here in Maine. Semi-evergreen. 8-10". Note:
                                                                       Small root structure.
HEE400 Helenium x ‘Canary’                                   9.85
(Kanaria) Bright canary yellow flowers. Very attractive to but-        HEL250 Helleborus orientalis (Lenten Rose)           8.85
terflies. Great cut flower. Can last ten days or better in a vase.     Leathery dark green leaves producing nodding 3" flowers.
Excellent for wild gardens. Full sun and average to moist soil.        Colors vary from white to dark lavender. Flowers are often
3’. Zones 4-9.                                                         spotted inside. 18".

NEW HEE405 Helenium x ‘Chelsey’                               10.58    HEL290 Helleborus orientalis ‘Blue Lady’               9.85
Red orange daisy like flowers mid summer to fall. Great cut            Deep blue-purple up facing flowers blooms from March-April.
flower, attracts butterflies. Full sun, moist soil, 2-3’. Zones 5-9.   Grow in sunny conditions to full shade. Tolerant of heat and
                                                                       humidity. 12-16". Zones 4-8. Outstanding!
HEE410 Helenium x ‘Cymbal Star’                             9.85
(Helen’s flower) Yellow ray flowers surrounding a red and yel-         HEL300 Helleborus orientalis ‘Double Queen’               26.85
low bi color disk tops on strong stems. Blooms mid summer              Double flowers in exciting colors ranging from whites, pinks, bur-
to fall. Great for cut flowers and butterflies. Full sun and well      gandys, yellows, with freckles and washes. Large lovely ever-
watered. 3 feet. Zones 4 to 9.                                         green foliage. Blooms late winter to spring. Great for walkways.
                                                                       Full to part shade. Moist well drained soil. 12-15". Zones 4-9.
NEW HEE522 Helenium x ‘Double Trouble’                 12.85
Full double yellow flowers atop 2-3’ stems. Strong warm color          HEL315 Helleborus orientalis ‘Ivory Prince’           10.85
and sturdy stems. Great cut flower or a late summer/fall bor-          Many white flowers with shell pink and green on reverse side
der. Full sun, average soil. Zones 4-9.                                of the petal. Blooms very early spring. 15-18". Part shade.

HEE545 Helenium x ‘Mardi Gras’                       8.85              HEL340 Helleborus orientalis ‘Pink Lady’                     9.85
Bright orange daisies bloom in late summer through fall.               Large up facing light pink flowers. Partially sunny to full shade
Great cut and butterfly plants. Prefer full sun, and well-             locations. Moist soil. 12-16". Zones 4-8.
drained soil. 2’. Zones 2-9.
                                                                       HEL360 Helleborus orientalis ‘Red Hybrid’      10.85
HEE560 Helenium x ‘Rubinzwerg’                        12.85            Cup-shaped blooms which vary from shades of maroon to
(Ruby Dwarf) Dark mohogany red flower turns orange-yellow              purple-red. Early spring. 16".
with a brown center as the season winds down. Blooming
mid summer to fall with average soil needs. Ideal cut flower.          HEL560 Helleborus orientalis ‘Yellow Lady’                16.85
32". Zones 3-7.                                                        Delicate and lovely, pale creamy yellow flowers with small red
                                                                       freckles in early spring. Very interesting color. 15”. Zones 4-8.
NEW HEE570 Helenium x ‘Ruby Tuesday’                9.85
Deep ruby red petals eminate from a center which changes               HEL620 Helleborus purpurascens ‘Red Power’          10.85
from mahogany to a golden yellow. 20" Great border plant               Cup shaped maroon red flowers in early spring. Part shade.
for sunny gardens. Zones 4-9.                                          12-18".

HEE580 Helenium x ‘Sahin’s Early Flower’                8.85           HEL730 Helleborus x hybridus ‘Double Melody’ 10.85
Burnt-red petals surround a yellow and brown center. July/             A melody of so many colors just like the above Melody the
August. 26-30". Full sun and a well-drained soil. Zones 4-8.           only real difference is that its you guessed it. It’s a Double!

          Plants arrived quickly, healthy and in excellent condition!
          - BC, Fall River, MA
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HEL760 Helleborus x hybridus ‘Kingston Cardinal’ 26.85             HEM2500 Hemerocallis ‘Summer Splendor’               8.85
Ample fully doubled raspberry wine, mauve flowers on shiny         (Reckamp 1965) Apricot flushed with orange. Cut flower.
dark evergreen foliage. Blooms in the early spring. Full to part   Hummingbirds and butterflies love the sweet fragrance. Part
shade with average soil needs. 15-24". Zones 5-9.                  sun and moist soil. 24-36".

HEL790 Helleborus x hybridus ‘Peppermint Ice’ 26.85                HEM2520 Hemerocallis ‘Sweet One’                        8.85
Double pale pink flowers with deep pink edges in early spring.     A truly wonderful Daylily.. It’s very vigorous with large red
Dark green foliage present year round. Part to full shade.         blooms of 4.5". 24-36".
12-14". Zones 5-9.

HEL800 Helleborus x hybridus ‘Royal Heritage’              9.85    HEM3260 Hemerocallis ‘Snowy Eyes’                          8.85
(John Elsley) This plant exhibits hybrid vigor and a long flow-    A spectacular variety with long-lasting, near white flowers with
ering period. Excellent evergreen foliage of superior form, tex-   reflexed petal edges and a purple eye zone. June-Aug. 2’.
ture and color. The colors of ‘Royal Heritage’ range from pure
white to near black.The predominant flower color is red. Zone 4.   HEM3280 Hemerocallis ‘Sunrise Serenade’                   8.85
                                                                   Light cream with pink. 24-36".
HEL850 Helleborus x hybridus ‘Sunshine Strain’ 8.85
Vigorous hybrid. Various colors of reds, yellows, and cremes.
Gray-green leaves. Part to full shade. 15-18". Zone 4-8.
                                                                   HEM4040 Hemerocallis ‘Crimson Shadow’                   8.85
                                                                   Brilliant crimson red flowers with a yellow heart. 6" blooms
                                                                   are nicely ruffled. Midseason. 30".

                  A beautiful profusion of color bursts from       HEM4060 Hemerocallis ‘Crown Fire’                      8.85
                     this easy care perennial that has been        Bright ruffled copper-red blossoms with a small white margin
                             a garden favorite for genera-         and midrib. 36".
                              tions. Daylilies are available in
                             varying heights, times of flower-     HEM4070 Hemerocallis ‘Crystal Pinot’                 13.85
                         ing, sizes of bloom, and a wide as-       Gorgeous purple and pink ruffled hemerocallis! Grows mid-
                          sortment of colors. Attracts             summer in full sun or partial shade. 20". Zones 2-9.
                          hummingbirds and butterflies. Full
                         sun and well drained soil is all that     HEM4160 Hemerocallis 'Donna Dianne'                   8.85
                        is required.                               Terra cotta red with golden yellow edge and midribs above
                                                                   golden yellow throat on truly unique black scapes. 36".

                                                                   HEM4180 Hemerocallis ‘Double Pompom’                    8.85
HEM0260 Hemerocallis ‘Better Believe It’               8.85        Large,double, salmon-pink trumpets with gold throat and
(Hall, 1971) A nice pink flower with a bright rose red eye.        ruffled edges; sturdy, strong, easy to care for, great grassy
Butter yellow heart. Blossoms are up to 8" width. A long           texture and form. 36".
bloomer with color starting in July through mid-August. 24".
                                                                   HEM4440 Hemerocallis ‘Jims Pick’                           8.85
HEM0460 Hemerocallis ‘Cherry Cheeks’                      8.85     (Wild, 1975) Delicate rose flowers with a tangerine heart. Large
(Peck) Diploid. Six inch rose-pink flowers with yellow throats.    7" blossoms are slightly ruffled. Early to midseason. 40".
Mid to late season. 24-36".
                                                                   HEM4540 Hemerocallis ‘Little Buccaneer’                 8.85
HEM1010 Hemerocallis ‘French Lingerie’                  12.85      Dark red 31/2" blooms with a yellow throat. Very good grower.
Eye catching amethyst blooms that have a soft ruffled brim-        24-32".
stone edge that matches the center. Blooms mid summer.
Attractive to butterflies. Great cut flower. Full sun and toler-   HEM4560 Hemerocallis ‘Little Business’                 8.85
ates most soil. 28". Zones 2-9.                                    Dark maroon 3" blossom with a yellow heart. Slightly ruffled.
HEM1720 Hemerocallis ‘Ponytail Pink’                    8.85
Fine soft pink with ruffled edges and an apricot throat. 24".      HEM4640 Hemerocallis ‘Margaret Weimer’                    8.85
                                                                   (Wild 1975) Burgundy with yellow heart.
HEM1780 Hemerocallis ‘Puff’                     8.85
(Wild 1965) Gorgeous 5-6" orchid pink blossoms with a              HEM4680 Hemerocallis ‘Numinous Moments’                 8.85
chartreuse throat. Midseason. 30".                                 Bold lilac purple trumpet-shaped flowers with lemon yellow
                                                                   throats and plum purple centers at the ends of the stems
HEM2300 Hemerocallis ‘Sirocco’                         8.85        from early to mid summer. The flowers are excellent for
Early, creamy salmon-pink blossoms with amber overtones. 2-3’.     cutting. 24". Zone 2.

18                                       2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

HEM4740 Hemerocallis ‘Pardon Me’                        8.85         HEM7080 Hemerocallis ‘Lemon Delight’                          8.85
Cranberry red self with yellow-green throat. Full sun to part        (McEwen,Brooks) Dipoid. 7" yellow flowers of heavy, crisp texture.
shade. 12-16"                                                        Nicely ruffled with a cool green throat. 30". Early midseas on-late.

HEM4990 Hemerocallis ‘Rosy Returns’                  12.85           HEM7260 Hemerocallis ‘Mint Tint’                          8.85
Wonderful rose colored flowers from summer to fall. This             (Brooks, McEwen) Diploid. 8" yellow flowers, flushed with char-
repeat bloomer prefers full sun to part shade and is fairly          treuse. Jade green throat. Reblooming. 22". Midseason-Late.
adaptable to soil conditions. 14". Zones 4-9.
                                                                     HEM7340 Hemerocallis ‘Obo’                          8.85
HEM5160 Hemerocallis ‘Screech Owl’                     8.85          (McEwen 1973) Diploid. 21/2" flowers of burnt orange and
Flowers of scarlet red kissed with creamy yellow edges.              persimmon. Vivid bright orange throat. Fragrant. Mid-Late
24-36". Mid-season.                                                  season. 22".

HEM5180 Hemerocallis ‘Shari Harrison’           8.85                 HEM7560 Hemerocallis ‘Prayer Lady’                        8.85
Mc Kinney 1976 22" EM 5.5" deep lavender with deeper                 (McEwen 1973) Soft yellow with violet midribs. 6.5" blooms. 20".
purple eyezone.
                                                                     HEM7720 Hemerocallis ‘Sombrero Way’                     8.85
HEM5260 Hemerocallis ‘Siloam Merle Kent’                     8.85    Orange apricot-pink, 6" flowers. Rebloomer. A multiple award
Orchid flowers with deep purple eyezone and green throat. 18".       winner. Midseason-Late. 24".
Fragrant midseason blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds.
Prefers full sun or partial shade, & normal or sandy soil. Zone 2.   HEM7760 Hemerocallis ‘Spider Breeder’                8.85
                                                                     Spider type flowers up to 10" wide in lemon yellow. Mid to
                                                                     late season. Graceful and elegant. 34".

Great Selection!                      - DB, Honeoye Falls, NY        HEM7840 Hemerocallis ‘Sunset Sonata’                  8.85
                                                                     (Mission Gardens 1970) Tetraploid. 6" flowers with an
                                                                     orange heart graduating into a apricot-orange. Mid-season.
                                                                     Ruffled. 24-36".

                                                                     HEM7920 Hemerocallis ‘Toyland’                         8.85
                                                                     (Reckamp 1965) 2" flowers of tangerine-melon with a vivid
HEM5860 Hemerocallis ‘Black-eyed Stella’                 8.85        throat of deeper tangerine-melon. 24-36". Early. Fischer
A rebloomer that features apricot-yellow flowers with a bold,        Memorial Award, 1971.
dramatic dark red eye. Blooms - Early June. 20-24". Zones 3-9.
                                                                     HEM7980 Hemerocallis ‘Twilight Beach’                         8.85
HEM5920 Hemerocallis ‘Buttered Popcorn’                     8.85     (Wild 1971) Glowing tangerine heart.
An excellent double, ruffled yellow flower. 30".
                                                                     HEM8020 Hemerocallis ‘Wind Chimes’                     8.85
HEM6200 Hemerocallis ‘Double Bourbon’                    8.85        (Wild 1972) Yellow melon pastel with a green throat. Diploid.
In 1981 this lily won the Munson award for the orange-red            3" bloom. 31".
color class. Its striking yellow center bleeding out into the
deep reds and burnt oranges leave it looking slightly steaked.
Blooming mid season and being drought tolerant it’s a lovely
addition to any garden. Full to part sun. 24-36". Zones 3-9.
                                                                     An ideal plant for the shade garden. Provide a rich soil
HEM6360 Hemerocallis ‘Esperanza’                            8.85     full of organic matter such as leaf mold or old manure.
(McEwen 1969) Orange. 24-36".                                        Flowers appear in early spring. Zones 4-8.

HEM6400 Hemerocallis ‘Flava’ (Aka: Lemon Lily) 8.85                  HEP025 Hepatica acutiloba                               8.85
A pure sunny yellow trumpet shaped scented flower atop clump         Native to eastern U.S. Evergreen foliage with pointed three-
forming green strap shaped foliage. Blooming earlier than            lobed leaves. White flowers appear very early in spring.
most. Full sun and moist well drained soil. 30". Zones 3-9.
                                                                     HEP700 Hepatica transsilvanica ‘Blue Jewel’               12.85
HEM6780 Hemerocallis ‘Happy Returns’                     8.85        Native to Romania. Masses of starry deep-blue flowers provide
An excellent choice for tough sites as well as for any garden.       rich decoration in early spring over evergreen, mats of leathery,
This wonder has 3" light yellow flowers that blooms all sum-         deep-green, tri-lobed foliage. This selection has larger flowers
mer. Very nice! 20".                                                 than the species and a very good color. Can be grown in a wide
                                                                     range of conditions, but does especially well in alkaline soil,
HEM7040 Hemerocallis ‘Lady Lucille’                      8.85        which should be moist but with good drainage. Sun or shade.
Intense orange 6" blooms with yellow midrib.Tetraploid. M. 24".      Can also be grown in containers. 6-8". Zone 3.

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                                                                        HEU600 Heuchera x ‘Purple Petticoats’                  8.85
                                                                        Dark plum foliage that is very ruffled, strong and vigorous,
The most exciting collection of foliage plants now available            holds its color well in cold. 28".
with continuing new releases. June bloom time with dainty
bells held over wiry stems to form a mist of color. Part                HEU605 Heuchera x ‘Quilters Joy’                     12.85
shade to full sun. Rich, well drained soil. 18-20". Zones 4-8.          2002 Quilters Joy was given an award for Garden Merit. Crisp
                                                                        silver markings on a shiny bronzed back drop gives it that
HEU022 Heuchera americana ‘Chocolate Veil’              9.85            quilted look. Flowering mid summer. Full to part shade with
Smooth chocholate-black foliage with purple highlights. White           moist well drained soil. 18-24". Zones 4-9.
flowers bloom late spring to early summer. Partial shade to
full shade with moist well drained soil. 23-29". Zones 4-8              HEU650 Heuchera x ‘Smokey Rose’                       8.85
                                                                        Rose pink flowers on dark red stems. Beautiful smokey
HEU030 Heuchera americana ‘Crimson Curls’              8.85             bronze leaves. Somewhat fuzzy to the touch. 20". Zones 4-9.
Curling and ruffled leaves of a deep red mahogany. Airy pink
spires in summer. 12-15".                                               HEU673 Heuchera x ‘Velvet Night’                      8.85
                                                                        Greenish white leaves. Prefer full sun to part shade and
HEU040 Heuchera americana ‘Dale’s Strain’                   7.85        medium moisture soil. Grow 1-2’ in June-July. Zones 4-9.
Unique silver blue marbled foliage with white flowers in spring.
Excellent drought tolerant groundcover. Best in light shade. 18".       HEU930 Heuchera x brizoides ‘Silver Scrolls’               8.85
                                                                        The new look in Heuchera foliage combines extraordinary
HEU110 Heuchera americana ‘Pewter Moon’                    8.85         metallic silver overlay with the darkest bronze veining to give
Pink flowers with beautiful silver-gray foliage and pewter veins        an effect that is almost crisp black. White sprays of flowers on
having deep maroon under each leaf. 24-30".                             24" stems from spring into summer.

