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									YOU Make                               PGP is a non-profit company created by joint-
                                       action agencies for the benefit of their municipally
                                       owned natural gas and electric utilities. PGP’s

the Call…                              primary purpose is to acquire a diverse portfolio
                                       of low-cost natural gas reserves.

                                                               Since its formation in 2004, PGP
                                                                has made acquisitions and capital
                                                                investments in excess of $500
                                                                million in natural gas and oil
                                                                properties consisting of over 3300
                                                                wells in 16 states producing in
                                                                excess of 30,000 Mcf per day.

                                                               Partners include Florida Municipal
                                                                Power Agency, Lower Alabama
                                                                Gas District, Municipal Gas
                                                                Authority of Georgia, Patriots
                                                                Energy Group, Southeast
                                                                Alabama Gas District, and
                                                                Tennessee Energy Acquisition

                                                               PGP Pool 3 gas supply portfolio
                                                                has been formed and is currently
                                                                open to new members. Today’s
                                                                low price environment is a great
                                                                opportunity to begin participating
                                                                in this unique long-term supply
                                    Be Part of
                                    Our Winning Combination
Call one of us at (770) 590-1000

     Susan Reeves                  Mike Frey                           Chris Howell
     President                     VP Operations                       VP Finance    

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