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                     ---------- Change in Deadline for July Kamshaft - July. 1st ----------
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                         Calendar of Events                          *Kamloops Chapter Events
 Jun 18th      2013 May Tour Meeting {BBQ & Pot luck @ Dickinsons 6:00 pm}{see Editor’s notes}
 Jun 18th      Boyd Auto body Swap Meet 1960 Dayton St. Kelowna
 Jun 19th      Fathers Day S&S Vernon [9am – 3pm] [Don 250 549 8469]
 Jun 19th      20th Annual Ford V8 “Old Car In The Park” [Fraser River Heritage Park Mission BC]
*Jun 22nd      4th Wednesday 6:00 pm BBQ 7:30 General Meeting [Hal Rogers 2025 Summit Drive]

*June 23       Cruise Night {6pm Supper in the Park 7pm Start Cruising}
*June 25th     Pioneer Collectors Club visits Andy’s Shop [Editors remarks for details] [Please Drive Vintage]
*June 30th     Cruise Night {6pm Supper in the Park 7pm Start Cruising}
*July 7th      Cruise Night {6pm Supper in the Park 7pm Start Cruising}
 July 13th     A & W Hot Rod Tour visits Kamloops {www.canadianrodder.com}
*July 14th     Cruise Night {6pm Supper in the Park 7pm Start Cruising}
 July.17th     Mitchell’s Chicken BBQ
 July 17th     Minter Gardens Classic Car Show
*July 21st     Cruise Night {6pm Supper in the Park 7pm Start Cruising}
 July 23rd     Chrome on the Grass
 July 24th     Nicola Valley Cruisers S & S Merritt {Doug 250 378 5761}
*July 28th     Cruise Night {6pm Supper in the Park 7pm Start Cruising}
 July 31st     Logan Lake Celebrations
 July 31st     “Kars under the K” Keremos Show & Shine {Marcel 250 599 9325}{mamorin@netshop.net}
 Aug 5-6th     Hot Nite In The City Kamloops
 Aug 10-16th   CFV’s Bus Trip to Reno’s Hot August Nights {Ray Lamb 604 857 5018 lambsend@telus.net}
 Aug 13th      Uptown Rutland Classic Car Show & Outdoor Movie Night {Joe 250 878 3619}
 Aug 14th      Haney Park S&S {Salmon Arm}
 Sep 2-5th     32nd Christina Lake Campout {Ron Garay rgaray@direct.ca}
 Sep 24th      Classic Car Gathering Sun Peaks

The Steering Column {President Bob Gieselman}
 It has been almost a half a year that I have been in the Presidents Chair and what a ride. I am so impressed
with the membership of our Chapter, when volunteers are needed they see to all pitch in and get the job done.
   It is the old saying “many hands make light work”. Applause should go out to the chairs of the two major
projects for this year so far. Those are the Annual Easter parade chaired by Dick Parkes and the Annual Swap
Meet in Chase chaired by John Foley what great successful shows these were. On behalf of the membership
I would like to say many thanks from all of us.
   All the projects we do as club members does not go unnoticed the list is just to long to print here but we all
know who you are and the contributions you make to create a well organized club.
   We are now looking forward to those great cruise nights chaired by the famous Ray Henry. If you haven’t
picked your night to choose where to head off to just call Ray and he will mark you into his calendar.
                                                                                                       Thanks Bob

                If you know any member that needs a little sunshine please contact Elaine Jones Our Sunshine
                Girl. joneselaine28@yahoo.ca or 250 376 3841. Elaine sent the following cards: -

                     Robert Hand-Thinking of you
                     Shuswap Chapter-Thank-you for a Great May Tour

