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					                                              CAPITAL AREA CHRISTIAN CHURCH (DISCIPLES OF CHRIST) REGIONAL OFFICE
 V o lu me I I I , I s s u e 2

   J u ly 2 0 0 5

           R e g io na l B o a r d
                                              THE CAPITAL AREA CHRISTIAN
              2 0 05 - 2 00 6
      Mrs. Yvonne Malone, Moderator
  The Rev. John Powell, Moderator Elect
 The Rev. David Caldwell, Vice-Moderator
                                                                 F RE E CO RN AT M A RY M AC
      Ms. Mary Ann Earley, Secretary                   A NN U A L C O R N RO A ST O N A U G US T 1 3 T H
         Mr. John Farley, Treasurer
   Mr. John Ruiz, Chair of the Trustees
                                                            The annual            way of supporting the              party with the crowd for
    Rev. Lari Grubbs, Regional Minister
         Ms. Muriel Nolen, At-Large
                                                            Corn Roast at         camping ministry of the            free. Tickets for the
       Ms. Cynthia Nielson, At-Large                        Camp Mary             Capital Area.                      chicken dinner are on sale
       Dr. Robert Mansker, At-Large                         Mac is coming                                            at your church office and
         Mr. Edwin Lloyd, At-Large            very quickly upon us! On            The corn is free!                  must be purchased in ad-
      Rev. Barbara Coalter, At-Large
                                              Saturday, August 13th, from                                            vance unless there are extra
Rev. Dr. Martha Brown, General Board Rep.                                         There will be things to eat
   Mrs. Bonnie Ouellette, Administration
                                              10:00 am to 2:00 pm, there                                             meals available.
                                              will be food, entertainment         and drink for sale. One of
 The Rev. Benjamin C. Manning, Ministry
     The Rev. Curtis Wheeler, Mission         and fun at Camp Mary                the highlights of the Corn         You all come now and join
  Mr. Kevin Wiggs, Camp & Conference          Mac.                                Roast is a barbecued               the fun on Saturday, Au-
   Dr. Albert Weaver, Church Extension                                            chicken dinner sold for six        gust 13th!
The Rev. Laura Swett, Congregational Life     This annual event is a fund-        ($6.00) dollars. It includes
     Ms. Ann Smith, Disciples Women
                                              raiser, a chance to see the         ½ a chicken, rolls, a drink
     Mr. Clifton Brown, Disciples Men
Rev. Idia Rodriguez, Ministers’ Association
                                              Camp, an opportunity to             and sides.
   Ms. Morgan Helme, Moderator, RYC           introduce your children to
 Dr. Robert Chance, Chairman, Personnel       our rustic camping, and a           You can even bring your
  Kathleen Prytherch, Pastoral Relations                                          own picnic dinner and

 I ns i de t his is s ue :                    G EN E R AL B O A R D N O M IN AT ES W AT K IN S

A Capital Comment                    2            O K L A HO M A P A ST O R T O A S S E MB L Y A S G M P
Capital Area Annual Fund             3

Ordinations                          3
                                                                                 of the Campbell-Stone Dia-         very powerful presenta-
Capital Area Notes                   4-5                                         logue Group. She has               tions to the Board and the
Mission Trips Around the             6-7                                         served the church at all           College of Regional Minis-
Region                                                                           manifestations, which in-          ters at the time of her
                                                                                 cludes working as a mis-           nomination.
CCCA Camp & Conference               8-9
                                                                                 sionary in the Congo for
General Assembly in Portland         10                                          two years.                         Sharon Watkins will be-
                                              The Rev. Dr. Sharon E.
                                                                                                                    come the seventh General
Capital Area Prayer Calendar         10       Watkins will come before
                                                                                 Married to Rev. Dr. Rick           Minister and President of
                                              the General Assembly
Regional Minister Visitation         10                                          Lowery, Professor of Old           the Christian Church
                                              meeting in Portland, Ore-
Schedule                                                                         Testament at Phillips              (Disciples of Christ) in the
                                              gon July 23-27 as one major
                                                                                 Theological Seminary, Rev.         United States and Canada
United Church of Christ              11       piece of business for Disci-
Insurance Board                                                                  Watkins father, Keith Wat-         since the church’s restruc-
                                              ples in our biennial meet-
                                                                                 kins, was Professor of Wor-        ture.
                                              ing. Rev. Watkins is the
                                                                                 ship at Christian Theologi-
                                              senior pastor of the Disci-                                           [See page 10 for General Assembly
                                                                                 cal Seminary in Indianapo-
                                              ples congregation in Bar-                                             Information]
                                                                                 lis. Rev. Watkins made
                                              tlesville, OK and a member
The Capital Area Christian
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                 A C A P I T A L C O M M E N T