HEU260 Heuchera hybrid ‘Midnight Rose’                  9.85            NEW HEU953 Heuchera x villosa ‘Citronelle’               13.85
This bold black beauty with its black leaves and hot pink               ’Citronelle’ is a robust hybrid with citron yellow leaves and
spots doesn’t need flowers. Amazing color all summer long.              silver undersides. When planted in heavier shade, the leaves
Full to part sun. Moist well drained soil. 10-24". Zones 4-9.           will be more chartreuse. Since the leaves are so light in color,
                                                                        this variety appreciates more shade than some of the other
HEU513 Heuchera x ‘Blackout’                           12.85            villosa hybrids.
These glossy, almost black leaves create a striking contrast
with its cream-colored flowers, and with other garden greens.           HEU970 Heuchera x villosa ‘Miracle’                     13.85
Wonderful for the border, growing 12-18". Loves moist, well             Several changes in leaf coloration throughout the seasons. In
drained soil in full sun to part shade.                                 the spring, the young foliage is chartreuse with a heavy smat-
                                                                        tering of reddish purple in the center. As the foliage matures,
HEU541 Heuchera x ‘Encore’                                     12.85    it turns brick red with a bright chartreuse to gold edge and
Leaves are small and rosey-purple with dark undersides. They            silvered undersides. A very good grower tolerant of high heat
mature to have deeper purple veins. Flowers are pinky-white,            and humidity. 12".
about 12". Likes moist, well-drained soil in full sun to light shade.
                                                                        HEU975 Heuchera x villosa ‘Mocha’                     13.85
HEU550 Heuchera x ‘Harmonic Convergence’             8.85               Large dark leaves change from bronze to chocolate purple.
Silvery marbled bronze foliage. Fringed pink flowers from               Known for its heat and humidity tolerance, these hybrids are
spring into mid summer. 18-24".                                         a fresh addition to any landscape.

HEU555 Heuchera x ‘Harvest Burgandy’                       10.85        HEU977 Heuchera x villosa ‘Pistache’                       13.85
Burgandy foliage with a silver overlay topped with flowers that go      A glowing presence in any shade garden with a fresh new
from pink to white. Early summer bloom. 12". Zones 4-9.                 exotic look. Plant in full shade for lovely lime green foliage or
                                                                        plant it in partial shade for electrifying chartreuse-yellow
HEU575 Heuchera x ‘Molly Bush’                      9.85                leaves. Unlike other chartreuse colored heucheras, ‘Pistache’
Large crinckled shiny dark red leaves turning to bronze.                will not green up in the heat of summer. Small white flowers
Cream flowers bloom May to June. Full sun to part shade,                appear above the foliage on airy stems in early-mid summer.
with moist soil. 9-15". Zones 4-8.                                      A robust grower that is very tolerant of high humidity and
HEU578 Heuchera x ‘Obsidian’                          12.85
With jet black polished leaves makes it as rare as some gem-            HEU989 Heuchera x villosa ‘Tiramisu’                     13.85
stones. Crème flowers in late summer. 12-24". Zones 4-9.                Young foliage is golden-yellow with flame red veins and a red-
                                                                        dish center. The color transforms to burnt orange, then be-
HEU590 Heuchera x ‘Plum Pudding’                        8.85            comes chartreuse with a silver overlay. Fall foliage is purplish
Red purple leaves with silver marbling. Pink flowers in early           with a lime green edge. Awesome color transition. Cream
summer. 1-2’.                                                           flowers are produced midsummer.

20                                          2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM
                   Dunlop & Cole                                                  A color breakthrough
And the band plays on...                                                             in yellow siberian
Their passion for Siberian Irises is evident in
the details seen in this years’ new introduc-
tions. Jeff and Dean have been meticulously
crossing cultivars to find the most exquisite
combinations of characteristics in Siberians to
add to your collection. In 2010 we are proud to
offer you three new cultivars that will take your
breath away. Each time Jeff and Dean unveil
their new introductions I am amazed at how                        Currier’s Dream
they are able to top their last ones.

‘Currier’s Dream’ (IDC085 pg. 28) A saturated deep yellow
Tetraploid. The darkest yellow tetraploid available today. A very
pleasing yellow flower to honor Currier 'McEwen's long quest for a
darker and better yellow Tetraploid. A lovely new bright yellow for the
front of the garden.

'Home Town Girl' (IDC165 pg. 28) Falls are lavender pink, with
blue veins that give a spider web look. Cream signal with blue
veins, standards are lavender pink, Style arms are dark lavender,
tips fading to light lavender with dark blue ridges.                                              Home Town Girl

'Life is Good' (IDC185 pg. 28) Falls are light plum with light laven-
der influence. Signals large and blue. Standards are ruffled and lay
back slightly giving the flower a nice appearance. Styles are pinkish
with light aqua tones. This plant is a very good grower.

                             Be sure to check out our website to view
                             the entire Dunlop & Cole collection of
                             Irises only available through Fieldstone
                                                                                                     Life Is Good

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     Overstock Specials
           ACH985 Achillea x ‘Terra Cotta’               3.93 7.85
           Muliticolored effect! Yellow, gold, peach, orange and other
           great shades of red and yellow make the flowers on this
           Achillea stand out. Nice silver/green fern like foliage and
           strong stems make this a great cut flower. 24".

                                                       4.43 8.85
           Astilbe arendsii 'Rhythm & Blues'
           Pink flower stalks with green foliage. Bloom time is mid-
           summer. 24".                                                     ASL2455

                                                     4.93 9.85
           Astilbe simplicifolia ‘Key Biscanye’
           Light salmon pink plumes with red stems. Unique two
           tone green foliage with a dark red edge. Blooms mid to

                                                      3.93 7.85
           late summer. Filtered sun. 16-20". Zones 4-9.
           CHN250 Chelone lyonii ‘Hot Lips’
           Early season foliage is an attractive bronze-green, turn-
           ing bright green in late summer. Rose flowers appear in

           CON190 Convallaria majalis ‘Rosea’ 4.43 8.85
 ASL3450   August-September. 24-36". Zones 3-7.                             CHN250

           Fragrant light pink flowers. Cooler spring weather tends
           to make the pink flower color even more vibrant. Slow
           spreading and great as a cut flower. 8-10". Blooms
           April-May in partial shade to full shade. Medium mois-

                                                      3.93 7.85
           ture soil. Zones 2-7.
           DIC200 Dicentra eximia
           (Fringed Bleeding Heart) Attractive dwarf habit, forming
 CON190    a neat clump with fern-like gray-greenfoliage. Fringed           DIC200
           rosy-pink, heart-shaped flowers June-September.
           12-15". Zones 3-9.

                                                        3.93 7.85
           Geranium sanguineum ‘Striatum’
           Spreading mound-shaped plants covered with soft
           salmon pink flowers with deep veining. Blooms contin-
           uously from June until fall. Highly drought tolerant. Good

           HEM3420 Hemerocallis ‘Autumn Red’ 6.43 12.85
           for the rock garden. 6-8". Zones 3-8.

 GER660                                                                     HEM3420
           Deep red flowers in mid summer. May rebloom later in the

           HEM7800 Hemerocallis ‘Stella de Oro’ 4.43 8.85
           season. Great in a border or by itself. 2-3’. Zones 2-8.

           One of the most popular daylilies today! Dainty golden
           yellow 2-3 inch flowers with a small green heart. The
           petals are ruffled. Starts early and continues to rebloom

                                                      4.43 8.85
           throughout the season. 24 in. Ideal for containers too!
           HOS0025 Hosta 'Abba Dabba Do'
 HEM7800   Huge mound of variegated, wavy foliage with gold                HOS0025
           margins. Sport of 'Sun Power'. 28" tall by 60" wide.

22                2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM
              All items on page 22 and 23 are 50% off while supplies last.

                  HOS3375 Hosta ‘Pacific Blue Edger’ 3.93 7.85
                  A rapidly growing blue hosta forming pinwheel mounds.
                  The dark green leaves have silver margins with excellent
                  substance. 12".

                  Hosta sieboldiana 'Frances Williams' 4.43 8.85

                  Make a statement! Large puckered leaves are blue-green
                  with gold margins that deepen in color as the season con-

                                                                6.43 12.85
 HOS3375          tinues. White flowers. Slug resistant. 28" tall, 63" wide.                                  HOS4325
                  IDC100 Iris sibirica ‘Dear Currier’
                  (Dunlop. 2005) Tetraploid, 30in., Mid thru Late season.
                  Beautiful ruffled 4.5 inch blue bitone with darker veins and
                  a lighter edge on the falls. Small yellow, white and brown
                  signals. Standards and styles lighter blue. 1+ branch and

                                                             6.43 12.85
                  4-5 blooms. A great asset in the perennial garden.
                  IDC300 Iris sibirica ‘My First Kiss’
                  (Cole, 2005) Tetraploid, 34 in. Mid thru Late season.
   IDC100         Very attractive 5 inch dark pinkish lavender w/ blue vi-                                     IDC300
                  olet veining and darker at signal area. Pleasing lighter
                  lavender standards and style arms. 1+ branch with 4-5

                                                                  3.93 7.85
                  flowers. A special and stunning siberian for the border.
                  LIG400 Ligularia dentata ‘Othello’
                  Attractive mahogany foliage and yellow orange daisy-like
                  blossoms. Provides nectar for butterflies. July-August. Great

                                                            3.43 6.85
                  cut flowers. Prefers moist, organic woodland soils. 3-4’.
                  LUP500 Lupinus x (Native Mix)
   LIG400         Anyone who has traveled the coast of Maine in June and                                       LUP500
                  July are familiar with the wild meadows of lupine, cre-
                  ating immense pastures of color year after year. Large

                                                                3.93 7.85
                  spikes of blooms and attractive foliage. Zones 4-8.
                  PHL2140 Phlox paniculata 'David'
                  Large flowers of pure white which last into September.The
                  foliage has shown very good resistance to powdery
                  mildew and the fragrance is wonderful! A stunning variety
                  providing nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds. 36".

                                                                3.93 7.85
 PHL2140          PON140
                  Polygonatum falcatum 'Variegatum'
                  The graceful, arching stems of Solomon's Seal add an

                  exotic touch to the shade garden and are often de-
                  scribed as being 'architectural'. This selection has green
                  leaves edged with creamy-white and dangling white bell

                  RUD270 Rudbeckia hirta ‘Goldilocks’ 3.93 7.85
                  flowers in late spring. 15-25".

                  Neat compact plant covered with 3-4" double yellow
                  flowers all summer. 15".

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     Fresh Live Plants

       Like no other in the industry, our
       unique ‘Green’ packaging!
       Your plants are sure to arrive fresh and
       Environmentally safe packaging!

     All items packed are clearly tagged and
     cradled with fresh sphagnum peat moss
     harvested directly from our farm and
     wrapped with brown craft paper.

     All our perennials are field-grown or produced
     in containers. We ship ONLY plants that are
     at least two years old. To ensure that your
     order arrives in a fresh and healthy condition,
     some plants may need different packaging
     treatments. Also, depending on your State’s
     restrictions, some perennials may arrive
     bare-root or in special containers.

             Over 20 Years of Hardy Top Quality Maine-Grown perennials!

24                                 2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

                                                                     HOS0577 Hosta ‘Blue Ivory’                            18.85
                                                                     Ivory leaves with a deep blue center 10-18" tall and 12 -15"
A 1912 hybrid between Tiarella and Heuchera - now a                  around. Lavender spikes bloom in July. A very unique and
wonderful ground cover in a shady, moist location. Small             striking Hosta. Zones 2-8.
flowers open in late spring and rebloom in the fall. Will
not tolerate full sun. 15-24".                                       HOS0630 Hosta ‘Blue Mouse Ears’                       12.85
                                                                     2008 HOSTA OF THE YEAR! Blue-green leaves creating a 1’
HIA300 Heucherella x alba ‘Rosalie’                     7.85         perfectly symmetrical clump with short spikes of lavander
Deep pink flowers. Attractive foliage. Each leaf highlighted         flowers in mid to late summer. Part to full shade with moist
with a brush of purple. Zones 3-7.                                   well drianed soil. 6". Zones 4-8.

HIA405 Heucherella x alba ‘Burnished Bronze’            8.85         HOS0850 Hosta ‘Blue Wedgwood’                              7.85
Pink flowers on tawny beige leaves May-June. Prefers full sun        A very popular hosta with metallic blue wedge-shaped foliage.
or partial shade and medium moisture soil. 18". Zones 4-8.           Useful as an edger or a ground cover. Rapid grower. Pale
                                                                     lavender flowers. Very slug resistant. 19" tall by 44" wide.
                                                                     HOS0900 Hosta ‘Bressingham Blue’                      10.85
                                                                     Blue heart shaped leaves with white flowers. Full shade. 20".

                                                                     HOS0950 Hosta ‘Bright Lights’                             15.85
                                                                     Very popular! Leaves are puckered, gold-centered with blue-green
                                                                     margins.White flowers.A fast grower. 12-24".

One of the best low-maintenance                                      HOS1010 Hosta ‘Brother Stephan’                      18.85
perennials in existence and                                          Large heavily corrugated gold leaves with dark green edges.
exceedingly popular. Hostas                                          Near white flowers in summer.
increase in value with each
year, never needing any                                              HOS1075 Hosta ‘Canadian Blue’                        10.85
maintenance except to cut                                            Beautiful deep powdery-blue foliage is textured and cupped.
out old flower stalks or to                                          Fragrant flowers. Medium-large size at 32".
divide the clumps. Takes
about 5 years to reach                                               HOS1225 Hosta ‘Color Glory’                       18.85
mature size.                                                         Yellow centered with blue and green margins. A real nice
                                                                     grower that has white flowers in summer. 15-24".

HOS0050 Hosta ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’             12.85              HOS1280 Hosta ‘Cutting Edge’                            16.85
(Walden West) Large round dark blue cup-shaped leaves.               Glossy blue leaves with a very distinctive curvy edge. Blooms
Depths of cups have been measured at 4". Near white flow-            in summer and prefers light shade. Grows 22" tall. Zones 3-8.
ers. Tokudama type. 16" high by 14" wide.
                                                                     HOS1322 Hosta ‘Dark Shadows’                         18.85
HOS0135 Hosta ‘American Sweetheart’                 10.85            Think heart-shapped leaves with gentle ruffles. Blue leaves
Glossy green leaves with dramatic creamy white central               with a charteuse yellow edge which fades to a green as the
patterns! Blooms in midsummer. Prefers light shade and               summer progresses. Pale lavender flowers early summer,
moist soil. 20". Zones 3-8.                                          Large clump.

HOS0290 Hosta ‘Beauty Substance’                    14.85            HOS1365 Hosta ‘Deep Blue Sea’                       18.85
Large corrugated green leaves with gold edging. Very large,          Deep blue leaves are cupped and intensly corrugated.
clump forming. White flower in summer.                               Medium sized mound at maturity. Near white closed flowers.

HOS0425 Hosta ‘Blue Belle’                              7.85         HOS1410 Hosta ‘Dick Ward’                                18.85
(Tardiana hybrid) Intense blue-green foliage. White lavander         Corrugated golden leaves with a wide dark green border. 14" tall,
blooming in mid summer. 14" by 24". Slug resistant.                  36" wide clump. Lavender flowers in late sping. Zones 3-8.

HOS0450 Hosta ‘Blue Blazes’                       12.85              HOS1425 Hosta ‘Dorset Blue’                               8.85
Large rounded and crinkled blue leaves. Good growth rate.            Outstanding dwarf. Intense, powdery blue foliage.White flowers.
Lavender flowers on 38" scapes. 24-38".                              Very slug resistant. 10" tall by 24" wide.

