What is aerobic exercise for patient by kishoo


									            What is aerobic exercise for patients with joint pain?

Answer this question, Dr. Radwan Massad advisory bone pain, saying:
           There are several exercises can be followed by

patients with joint pain is in the first exercise is a set of hip joint on the
          pillow to enable it to move and link the rope all the

pillow where we can keep the leg from the leg and this exercise can be
           work from 2 to 3 times the exercise shall be the

second person lying on the bed is raised and the knees together to the
         highest level and landing foot and lifting while the

                         other remains immobile.

The third exercise is a lift to the top of the knees and then move the legs
           to the left and right a few times and while one of the

 legs bent the other is moved in an upright position and hip clockwise
                            and vice versa.

The exercise shall be the fourth is a lift to the top of the knees and then
           advancement to the top of the central body and
shows this exercise difficult, but be easy and repeat this exercise is
important for strengthening the back muscles, abdomen and thigh.

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