         ““Hark a rumor! Behold, it comes!-        ent levels. First, it extended the         community than what was there.
         a great commotion out of the north        right of eminent domain to any
         country to make the cities of Judah a                                                And what is even more frightening
                                                   governmental (read taxing)
         desolation, a lair of jackals.” (Jer.     agency. This means that any govern-        to me is that this goes equally for
         10.22 RSV)                                ing structure under which you live,        your home! Never mind that it has
                                                   must be monitored to make sure that        been in the family for ten genera-
                                                   efforts are not coming to take advan-      tions. It does not matter that you
                                                   tage of your congregation.                 intend to spend the rest of your life
          How do you fight a rumor? The
                                                                                              there or that you could not purchase
         Capital Area seems full of them and I
                                                   More frightening, is that the sole         anything of equal value in your cur-
         have come to believe that if anyone is
                                                   basis upon which eminent do-               rent neighborhood. And unless you
         asked about or has a subject pass
                                                   main may be applied is the test:           can afford legal services, it is difficult
         through their mind and they know
                                                                                              to fight the value they decide your
         nothing about the subject, they will      “Does the change increase tax
                                                                                              property is worth!
         make up a story just to have some-        revenues for the governmental
         thing to say. Scripture warns us          unit?” Think about that for a minute.      Eminent Domain was an after-
         about the damage of gossip and ru-        Nothing is mentioned about separa-         thought in the Constitutional nego-
         mor-mongering (Rom 1.29 and               tion of Church and State. Nothing is       tiations as I understand its history. It
         James 3.5-6a).                            written about any credit for faith         was added as a proviso to keep an
                                                   based partnerships. No value is to be      individual from holding hostage the
         But what do you do when the rumor
                                                   considered for social services, counsel-   public good. Carried to its new ex-
         turns out to be true? Many have           ing, charity, or contributions to public   treme, that city council elected with-
         said that the church is under at-         morality. We have become a cash            out consideration just became the
         tack by the current cultural and          and carry, land-condemning                 keeper of your deed. There are terri-
         political climate in America. And         country that can take anything             fying implications for the Church,
         it seems to be true. The officials in                                                Church growth and individual prop-
                                                   from anyone in the pursuit of
         Prince George’s County have de-                                                      erty owners.
                                                   more money, particularly tax
         clared that too much property is cur-
         rently off the tax roles through non-     revenue.                                   No civilization has been able to last
         profit, church status! They complain                                                 over 200 years. Will greed be the
                                                   How serious is this? Consider the
         about congregations buying 50 acre        value of a piece of property like Beth-
                                                                                              deed that causes us to recede
         plots. Prince George’s County cer-        any Beach Conference Center to the         while we deceive ourselves by
         tainly does have a number of mega         tax revenues of a small community          naming it progress?
         churches.                                 like Bethany Beach! Think about
                                                   the value of land on Thomas Circle
         Montgomery County is consider-
                                                   Drive or Wilson Boulevard! What
         ing current legislation to not permit
                                                   private investor would not like to get
         variations in the Rural Agricultural
                                                   title to land in the shadow of the
         (Green Zone) setting. Denying devia-
                                                   University of Maryland?
         tions from the septic tank restrictions
         is considered by many to be an attack     We are no longer in the rumor stage,               Writing my Congressman,
         on congregational needs for growth        my friends. We are being confronted
         (expansion) as well as new church         by the possibility of the demise of any                       Lari
         developments. (It must be said that       structure on any property for which
         the Environmentalists among us cer-       a governmental agency can increase
         tainly promote this aspect of Smart       its tax revenue, period! They do not
         Growth.                                   have to make the case that it benefits
                                                   anyone. They do not have to make
         Finally, a recent Supreme Court
                                                   the case that it is a more valuable
         ruling threatens church at two differ-
                                                   thing that they want to do in the
                                                                                             Volume III, Issue 2
                                                                                                               Page 3


                                       W H Y A RE T H E Y D O I NG T H A T ?