   Everyone is invited to the 2013 May Tour Planning Meeting 6:00 pm at Dickinson’s. There will be
hamburgers and potato salad and you should bring something to add to the pot luck supper.
Meeting to follow at 7:00 pm.
   The General Meeting this month is our annual BBQ at 6:00 pm. The cook trailer will be there for
cooking. {No BBQ Sauce unless you want to clean the stove} Please bring a casserole or dessert [enough to feed
8]. You will need your own utensils and meat to cook. The meeting will follow at approximately 7:30 pm.
  Shuswap Pioneer Collector Club is visiting Andy’s shop and the 2141. If you would like to join in on the
fun to ride the 2141 {$14.00 per person} meet at Andy’s shop 721 Tagish at 1:30 pm on Saturday June 25th.
Hope you can bring your car down to Andy’s shop even if you do not plan to ride the train.
   On the nights that Noella and I do not attend a Cruise Night could the person organizing that night please
be so kind as to make some notes and get pictures for me. It would be appreciated.
    Although “Chrome on the Grass” Saturday July 23th is sponsored by the Rod Club. Don Potts tells me that
Vintage & Collectable cars are welcome and encouraged to attend.
   Central Fraser Valley Chapter has a bus trip going to Reno Hot August Nights Aug. 10-16th {They must
know by end of June. For more details contact Ray Lamb 604 857 5018 lambsend@telus.net}
  It would be nice if you have any old pictures you would like to share as the Kamshaft could use some
               for future issues.
   I know I asked this same question last year. What did you do over the summer? It would be nice to receive
articles or stories, pictures & etc. of events or museums that you may take in over the summer. I have been told
that our members enjoy these personal type of articles compared to items taken from the internet. It helps make
the Kamshaft a club paper.

                                                                         By: Dick Parkes rparkes@telus.net

  Our Austin ambulance restoration project has now completed its fifth season and has been put to bed in a
corner of Andy’s shop until September. It has been a long haul, but we have established a goal of having it
going on its own steam in the 2012 Easter Parade. Considerable progress was made over the past year and it is
essentially ready to be fired up, but we held off as it didn’t make much sense to do that and then have it sit all
summer. All of the major mechanical, electrical, woodwork and bodywork has been completed and in the fall
we will tackle the finishing details, which will still be a lot of work. If anyone wants to take some pieces home
and work on them over the summer, please let me know.

      Dick doing some filling.

  Once again, I would like to express our thanks to Andy Cordonier for putting up with us in his shop for
another year and I hope that light at the end of the tunnel is not another train coming our way! Thanks also to
all of those members who have helped out on this daunting project.

 Craig,     Andy,     Bill,      Don Jerry, Keith & John hard at work.     “The regular gang of eleven”.

  We have been keeping track of the time spent and we have put in 203 work nights with 4100 man hours
plus more time spent on projects at home. There has been 47 different club members attend one time or another
since we started September 2005. However it is usually the same 11 or 12 that are regular attendees.
Approximately about $12,000 has been spent on the project. It will be an awesome and super rare addition to
the VCCC vintage fleet sometime next year…..we hope!  Dick

May Tour “A little bit of Heaven in 2011” at Salmon Arm
  This was a great event. Craig and I had a lot of fun. We did dry camping at the college parking lot next to the
venue with Ken and Marg Hoshowski along with a few other campers from other towns for a total of about 7
campers that we associated with over the event during our own happy hours and late night cocktail hour. The
others from out of town stayed in motels or friends in Salmon Arm. The only thing that I found that I missed
with camping verses the staying in the motel with the others was the get-togethers with those people. But, hey,
we made our own fun at our camping lot.
    There were 201 registrations meaning that there were close to 400 people in attendance. I was told there
were over 140 vintage vehicles participating with the oldest from Vancouver--a 1918 McLaughlin light Six to
as new as 1979 vehicles--many different makes and models. Some people did not bring their vintage vehicles,
choosing the comfort of their modern day ones.
                                                            We had 34 members of our Kamloops club attend:
                                                        Del and Claudine Basaraba, Craig and Marlene Beddie,
                                                        Engel and Audrey Bouwmeester, Dave and Noella
                                                        Dickinson, John and Lila Foley and their friends Gary
                                                        and Lorraine Grant from Prince George (who by the way
                                                        are now are newest members of our club), Peggy Irwin
                                                        and Glen Gallagher, Sue Adam and Jay Gallagher, Bob
                                                        and Michele Gieselman, Ken and Marg Howshowski,
                                                        Ivan and Darlene Lajeunesse, Richard & Helen Maki,
                                                        Ernie and Marg McNaughton, Dick and Joy Parks, Al
                                                        and Judy Paulsen, John and Linda Rostron, Jerry and
                                                        Vicky Wallin, and Tim and Barb Wourms.
    Friday was a garage tour in which approximately 54ish vintage vehicles took part in. The tour commenced
at 2pm and took us along the Salmon River Road and up Yankee Flats passing beautiful acreages and farms on
a warm sunny day. One stop we made was at Ovino Winery where many of the participants sampled
 and then bought wine. The tours main objective was Mitchell’s Chicken Farm where we had a tour of their
restoration facilities. Many of us took the hay ride down to and back from where the shops and good “Junk”
was kept. The hosts were kind enough to supply coffee/tea and sweet treats. In the evening, a wine and cheese
event was well attended but the event ended early …. Majority of people had left by 9pmish including Craig
and I. Just a few sprinkles as we were headed back over to the campsite for a night cap outside with our
        We woke Saturday to overcast skies with the sun shinning through occasionally…cool, 65F in the
morning that cleared up to be a nice sunny afternoon. After a great breakfast we gathered for the Red and
                                   Green tours. The two different routes went opposite today. One tour went
                                   from the venue to Deep Creek road, over to Enderby via Canyon Road and
                                   on to Grinrod past the Enderby Cliffs along Shuswap River and up
                                   Grandview Road and back to Salmon Arm. The other tour took us up Hwy
                                   97, Deep Creek, on to Salmon River road , through Silver Creek Area and
                                   back to Salmon Arm. We were on the Green Tour. At the end of the tour on
Saturday, we ended up at Haney Heritage Museum and Park
where we had our picnic lunch and those that were being
judged, got judged--Craig being one of them. Amongst the
heritage setting the vintage vehicles looked great.      The
Shuswap Needle Arts Guild had a nice display for the ladies.

