What What ray dye by kishoo


									                                             What-ray dye?

Ask the reader what-ray dye .. Answer to this question, Dr. Rauf Roushdy, medical adviser to the Organization of Arab, said:

    "There is fear among the patients of an ultrasound for the detection of the dye Onpopty tubes, due to reports of pain

                                associated with them and the subsequent conduct of the post.

     Unfortunately there are still no effective way to investigate Nvadih Onpopty tubes is this procedure which may be

 accompanied by some pain, but with good preparation of the case such as radiation, whether in preparation physically by

  emptying the bowel of feces and gases and the use of analgesics or preparation of psychological to counter the rumors

                                                    popular for severe pain.

  Remains ray dye procedure is necessary in a large group of cases of delayed childbearing in particular which they had

experienced wounds earlier in the pelvic or ectopic pregnancy, in order to ascertain the Nvadih Alonpoptan and the absence

  of protrusions or defects in the uterine cavity or adhesions, which may be difficult for sound waves to predict the For the

It gives quick results, no doubt of passengers, and all that you feel sick just a simple pain in the lower abdominal pain similar

       to menstrual cycle, can last from an hour to four hours after the examination, and is controlled with analgesics.

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