At a recent meeting of the Commission for Administration, the need for an annual fund drive to augment our revenue was the
major agenda item. An annual fund drive is an appeal directly to individuals who are members, friends, or program participants of
the Capital Area Region. An Annual Fund seeks funds for programs and projects beyond which the regular budget can afford.
While discussing the “how-to,” a Commission member pointed out that the most important component of any fund drive is WHY.

                                                       Our “WHY” is two-fold!

First, the traditional way Regions are funded has been changed. In the past, a region received a direct percentage of the monies
sent by its congregations to BMF (Basic Mission Finance). Now, the formulation of the percentage a region receives has altered due
to the denominational change to DMF (Disciples Mission Fund).

Second, the Capital Area now receives less of the monies sent by its congregations to DMF. The new system expects differences
(shortages) to be made up by the Christmas Offering (designated for Regions), annual funds, and other alternate funding streams.
Some of our congregations do not receive a Christmas Offering, so we need to seek alternative funding streams. The annual fund is
one way to make an immediate impact.

Our goal with this first drive is $10,000.00. Among the needs we will cover with the proceeds are:
         •   A summer intern at our office ($2,000)
         •   A fall intern at our office ($2,500)
         •   The costs of sending a youth and young adult rep. to the General Assembly ($2,500)
         •   New recreational and programmatic equipment for Camp Mary Mac ($1,500)
         •   New recreational and programmatic equipment for Bethany Beach Conf. Center ($1,500)

All of the above are extra budget items. Any proceeds received above our goal will be used to establish an Endowment with the
purpose of underwriting the Regional Minister position. This, in turn, would ease the burden on our budgets in future years.
Contributions should be made out to CCCA and marked “Annual Fund” in the memo line. They should be sent to the Regional
Office – 11501 Georgia Avenue, Suite 400, Wheaton, MD 20902-1955.

Congregations received an information packet, but all invitations to consider an Annual Fund donation will be sent to individuals.
You may receive duplicate mailings while we correct all of our mailing list. If you do, please let us know so that we might make cor-
rections for future years. We are blessed with many giving hearts in this region as evidenced by your past support of BMF. When
you receive your letter asking for help, please prayerfully consider making an investment in the life and witness of our regional
church by your generous donation. Thank you!


2005 has seen four ordinations in the Capital Area. Ordained between June 11th and July 3rd were Brian Adams, FCC Hagers-
town; Sandyha Jha, National City CC; Peggy Miller, Michigan Park CC; and Laura Jean Torgerson, University CC. Con-
gratulations to these newest Disciples pastors.

         The Region has scheduled three more ordinations this year. David Chisham will be ordained August 7 at FCC Alex-
andria, VA at 6:00 pm from Wilson Boulevard CC. Yvonne Gilmore will be ordained at Michigan Park CC on Octo-
ber 30th at 4:00 pm. Delancy Catlett’s service is set for FCC Hagerstown at 3:00 pm from Downsville CC.
         I hope you can attend at least one of these services, especially if you have never seen one before.
The Capital Area Christian
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          C A P I T A L                                                                                                    A R

   Malcolm Smith, Mt. Rainier CC, retired on Sunday, June 12 after 31 years as the pastor of the congregation. Mac, a die-hard Yankee
   baseball fan, smiled at the singing of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” as a part of the benediction of the service. Mac and Fran will sum-
   mer in Nova Scotia and then return to the area this fall.

   Springfield CC has called George Rizor as their interim pastor while they continue their search for their next settled pastor. George
   immediately appeared before the Regional Commission for Ministry and was approved for his ministerial license. Previously, George had
   been doing pulpit supply.

   Dean Miller has been called as the interim minister while the Rockville CC continues its search for its next settled pastor. Dean lives in
   Hagerstown, MD and has been active at FCC Hagerstown.

