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									                                     Carlson Buddies Program!
                                          Little Buddy Sign Up
This application is specifically intended for Carlson School of Management incoming freshman and transfer students. If
you are a sophomore, junior or senior and want to apply to be a “Big Buddy”/mentor please fill out the “Big Buddy

Thank you for choosing to sign up for the Carlson Buddies Program! This is an amazing
opportunity to get involved in Carlson early, meet new friends, and learn about all the student
organizations Carlson has to offer! Complete the following application by 5:00 pm on September
23rd and email to Jamie Cork at or return to the undergrad office.

No one will see these sign up sheets but the buddies coordinators, Elise Hanson and Jamie Cork,
and Brent Opall, the advisor. Therefore, be yourself and give any information that you think
would help match you with a compatible big buddy! If you sign up for the Buddies Program, the
following are the events you should be expected to be involved in.

Required Activities:
     1. Attend the Carlson Buddies Program kickoff on September 25th, 2009 (Friday) at 3:00PM
        for a meet and greet with your buddy. If you have extenuating circumstances where you cannot meet
          at this time and you would still like to be paired with a buddy, email Jamie, and she will find another time to
     2. Meet with your Big Buddy at least once a month.
     3. Report back to the Buddies Coordinator in the event that the relationship between
        mentor and buddy is not working out. This is very important and should be addressed as quickly as
          possible. However, give the buddy a chance; you don’t have to be best friends but acquaintances, some one for
          the buddy to talk to should they need assistance in choosing classes, going to new meetings, etc.
     4. Your Buddy is there for YOU! So ask any questions you have, ask them to go to events
        with you, etc.
     5. It is encouraged to attend events outside of Business Board and the Carlson School with
        your buddy (nights out, go to the recreation center, lunch, coffee, study date at the
        library, etc.).

Are you a Freshman or Transfer Student?:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Potential Major(s):
Potential Minor(s)

     1. What activities/organizations were you involved in during high school?

     2. What do you want to get involved in during college (intramurals, specific student
        organizations, etc)?

     3. Are you interested in Greek life (fraternities/sororities including the business fraternities)?

     4. Are you in honors?
5. Are you comfortable with having a big buddy/mentor of the opposite sex or would you
   prefer same sex?

6. Where are you living on campus?

7. Are you possibly majoring in another subject outside of the Carlson School (if so, what is

8. What study abroad opportunities are you interested in?

9. What is most important characteristic you want your buddy to have? (Personality match,
    being a friend, having the same major, having a certain extracurricular experience or interest)

10. Where is your hometown, and where did you graduate from high school? If possible,
    would you want to be paired with someone also from this area?

11. What do you like to do on the weekends (Go out, study, hang out with a small group of
    friends, watch movies, etc)?

12. What do you like to do in your free time?

13. Is there a unique goal you would like to achieve in college? (ex: Run a Marathon, play the
    guitar, start a new organization, learn more about sustainability, learn to golf, become fluent in a language,

14. What would you like to know more about (any activities to get involved in on or off campus,
    resources offered, buildings or services offered)?

15. If your closest friends were to describe you in 3 words, what three would they use?

16. What are your top three qualities that you look for in a friend or someone you look up

17. Why did you choose the U of M?
18. Rank each of the following from 1 to 10 (ten being extremely important, 1 being not an
    immediate priority this year) on how important the following are to you during your
    freshman year? Remember there is no “right” answer, we simply want to pair you with
    the best buddy match! (You can use a number more than once)

      Your Social life.
      Grades.
      Getting into the honors program
      Experience new things (restaurants, activities, etc) in the Minneapolis area.
      Attend Sporting Events, be a gopher fan.
      Take unique classes.
      Getting experience in my potential major (either through activities or jobs).
      Meeting a lot of new people and being well known on campus and in college.
      Having a group of close friends.
      Get ahead in school, attempt to graduate early or complete a lot of required course
      Get an internship after your freshman year.
      Hold a leadership position on campus.
      Hold a leadership position in Carlson.
      Form a relationship with Faculty and Staff in Carlson
      Get an on campus job.
      Networking with Recruiters
      Working to learn a new language or completing language course work.
      Athletics, joining intramurals or learning about athletic experiences.
      Participating in a volunteer opportunity
Please answer each question with a one word/statement answer (Family Feud Style)
Answer Honestly, this does not determine your participation. It is for a game played at the
kickoff event and to best pair you with a buddy.

    1. What are you looking for in a big buddy:

    2. Biggest accomplishment in high school:

    3. Biggest fear about College:

    4. Biggest mistake or embarrassing moment:

    5. What are you most looking forward to about college?:

    6. What are you least excited for about college?:

    7. Where do you anticipate you will meet your closest friends in college?:

    8. Why did you choose the U:

    9. The most important thing about college is:

    10. The thing I miss most about home/high school is:

    11. Best thing that the U has, that is different than any other college:

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