HOS0560 Hosta ‘Blue Dolphin’                                 18.85   HOS1435 Hosta ‘Dream Weaver’                        15.85
Heart shaped leaves have heavily impressed veins. Unique blue-       Thick creamy-white leaves with wide blue-green edges. White
green color, especially noticeable in low light. 3’ clumped topped   flowers. 18" high and 2-3’ wide.
with pale lavender flowers in summer.
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                                                                   HOS2575 Hosta ‘Inniswood’                                  14.85
                                                                   (Inniswood Gardens) Bright gold-centered, heart-shaped puck-
                                                                   ered foliage with deep green margins. Good slug resistance.
                                                                   Lavender flowers. Great speciman. Slow grower. 22" tall, 48" wide.

                                                                   HOS2600 Hosta ‘Invincible’                                7.85
                                                                   Very shiny dark green foliage, each leaf is 8" long by 6" wide.
                                                                   Smooth texture. Fragrant lavender flowers in August.

                                                                   HOS2610 Hosta ‘Irish Eyes’                            18.95
                                                                   Grey-green leaves with a creamy-white edge, beautiful hybrid
                                                                   of ‘Beatrice’ x ‘Reginald Kaye’. Flowers are pale lavender.
HOS1445 Hosta ‘El Nino’                               18.85        Medium sized hosta for full to partial shade.
Blue leaves with bright white edging. Lilac colored flowers.
Full shade for best blue color. 16-20".                            HOS2650 Hosta ‘Janet’                                        9.85
                                                                   Center of leaves are chartreuse yellow with a narrow green mar-
HOS1450 Hosta ‘Elvis Lives’                            14.85       gin, pale lavender flowers. Medium to large size clump makes an
Wavy blue slender foliage, lavender flowers. Very unique! 18"      excellent specimen with its bright coloring. 18" tall by 40" wide.
tall by 48" wide.
                                                                   HOS2660 Hosta ‘Jimmy Crack Corn’                     16.85
HOS1505 Hosta ‘Eternal Flame’                          18.85       Large gold leaves with deeply impressed veins. The leaves
Quilted black-green leaves and light lavender flowers in mid-      are held horizontally with piecrust edges, forming a large,
summer. Prefer part sun to light shade. 10". Zones 3-8.            broad clump. Near white flowers. Prefers shade. 20".

HOS1550 Hosta ‘Eventide’                                  8.85     HOS2725 Hosta ‘Katherine Lewis’                      10.85
In no time a couple of plants becomes a large mound of ruffled     Bright gold leaves edged in blue. A seedling from ‘Halcyon.’
green foliage with a narrow white margin. 20" tall by 24" wide.    Lavender flowers. 18-24" high x 36" wide. Very nice!

HOS1900 Hosta ‘Fringe Benefit’                      8.85           HOS2730 Hosta ‘Kingfisher’                            16.85
Large green heart-shaped leaves edged with white. A rapid          Pointed blue-gray leaves with a thick leaf. Lavender colored
grower. Pest resistant. Pale lavender flowers. 36".                flowers in late summer. 12-16" tall and about 30" wide.

HOS2075 Hosta ‘Golden Bullion’                         7.85        HOS2880 Hosta ‘Liberty’                                   18.85
(Bennerup 1989) Pale yellow foliage with a greenish tinge.         A sport of ‘Sagae,’ with very wide yellow margins which turn
Cupped leaves. Leaves can measure up to 6" in length. Heavy        creamy white.A very thick slug-resistent leaf. 26" wide, 40" tall.
substance. Slug resistant. Near white flowers. 16".
                                                                   HOS2950 Hosta ‘Love Pat’                                12.85
HOS2350 Hosta ‘Hadspen Blue’                               7.85    Stunning blue thick foliage that is cupped and corrugated.
One of the bluest cultivars ever developed - which remains         Upright, vase-shaped growth habit. Pale lavender flowers. 20".
blue throughout most of the summer. Beautiful, solid, heav-        Slug resistant. Voted one of the top ten favorite hostas of the
ily-textured foliage. Pale lavender flowers. 18" tall, 48" wide.   American Hosta Society.

HOS2385 Hosta ‘Handy Hatfield’                       18.85         HOS3030 Hosta ‘Mississippi Delta’                        21.85
Hosta ‘Handy Hatfield’ measures 30" x 16" with 20" laven-          A superb large leaf Hosta with blue-grey leaves that have a
derbloom scapes. The leaves are brassy yellow, puckered and        slight ripple. 32" tall and 60" wide. Pure white flowers on top
have a broad green margin. Flowers are lavender.                   of 40" flower scapes. Zones 3-9.

HOS2560 Hosta ‘Ice Age Trail’                           26.85      HOS3075 Hosta montana ‘Aureomarginata’                10.85
Frosty blue leaves and streaks of gold. Color darkens to green     Graceful long-pointing green leaves with irregular margins of
and creamy white in mid-summer. Tolerates salt, and prefers full   yellow turning to cream later in the season. Pale lavender
shade and moist soil. 16".                                         flowers. Outstanding specimen plant. 27" tall by 68" wide.

HOS2562 Hosta ‘Ice Prancer’                           21.85        HOS3265 Hosta ‘Night Before Christmas’               16.85
Thick wedge shaped leaves with attractive ripling have rich        Stunning! Green leaves with a white center stripe. Lavender
dark blue color. Very slug resistant. Large lavender flowers       flower blooms on 30" tall scapes. 18".
mid summer. 15-22" shade/part shade. Zones 2-9.
                                                                   HOS3600 Hosta plantiginea ‘Aphrodite’                 23.85
HOS2565 Hosta ‘Independence’                           18.85       Dark green leaves with highly scented double white flowers in
Reverse sport of ‘Revolution.’ Dark green leaves have creamy       August-September. Requires a warm sheltered position to
white margins speckled with green. 22" wide by 26" high.           flower well. Large mound size at maturity.

26                                       2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

HOS3645 Hosta plantiginea ‘Summer Fragrance’ 16.85                  HOS4825 Hosta ‘Tea & Crumpets’                         14.85
Kevin C.Vaughn 1983.A plantaginea hybrid with large medium          The leaves are cupped and crinkled. Pale lavender flowers. 8".
green leaves with a wide, irregular white margin. Very fragrant
and large lavender-purple flowers. A plantaginea hybrid, this is    HOS4845 Hosta ‘Thunderbolt’                            24.85
one of my favorite fragrant hostas. It forms a large graceful       Thick rubbery foliage is dark blue with a flash of gold down
mound of medium green leaves with white margins. 24-36".            the center which turns to creamy white as the season
                                                                    progresses. Topped by near white flowers in early summer.
HOS3750 Hosta ‘Regal Splendor’                         16.85
(Walters 87) A sport of H. ‘Krossa Regal’. Frosty blue leaves       HOS4850 Hosta ‘Tiny Tears’                              7.85
with a creamy yellow border. Lavender flowers. 36". Beautiful!      A great small Hosta with teardrop shaped medium green
                                                                    leaves. Forms a nice neat dense mound making a great
HOS4075 Hosta ‘September Sun’                       13.85           edging plant. Purple/lavender flowers. 4-6" tall by 18" wide.
This mid-sized hosta is a beautiful sport of the popular H.
‘August Moon’-same form and gold colored center but with a          HOS5025 Hosta tokudama ‘True Blue’                        10.85
bright green margin added. Lavender flowers appear in mid-          Heavy textured blue puckered foliage. Each leaf attains a size
summer. 22" tall by 34" wide.                                       of 7" wide by 8" long. Slug resistant. Lavender flowers. 24" tall.

                                                                    NEW HOS5215 Hosta ‘Venus’                             28.85
    Thank You! The plants                                           Twice double very fragrant white flowers last after other
                                                                    hosta’s have gone to seed. Shiny green foliage forms clumps
    were so lovingly packed.                                        20" high. Shade to part shade. Zones 3-8.

    Arrived beautifully!                                            HOS5225 Hosta ‘Veronica Lake’                          8.85

                                      - SH, Woolrich, ME
                                                                    Green heart shaped leaves with a slender gold margin, laven-
                                                                    der flowers reach 24-30". A dense mounding habit, 18" high
                                                                    by 42" wide.

HOS4420 Hosta ‘Sleeping Beauty’                      18.85          HOS5275 Hosta ‘Wheaton Blue’                        12.85
Sport of ‘Halcyon.’ Pointed, frosty blue-green leaves with          A large deep blue hosta reaching height of up to 15-20".
cream margin. A superb grower with thick slug resistant
foliage. 15" wide by 20".                                           HOS5370 Hosta ‘Wooly Bully’                                8.85
                                                                    Variegated sport of Hosta Blue Boy. Clear golden-yellow margin
HOS4425 Hosta ‘Snowcap’                             12.85           contrasts with blue foliage. Lavender flowers. 15-20". Zones 3-9.
(Alden 80) Blue-green leaves with creamy-white margins.
Heavy substance. White flowers. Can attain a height of over         HOS5400 Hosta ‘Zippity Do Dah’                         12.85
22". Slug resistant.                                                Wide solid green leaves with a wavy, ruffled white margin,
                                                                    vigorous growth, lavender scapes to 40". 24" tall by 48" wide.
HOS4530 Hosta ‘Stained Glass’                       21.85
This award-wining sport of the well-known ‘Guacamole’ has
the same rapid growth and big mounded form of the parent
but with strong contrast between the yellow-green leaf and
the deep green margins and streaks. Lavendar flowers. 15"
tall and 32" wide.

HOS4650 Hosta ‘Sum & Substance’                          12.85
2004 HOSTA OF THE YEAR. Chartreuse gold, glossy, textured
leaves form an immense mound. Foliage color becomes brighter
with more exposure to light. Slug resistant. Lavender flowers in
late summer. Beautiful specimen plant. 31" tall by 70" wide.

HOS4662 Hosta ‘Sum of All’                             18.85
Large shiny green centered leaves with a variable gold
margin. Lavander flowers that blooms in late summer. Slug
resistant. Full to part shade with moist well drained soil.
3-4’. Zones 3-9.                                                           
HOS4750 Hosta ‘Super Nova’                              12.85
(Zilis 1999) A reversed H. ‘Aurora Borealis’ sport. Wider
margins. Does not burn as badly as some other gold-
centered, blue-green margined plants. 24".

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                                                                        NEW IDC185 Iris sibirica ‘Life is Good’                     40.00
                                                                        (Dean Cole R. 2008) Sdlg. 02-45-14 tetraploid, 32”. Mid sea-
                     Through our exclusive association with             son. 1 branches, 4 buds. Falls are light plum with light lavender
                     Siberian Iris breeders, Jeff Dunlop and            influence. Signal is large and blue. Standards are ruffled and lay
                  Dean Cole, we offer you a fine selection of           back slightly giving the flower a nice appearance. Styles are pink-
                          Irises to compliment your garden.             ish with light aqua tones. This plant is a very good grower.
                                    For over 26 years Dunlop
                                            & Cole have bred            IDC200 Iris sibirica ‘Miss Portland’                 15.00
                                               Siberian Irises          (Dunlop, 2006) Tetraploid 30 in. Mid thru Late season.
                                                selecting only          Ruffled blue with white signal (RHS 99B), From Portland
                                              those seedlings           Maine a siberian with charm and character. Standards are
                                                 that meet an           medium blue with slightly darker veins. Style arms are wide
                                                 exceptionally          ruffled, medium blue with a touch of aqua. Wide, deeply ruf-
                                                high standard           fled falls are a crisp medium blue with a white signal, gold
                                                      of vigor,         hafts and a white wire edge. Two branches and 4-6 blooms.
                                                   beauty and
                                                    character.          IDC350 Iris sibirica ‘Pool Party’                          30.00
                                                                        (Cole, 2009). Sdlg. DC-T3-02-303-13. SIB (tet.), 28” (71
IDC075 Iris sibirica ‘Another Pretty Face’               30.00          cm), ML. S. light blue, slight violet cast; style arms light blue-
(Dunlop, 2009). Sdlg. 99256-2T. SIB (tet), 28” (71cm), Mid              white; very wide and ruffled; F. denim blue toned violet, sig-
thru Late season. A lovely new blue-violet with red-violet high-        nal green to brown to black. My First Kiss X Dunlop
lights. Standards are violet (RHS 87A). Style arms similar              99391-T1: (McEwen T9 95/94(2), Currier’s Choice sib, x
with red-violet infusions and slightly darker keels. Falls are          McEwen T9 95/94(9), Currier’s Choice sib).
blue-violet and a little deeper colored than the standards
and styles (89B/C). Small yellow-white signals and yellow               IDC400 Iris sibirica ‘Tranquility Base’                  15.00
hafts. Pleasing and well ruffled flowers. Stalks have one               (Dunlop, 2006) Tetraploid 32 in. Mid thru Late season. Deep
branch and 4 to 5 blooms. Proving to be a parent with inter-            violet near self. Standards are deep violet with darker veins
esting kids too. A nice red seedling, 96102-3T: (Harpswell              at center and fine veining. Style arms are slightly lighter in
Chanteuse x McEwen T8 87/80-1) X Strawberry Fair.                       color and have aqua highlights. The broad Falls are deep
                                                                        violet with darker veins and are slightly ruffled in the center.
NEW IDC085 Iris sibirica ‘Currier’s Dream’                   40.00      Darker signals are accented by brown hafts.
(Jeff Dunlop, R. 2009). Sdlg. 99402-3T. SIB (tet), 24” (61cm),
Mid thru Late. A saturated deep yellow tet and the color Dr.            IDC600 Iris sibirica ‘Joyce Cole’                         15.00
McEwen worked for, to compliment ‘Butter And Sugar’. ‘Currier’s         (Cole, 2006 ) Tetraploid, 30 inches. Mid thru Late season.
Dream’ is the darkest yellow tetraploid available today. Falls are      Ruffled white with green veins and excellent foliage. Wide
good true yellow with green veins, further saturating the yellow        standards are lightly ruffled. Style arms are white with creamy
color. RHS 9A, finishing 9C. Styles are lighter yellow with darker      ribs. Falls are also wide and ruffled with prominent green
ribs and outer edges. Standards are still lighter having deeper         veins that blend to yellow and have yellow hafts. One branch
yellow veins and midribs. Light ruffling overall and usually one        and 3-4 flowers. Foliage is upright and sturdy.
branch with 3 buds. A very pleasing yellow flower to honor
Currier’s long quest for a darker and better yellow tet and a lovely    IDC750 Iris sibirica ‘Great Falls Love’                 20.00
new bright yellow for the front of the garden. From McEwen              (Cole,2007) Tetraploid, 32 in., Early Mid thru Mid Late sea-
yellow seedlings: T9 95/94-9 X T9 95/37-1. Dunlop & Cole,               son. Mid blue with white signal and very ruffled styles. A nice
Fieldstone Gardens, 2010.                                               new blue with styles so curly and they appear to be small
                                                                        trumpets. Often three buds at the terminal with 1 branch and
IDC150 Iris sibirica ‘Dreaming Of You’                       25.00      5 flowers. Good blue green foliage until frost.
(Dunlop, 2008).Tetraploid, 26 inches. Mid thru Late season.
 Ruffled light yellow near amoena. Falls are light yellow with deep     IDC755 Iris sibirica ‘Great Falls Wine’               30.00
yellow signal area, hafts and throat. Standards & styles lighter        (Cole, 2009). Sdlg. DC-02-170-5 SiB (tet.), 30” (76cm), E.S.
yellow fading to near white. One branch and 3-4 blooms per stem.        deep wine, delicate; style arms deep wine, near black midrib,
The first colorfast yellow tet with good form & extravagant ruffling.   wide; F. deep wine, signal deep yellow fading to cream
                                                                        followed by blue Flash; ruffled. One branch with 3-4 blooms.
NEW IDC165 Iris sibirica ‘Home Town Girl’               40.00           Dark and beautiful. DC-T1-97-89-1: (Maurice Pope X Mesa
(Dean Cole R. 2008). Sdlg. DC-T3-02-593-6 Tetraploid, 30”.              Pearl) X DC-87-107-1: (Strawberry Fair x Hubbard).
Late season, 1 branch, 3 buds. Falls are lavender pink, with
blue veins that give a spider web look. Cream signal with blue          IDC800 Iris sibirica ‘Grape Truffle’                    20.00
veins, standards are lavender pink. Style arms are dark laven-          (Dunlop, 2007) Tetreaploid, 30 in,. Mid thru Late season,
der, tips fading to light lavender with dark blue ridges. Late          occasional repeat. Grape violet, darker at signal area with
season, good grower. DC-00-42-6 (Windwood Spring x Berlin               diamond dusting at first bloom. Falls have flowing ruffles and
Purple Wine) X My First Kiss.                                           brown hafts. Flowers held well above lower foliage. Sometimes
                                                                        a branch with 2 to 4 buds. A sumtuuous and elegant color.