   Larry Covin has stepped down as the pastor of the Mt. Olivet CC. Larry continues to do his correctional ministry.

   David Quesenberry has received a call to preach in Pennsylvania which will begin in August. David will step down at Edgemere CC to
   take this full time position. David is going to a congregation that Bob Perry served early in his ministerial career!

   General John Ellington is beginning the process to retire as a chaplain. We had hoped that he was going to receive a call and remain in
   the Region, but his mother-in-law is battling cancer diagnosed as terminal and the Ellington’s will return to Ohio for permanent residency.
   Our prayers are with them.

   Cheryl Tatham has accepted the call as the next settled pastor at North Chevy Chase Christian Church. Cheryl will begin September
   1st. She will be installed on October 2nd in an afternoon service.

   Laird Thomason will be finishing the interim at North Chevy Chase and will retire from active ministry August 31, 2005. Laird will
   continue to reside in the area. Welcome to the good life!


   Lansdowne CC (http://users.erols.com/lanscc/) in Baltimore invites you to enjoy free concerts on their newly built huge patio
   which has a lovely disciple emblem on it. These are fun-filled family events attended by family, friends, and neighbors. If
   you have not yet attended one, you should go! The schedule for the rest of the summer is listed below.
             August 14th - 5:00 pm                    September 11th – 5:00 pm                     October 9th – 5:00 pm

         Them Eastport Oyster Boys                   Nitty Gritty Church Band                    Just Plain Country Plus
                                                    folks from Christian Temple
                                                                                                    Volume III, Issue 2
                                                                                                                     Page 5

E A                                 N O T E S                                                                           E LE O N O R E

                                                                                                                        I S S UM M E R
C O M I N G T O B E T H A NY B E A C H CO NF E R E NC E C E NT E R                                                         INTERN

     F I R S T A N N UA L F A L L B I B LE LE C T U R E — S EP T E M B E R 1 2 - 1 6                                   IN REGIONAL
The Rev. Lari R. Grubbs, Capital Area Regional Minister, will lead a study of the Revelation of John.
History, prophecy, numerology, Bible study, will all be wrapped together to reflect on what God is
teaching us today about our world, the world of the early church and our response to it.                            The immediate past president
Sign up today! Go to www.cccadisciples.org and click on Outdoor Ministries and “Spring Retreat”                     of the Regional Youth Coun-
Application Form.                                                                                                   cil (RYC) is serving as the
                                                                                                                    summer intern in the Re-
                        2 0 0 5 R EG IO NA L M I N IS T E R PR C                                                    gional Office. Her voice will
                                                                                                                    probably be the first one
                                                                                                                    heard in the Office if you call.
The Regional Minister’s Pastoral Relations Committee has been reformed after two years of ser-                      Eleonore will be with us until
vice by the search committee to bridge the initial calling of Lari Grubbs and work on any transi-                   mid August. She will be
tion issues.                                                                                                        working with us to catch up
                                                                                                                    on filing, mailing and other
The current PRC has nine members who will serve on rotating three year terms. Members may                           office duties. We urge you to
serve up to six years before leaving the committee. IF you have concerns about either the Re-                       welcome Eleonore as you
gional Minister or the Regional ministry, please speak to any of these members who will bring the                   have a chance!
issue up confidentially.

    TERM EXPIRES 12/31/2005               TERM EXPIRES 12/31/2006               TERM EXPIRES 12/31/2007                S E EK ING
      Kristen Dunn-Thomason                       Lorenzo York                         Brenda Cardwell              FA L L IN T ER N
            University CC                        Hyattstown CC                     Pilgrimage CC, Suitland