Once we returned to our campsite prior to the evening event we had happy hour in the parking lot with some of
the other campers and the group from Mapleridge came over for their group picture of them in their late 1800
beach wear and cocktails. The evening dress theme was “Beach Wear”. Dinner was great with lots of food:
Roast beef and Chicken. The music was DJ “Rockin Randy” from Vernon and he helped create a beach party
atmosphere. He played a great selection of music that was fun to dance to as many of our club members can
attest to. Even if the guys didn’t dance, the ladies were up there dancing and any man that dared to cross
through them, got dragged into the circle to become the partner of all of them -- Tim can verify this. The party
was great but the evening ended early -- 10pmish. We went back to our campsite for evening cocktails and
reminiscing with our camping neighbours.
                               Through the night it had poured rain…so hard it woke me up around 4am. By
                       the time we got up in the morning, it had stopped. Any of the vehicles that were outside
                       needed to be wiped down. Sundays’ tour ride took us through some wet roads but by the
                       time we got back to Salmon Arm Fair Grounds the sun was back out
                       for our picnic, show and shine of sorts and the Valve cover races.
                       John King took first again in the valve cover races. Some of us
                       female walked to the mall to shop and the guys came over later
to pick us up, and while in the mall, watch the last of the Vancouver vs. San Jose game
on a TV at one of the electronic stores.

   We returned to our campsite for cocktails and got ready for the Black and White Dress theme for Sunday’s
dinner and awards presentations. Dinner was great again: roast beef, salmon and shrimp. A couple of awards
were presented to two of our club members. In the Concours d’Elegance
judging, Craig Beddie got first place points and “Best of Class” in the
commercial class with his 1947 Mercury pickup. He was awarded a Vintage
Car Club of Canada “Senior Medallion” to be attached to his truck for future
judging events--“To be displayed proudly”. It is now elevated to the “Senior
Class” and will participate in this class at future events. If it wins Best Senior,
then it will move to the Preservation Class. Craig has to maintain his 47
Mercury pickup in 1st place condition.
                                    In addition, high praise and congratulations goes to Glen Gallagher.
                                 Glen received the award “Most Elegant - Pre War” for his 1929 Pierce
                                 Arrow Seven Passenger Sedan. The night ended early. We returned to our
                                 camping spot and socialized quietly with our camping neighbours again.
                                 Through the grapevine, I heard others gathered at Peggy and Glen’s later
                                 that evening. Many stories were told by Ernie and Glen
                                 causing lots of loud laughter heard in the hallway on the
                                 floor of their room.
                                    Monday morning was quiet. Breakfast was had and
                                 then people said their goodbyes. The weekend wrapped
up nicely with the Nanaimo Vintage Car Club taking early registrations and deposits for the
2012 May Tour in Nanaimo being held on the weekend before the long weekend.          By Marlene Beddie
COAST TO COAST [Part V] with Ron & Chick Buck
                                                      Friday Aug. 13th Breakfast at the Legion the Coasters
                                                    travel south to Lacombe to meet the Lacombe Antique
                                                    Machinery Club for coffee. They opened their storage
                                                    buildings and gave us a tour of their equipment, tractors,
and museum. [great place to visit]. Lunch on our own and then we take Hwy # 12 west to Rocky Mountain
House. They have a national Historical site of the fur trading post. [Still pouring raining] [Gas $.989] After
supper we enjoyed an extensive private collection of 50”s and 60’s cars. This was our stop over for the night.

