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Compare and Contrast Compare and Contrast asbestos roof and zinc


									                             Compare and Contrast

                               (asbestos roof and zinc roof)

       The roofs is an important part in the construction of a building. Without roof,we

cannot shade from the bad weathers such as rain,snow,thunder, and others. There are many

type of roof used in malaysia.The common roofs in malaysia is asbestos roof and zinc

roof.This is because these roof is suitable for malaysian culture and building.

       There are many similarity between these two roofs such as shape. The shape of these

roof is undulating like waves. This shape make rain water easy to flow to the ground. Beside

that,these roof is use as protector. This roof will ensur that no insects or small

animals to enter the house. Zinc roof also have installation method like asbestos roof by using

nails & hammer. However the actual application of zinc and asbestos roof strips is simple,

zinc and asbestos roofing necessitates that your building meet certain requirements, including

geometrical continuity, project structural conformity, and physico-chemical compatibility.For

this you will need a thorough roof inspection, which can determine what must be done in

order to meet such requirements, and install the zinc and asbestos roofing accordingly. Not

complying with these factors can lead to serious damage, which is why you will need

professional installation. As well, zinc and asbestos are readily available in Malaysia.we can

buy these roof at the hardware shop throughout Malaysia.

       Asbestos roof and zinc roof also have the differences. If we look at the price factor,

zinc is cheaper than asbestos. The price of one feet of zinc roof is rm1.30 while asbestos roof

is rm2.10.However, asbestos is more durable than zinc. If something fall on the zinc roof,it
will bend while asbestos roof will not bend unless the big and heavy thing.Asbestos has grey

in colour, but zinc have variety of colour such as silver, blue, red. In contrast to asbestos, zinc

can be corrode.While zinc has smooth surface, asbestos has rough surface.moreover,zinc roof

is sharp and will make injury if not handle carefully.

       As the conclusion,the two type of roof have their advantage and disadvantage,

similarity and difference. So, we can choose the best for own goodness. For me, i prefer to use

asbestos roof because it more durable and last longer than zinc.


                                                      Muhammad nasiruddin ahmad yatim


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