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					                            «Love hormones» treatment of diseases

 Some believe that love and they do not exist in this world, but the scientists stressed that his presence is one of the best

  methods of treatment of natural pain relief and treatment of diseases, the studies confirmed that the hormone "oxytocin"
               plays an important role in the decline in pain as a direct action on receptors pain body natural.

    It showed another U.S. study published by the University, "Miami" that feeling of love leads to increased hormone
 "dopamine" which increases anxiety and tension associated with love before marriage, while raising hormone "oxytocin"

which helps to calm the anxiety after the engagement or marriage, which may account for the different emotions before and
                                                     after marriage.

 The other hand, according to professor of psychiatry at Ain Shams University Dr. "Tarek Okasha," that men who live less
             than a love for their levels of the hormone "testosterone", while the rise of hormones in women.

It also confirmed the scientific research that the brain lover produces a series of chemicals occur a state of ecstasy-like feel,
   which affects addicted to toxins while stressed specialist hormones and founder of the group Holterov medical that the

  proportion of dopamine increases when the feeling of love, the same hormone that stimulates when cocaine use, which
                                       explains why the loving wrong decisions.

 He added that "at least dopamine gradually during long-term relationships, which could explain the cause of decline in the
                                            power of love or desire primary."

In turn, explained, "Abdel Fattah Dupont" that the ancients said that love is blind, because it can collect a man ugly woman,

  gorgeous, or even destitute girl from the class of kings, without knowing why, but scientists at the University of London

concluded in their research to that man when he loves break down parts of the brain that control thinking and active regions
                                                responsible for emotions.

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