  Saturday Aug 14th was an early start with breakfast on our own. We travel the David
Thompson Hwy west for a choice of Nordeg [coal mine] of numerous hiking tours or head for
Columbia Ice Fields, the weather was poor so we headed south towards Banff. We are now on
Hwy #93 and our stop for the night is at Spruce Grove Resort, Fairmont Hot Springs BC just
south of Invermere [finally in BC] better roads and hot, meals for this day on our own.
                                  A long day. [Gas $1.119]

                                 Sunday Aug. 15th Breakfast on our own before we head for our long dive
                               to Fort Steele as that is our stop for the night at Fort Steel Resort and RV
                               Park. The Fort Steel Heritage town is across from the campsite. They offered
                               the Coasters a reduced rate of $15.00 for a steal of a deal [normally $25.00]
                               which includes wagon rides, ride on the steam locomotive and a live theatre
                               production at 3:30 pm. We had to be back at the camp ground by 6 pm for a
hearty meal of smoked pork loin and roasted chicken with all the trimmings like salads, buns & dessert.
[Another long hot day]

  Monday Aug. 16th an early start for a 235 mile trip to Nakusp including a free 80 car ferry that leaves from
Kootenay Bay every 50 minutes. The time changes to Pacific time between Cranbrook and Creston. Arriving in
Creston things see were the Candy Orchard Chocolate factory, a Winery & Vineyard, Columbia Brewing
[Home of Kokanee beer]. It is a nice area of the province. We leave Creston on Hwy #3A and wind along
Kootenay Lake for a least 35 miles and we find a Glass House made by a retired Funeral Director from several
thousand embalming bottles [unbelievable]. It’s on to Kaslo passing through Crawford Bay to view the worlds
oldest sternwheeler [S.S Moyie]. All meals today were on our own. [Gas $1.1149]. After leaving Kaslo we
arrive in New Denver that houses the Nikkei Internment Memorial Center [a World War II camp housing
20,000 Japanese Canadian] [well worth the visit]. We then motored on to Three Island Campground for the
night [16miles before Nakusp on Hwy #6 East]. Many Coasters soaked in the Nakusp Hot Springs.

                                      Tuesday Aug. 17th another early morning start [breakfast on our own]
                                    heading south on Hwy #6 to the Needles Ferry then over the Monashee
                                    Pass [elevation 1199 meters] through Lumby and Coldstream to Vernon
                                    [stopping only for gas] then on to Hwy #97 north to Kamloops, some
                                    Coasters stopped at Historic O’Keefe Ranch 6.5 miles north of Vernon
                                    then onto the Motorplex Speedway 7.5 miles north of Vernon for lunch.
                                    They served chili & buns (mild) dessert and pop or water. Lot’s of
bathrooms for those that needed them.
  The weather is nice and warm [of course we are in BC] we eave for Kamloops passing through Falkland,
Westwold, Monte Lake arriving in Kamloops after a driving 195 mile. Ron
MAY TOUR 2013 BBQ @ Dickinson’s 6:00 pm Saturday June 18th
       As your may tour chairman I would like to take this time to thank our members that attended the 2011 May Tour in
Salmon Arm. Barb and I had a great time and now know how much time and energy it takes to hold such an event. For
the members of the Shuswap chapter I take my hat off to the fine job they did.
       The members from the Kamloops chapter that attended were asked to take notes and report back to the may tour
meeting that we are having. I look forward to hearing from them. That meeting will take place June 18th at the Dickinson
residents [4015 Davie Rd]. I invite all the members that are thinking of getting involved to make the time to attend, look
for time and details in your calendar or Kamshaft.
       Some of the highlights from the 2011 may tour for me was the food that was supplied, the tours were well attended
and the entertainment on Saturday night was fantastic. Some of our ladies from Kamloops were the real life of the
party. Some of our ladies tried to pick up the young stud on stage. For such a ridged guy he was left with quite the red
face. Enough said.
       As for the cars, all looked great. The highlight for me was the 1935 Duisenberg, 1936 Packard, and the Trans-Am to
me it brought back great memories. As always our cars where well represented. Craig and Marlene Beddie's 1947
Mercury, the Bouwmeester's 1924 Studebaker, and the Gallagher's 1929 Pierce Arrow, and the Basaraba's T Bird made it
into the winners. Hope I didn't forget any one, Hope Dave will correct me if I missed any one.
       Finally I would like take the time to remind all members that the May Tour is worth attending if you get a chance.
And it can only be with great pride for our club if we could put on an event like this. So look forward to seeing you at the
next May Tour meeting. With 75 members in The Shuswap Chapter and we have over 90 think of what a fantastic
show our great club can put on.