28                                          2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

                                                                    IRO2625 Iris sibirica ‘Dreaming Orange’                  9.85
                                                                    (McEwen 1987) Tetraploid, 37", EarlyMid-Late bloom. This
The following Irises listed are developed by Dr. Currier            51/2" flower has light yellow falls and lighter standards and
McEwen, an iris hybridizer, who has made major contribu-            styles. One branch and 3 buds on successive stalks.
tions to the development of the new and improved Siber-
ian. Fieldstone Gardens is authorized to carry Dr.                  IRO2725 Iris sibirica ‘Ewen’                        8.85
McEwen’s three year and older iris varieties. NOTE: There           (McEwen 1971) Tetraploid, 32", EarlyMid-LateMid bloom.
are many more Dr. McEwen’s Siberian Irises available in             Excellent flaring flowers close to true red.
limited quantities. Refer to our website for those available.
                                                                    IRO2825 Iris sibirica ‘Fourfold White’                      8.85
                                                                    (McEwen 1970) Tetraploid, 36", EarlyMid-Late bloom. 6"
                                                                    clear white flower. Flaring wax like falls. 2 branches, 6-7 buds.
                                                                    An award winner.
IRO2025 Iris sibirica ‘Adj’                             10.85
(McEwen 1983) Tetraploid, 30", Mid-Late bloomer. Rich               IRO2925 Iris sibirica ‘Harpswell Chanteuse’              10.85
violet-blue with gold edging on first day, then silver.             (McEwen 1992) Ruffled white flowers with creamy tones. Blooms
Outstanding. Wonderful plant for edging.                            in mid June.A great addition to the perennial garden. 30".

IRO2050 Iris sibirica ‘Annick’                       8.85           IRO2950 Iris sibirica ‘Harpswell Hallelujah’         10.85
(McEwen 1986) Diploid, Miniature, Midseason. Lovely 21/2"           (McEwen 1983) Tetraploid, Early Mid-Late Mid bloom.
flowers on 12" stalks. Rich medium blue with small white            Outstanding 51/2" flowers of rich violet-blue. Exceptionally
signals. Round and flaring. 14".                                    round, ruffled 21/2" falls. Wonderful parent. HM 1985. 32".

IRO2125 Iris sibirica ‘Bernard McLaughlin’              8.85        IRO3000 Iris sibirica ‘Harpswell Haze’                      8.85
(McEwen 1985) Diploid, Midseason. Charming 4" flowers of            (McEwen 1977) Tetraploid, 32", EM-LM. 51/2" soft medium
glistening white enhanced by a few green lines. Exquisite           blue flower. Flaring 2 /2" falls. Styles are true light blue.
ruffled form with feathered midribs. Successive stalks. 28".        2 branches, 5-7 buds.

IRO2225 Iris sibirica ‘Blue Pennant’                     8.85       IRO3025 Iris sibirica ‘Harpswell Snowburst’               12.85
(McEwen 1972) Tetraploid, 30", EarlyMid-LateMid bloom.              (McEwen 1991) Tetraploid. The most outstanding feature of
Sister of Blue Burgee with yellow in the 2 branches, 5-7 buds.      this excellent flower is the dramatically stippled white signals
HM 1973, MORGAN runner up 1976.                                     bursting out on the medium blue-violet falls. 36".

IRO2300 Iris sibirica ‘Blue Snippet’                   8.85         IRO3075 Iris sibirica ‘Hubbard’                            12.85
(McEwen 1977) Dipoid, Midseason. Violet-blue 3" flowers             (McEwen 1982) Tetraploid, EM-LM. Our finest red Siberian.
with violet-blue veins and pure white signals. 12-14".              51/2" velvety rich red with greenish hafts and white signals. 32".

IRO2370 Iris sibirica ‘Chandler’s Choice’                  8.85     IRO3100 Iris sibirica ‘Ira Wood’                            8.85
(McEwen 1994) Red-violet stds and falls with nearly black           (McEwen 1982) Tetraploid, 37", EM-LM.Betty Wood kindly gave
veins given an overall effect of a dark red-violet flower. 32".     permission to introduce this seedling of Ira’s in his name. Close
                                                                    to true dark blue, semi-flaring, vigorous. 2 branches, 5-6 buds.
IRO2400 Iris sibirica ‘Chatter Box Belle’          8.85
(McEwen 1991) Tetraploid, 32". 5" flowers are a blend of            IRO3175 Iris sibirica ‘Kennebee’                       8.85
blue-violet shades. White signals. Beautiful!                       (McEwen 1982) Dip., M. Lovely soft violet-blue 31/2" flaring,
                                                                    round flower. 2 branches, 6 buds. 39’.
IRO2425 Iris sibirica ‘Circle Round’                     8.85
(McEwen) Tetraploid, Early Mid-Late Midseason bloom.This            IRO3225 Iris sibirica ‘Lady of Quality’                     8.85
41/2" medium violet blue flower is distinguished by its lovely,     (McEwen 1982) Tetraploid, M-Late. Flaring 6" medium-light
very round form and by its value as a parent. Produces              violet-blue flowers with silver edging. 2 branches, 4-5 buds. 34".
successive stalks for a good period of bloom. 27".
                                                                    IRO3275 Iris sibirica ‘Lavender Bounty’                 11.85
IRO2450 Iris sibirica ‘Cleve Dodge’                8.85             (McEwen 1982) Dip., 36", VE-VL, repeater.Rich lavender pink
(McEwen 1971) Diploid, Midseason. Velvety midnight blue.            flowers with semi flaring, ruffled form. Fantastic bloomer with
Clean self with no signal. 30".                                     3 branches and up to 9 buds at repeat bloom. Bloom period
                                                                    covering 8 weeks. Marvelous parent. HM 1983. R5,N1.
IRO2475 Iris sibirica ‘Creme Chantilly’                8.85
(McEwen 1981) Dip., 36", Mid-season bloom.Magnificent               IRO3400 Iris sibirica ‘Marshmallow Frosting’         12.85
5" ruffled, creamy white flowers. 2 branches and 6 buds. Our        (McEwen 1984) Tet., 32" EM-LM. 6" glistening, pure white
favorite white diploid.                                             flower withflaring form and strong substance. Fine pollen
                                                                    parent. Our best white-white. HM 1986. R10,N4.

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IRO3550 Iris sibirica ‘Orville Fay’                    7.85
(McEwen 1970) Tetraploid, 36", EM-Late. The first tetraploid
Siberian. 51/2" flaring medium violet-blue. An award winner.        Quick-spreading ground cover that does well in shaded, dry
                                                                    areas or full sun with a moist soil. Late spring through early
IRO3575 Iris sibirica ‘Outset’                          12.85       summer, flowers are produced on 8-9" spikes. Attractive fo-
Tetraploid 30". Dark Violet with gold-white streaking at upper      liage brightens a dark spot. Can be used as a filler to cover
half; dark violet styles with violet blue midribs.                  the voids left by spring bulb displays. Zones 3-8.

IRO3600 Iris sibirica ‘Pansy Purple’                     7.85       LAM400 Lamium maculatum ‘Beacon Silver’                   7.85
(McEwen 1971) Diploid, 34", M-Late. True pansy purple. No           Silver and green foliage that takes on a purple hue in late fall
other like it. Few white lines inside of signal. Lovely!            and winter. Not as invasive as other forms. Pink flowers in
                                                                    May-June. This variety performs well in southern gardens. 4-8".
IRO3650 Iris sibirica ‘Polly Dodge’                  8.85
(McEwen 1972) Dip., 26", M-L.Our favorite red diploid, rich         LAM510 Lamium maculatum ‘Elizabeth de Haas’ 7.85
velvety, semi-flaring. HM 1973, BIS-HC 1983.                        Green leaves splashed with yellow and gold. Lavender-pink
                                                                    flowers. Prefers part shade to shade. 4-6". Zones 4-8.
IRO3700 Iris sibirica ‘Reddy Maid’                        8.85
(McEwen 1978) Tetraploid, EM-M.Velvety dark red with white sig-     LAM545 Lamium maculatum ‘Pink Chablis’               7.85
nals & light green hafts. Occasional branch, 3 buds. 30".           Silvery white leaves with a green margin and pink flowers.
                                                                    Full sun/light shade. 8-12".
IRO3750 Iris sibirica ‘Regency Buck’                    8.85
(McEwen 1985) Tet., 30", EM-LM. Very ruffled flowers of rich,       LAM560 Lamium maculatum ‘Red Nancy’                        7.85
very velvety reddish, violet-blue. Wide ruffled styles,             (Spotted Nettle) Nice red flowers. Fills in rapidly. 6-8".
contrastng white signals.
                                                                    LAM600 Lamium maculatum ‘White Nancy’                    7.85
IRO3825 Iris sibirica ‘Ruffled Velvet’                 8.85         Beautiful silvery white and green foliage. White flowers
(McEwen 1973) Diploid, 24", M-L. 41/2" flaring, very ruffled,       May/June. Does well in full sun with a moist soil. 6-8".
velvety dark reddish purple. Styles laced and feathered. One
of the Siberian greats and a superb parent. Award winner!

IRO3900 Iris sibirica ‘Sassy Kooma’                       12.85     Lovely, old-fashioned fragrant perennials with gray-green fo-
White blossoms with tinges of yellow on the inside petals.A great   liage. The varieties offered perform well for us here with full
short selection. Mid season bloom. 18".                             sun and a very well-drained soil. However, since they are ever-
                                                                    green, those of you in northern climates may want to protect
IRO3925 Iris sibirica ‘Shirley Pope’                    8.85        the foliage from drying winter winds by supplying a protective
(McEwen 1979) Diploid, 28", M-ML. Lovely 41/2" extremely            cover. Flowers in July-August. Valued as a dried flower and an
velvety, vibrant dark reddish purple with contrasting white         ideal container plant! Drought resistant. Zones 5-9.
signals. Superb!
                                                                    LAV130 Lavandula angustifolia ‘Blue Rider’              7.85
IRO3950 Iris sibirica ‘Shirley’s Choice’                   8.85     A compact, bushy, evergreen shrub with aromatic, linear,
(McEwen 1987) Tetraploid, Midseason. Dainty 4" white                grey-green leaves and erect, dense spikes of small, fragrant,
flowers, charmingly ruffled, with the standards and feathered       tubular, deep blue flowers in summer. Zones 5-8.
styles forming a central cup. The falls have a faint chartreuse
tint deepening at the hafts.                                        NEW LAV143 Lavandula angustifolia ‘Elegance Ice’ 9.85
                                                                    Long dense white flower spikes. Low busy plants reaching
IRO4025 Iris sibirica ‘Snow Bounty’                   8.85          12-14". Attracts butterflies. Zones 4-7.
(McEwen 1974) Tetraploid, EM-LM. White 6" flowers with light
yellow at hafts. 36".                                               NEW LAV144 Lavandula angustifolia ‘Elegance Purple’ 9.85
                                                                    Rich dark purple/blue flowers midsummer through fall. Silver
IRO4120 Iris sibirica ‘Tiffany Lass’                8.85            gray foliage reaches 12". Zones 5-9.
(McEwen 1988) Tetra, EM & RE. Vio-blue Std w/darker
violet mid-rib and falls. Velvety and ruffled. 28".                 LAV145 Lavandula angustifolia ‘Elegance Sky’               8.85
                                                                    Soft violet blue flowers on long, dense spikes.

                                                                    LAV170 Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote Blue’           7.85
JEF100 Jeffersonia diphylla                              9.85       Excellent color! Deep lavender-blue flowers on erect spikes.
Flowers of dusky blue that last only two-three days in early        Blooms in the summer. Compact 18".
spring. Blue-Green foliage adds interest the rest of the sum-
mer season. Great as a groundcover for the woodland garden.         LAV300 Lavandula angustifolia ‘Munstead’                  7.85
Acidic, woodsy soil in partial shade. 12-16". Zones 3-9.            Gray fragrant foliage. A nice lavender, easy to grow. Lavender
                                                                    spikes. Full sun, well drained soil. 12-18".

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LEU100 Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Brightside’ 8.85                    The plume poppy is widely used for its gigantic height,
Large, pure white flower throughout the summer. Attracts            10-12’ depending on the variety. Expect flowers that are
butterflies. 32". Full sun. Zones 5-9.                              loose plumes ranging in color from brownish-white to a
                                                                    coral pink. Prefers full sun and a well-drained soil.
LEU200 Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Crazy Daisy’ 8.85
Blooms in July-Aug, with double white frilly petals and a           MAC100 Macleaya cordata                                 8.85
yellow center. 22-24". Zones 5-9.                                   (Syn: Bocconia cordata) Vigorous, tall perennial with 8" wide
                                                                    heart-shaped blue-green leaves with a grayish white tinge on
LEU500 Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Snow Cap’ 7.85                      the underside. Does best in full sun with moist well-drained
Short stems bearing perfect white daisies. A compact, well-         soil. Cream plumes appear from July-September. An impres-
behaved plant. 10-14".                                              sive spreading plant the needs room. Can grow up to 10’ and
                                                                    is drought tolerant. Zones 3-8.

                                                                    MAC175 Macleaya microcarpa ‘Kelway’s Coral Plume’ 8.85
                                                                    This plume poppy closely resembles the species except that
If you have a moist area in full sun to partial shade, reserve a    its flowers are a coral pink. 6-8’ and is drought tolerant.
spot for this eye-catching perennial. Yellow flowers. Very large
leaves create a nice focal point in the garden. Zones 4-8.

LIG200 Ligularia dentata ‘Desdemona’                   7.85
(Syn: L. clivorum) Unique foliage has heart-shaped leaves           Brilliant in the sunny perennial border. Strong upright
that are bronze-green on upper surface and mahogany                 stalks of fragrant leaves bearing large heads or whorls of
below. More compact than the species. Orange-yellow flow-           flowers surrounded by very brightly colored bracts. They
ers open in July. Heat tolerant. 24-36". Good woodland plant        make wonderful plants for attracting hummingbirds, but-
and cut flower.                                                     terflies, and bees. May need more moisture in southern
                                                                    gardens. Zones 3-4.
LIG455 Ligularia dentata ‘Twilight’                     9.85
July-September flowering. A compact plant producing heads           MON100 Monarda didyma ‘Adam’                              7.85
of vivid orange flowers on stiff stems above a good clump of        A rich clear red with extra large flower heads. A more compact
large, leathery purple leaves that are mahogany beneath. Will       grower than other varieties. 24-36". Full sun with moist well
grow in sun or semi-shade in a moisture retentive soil. 20".        drained soil.

LIG650 Ligularia przewalskii ‘Senior’                 7.85          MON110 Monarda didyma ‘Alba’                              7.85
Very dark green foliage with deeply cut edges, nearly black         Elegant white flowers. Leaves are strongly mint-scented, and
stems. Loose spikes of yellow flowers in July and August.           they spread rapidly. Blooms in the summer in full sun or part
Prefers moist woodland soils. 4-5’.                                 shade. Hummingbird, butterfly, or cut flower source. 3’. Zones
LIG675 Ligularia stenocephala ‘Little Rocket’           9.85
Bright yellow blooms in early summer. Requires partial shade.       MON130 Monarda didyma ‘Balance’                             7.85
24-36". Zones 3-9.                                                  Bright pink flowers. Bright green foliage. Mildew resistant. 48".

LIG700 Ligularia stenocephala ‘The Rocket’                7.85      MON160 Monarda didyma ‘Blaustrumpf’ (M.‘Blue Stocking’) 7.85
One of our favorite perennials for midsummer bloom. Large green     Violet-purple flowers in summer. 34-38". Full sun to part
leaves measuring up to 6" long with bright yellow flower spikes     shade. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.
that appear in July make for a winning combination. 4-5’.
                                                                    MON180 Monarda didyma ‘Cambridge Scarlet’                  7.85
LIG750 Ligularia tangutica                               8.85       Brilliant crimson flowers. 24-36".
Deeply cut foliage. Yellow spikes in mid-late summer. Likes to
spread, so give this one some room! 24-36".                         MON225 Monarda didyma ‘Coral Reef’                        7.85
                                                                    Pink blooms late spring to early fall. Prefers full to part sun
LIG850 Ligularia wilsoniana ‘Golden Ray’               7.85         with a moist soil well drained soil. 14-18".
Dark foliage underneath yellow-orange flowers. Grows up to
36-48" tall and prefers a shady, moist location. Zone 4.            MON230 Monarda didyma ‘Croftway Pink’                  7.85
                                                                    Delicate rose-pink flowers in mid summer that last into
LIG900 Ligularia x palmatiloba                           7.85       September! Compact, upright and sturdy. Excellent for
Deeply cut leaves up to 10" length. Daisy-like golden petalled      cutting. Mildew resistant and wonderful fragrance. Good
flowers attract butterflies in mid-summer. Nice specimen            butterfly and hummingbird plant. 2-3’. Zones 3-8.
plant! 3-4’.

