The Berlin Airlift AKA the Berlin Blockade 1948-9

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					What was the Berlin Airlift?
 AKA the Berlin Blockade _


• What key questions does an historian ask
  about an event?
• Which are the three most important
  questions asked?
• Which are the ones most frequently asked
  in an exam?
• Why did an event happen?
• What happened in an event?
• What were the effects on an event?

• For each question how could the same
  question be asked in different ways?
• All will understand the key events of the
  Berlin Blockade
• Most will research from a variety of texts to
  find out what happened
• Some will see the event as a stepping
  stone to further conflict and be able to
  explain this.
1943 - Tehran
       1945 -
                               1948-9 -
       Potsdam                 Berlin Airlift/
                               Berlin Blockade

1943            1950                             1991

1945 - End             1947-51 -
of World
War 2                  Truman Doctrine,
                       Marshall Plan
             1946 -
             ‘Iron Curtain’
• Look at map in exercise book
• Find Berlin
• In pairs discuss –
• What happened to Berlin at the Peace
• Why?
• What problems might this cause?
• Which of the Superpowers would like it and not
  like it?
Look at map and draw a simplified version
Colour in map of Berlin
• Communist parts = Red
• Capitalist parts = another colour (not Blue)
• Shade in Bizonia over the top with lines

• What tension would this cause?
• Write Title                • Who Blockaded Berlin? Why?
• Berlin Blockade/ Airlift   • What was the response of the
                               other countries?
• Write notes on the event
                             • Why?
• Extension- use more
  than one text              • What did they airlift it?
                             • How long did the Blockade last?
• Make sure you answer
  these questions in your    • Who won?
  notes                      • Why?
                             • What happened to tension
                               between the super powers?
                             • What was NATO?
                             • Why was it formed?
      Watch clip for new info
             Mime activity
• In groups of 8 create a tableau to show the
  Berlin Blockade/Airlift
• Present key moments
• 1. The Blockade being set up
• 2. The Airlift
• 3. The Blockade being lifted
• Shout out appropriate comments
       Briefly explain the key features of the Berlin
          Blockade and Airlift 1948-49. (6 marks)
Tension between the two Superpowers reached brinkmanship over the Berlin blockade
    and Airlift 1948 – 49. By 1949 the wartime alliance between the USA and USSR had
    completely broken down.
The main reason why Stalin blockaded Berlin in 1948 was because in 1946 USA, Britain
    and France had united the three Western German zones (called Bizonia) and in 1948
    introduced a new West German currency, the Deutschmark. This was not agreed at
    either Yalta or Potsdam. Equally West Berlin was also in the USSR’s buffer zone
    and Stalin thought therefore that all Berlin should be under his Communist control.
In June 1948 Stalin provocatively ordered that all road, railway and canal linking West
    Berlin to West Germany be blockaded. Two million West Berliners were isolated and
    cut off from the West. Truman did not want to be bullied by Stalin and be forced out
    of Berlin. For 11 months, from June 1948 to September 1949, 277,264 USA planes
    flew in 8000 tonnes coal, food and clothes to supply West Berlin every day.
    Eventually Stalin lifted the blockade and the USA appeared to have won.
However, with regards to Germany, both Superpowers had gone back on their post-war
    agreements. By the end of 1949 their wartime alliance had completely collapsed.
    Furthermore, superpowers tension increased, when in April 1949, 12 Western
    European countries, led by USA, formed North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
    offering mutual military support if attacked by another country. The political, military
    and ideological division of Germany became permanent when both sides formally
    created the USA controlled FDR (May ’49) and the USSR controlled DDR (Oct ’49).
During the Berlin blockade and Airlift 1948-49 a hot war was avoided, but the Cold War
    between the two Superpowers showed no signs of ending.
What do these mean?
• Bizonia
• Deutschmark
• Blockade
• Airlift

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