                            You do not have to be part of the committee to attend the BBQ
                                                                   Cheers Tim Wourms 2013 May Tour Chairman

                                               MITCHELL’S CHICKEN RUN July 17th:
                                                 Brunch at the Valleyview A&W and leave sometime around 11:00.
                                               The Show and Shine starts after 1:00 and supper WHICH IS BEING
                                               CATERED BY THE MITCHELLS is around 4:30 or so. The Mitchells
                                               are supplying all the food and the utensils, but want people to bring
                                               their own beverages (pop, juice etc.) and their own chairs. They will
                                               be charging $5.00 per head for the meal, so they NEED TO KNOW
                                               HOW MANY TO PREPARE FOR!!!!! Rose asked Marg to let her
                                               know the numbers. If planning on attending contact Marg
                                               McNaughton 250 573 5965 or marorernie@shaw.ca by July 10th.

                                                         A Red Green Duck Tape Special

                               Estate Sale of Brian Crich {Former Member}

                         1964 Pontiac $8500.00 (or reasonable offer) Convertible-283 V8, 2sp Power Glide Trans,
                         Brand new top, Electric Windows, New Cragar mags with tires, Original wheels with tires
                         available with stock hubcaps, Runs and drives great!

                          1976 Ford LTD $3000.00 (or reasonable offer) - 4 door Wagon, V8 / Automatic, Runs
                         good, Good interior, Minor rust, All Original.

                          1954 Cadillac $20,000.00 ( Won “Best In Class” in Nelson, 2010 Car Show) 3d Owner
                          Originally a Chauffeur driven car, Older restoration, V8 / Automatic. 4 Door

                          1964 Ford Galaxie - Country Squire 4 door Wagon. Good for parts or restoration $500 or
                          reasonable offer

1959 Ford Country Sedan 2 Door Wagon. V8 / Automatic.

All of the above are part of an estate sale of Brian Crich's and is in probate and will be released soon.
If interested, please contact…………………………..………………... *John at 250-579-5683 or dragonpress1@telus.net

                            1971 Camaro $7,000 6 cyl Auto Tran, Gold colour. 85000 miles, restored 10 yrs
                            ago by owner, one owner car -- my parents bought it in 1971 and have been the sole
                            owners and drivers -- mainly around the Surrey area. I had driven it a few times also and
                            I was really impressed with the six cylinder engine and automatic transmission. They had
                            it serviced religiously by their mechanics………………*Herman Kovacs 250 377 8022

1972 Lincoln Fender Skirts …………………………………………………….…….. *Don Potts 250 374 1972

1972 Chev 4x4 $1,750 with 8000# winch. [without winch & front bumper $1,500]…….......*Bob 250 828 2073

1948 John Deere D $6,500 restored ……………………………………………..……..………*Al 250 372 8754

1984 28ft class A Triple E Motor home $9,000 c/w 4000 watt Onan generator & trailer tow pkg
……………………………………………………………………………………………..…. *Bill 250 376 1339

Model A Engine for rebuild $150.00 ………………………………………….…..*Robert Hand 250 577 3451

                          1966 Chrysler $8,500 440 cu 4dr sedan Excellent condition
                          New paint and no bondo …………………………………….…..*John 250 578 7477