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MON300 Monarda didyma ‘Fireball’                        8.85
Dwarf cultivar with large heads of red flowers over fragrant
leaves. Blooms July to August. Provides nectar for humming-      If you have a cat you may already know Nepeta cataria.
birds and butterflies. Nice cut flower. 16". Zones 4-8.          Old-fashioned catnip. Besides making cats crazier than
                                                                 they already are, catnip is said to repel rats. The genus,
MON320 Monarda didyma ‘Gardenview Scarlet’                7.85   however, offers much more variety and consists of over
Bright red, mildew-resistant variety with large blooms July      250 species. Nepeta is in the mint family, characterized
through August, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Nice    by square stems, opposite leaves and white to blue flow-
cut flower with fragrant foliage. 30-36". Prefers full sun.      ers. Plants prefer full sun in northern areas with a well
                                                                 drained soil. Zones 4-8. Variances will be listed.
MON325 Monarda didyma ‘Grand Marshall’                 8.85
A fuchsia-purple flower having the appearance of a fountain.     NEP250 Nepeta grandiflora ‘Dawn to Dusk’               7.85
Great cut flower with an emerald-green, fragrant foliage.        Light pink flowers each with salmon-pink outer petals. Gray-
Blooms mid to late summer. Mildew resistant. Full sun with       green foliage. Blooms mid summer. 36". Zones 4-7.
moist well drained soil. 13-16". Zones 3-8..
                                                                 NEP275 Nepeta grandiflora ‘Super Cat’                    10.85
MON330 Monarda didyma ‘Jacob Cline’                   7.85       8" spikes of blue-violet flowers on strictly upright stems from
Deep red flowers in mid summer. Very fragrant foliage. At-       early through mid-summer. Makes an enticing touch of blue
tracts butterflies and hummingbirds! One of the best mildew      for the middle to back of the perennial garden. A wonderful
resistant monardas offered. Great for cut flower arrange-        addition to a fresh bouquet.
ments. 3-4’. Zones 4-9.
                                                                 NEP300 Nepeta mussini ‘Blue Wonder’                      7.85
MON360 Monarda didyma ‘Mahogany’                         7.85    We have used this nepeta as a small ‘hedge’ along a brick
Deep maroon flowers mid to late summer. Attracts hum-            walkway and it has done beautifully. Scores of blue blossoms
mingbirds and butterflies. Perfect for cut flowers and is very   from July until September. 12-24". Full sun. Well-drained soil.
fragrant foliage. 36".                                           Nice scent to the foliage when crushed. Zones 3-8.

MON370 Monarda didyma ‘Marshall’s Delight’               7.85    NEP350 Nepeta mussini ‘Six Hills Giant’                7.85
Recommended variety! Very long-lasting bright pink flowers-      Masses of lavender blue flower spikes in midsummer.
great for cuttings! Appears to be resistant to mildew. Leaves    Aromatic gray foliage. Longer blooming in southern climates.
are fragrant. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. 36".        24-36". Zones 4-8.

MON415 Monarda didyma ‘On Parade’                        8.85    NEP550 Nepeta nervosa ‘Blue Moon’                      7.85
Velvety fuschia florets appear in tight clusters on a compact,   A neat dwarf with dense blue-purple flower spikes. Blooming
dense plant. 30". Fragrant leaves are a plus.                    in mid summer. Great for butterflies. 12-14". Zones 4-7.

MON435 Monarda didyma ‘Pink Lace’                   10.85        NEP675 Nepeta racemosa ‘Little Titch’                7.85
Lipstick pink flowers in summer. Nice compact growth habit,      Compact dwarf form with fragrant flowers in early summer.
perfect for containers. Full sun. 16". Zones 4-8.                Only 6-8"!

                                                                 NEP700 Nepeta sibirica ‘Souvenir d’Andre Chaudron’ 7.85
                                                                 Masses of blue flowers appear in July to the end of August.
                                                                 Full sun and a well-drained soil. Nice! 36". Zones 3-8.
MUK010 Mukdenia ‘Crimson Fans’                         12.85
Maple-like leaves which emerge a mid green then age to a         NEP745 Nepeta subsessilis ‘Candy Cat’                 8.85
bronze green and are finally splashed with bright red by sum-    Big dense clusters of 3\4" lavender-pink flowers on broad,
mer. The foliage then remains red summer through fall, mak-      glossy dark green leaves. Plants form neat rounded clumps.
ing this a wonderful ground cover and accent plant. 12-16".      Full sun and moist soil. 26-28".
Zones 4-9.
                                                                 NEP747 Nepeta subsessilis ‘Kit Cat’                   8.85
MUK700 Mukdenia ‘Karasuba’                           12.85       A unique new dwarf form, not only shorter and denser but
Native to rocky slopes and ravines in China, Manchuria and       leaves and flowers are miniature, but numerous. Flowers are
Korea, Mukdenia rossii is a compact herbaceous perennial         nearly true blue. 18".
that grows in a heuchera-like clump. Palmate, rounded, 5-9
lobed, dentate, medium green leaves (to 5” long) acquire at-     NEP748 Nepeta subsessilis ‘Pink Dreams’            10.85
tractive bronze tinges by summer. More pronounced crimson        Abundant pink blossoms June-August. Fragrant foliage. 24".
red color in the leaf tips throughout summer. White, bell-       Part shade. Zones 3-8.
shaped flowers in branched panicles rise on naked stems
above the foliage clump in early spring. Formerly known as       NEP760 Nepeta subsessilis ‘Sweet Dreams’               8.85
Aceriphyllum rossii. 12-18". Zones 4-8.                          Soft pink flowers shaped like flared tubes. Prefers full sun
                                                                 and will-drained soil. 18-24".

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NEP870 Nepeta x faassenii ‘Dropmore’                  7.85
An indispensible compact plant that is great for blending.
Darker and more upright, this plant is more noticeable than
the hybrid. All cultivars should be sheared to 12-15" after
flowering for repeat blooms. Mid summer. 2-3’. Zones 4-7.

NEP880 Nepeta x faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’                   7.85
2007 Perennial of the year! Mounds of gray-green foliage. Laven-
der-blue flowers June through September. 10". Zones 4-7.

NEP900 Nepeta ‘Joanna Reed’                             7.85
Dark violet-blue tubular flowers with pink hues in throat.
Upright habit. 36".

                                                                    Great support from Staff!
                                                                    Super job!         - IM, Cumberland, RI
                                                                    PAE0440 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Karl Rosenfield’            16.85
                                                                    (Rosenfield,1908) Double brilliant crimson large flowers.
Considered by many to be the queen of the herbaceous bor-           Strong stems. Free flowering. Good cut flower. Mid-season. 32".
der! Massive showy blooms from pure white to red as well as
many shades of pink. Long-lived and undemanding does                PAE0460 Paeonia lactiflora ‘L’Eclatante’              16.85
best in full sun and well drained humus-rich soil. Planting         (Dessert 1905) Nice red flowers that has a distinctive yellow
depth is critical. The new eyes (tiny pink buds) should be two      eye. Mid-season bloomer that grows up to 34".
inches below the soil line.
                                                                    PAE0660 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Peter Brand’             16.85
                                                                    (Holland prior to 1937) Double ruby-red flowers. Late. 36".

PAE0060 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Benjamin Franklin’ 16.85                PAE0780 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Rachel’                  16.85
(Brand, 1907) Red double flowers. Faint fragrance. Vigorous         (Terry) Medium sized, semi-rose dark crimson flowers. Heavy
and free-flowering. Blooms held high above the foliage. 4’.         bloomer. 30".

PAE0070 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Best Man’            22.85              PAE0800 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Red Charm’                  16.85
Double magenta red flowers, 30-34". Mid season blooms,              Double red bomb flower on stiff stems. 36".
great for cut flowers. Full sun.
                                                                    PAE0820 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Red Magic’              18.85
PAE0160 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Caroline Mather’             16.85      One of the fullest pure red bomb type peonies blooming mid
Bright rosy red. Early midseason. 32". Full sun.                    season and reaching 30".

PAE0180 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Cherry Bomb’          16.85
Double deep red blooms. Early to mid-season. 34".

PAE0240 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Felix Crousse’         16.85            PAE1220 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Coral Charm’       22.85
(Crousse 1881) Double ruby-red. Fragrant. Vigorous grower.          Award winner! Semi double coral peach blooms. A color
Late mid-season. 1-2’. Full sun.                                    breakthrough for peony lovers. 36".

PAE0260 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Felix Supreme’             16.85        PAE1300 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Coral Supreme’        22.85
Double rich red.Vigorous. Excellent cutflower. Midsummer. 32".      Fully cupped semi-double blooms of salmon coral on a
                                                                    vigorous plant. 36".
PAE0320 Paeonia lactiflora ‘General MacMahon’ 16.85
Rose-red double flowers in midseason. Makes a great choice          PAE1400 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Dr. Alexander Fleming’ 16.85
for the landscape having great color and strong stems. 36-48".      Deep rose pink flowers. Sweetly scented. Early to mid season.
PAE0420 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Kansas’                   16.85
Double bright clear red/pink flowers. American Peony Society        PAE1680 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Lovely Rose’          16.85
Gold Medal Winner. Dependable bloomer every year. Early             Semi double creamy dark rose color. Very unique in color.
summer. 30".                                                        June-July. 40". Zones 4-7.

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PAE1780 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Mme Emile Debatene’ 16.85
Double rose-shaped flowers of warm pink with a center of
small curly petals. Free flowering with a spicy fragrance. Mid        Blossoms of the Japanese peonies produce five or more
to late bloomer. 30".                                                 petals that surround a center of stamens with non-pollen
                                                                      bearing anthers (stamenoides). Single/Japanese peonies
PAE1840 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Moon River’                     16.85     perform better in Southern climates. Choose early or mid-
This fully double soft pink flower is very fragrant. Blooms in mid    season cultivars.
season. Full sun and a well drained soil. 32-36". Zones 2-10.
                                                                      PAE3440 Paeonia japonica ‘Buckeye Belle’               16.85
PAE1975 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Pink Dawn’               21.85            Dark maroon semi-double flowers, mid season. Large outer
Clear pink single flowers speckled with deeper pink, golden           petals and narrow center petals. 26-30". Prefers full sun and
stamens. Mid-season bloomer. 38".                                     a well composed soil. Zones 3-8.

PAE1980 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Pink Hawaiian Coral’ 24.85                PAE3670 Paeonia japonica ‘Miss Mary’                24.85
Flowers are a fine cupped rosette of double coral, fragrant.          Japanese, single maroon/red flowers and yellow stamens.
36". Outstanding!                                                     Strong stems with nice dark green foliage. 30". Mid to late
                                                                      season bloom. Full sun.
PAE2005 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Pink Jazz’                18.85
Double hot pink flowers, 30-34". Late season bloom, full sun.         PAE3680 Paeonia japonica ‘Mr. G. F. Hemerick’ 16.85
                                                                      Japanese rose flowers with a large yellow center. 24".
PAE2040 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Raspberry Sundae’ 18.85
(Klehm 1968) Double raspberry pink flowers, intense in the cen-       PAE3740 Paeonia japonica ‘Nippon Beauty’           16.85
ter and diffusing to a paler hue on its outer petals. Large flowers   (Auten 1927) A deep red, late bloomer. Nice! 24-36".
up to six inches in width. Sweet fragrance. Midseason. 26".
                                                                      PAE3780 Paeonia japonica ‘Nymph’                        16.85
PAE2140 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Sebastian Mass’         16.85             Exquisite light rose flowers with yellow hearts create a mag-
Large pure pink blossoms. Mid season flowering. 32". Zones            nificent display in late spring. The foliage forms a handsome
3-8. Full sun.                                                        mound, very shrub-like. 36". Zone 4.

PAE2160 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Shirley Temple’             16.85         PAE3840 Paeonia japonica ‘Philomele’                16.85
Double light rose fading to white. Exceptionally large 8" flow-       (Calot 1861) Japanese. Masses of pink flowers. Early.
ers. Early. 30".                                                      Fragrant. 36".

PAE2220 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Sorbet’                16.85              PAE3980 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Flame’                         16.85
Double pink with a double center of light pink and canary             This is a real beauty. The soft reddish orange flowers age grace-
yellow. 2-3’.                                                         fully to hot pink with yellow stamens to provide spectacular color
                                                                      in early summer. This variety does well in partial shade!

PAE2600 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Duchess de Nemours’ 16.85                 PAE4000 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Gay Paree’                 18.85
Double white flowers with a moderately full center of light           A beautiful japanese single peony that sports a cerise pink to
canary-yellow deepening to a pale green at the base of the            shell pink flower with a cream center. Midseason bloomer. 30".
petals. Excellent foliage. Notable fragrant.Early. 36".

PAE2620 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Elsa Sass’                16.85
(H.P.Sass) Large perfect white blossoms. Fragrant. Late sea-          PAE4720 Paeonia officinalis ‘Mollis’                  16.85
son. American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner. 28". Full sun.         Single pink flowers atop a plant that reaches up to 20". Mid-
                                                                      season bloom. Full sun and a well composed soil. Zones 3-8.
PAE2660 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Festiva Maxima’           16.85
Large double white blossoms with prominent crimson flakes.            PAE4800 Paeonia officinalis ‘Rubra Plena’           16.85
Fairly fragrant. Strong stems makes this variety an excellent         Large double red flowers. Early to mid-season. 24".
choice for cut flowers. Early. 36-48".

PAE2820 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Laura Dessert’            16.85
(Dessert 1913) Pale pink buds opening to cream or pale lemon          A variety with fern-like, delicate foliage. Grow in sun to
becoming white. Early midseason. Moderate fragrance. 36".             partial shade in well-drained soil. Blooms in mid-spring.

PAE3100 Paeonia lactiflora ‘Primevere’               16.85            PAE5080 Paeonia x ‘Early Scout’                        28.85
(Lemoine 1907) Creamy white blossoms with centers of                  A dark red single peony hybrid. This variety has dense fern-
canary-yellow becoming light with age. Moderately fragrant.           like foliage. Flowers appear in early season. Prefers full sun
Blooming mid season. 2-4’. Full sun with welldrained soil.            and a well drained soil. Zone 2-10. 22".

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                                                                    PHL0900 Phlox paniculata ‘Dodo Hanbury Forbes’ 8.85
                                                                    Large clear pink blossoms in mid to late summer. Somewhat
                                                                    fragrant flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Great
The spectacular show produced by garden phlox is invalu-            for cutting! 2-3’. Zones 4-9.
able for late season color. Up to five-inch diameter flower
heads, many with a pleasing fragrance. A moist well-                PHL1040 Phlox paniculata ‘Eden’s Glow’                 7.85
drained sunny location is best. Blooms mid to late sum-             Mildew resistant light green foliage with soft pink fragrant
mer. Zone 4-8.                                                      flowers. Blooms July-August. 28". Good cut flower. Attracts
                                                                    hummingbirds and butterflies.

                                                                    PHL1080 Phlox paniculata ‘Fairest One’                7.85
PHL0120 Phlox paniculata ‘Blue Paradise’                7.85        Salmon-pink flowers with a dark pink eye. Blooms in mid
Gorgeous blue flowers with dark blue eye. In our opinion one        summer. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Great for
of the best blue phlox available! 2-3’. Zones 4-8.                  cutting gardens. Fragrant. 24". Zones 3-8.