                                                  1938 Vauxhall DX $16,000 (obo) 1800cc (14,000 mi rebuilt
                                                  engine), Original unrestored 60,747 miles [2 owners only],
                                                  Appraised at $24,500 because of low mileage and low
                                                  production number 5………......*Evelyn Clough 250 578 7883

        1965 Mustang parts car for sale. The 200 ci inline six cylinder engine has been rebuilt,
        Three speed standard transmission has been rebuilt. The interior is rare as it has a split
        bench front seat, the interior is in good shape. The body is pretty much toast lots of rust.
        Motor, transmission and interior are out of the car. We’d looking for $500.00 for the
        engine, $150.00 for the transmission and $200.00 for the interior. Side, rear widows and
        chrome are in good shape as well as emblems and other trim.
……………………………………………………………..* Contact Wayne 250-962-5997 or 9judway@telus.net

Ford Rims $500.00 set of 4 aluminum 8x6.5 rims with centre caps and wheel nuts. 1952 Coca Cola Pop Cooler
$850.00, good working condition, water cooled unit Coca Cola Button $800.00, 48 inch, excellent condition.
Calgary Buffalo Emblem Beer Cooler $550.00 refrigeration works. Yamaha 500 Wave jammer (standup/sit
down personal watercraft) $850.00. Assorted new gas fireplaces heaters and furnaces
…………………………………………………...……………………... Del 250 828 1992 or cell 250 819 0291

Parting Out 1975 Cadillac Eldorado & 1980 Cadillac Seville …………………………………….. Virgil 250 851 0243

Ford Motor 400 cc with 4 sp trans. Dana go possie rear end for ¾ ton Ford………………..…. Don 250 374 1972

1966 Lincoln Continental $2,000 partly restored comes with parts car that runs …Allan Havisto 250 372 8754

Ideas for Summer Cruise Nights if you have any ideas for any Thursday Cruise Night from June 23rd until August 25th
……………………………………………………………………Contact Ray Henry 250 578 8513 or o_henry@shaw.ca

Leads for someone to do a small fabricating project ……………...… *Mike 250 376 2443 31coupe@telus.net

Web Page Wanted someone to take training and the maintaining of the Kamloops Chapter web page If you are
interested contact President Bob rgiesleman@direct.ca

                               A Thought to Remember Until Next Time: -
                             “Happiness is something that multiplies by division”

                           27th ANNUAL SWAP MEET
   2011 turned out to be one of our best years’ weather wise, we had everything in our favor, including a large
crowd of bargain hunters and people just out to visit old friends. The day from a club point of view was very
satisfying. Everyone that volunteered had to work hard but enjoyably hard, stress seemed to be at a minimum.
The Chase Arena folks enjoy having us there and participated which was good to see. The total even went very
well with very few challenges.
  The Volunteer turnout was again as always very good albeit we were down to the wire getting the last much
needed help. So THANK YOU to all of those that helped with the pre work, came as Vendors, and came as
volunteers, without a large contingent of volunteers this even cannot succeed. The financial results when
complete I am sure will prove this a worthwhile event.
   And finally to the Swap Meet Committee a very big THANK YOU for five months and more of continued
hard work. Are you all ready to do it again?????                            John Foley Chairman

                              Keith sets up trailer               Jerry starts the sausages

     Jake peels the onions while Rich slices & dices.        Don cooks the onions               Jake takes over the
                                                              While Jerry watches             grill for some pancakes

            Donna waits while               Steve looks in the fridge.       Marlene shows the girls how it is done
                                              “I know I put it in Here”

Laverne & Vicky ready for work    Del ate         Jeanne & Elisa talk it up        A couple of satisfied
                                 whole thing         at the coffee table             Coffee drinkers

            Gate keepers, Ken, Barb, Bob       Robert                    Mal & Richard        Our 50/50 girls


                                           INSIDE VENDORS

                                           OUTSIDE VENDORS

   John casts a big shadow as he checks the outside vendors

        We had Big Cars              & Little cars for sale                              Don says that is the way it is lady.

                                                  SHOW & SHINE
   It is believed we had over 140 cars participate in the show and shine. This is nice as that means we are finally getting
through to the other car clubs.

      Even the Big Rig’s came

       When I saw the wheels I thought Dick had lost it.        He hadn’t as here is his truck

Andy finds model of his tractor                                            The boys solve all the problems

                                                                     The End

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