PHL0130 Phlox paniculata ‘David’s Lavendar’            8.85         PHL1160 Phlox paniculata ‘Flamingo’                    7.85
Lavender colored blooms late summer. Full to part sun. Moist        Attractive shrimp pink flowers each with a red eye. Fragrant
soil. 5’.                                                           blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds! Good cut
                                                                    flower. 30".
PHL0270 Phlox paniculata ‘Jr Dream’                   10.85
Bright purple, magenta compact phlox. Requires full sunlight.       PHL1180 Phlox paniculata ‘Goldmine’                       8.85
18-22". Zones 3-9.                                                  Variegated gold to cream outer edges, dark rose pink flowers
                                                                    in July to August. 30". Full sun and a well drained soil.
PHL0280 Phlox paniculata ‘Katarina’                 7.85
A fine phlox in overall appearance and mildew resistance.           PHL1210 Phlox paniculata ‘Jr. Bouquet’                 8.85
Lavender clusters. July-Sept. 30".                                  Light pink, short, compact phlox! Requires full sun. 18-22".
                                                                    Zones 3-9.
PHL0380 Phlox paniculata ‘Little Boy’                   7.85
Lilac blue flowers with a white eye. Long bloomer. 15".             PHL1212 Phlox paniculata ‘Jr. Dance’                9.85
                                                                    A beautiful salmon pink compact phlox. Requires full sun.
PHL0400 Phlox paniculata ‘Little Laura’                   7.85      18-22 inches. Zone 3-9.
Purple flowers with pale eyes in July/August. Best in full sun.
25".                                                                PHL1220 Phlox paniculata ‘Juliet’                         7.85
                                                                    Very delicate pale pink flowers in mid to late summer. Great
PHL0410 Phlox paniculata ‘Magic Blue’                     7.85      for cutting. Add to your garden to attract butterflies and
Flowers first bloom as solid lavender pink with a light colored     hummingbirds. Fragrant. 24". Zones 3-8.
eye and then, like magic, mature to a pale color with a
stronger colored eye. Blooms into the summer months. Full           PHL1240 Phlox paniculata ‘Little Princess’                   7.85
sun and partial shade. 42".                                         True pink flowers with a white eye zone. This little plant blooms
                                                                    profusely in late summer. Great for cut flower arangements.
PHL0580 Phlox paniculata ‘The King’                      7.85       Also great for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. 20".
Lovely deep purple flowers with strong stems. Good cut flower.      Zones 4-8.
24-36". Prefers a sunny location.
                                                                    PHL1350 Phlox paniculata ‘Natural Feelings’             10.85
                                                                    Unique flowers have plume-shaped clusters of pink and green
                                                                    rosebud-formation bracts containing sterile flowers. Does have
PHL0740 Phlox paniculata ‘Barci’                      7.85          a pleasant fragrance that attracts butterflies and humming-
Very showy soft pink flowers with a deep rose pink center.          birds. 28". Full sun and well drained soil. Good cut flower!
An improved Miss Pepper, more floriferous and mildew
resistant. 20".                                                     PHL1370 Phlox paniculata ‘Peppermint Twist’                12.85
                                                                    A first of it’s kind, the fragrant pink flowers with white stripes
PHL0780 Phlox paniculata ‘Becky Towe’                7.85           are truly unique. Compact, measuring only 16". Full sun.
A variegated phlox with gold to cream leaf edges. Good cut          Zones 4-8.
flower. Salmon rose flowers with a darker magenta eye with
a sweet fragrance are abundant in mid summer. Attracts              PHL1530 Phlox paniculata ‘Robert Poore’                     7.85
hummingbirds and butterflies. 20-28".                               Fragrant pinkish-lavender flowers appear with a white eye-
                                                                    zone in late summer. Feed the hummingbirds and butterflies
PHL0890 Phlox paniculata ‘Delilah’                        9.85      with its sweet netar. Full sun and a well draining soil are best.
Garden Phlox, reddish-purple; non-fading. 24".                      Good cut flower.

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PHL1560 Phlox paniculata ‘Salmon Beauty’             7.85
Salmon pink flower blooms spring to late summer in moist
soil and full sun. Good for borders and cut flowers. 2-3’.            PHL2160 Phlox paniculata ‘Delta Snow’                    7.85
Zones 3-9.                                                            Bright white flowers with purple eyes and clean foliage, lower
                                                                      statured, 2-21/2’. Nice cut flower. Sweet fragrance attracts
PHL1600 Phlox paniculata ‘Shortwood’                     7.85         butterflies and hummingbirds. Prefers full sun to part shade.
Sport of P ‘David.’ Vivid pink blooms that make great cut
flowers. Fragrant and mildew resistant. For that sunny spot in        PHL2240 Phlox paniculata ‘Ice Cap’                        7.85
your butterfly and hummingbird garden. 3-4’.                          Large white blossoms above very disease resistant foliage. A
                                                                      favorite of the hardy perennial border. Tall plants for back of
PHL1610 Phlox paniculata ‘Speed Limit’                    7.85        the border. Blossoms from July through September. Full to
Beautiful candy pink flushed white flowers. Bloom July throught       partial sun. 3-4’.
October. Full sun to part shade. Mildew resistant. 3-4’.
                                                                      PHL2360 Phlox paniculata ‘Mt. Fuji’                   7.85
PHL1620 Phlox paniculata ‘Starburst’                 7.85             Large dense flowers form a very nice clear white. 24-36".
Rosy pink blossoms with creamy yellow edges in July and
August. 40". Full or part shade.
PHL1640 Phlox paniculata ‘Thunderbolt’                        7.85
Fragrant, large, true-pink blooms in mid to late summer. Dis-
ease resistant. Good for cutting. Attracts butterflies and hum-
mingbirds. Prefers moist, fertile soil in full to part sun. 30-36".

                                                                      A phlox that is more resistant to mildew than P. paniculata.
                                                                      Narrow glossy dark green leaves and earlier flowering also
PHL1800 Phlox paniculata ‘Dusterlohe’                 8.85            make these unique among other phlox. 2-3’. Zones 3-8.
Marvellously scented with muberry-plum colored flowers. Mid
to late summer. 36-48". Full to part sun with average soil            PHL2565 Phlox maculata ‘Flower Power’                7.85
needs. Zones 4-9.                                                     White flowers flecked with pink in July and August. Sturdy
                                                                      stems and mildew resisant. 8-12".
PHL1940 Phlox paniculata ‘Newbird’                     7.85
Fragrant plum red flowers will attract butterflies and                PHL2580 Phlox maculata ‘Natascha’                         7.85
hummingbirds in late summer. Good cut flower. 2-3’. Full sun          A unique phlox with flowers comprised of pink and white striped
and good air circulation for best performance.                        petals. A special addition to the perennial garden! 24-36".

PHL1960 Phlox paniculata ‘Red Magic’                     7.85
Wonderful dark red blooms in late summer that last into mid
fall. Great as a cut flower. Attracts butterflies and humming-        Snapdragon-like flowers arranged on long spikes. Spread-
birds. 2-3’. Zones 4-8.                                               ing habit and late summer color. Prefers an average soil.
                                                                      Full sun. Zones 2-9.
PHL1980 Phlox paniculata ‘Red Riding Hood’               7.85
Cherry red flowers in mid summer into fall. Dark, mildew              PHT050 Physostegia virginiana ‘Miss Manners’             7.85
resistant foliage. Butterflies and hummingbirds like this one!        A unique clump-forming, non-invasive Obedient Plant! White
Great choice for fragrant cut flowers. Prefers full sun and           flowers in late summer on dark green foliage. Full sun to part
moist soil. 22". Zones 4-8.                                           shade. Average to moist soil. 24".

PHL2000 Phlox paniculata ‘Red Super’                     7.85         PHT125 Physostegia virginiana ‘Rosea’                   7.85
Large light-red flowers in late summer into early fall. Dark,         Bearing flowers that obediently stay in place when shifted,
mildew resistant foliage. Fragrant flowers are excellent for          Physostegia virginiana is a herbaceous perennial from east-
cutting and also provide nectar for hummingbirds and                  ern and central North America. From late summer to early
butterflies. 28". Zones 4-9.                                          fall the selection ‘Rosea’ produces thigh-high stems lined
                                                                      with toothed green leaves and topped with dense spikes of
PHL2080 Phlox paniculata ‘Tenor’                        7.85          purpish-pink tubular flowers. Full to part sun and moist,
Very early blooming from July to August. Soft ruby red                average to well drained soil. Zones 3-8.
fragrant flowers on strong stems. A vigorous grower. Provides
nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds. Good cut flower.             PHT200 Physostegia virginiana ‘Summer Snow’             7.85
2-3’. Zones 4-8.                                                      Dense spikes of pure white flowers. Dark green foliage.
                                                                      August-September. 26".

36                                         2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

PHT225 Physostegia virginiana ‘Summer Spire’              7.85      PLA850 Platycodon x ‘Astra Pink’                      7.85
Enormous compound flower stalks with rose-pink flowers in           Pink ballon-like buds which burst open into bell-shaped
July-September. Excellent cut flower. 3’. Wildflower Cultivar of    flowers. Thick flower petals mean longer lasting double
a native New England flower. Attracts hummingbirds and              blooms. 8". Bloom in summer.
                                                                    PLA875 Platycodon x ‘Astra White’                      7.85
PHT250 Physostegia virginiana ‘Variegata’                 7.85      Balloon shaped bud opening into bell-like white flowers.
Appealing white-edged foliage with soft pink flowers in fall.       Makes good cut flowers. Dark green foliage is closely
We placed a few specimen plants in a partial shade garden,          arranged up the stem forming a compact clump. Long lived.
creating a nice focal point against a fieldstone wall. Full sun     Excellent in perennial borders. Blooms all summer on a com-
or partial shade. 36-48".                                           pact plant. A marked improvement over old balloon flowers.
                                                                    Large 3" blooms.
PHT300 Physostegia virginiana ‘Vivid’                      7.85
A very late blooming variety. Here at the nursery plants were
still showing color in late November. Pink spikes of color. 15".

                                                                    PON100 Polygonatum biflorum (Small Solomon’s Seal) 7.85
                                                                    Polygonatum biflorum is an herbaceous perennial. Smooth
                                                                    attractive green leaves with prominent parallel veins. Droop-
                                                                    ing bell-shaped flowers dangling below upraised leaves along
The flower buds resemble tiny balloons which expand and             arching stems and appearing in pairs. Flowers begin in May
silently burst open into 2-3" brightly colored stars. Full          and don’t stop until July. The blossoms are usually either
sun with a moist, well-drained location. Good cut flower.           citron or white. 12-36".
They bloom heavily in July through September. Very slow
to break dormancy in the spring.                                    PON115 Polygonatum commutatum                                  7.85
                                                                    (Syn: P giganteum) (Great Solomon’s Seal) Make sure to
PLA410 Platycodon g. aoyama albus ‘Fairy Snow’ 7.85                 reserve enough room for this outstanding shade plant! It will
This white balloon flower grows 12" and produces white,             colonize a large area if allowed. Regardless, the attractive foliage
balloon-like buds that open to beautiful star shaped flowers!       is reason enough to include it in a woodland collection. 4’.
Blooms mid-summer in full sun or part shade. Medium-moist
soil.                                                               PON130 Polygonatum falcatum                            7.85
                                                                    A dwarf and slowly spreading Solomons Seal. Heart shaped
PLA420 Platycodon grandiflorus ‘Fuji Blue’             7.85         leaves with small greenish white dangling bells. 9 in.
Inflated ballon buds open to perfect star shaped blooms, July
to August, blue. Sun to part shade, 20".                            PON200 Polygonatum humile                                 7.85
                                                                    A dwarf like habit. Bright green leaves parallel to one another
PLA440 Platycodon grandiflorus ‘Fuji Pink’            7.85          on each stem. White flowers appear along each stem in late
Inflated ballon buds open to perfect pink star shaped               spring. Perfect for the woodland garden or a shady area of the
flowers in July to August. 20". Zones 4-9.                          rock garden. Unique! 6-8". Zones 5-8.

PLA460 Platycodon grandiflorus ‘Fuji White’      7.85               PON360 Polygonatum multiflorum                            7.85
White Balloon Flower. Inflated buds open to white star              Lush green foliage. White flowers in late spring. Full shade to
shaped flowers in July-August. 20". Zones 4-8.                      partial shade. Nice moist, woodland soil is best. 30". Note:
                                                                    Small root structure on plant.
PLA480 Platycodon grandiflorus ‘Hakone’               7.85
Gorgeous double blue flowers. Great for late season bloom.          PON420 Polygonatum odoratum ‘Flore Pleno’             32.85
24-36". Note:Small root structure on plant.                         Short, arched stems carry green-tipped, strongly scented
                                                                    flowers, consisting of two cream tubular flowers, one inside
PLA600 Platycodon grandiflorus ‘Sentimental Blue’ 7.85              the other. Rare.
Large blue flowers. Perfect for rock gardens, front of the bor-
der, or containers. Blooms in mid summer. 6-8". Zones 4-9.          PON600 Polygonatum x hybridum ‘Striatum’                  32.85
                                                                    A very colorful and vigorous selection of the hybrid Solomon’s
PLA800 Platycodon x ‘Astra Double Blue’                7.85         Seal and the one less commonly encountered in horticulture,
Splendid blue bell-shaped flowers. Thick flower petals mean         with a slight but highly decorative pucker to the leaves that
longer lasting double blooms. 8". Bloom in summer.                  are brightly emargined in creamy white. The axillary tubular
                                                                    pendulent flowers of white and green are in lovely comple-
PLA820 Platycodon x ‘Astra Double Lavender’           8.85          ment to the foliage. Superbly paired with ferns, Hostas and
Splendid semi-double lavender flowers are thick so they last        Tricyrtis, in cool, moist, humus-rich soil in partial shade or in
longer. Being only 8" makes this an excelent border plant.          the shaded container. 36". Zones 6-8.
Low maintenance. Zones 4-8.

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A stately perennial under-utilized in the garden and                  SAN100 Sanguinaria canadensis                              7.85
esteemed for its beautiful foliage. Best in moist, rich soil. Can     Excellent for naturalizing in woodland areas and is most attrac-
be ulitilized around ponds or streams. Full sun/part shade.           tive in masses.The name is derived from the red sap in roots and
                                                                      stems.A lovely pure white flower appears in April and May.
ROD100 Rodgersia aesculifolia                          9.85
(Fingerleaf Rodgersia) Broad, crinkled bronze-tinted leaves           SAN200 Sanguinaria canadensis ‘Multiplex’               35.85
made up of several 8-10" long leaflets. Creamy white flower           A lovely spring flowering perennial for the woodland garden.
clusters midsummer. Very handsome. 3-6’. Zones 4-7.                   Double, soft textured, pure white flowers open in May here in
                                                                      Maine. Surly a treat after a long winter of heavy snow. 8-10".
ROD120 Rodgersia henrici                                  9.85        April-May. Foliage disappears in midsummer. Zones 3-8.
Highly textured, bronze foliage with bright red stalks. Covered
with dark pink double flowers in summer. 4’. Zones 4-7.
ROD150 Rodgersia pinnata                                9.85
Attractive bronze foliage. Creamy-rose flower spikes. An
excellent addition to the shade garden. Moist, well drained
soil. 36". Zones 5-7.

ROD170 Rodgersia pinnata ‘Die Stolze’                12.85
Green foliage with a burgundy hue offering orange-pink
flowers. 30-35". Zones 4-7.                                           A small genus of perennials known for their bottle-brush
                                                                      flowers in late summer/fall and handsome foliage. Vigorous
ROD175 Rodgersia pinnata ‘Elegans’                 9.85               growing, needing only full sun and moist soil. Zone 4-8.
Bold coarse foliage that resembles a horse chestnut tree.
Flowers are pink. Moist well drained soil. 30-35".                    SAO020 Sanguisorba canadensis                          7.85
                                                                      A nice perennial for late summer color. Easy to grow in sun
ROD180 Rodgersia pinnata ‘Firework’                   11.85           or partial shade. Attractive foliage, numerous whiteflower
Pink flowers with a dark pink eye zone. Foliage edged in red.         spikes that resemble a bottle brush. 3-6’.
Stunning! Provide consistently moist soil with part to full
shade. Blooms in early summer. 24-36".                                SAO100 Sanguisorba menziesii                               7.85
                                                                      An earlier flowering Burnet with deep red bottlebrush spires ris-
ROD195 Rodgersia pinnata ‘Superba’                9.85                ing over scalloped edged foliage. May to June. 32". Zones 4-8.
Long dense panicles of bright pink flowers in June/July.
Bronze-tinged leaves. 40".                                            SAO150 Sanguisorba officinalis ‘ChocolateTip’ 11.85
                                                                      Reddish pink flowers on wiry stems that arch over the foliage.
ROD210 Rodgersia podophylla                               10.85       Full sun to part shade. 3-4’. Zones 4-7.
Forms a 3’ mound of attractive jagged, toothed leaves up to
10" long. Creamy white flowers rise above the foliageanother          SAO160 Sanguisorba officinalis ‘Pink Tanna’          7.85
foot, appearing in July and August. Must have a moist deeply          Dark rose flowers on short narrow spikes. Full sun to part
dug soil in shade, tolerating some sun if not allowed to dry out.     shade and moist soil. 3’.

ROD300 Rodgersia tabularis (Syn.Astiboides tabularis) 16.85           SAO170 Sanguisorba officinalis ‘Tanna’                   8.85
Large circular leaves dark green with creamy white sprays of          Multitudes of flower spikes leading to deep red bottle brush
flowers in mid summer. 24-36".                                        blooms, over fine, full lush foliage. Puts on a fine show from
                                                                      late summer into fall. Very valuable and impressive late sea-
ROD500 Rodgersia x ‘Hercules’                                9.85     son plant. 36".
Large fans of bold foliage. Tall branching panicles of pure pink.
June to July. Best in part shade and moisture retentive soils. 40".   SAO180 Sanguisorba tenuifolia alba                     10.85
                                                                      Saw-toothed, finely divided leaves. Clump-forming mound
                                                                      lays the foundation for slim, fluffy white, drooping blooms.
                                                                      These elegant cylindrical flowers, abundantly borne on tall
                                                                      branching stems well above the vigorous greenery, look like
                                                                      luminous catkins caught in a rain shower. Blooms
                                                                      September–October. 4–5’. Zone 4.

                                                                      SAO190 Sanguisorba tenuifolia ‘Pink Elephant’             9.85
                                                                      Lovely newish selection with comparatively tall spikes of deep
                                                                      pinky rose flowers from summer onwards. Sunny open spot. 4’.

38                                         2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

                                                                    SED670 Sedum spurium ‘Ruby Mantle’                           7.85
Interesting fleshy leaved plants that are known for easy            We have many customers who are always looking for plants with
care. Small varieties are ideal for the rock garden. Taller         attractive foliage. Here is a sedum that `fits the bill’. Low grow
varieties for the perennial border. Full sun, very well-            ing bright red foliage perfect for that spot in your rock garden!
drained soil. Will tolerate a very dry location. Practically        Brilliant cerise flowers in midsummer. Full sun & well-drained soil.
indestructible. Zones 3-9.
                                                                    SED690 Sedum spurium ‘Tricolor’                          7.85
SED060 Sedum cauticola ‘Lidakense’                       7.85       Distinctive red, green and white foliage with pinkish flowers.
A fine low growing foliage sedum with rounded gray green            6-8". Eye-catching and perfectly hardy here! Zones 3-7.
foliage tinged purple and starry rose pink flowers in late
summer. 8-10".                                                      SED720 Sedum telephium var. borderi                  7.85
                                                                    Excellent Sedum with pinkish-purple flowers and jagged
SED070 Sedum bithynicum ‘Sea Star’                   10.85          foliage. Flowers in late summer. 10-12". Full sun.
Very short silvery foliage topped with white blooms in late
summer. Under 6", full sun, drought tolerent. Zones 4-9             SED730 Sedum telephium ‘Clown’                          7.85
                                                                    This is a nice new cultivar! White flowers in September,
SED080 Sedum ‘Bertram Anderson’                         6.85        yellow variegated foliage. Full sun. 12-24".
A very nice sedum. The foliage is somewhat smaller and plant
appearance is more delicate. Dark pink to red flowers in late       SED770 Sedum telephium ‘Indian Chief’                 7.85
summer to early fall. 6-10".                                        Bright coppery red flowers. Gray-green foliage. Compact
                                                                    upright growth habit. August-September. 15".
SED120 Sedum ‘Fire Glow’                                  7.85
Brilliant red flowers early-late summer. Sun, well drained soil.    SED810 Sedum telephium ‘Rosy Glow’ (Syn: S. ‘Ruby Glow’) 7.85
3-6".                                                               Rich ruby-red flowers in late summer. Purple-gray foliage.
                                                                    Great for drying. 8-10".
NEW SED130 Sedum forsterianum ‘Oracle’                10.85
Bright yellow flowers in late summer. Low growing with inter-       SED815 Sedum telephium ‘Sunset Cloud’                     9.85
esting green foliage. Great for borders or as a ground cover.       Masses of vibrant rose red flowers borne in umbels at the
4-8". Full sun. Zones 3-9.                                          tips of each stem. They contrast nicely with the purple foliage
                                                                    (which emerged green in spring). Full sun. 12". Zones 4-9.
SED293 Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’                      10.85
Clusters of yellow starry flowers appear during the summer.         SED825 Sedum ‘Postman’s Pride’ PPAF                     10.85
When planted in containers or on a wall this develops a             Beautiful blue-purple foliage with pinkish-red flowers. Prefers
beautiful cascading habit. Foliage sometimes develops beau-         sun to part shade. 18-24".
tiful amber tones in the autumn and winter. 4-6". Zones 3-9.
                                                                    SED835 Sedum x `Abbey Dore’                            10.85
SED300 Sedum sieboldii                                  6.85        Blue-green foliage, red buds open to bright pink flowers. 16".
Pink flower heads in Sept-Oct. Wonderful glossy green foliage.      Zone 4.
Semi-evergreen. 6-8". Zones 3-8.
                                                                    SED847 Sedum x ‘Autumn Delight’ (SYN: ‘Beka’) 8.85
SED480 Sedum spectabile ‘Iceberg’                         7.85      Chartreuse foliage edged in blue green. White buds open to
Fine soft green foliage with icy white flower clustersin fall. A    red flowers in the late summer. Flowers age to a dull bronze
soothing tone and full late season presence. Upright. 16".          through the fall. 15". Zones 3-7.

SED500 Sedum spectabile ‘Meteor’                           7.85     SED850 Sedum x ‘Autumn Fire’                            8.85
Interesting silver-green foliage is attractive all season. Early    An improved Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ with a thicker more
fall brings pink flowers. Grows very well in the south. 18".        consistant form and longer lasting fall blooms. Great for
                                                                    drying. 24". Zones 3-7.
SED540 Sedum spectabile ‘Star Dust’                      7.85
Pale silver-pink flowers on long stems in August through Sep-       SED860 Sedum x ‘Autumn Joy’                               7.85
tember. 12-18".                                                     Large plate-like flower heads are very attractive to butterflies.
                                                                    Blossoms are light pink and start in September and turn dark
SED545 Sedum spectabile ‘Steve Ward’                     8.85       rose in late fall. 18-24". Does well in southern gardens.
Lavender-pink flowers in late summer through fall. Full sun in
any well-drained soil. 18-20".                                      SED865 Sedum x ‘Carl’                              7.85
                                                                    Large bright pink flowers bloom late summer through fall.
SED660 Sedum spurium ‘Red Carpet’                         7.85      Greenish gray foliage. Compact plant. Full sun and well
A ground cover reaching only 3-4" with brilliant red foliage all    drained soil. 16-20".
season and red flowers mid summer.

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SED868 Sedum x ‘Crazy Ruffles’                           8.85
Blue-green foliage with pink flowers in spring. Full sun. Well
drained soil.                                                     Wonderful plants that have opposite leaves and blue to
                                                                  purple flowers. Most do well in a well-drained soil in
SED869 Sedum x ‘Diamond Edge’                         12.85       partial shade to full sun.
Sport of the popular S. ‘Matrona’. Adorned with round grey-
purple foliage, each leaf bordered with a wide band of            STA100 Stachys byzantina                                    7.85
creamy white. In late summer, the clump is topped with flower     (S. lanata) An interesting specimen plant with rich furry whitish-
heads of pink. Drought tolerant. 18". Zone 3-8.                   gray foliage which provides an excellent contrast for many other
                                                                  plants in your garden.Also useful as a ground cover. Full sun and
SED870 Sedum x ‘Frosty Morn’                              7.85    well-drained soil. Rosy-purple flower spikes.
This dazzling sedum was imported from Japan by plant ex-
plorer Barry Yinger. (1’ tall x 1’ wide) Highlighted by a wide    STA130 Stachys byzantina ‘Helen von Stein’                  7.85
white border around each leaf. In cool climates...light pink      (Syn: S.`Big Ears’) A strong growing and vigorous Stachys with
flowers emerge. In warmer climates...white flowers emerge!        huge fuzzy silver leaves. Outstanding contrast plant. Occasional
                                                                  small magenta flowers in June. Good plant in hot, humid weather.
SED875 Sedum x ‘Jaws’                                 12.85       Best in moist well-drained soil. Foliage 10". 24" with flowers.
Distinctive serrated edged pale fleshy green foliage resem-
bling the open jaws of a shark. Bright pink flowers. Sunny        STA200 Stachys byzantina ‘Silver Carpet’                      7.85
open spot. 15".                                                   Rich furry silver foliage providing an excellent contrast for many
                                                                  other plants in your garden. Full sun/part shade in the South
NEW SED882 Sedum x ‘Lajos’                               12.85    and moist, well-drained soil. Non-flowering. 6-8". Zones 4-7.
Low growing sedum reaching a maximum of 1’-1’. Green
foliage is edged in creamy white.White flowers appear late sum-   STA280 Stachys densiflora ‘Alba’ (Syn: S. strictus ‘Alba’) 7.85
mer and morph through pink to a dark reddish brown. Full sun.     Small, deeply veined leathery green leaves forming a dense
Zones 4-8.                                                        mat covered with stalks of white flowers in May and June. 18"
                                                                  wide by 4" tall. Zone 4.
SED890 Sedum x ‘Matrona’                                  7.85
Gray-green leaves with large pink flowers in August/September.    STA320 Stachys macrantha ‘Alba’                        7.85
Pink flowers dry on the plant to a nice dark red color. 18-24".   Spike Betony has spikes of pink, lavendar or white flowers in
Zones 3-8.                                                        May/July. 8-10".

                                                                  STA380 Stachys monieri ‘Rosea’                          7.85
             Incredible Plants!                                   Rose-red flowers in August, fresh green foliage and a rapid
                         - BG, Los Angeles, CA                    grower. Nice moist soil is best for this plant. 24-28".

                                                                  STA400 Stachys officinalis                              7.85
NEW SED902 Sedum x ‘Mr. Goodbud’                      16.85       (Betony) Fuzzy oval or lance-shaped leaves. Red-purple flower
Forms a bushy mound of succulent green leaves. Taller stems       stalks all summer. Full sun. 10-20".
appear in late summer, holding large clusters of soft-pink
buds that open into starry flowers of deep mauve pink. These      STA420 Stachys officinalis ‘Alba’                      7.85
develop into brown seed heads with good winter interest. A        Heavy textured foliage with upright stalks of white flowers,
magnet for butterflies. 16". Zones 3-9.                           June to August, 20". Zones 4-8.

SED905 Sedum x ‘Picolette’                             12.85
Wonderful compact sedum with small bronze red foliage
covered in a silver sheen. Small clusters of pink flowers         Bright yellow lupine-like flowers. A great choice for a meadow
develop in late summer. 8-12". Well drained soil. Zones 3-8.      setting blooming in June-July the yellow flowers really stand-
                                                                  out. Provide full sun and moist well-drained soil. 24-36".
SED910 Sedum x ‘Purple Emperor’                      10.85
An upright form to 16" with deep plum foliage and dusty rose      THE050 Thermopsis caroliniana (Syn: T. villosa)           8.85
clusters July-September, Zones 3-9. Full sun.                     This perennial should be seen more in gardens. Attractive
                                                                  blue-green foliage and lupine-like yellow flowers appear in
SED925 Sedum x ‘Thunder Cloud’                            9.85    late spring. Full sun in the North, partial shade in warmer cli-
Perfectly packed mound for the foreground. New perennial intro-   mates. Well-drained soil. Easy! 3-4’.
duction has perfect form.The most geometric low growing sedum.
                                                                  THE300 Thermopsis montana                              7.85
SED940 Sedum x ‘Xenox’                                12.85       False Lupine. Rocky Mountain native, yellow flowers in mid-
Green foliage tipped with a touch of grey/purple. Flowers are     summer followed by ornamental pods. Full rounded shrub-
orange grayish in late summer. 12-14". Zones 4-8.                 like growth. 30’. Zone 4.

40                                      2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

                                                                       TRI200 Trillium grandiflorum                            7.85
                                                                       The showiest and among the easiest to grow. A whorl of broad
Valuable plants for carpeting banks, rockery or wall                   painted leaves surround the stem which holds a waxy, white
plantings, covering bulbs, between stepping stones and                 flower that becomes pale pink as it ages. 12-15".
around pools. All have aromatic evergreen foliage.
                                                                       TRI400 Trillium luteum (Yellow Trillium)             7.85
THY355 Thymus nummularius (Pizza Thyme)                  7.85          Mottled green and brown leaves. Lemon yellow flowers. 12".
Spreading mats of green foliage fills in around other plants
easily. Violet/Lavender flowers in late summer early fall.             TRI475 Trillium pusillum                               8.85
4-6". Full sun. Zones 4-9                                              White flower with pink edging that seeps toward the middle
                                                                       of the flower as it ages. Long dark green leaves with nearly
THY357 Thymus praecox ‘Coccineus’                      7.85            black stems. Beautiful specimen plant for the woodland
Red Creeping Thyme 2-4". Full Sun, Ornamental herb valued              garden. 4-6".
as a groundcover, from a dense mat of dark green leaves that
are covered with red flowers early to mid summer, attracts             TRI550 Trillium recurvatum                           7.85
butterflies and is deer resistant. Zones 3-9.                          Handsome, dark green foliage and red purple flowers on tall
                                                                       stems. Note: Small root structure on plants.12-16".
THY450 Thymus pseudolanuginosus                       7.85
(Woolly Thyme) Downy gray foliage with woolly stems. Excel-            TRI600 Trillium sessile (Toad Trillium)                   7.85
lent ground cover. Often used between flagstones and bricks.           Strong tufts of broadly oval leaves, often marbled with deeper
                                                                       color and large mahogany red flowers. 6-8".
THY460 Thymus pseudolanuginosus ‘Halls Wooly’ 7.85
Faster growing variety of wooly thyme. Downy gray foliage with         TRI800 Trillium vaseyi (Vasey’s Wake Robin)                8.85
woolly stems. Excellent ground cover. Pink flowers late spring.        Vasey Wake Robin. The deep maroon red flower can measure
                                                                       3-4" wide, this being one of the largest flowering trilliums.The
THY520 Thymus serphyllum ‘Pink Chintz’                  7.85           flowers can have nice scent that alot of other trilliums tend
Dark olive green foliage. Wooly feeling to the touch. Salmon           not to have.
pink flowers in mid summer. Wonderful scent. 3". Zones 3-9.

THY600 Thymus x citriodorus argenteus ‘Silver Edged’ 7.85
Very attractive variegated silver foliage. Full sun with well
drained soil. 8-12".
                                                                       A glorious buttercup-like perennial with thick waxy in-
THY750 Thymus x ‘Lemon Frost’                          7.85            curved petals enclosing a tuft of deeper colored anthers.
"Spread a layer" of this ground hugging lemon frost(ing)               The brilliant yellows and oranges of this family highlight
thyme over stepping stones for a fragrant, anti-weed rug. Its          the garden. Give ample moisture in any good soil. Full sun
sweetly scented lemon foliage resembles a typical lemon                or partial shade. Makes magnificent cut flowers. 24".
thyme, only prostrate. 1". Zones 5-9.                                  Zones 4-6. Spring blooming. May to June.

                                                                       TRO670 Trollius europaeus ‘Superbus’                     7.85
                                                                       Butter yellow flowers blooming in June. This is similar to the
A distinctive woodland plant ideal for partially shaded                straight species, but flowers are more prolific! Sunny loca-
areas.Trillium prefers a deep, rich, moist acid soil with              tion with well drained soil. 20-24".
plenty of humus. Spring flowering. 12". Zones 4-7.
                                                                       TRO755 Trollius x cultorum ‘Orange Crest’               8.85
TRI150 Trillium erectum (Red)                               7.85       This compact selection has large flowers in a soft orange
(Red Trillium) Maroon or dark purple flowers. Slowly colonizes,        shade, with a darker orange centre. Sometimes called But-
possibly with natural color variations. Moist, rich soil. 12-18".      tercups, these grow well in a sunny or part-shaded border,
                                                                       also at the edge of a moist woodland. Flowers will last a few
TRI160 Trillium erectum (Beige)                                7.85    days when cut. Shear plants back after blooming to encour-
(Stinking Benjamin, Stinking Willie) An old favorite. Slowly colo-     age a flush of new leaves to last through the summer. Clumps
nizes, possibly with natural color variations.We’ll send you a plant   may be easily divided in fall or early spring.
that blooms creamy beige. Mother Nature will do the rest. 18".
                                                                       TRO760 Trollius x cultorum ‘Alabaster’                 12.85
TRI170 Trillium erectum (Purple)                        7.85           Cream colored flowers late spring. Fine deep green deeply
A great woodland perennial with purple/red flowers in April-           divided foliage. Sun to part shade in a moist soil. 20".
June. Prefers a moist shady location with rich soil. 8-16".
                                                                       TRO800 Trollius x cultorum ‘Earliest of All’       7.85
TRI180 Trillium flexipes                              7.85             Light orange blossoms appear from May through July. 24".
Bent Trillium. Creamy white long lasting blooms. 12-18".               Zones 3-6.

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TRO815 Trollius x cultorum ‘Empire Day’               7.85          VER600 Veronica peduncularis ‘Georgia Blue’                7.85
Globe-shaped flowers are lemon yellow, foliage emerges              Georgia Blue’ forms beautiful mats of purple-tinged leaves. In
black-red, cupped blooms are supported by sturdy 18-24"             spring, this free-flowering groundcover boasts abundant
stems. Spring bloomer that prefers full to partial sun and          iridescent blue flowers. It grows to about 9". It is a vigorous
evenly moist soil.                                                  and easy-to-grow cultivar.

TRO880 Trollius x cultorum ‘Pritchard’s Giant’             8.85     VER750 Veronica spicata ‘Giles van Hees’            8.85
Large deep yellow late spring flowers. Fine glossy foliage, best    A dwarf species with clear, bright medium pink blooms.
in moist soils. Part sun. 36".                                      Blooms in mid summer. Great for the front of the pernnial
                                                                    border. 6". Zones 5-8.

                                                                    NEW VER785 Veronica spicata ‘Purpleicious’           8.85
Clusters of clear lemon yellow bells prove to be a welcomed         Purple spikes May-August. 1-2’. Full sun. Zones 4-8.
site to any woodland garden. Appearing on 1-2’ arching
stems they are uniquely graceful. Undergoes dormancy early.         VER800 Veronica spicata ‘Royal Candles’                    7.85
                                                                    Violet blue flowers in late spring to early summer. A nice com-
UVA025 Uvularia grandiflora                             7.85        pact habit. Great for the front of perennial borders. 12-24".
Light yellow, bell shaped blooms in late spring. 12-18’.            Zones 3-8.
Zones 3-9.
                                                                    VER830 Veronica teucrium ‘Crater Lake Blue’               7.85
UVA040 Uvularia perfoliata                             7.85         Gentian blue flowers opening in June-July. 12".
This elegant woodland perennial has soft yellow flowers that
appear in May. Makes a perfect addition to a moist shaded
location. 6-18’.
                                                                    Develops into dense clump of white or pink blooms in
UVA050 Uvularia sessilifolia                             7.85       mid-summer. Good back of the border plant. Prefers
Drooping yellow bell shaped flowers in late spring. Resembles       moist, well drained soil. 3-5’. Zones 4-8.
solomon’s seal. Great for woodland gardens. 12-18’. Zones 3-9.
                                                                    VES070 Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Album’                    9.85
UVA100 Uvularia sessilifolia ‘Albomarginata’             12.85      This Culver’s root cultivar is noted for its pure white flowers.
A rare woodland plant from eastern North America. Pendulous,        Resembles a large veronica, except its lance-shaped leaves
creamy white bells in late spring. Good leafy soil in shade.        are in whorls (3-7 leaves per whorl) on the stems rather than
                                                                    opposite. Dense, slender spikes (racemes to 9" long) of tiny,
                                                                    tube-like, pure white flowers with pink stamens open from
                                                                    the top down in late spring to early summer atop strong up-
A large group of perennials famous for their longlasting flower     right stems. Blooms can extend well into the summer.
spikes. Taller varieties are excellent in the border and prized     Smaller, branching, erect, lateral racemes give this plant a
for cutting. Dwarf varieties work well for rockeries, walls,        candelabra-like effect when in full bloom. 4’.
banks, and edgings. Full sun, well-drained soil. Zones 3-8.
                                                                    VES075 Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Apollo’                 7.85
VER335 Veronica gentianoides ‘Barbara Sherwood’ 7.85                Light pink flowers in June-July. 15". Zones 4-8.
Beautiful lightly striped pale blue flowers in late spring. Makes
a great plant for cut flowers, butterfly gardens or in perennial    VES085 Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Erica’                  9.85
borders. 10-12". Zones 3-8.                                         Reddish pink flowers from red buds on tall strong stems.
                                                                    Grow in well drained soil in sun but tolerates some dry shade.
VER400 Veronica incana                                     6.85     Zones 4-8
Very attractive silver-gray foliage. Brilliant blue spikes from
June to August. 12".                                                VES095 Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Lavendelturm’ 8.85
                                                                    Lavender Towers. Elegant lavender spires over whorled leaves
VER450 Veronica liwanensis                             7.85         in summer. 4-5’.
Cobalt blue flowers cover mat-forming foliage April-June.
1997 Plant selection winner. Zone 4.                                VES097 Veronicastrum virginicum’Lavender Towers’ 8.85
                                                                    A regal plant that hovers above the border with long spikes of
VER510 Veronica longifolia ‘Lila Karina’              7.85          pale purple flowers in mid summer.Whorled foliage provides an
Tall summer blooming veronica with lavender pink flowers on         interesting foil for early summer bloomers. Prefers moist,
long 12". terminal racemes. 3-4’.                                   well-drained soils in full to partial sun. 4-5’. Zones 5-8.

VER545 Veronica longifolia ‘Sonja’                     8.85         VES098 Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Pink Glow’              8.85
Pink spikes in July to August. Best in a sunny location with        Gorgeous pink flower spikes that bloom July through August.
well drained soil. 24-36".                                          Prefer full sun or part shade. Moist or average soil. 3-4’.

42                                        2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM

VES100 Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Rosea’              8.85             VIN720 Vinca minor ‘Myrtle Bowles’                         7.85
Pink narrow spikes appearing in July-September. Attractive            Deep purple flowers in early summer throughout season. Glossy
whorls of deep green leaves. 24-36". Zones 3-8.                       green leaves. Good groundcover. Part sun - full shade. Zones 3-8.

VES250 Veronicastrum virginicum                       8.85            VIN725 Vinca minor ‘Ralph Shugert’                        7.85
Pink mauve flowers in July/August. 32-48". Full sun to part           An outstanding vinca with dark green leaves edged with a bor-
shade and plenty of moisture.                                         der of white. Blue flowers in early to mid summer. Full to part
                                                                      shade 8". Zones 4-9.

                                                                      VIN800 Vinca minor ‘Sterling Silver’                   7.85
Trailing evergreen that is perfect as a ground cover under            Attractive foliage variegated with dark green and white.
trees, shrubs, on steep banks, and walls. Prefers shade, but          Brighten up a dark spot in your shade garden! Prefers shade
tolerates some morning sun. A mass of flowers in May and              but tolerates some morning sun. 6-8".
then sporadically throughout the summer. 3-6". Zones 4-9.
                                                                      VIN850 Vinca minor ‘Temptation’                        7.85
VIN025 Vinca ‘24 Carat’                                     8.85      Double flowered vinca! Dark, shiny green foliage with small
This stunning vinca grows well in shadier locations. New growth is    double lavender flowers. Makes a great trailing ground cover
golden and turns to green as the leaves age. Works well as a          for a shaded area. 2-4".
ground cover or as an accent plant in containers. 18" spread.
Part Shade Zones 4-9.                                                 VIN900 Vinca minor ‘Valley Glow’                           7.85
                                                                      A white-flowered vinca! Light green foliage with slight gold var-
VIN400 Vinca minor ‘Aureovariegata’                      7.85         iegation. New growth is almost flourescent. Striking! Prefers
Bright yellow variegation with blue flowers in spring. A low,         shade but tolerates some morning sun. Moist fertile soil. 6-8".
trailing groundcover, that spreads many feet. Prefers partial
shade. Best soil is moist, well-drained and fertile. 6-8".

VIN525 Vinca minor ‘Blue & Gold’                         7.85
Blue flowers. Green and gold variegated foliage. Nice! Prefers        An ideal plant for the shade or woodland garden, however
shade but tolerates some morning sun. 6-8".                           they do well for us in full sun. Easy to grow and early to
                                                                      bloom in the spring. Prefers a rich soil with moisture. Some
VIN533 Vinca minor ‘Dart’s Blue’                             7.85     varieties will spread rapidly and self seed. Zones 4-9.
Glossy green foliage with large blue spring flowers. Bred with dis-
ease resistance. Prefers shade put tolerates some morning sun.        NEW VIO140 Viola cucullata ‘Purple Showers’                 6.85
Moist fertile soil. 6-8".                                             The "energizer bunny" of violas. Deep green, glossy foliage,
                                                                      smooth red with true deep purple flowers from May-July, and often
VIN540 Vinca minor ‘Emily Joy’                               7.85     much later. Prefers bright-deep shade and average, nice soil. 6".
Large white flowers with a floriferous habit. 8-10".
                                                                      VIO230 Viola koreana ‘Dancing Geisha’                     7.85
VIN545 Vinca minor ‘Fieldstone Splash’                   8.85         Finely cut, silvery foliage with delicate blue flowers. Shade.
Very attractive vinca that is both subtle and showy. Very dark        Very unique! 6".
outer edge with a chartreuse yellow center and venation that
glows. Blue flowers. 6-8".                                            VIO280 Viola odorata ‘Blue Remington’                7.85
                                                                      Large, round, heart shaped leaves with larger than normal
VIN550 Vinca minor ‘Golden Bowles’                      7.85          blue-bearded flowers! 10".
Variegated yellow and white foliage with showy white flowers
in spring. Zones 4-8.                                                 VIO290 Viola odorata ‘Etain’                             7.85
                                                                      Gorgeous pale lemon yellow flowers with deep purple-blue
VIN585 Vinca minor ‘Illumination’                         7.85        edges. Blooms late spring into fall. Great for rock gardens, or
Vivid gold centers with a dark border, lights up a shaded area.       for added interest to any garden. 6-10".
Classic vinca flowers in blue. 6-8".
                                                                      VIO497 Viola x ‘Columbine’                               7.85
VIN700 Vinca minor ‘Miss Jekyll’                          7.85        Bears bi-color white flowers splashed with purple above com-
Small white flowers with narrow, small foliage. One of the best       pact mounds of serrated, ovate shaped deep green leaves.
white vinca available. Forms a tight clump that would make a          Provides eye-catching color in the front border, rock gardens,
nice specimen plant. Prefers shade but tolerates some morning         as edging, or in moist woodland areas. 6-8".
sun. 6-8".
                                                                      VIO610 Viola x ‘Painted Porcelain’                   7.85
VIN710 Vinca minor ‘Multiplex’                         8.85           Large creamy white flowers with upper petals infused with
Rosy wine colored flowers with a double set of petals. Dark           lavender purple. Central markings are deeper purple. 6-8".
green foliage. Very nice! 6". Zones 4-9.                              Blooms last spring through summer. Zones 5-8.

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                                 A                                                 HEPATICA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
ACHILLEA (Yarrow). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3       HEUCHERA (Coral Bells) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
ACONTIUM (Monkshood) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4             HEUCHERELLA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
ACTAEA (Cimicifuga, Snakeroot, Baneberry) . . . . . . . . . . 4                    HOSTA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
ACTINIDIA (Kiwi Vine) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
ALCHEMILLA (Lady’s Mantle) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5                                                  I
ALLIUM (Ornamental Onion) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5              IRIS DUNLOP & COLE IRISES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
ANDROMEDA (Bog Rosemary) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5                 IRIS (Siberian Iris). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
ARISAEMA (Jack-In-The-Pulpit) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5              IRIS SIBIRICA Dr. Currier McEwen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
ARISTOLACHIA (Dutchman’s Pipe) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
ARUNCUS (Goatsbeard) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6                                                J
ASARUM (Wild Ginger) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6           JEFFERSONIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
ASCLEPIAS (Butterfly Weed) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
ASTILBE (False Spirea) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6                                             L
DWARF ASTILBE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7        LAMIUM (Dead Nettle) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
ASTRANTIA (Masterwort) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7           LAVANDULA (Lavender) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
                                                                                   LEUCANTHEMUM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
                                   B                                               LIGULARIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
BAPTISIA (False Indigo) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
BERGENIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8                                        M
                                                                                   MACLEAYA (Plume Poppy) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
                                  C                                                MONARDA (Bee Balm) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
CALTHA (Marsh Marigold . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8           MUKDENIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
CAMPANULA (Bellflower) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
CHELONE (Turtlehead). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9                                                N
CLAYTONIA (Spring Beauty) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10             NEPETA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
COMPTONIA (Sweet Fern) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
CONVALLARIA (Lily of the Valley) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10                                               P
COREOPSIS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10       PAEONIA (Peony). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
CORNUS (Bunchberry) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11             PAEONIA (Singles/Japanese). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
                                                                                   PAEONIA (Other Species) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
                                      D                                            PAEONIA (Fernleaf Peony) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
DAPHNE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11    PHLOX (Garden Phlox). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
DARMERA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11      PHLOX (maculata). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
DICENTRA (Bleeding Heart) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11             PHYSOSTEGIA (Obedient Plant) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
DICTAMNUS (Gas Plant) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11             PLATYCODON (Balloon Flower). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
DIGITALIS (Foxglove) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12        POLYGONATUM Solomon’s Seal) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
DISPORUM (Fairy Bells) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
DORONICUM (Leopard’s Bane) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12                                            R
DRABA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12   RODGERSIA (Rodger’s Flower) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
                                                                                   RUDBECKIA (Brown-eyed Susan) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
ECHINACEA (Purple Coneflower) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12                                               S
EPIMEDIUM (Barrenwort). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13             SANGUINARIA (Bloodroot). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
EUPATORIUM (Joe-Pye Weed). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13                SANGUISORBA (Great Burnet). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
EUPHORBIA (Spurge) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13            SEDUM (Stonecrop) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39
                                                                                   STACHYS (Lamb’s Ear). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
FALLOPIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14                                         T
FERNS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14   THERMOPSIS (False Lupine) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
FILIPENDULA (MeadowSweet) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14                 THYMUS (Thyme). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
FRAGARIA (Strawberry) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15           TRILLIUM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
                                                                                   TROLLIUS (Globe Flower) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
GAULTHERIA (Wintergreen) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15                                            U
GERANIUM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15      UVULARIA (Bellwort) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42

                                 H                                                                                         V
HELENIUM (Sneezeweed) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17               VERONICA (Speedwell) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
HELLEBORUS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17        VERONICASTRUM (Culvers Root) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
HEMEROCALLIS (Daylily) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18            VINCA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43
                                                                                   VIOLA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43

44                                                  2010 CATALOG | TEL/FAX 207-923-3836 | INFO@FIELDSTONEGARDENS.COM
Traditional Maine Balsam Wreath

                                                                       WRE100 Traditional
                                                                       Maine Balsam Wreath

  Fieldstone Gardens is offering a tradition Maine Balsam Wreath to adorn your home for
  the Holiday Season. Each wreath is handcrafted with fragrant balsam fir and decorated
  with real pine cones as well as faux holly berries and red crab apples. Topped off with
  a weather-resistant red bow, this wreath truly sets the tone for a traditional Maine
  Holiday celebration.

  Orders for our Traditional Maine Balsam Wreath are taken any time throughout the year
  and will be shipped in time for the Holiday season. Shipping will start November 20th.
  Because our wreaths are handcrafted, sizes will vary. Shipped only to the contiguous
  United States. 24 inches.

                  Please order early, our wreaths are made to order
                and require additional preparation and shipping time.

Over 20 years of hardy,                                                                                               Est. 1984
top quality Maine-Grown                                                                                                       Inc.
                                                   Fieldstone Gardens
perennials.                                           Your Maine Source For Hardy Perennials!

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                                                                                                                     U.S. Postage
                                           Vassalboro, ME                                                                PAID
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                                                                                                                    Permit No. 112

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