             Lyman Goon                           Robert Degges                        Kathy Prythrech              Thanks to the Annual Fund
                                                                                                                    Drive, we will be able to afford
     Christian Temple, Baltimore          Bethany CC—Ft. Washington                   FCC—Hagerstown                an intern in the Office for this
                                                                                                                    fall. We are looking for some-
            Diane Barlow                            Zelia Diggs                         Tim Mabbott                 one who can work 15 hours a
                                                                                                                    week in the September-early
        North Chevy Case CC                     Michigan Park CC                       FCC Alexandria
                                                                                                                    December time frame. The
                                                                                                                    candidate should be a college
                                                                                                                    student who has flexible hours
T A C O B E LL B O Y CO T T                                       N B A HA S E M E R G ED                           during the day and can easily
                                                                                                                    get to the Regional Office.
E N D S S UC C E S S F U L LY                                     F R O M B A N K R UP T C Y !                      The intern selected will have
                                                                                                                    organizational skills, an ability
 At the General Assembly in Charlotte, NC two                                                                       to file and possess computer
                                                          The National Benevolence Association has emerged          skills, especially an ability to
years ago, the Assembly voted to join a boycott of
                                                          from bankruptcy but many questions of accountabil-        use all of the Microsoft suite of
Taco Bell in support of migrant tomato pickers.
                                                          ity will be asked at the General Assembly. Some still     information management.
The boycott ended when Taco Bell agreed to in-
                                                          feel that no one has explained why we lost ninety         The candidate will also under-
crease the wages of migrants by a penny/tomato.
                                                          service units for care and retirement housing and         stand confidentiality and pri-
While this does not sound significant, as one of the
                                                          will seek those answers. Others will ask can this         vacy issues. Send resumes to:
largest purchasers, Taco Bell sets the standard, thus
                                                          remain a General Unit of the Church having lost so        Intern Resume, CCCA, 11501
increasing the wage earned by migrant families
                                                          many facilities in the process of the bankruptcy. It is   Georgia Avenue - Suite 400,
                                                          not clear how NBA will be going forward, but a new        Wheaton, MD 20902-1955 or
This peaceful process changed the plight of many.         board has been appointed and some are ready to try.       lgrubbs@cccadisciples.org.
Thank you to all who helped to make an affect in a
non-violent way!
The Capital Area Christian
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    M I S S I O N                                                          T R I P S                                          A R O

         A number of our congregations have sponsored mission trips this summer to a variety of places in our world. All
         are engaged in mission work and education. They also have some fun components as well.

                                       MT. OLIVET SENDS ITS PASTOR TO SENEGAL

                       Rev. Larry Covin, Jr. made the visit to Senegal and what he took with him was quite impressive.
                       In less than six months of gathering supplies to take, Mt. Olivet and their friends throughout the
                       Region were able to ship the following:


                  •   500 boxes of baby cereal and baby formula
                  •   300 bottles of vitamins...adult and children
                  •   200 bottles of adult and children pain reliever and fever medication (Tylenol)

         About the success of the Senegal Project Larry writes: “On behalf of Mount Olivet Christian Church and the Foreign
         Missions Department, I thank you with my most sincere gratitude”.

                                                CAPITAL AREA WORK CAMP

                   Every year our own outdoor ministry committee offers a work experience in the Appalachian moun-
                  tains near Connelsville, PA. The Rev. David Caldwell has led this effort in southeast PA to repair
                  porches, doors, windows, etc. This year nine hardy soles went to make a difference in people’s lives,
                  mostly serving senior clientele.

                                            CHRISTIAN TEMPLE TO HONDURAS

                        A group of workers went through the Disciples Volunteers in Mission program to Honduras.
                        There they worked for over a week. The Rev. Jayna Powell led their efforts. A small and very
                        excited, but very tired group of members of the Church returned in time to show pictures after
                        worship on July 10th.


                      Nineteen members and friends from University Christian Church (cUc) were commissioned in
                      June to build a house near Lawrence Tavern, Jamaica. Participants ranged from 13-82. The group
                      also on projects at the Oberlin High School and Oberlin United Church of Christ. They were led
                      by Lorel Morrison, Moderator of cUc at the time and a native of Jamaica and Barbara Dunn, wife
                      of the minister at cUc, Rev. Marshall Dunn.
                                                                                                Volume III, Issue 2
                                                                                                                    Page 7

O U N D                           T H E                                   R E G I O N


    Below is a picture of the Mission Team that did a tour of building in Zimbabwe, returning on July 15th. To help sponsor the trip,
   the mission team sold stock shares to members and friends, among other fund raising projects. The stockholders meeting will be
   pictures and stories of the adventures in working with children who are orphaned survivors of HIV Aids. The Team went to com-
   plete an orphanage building in the Khayelihle (good home) Children’s Village, just a few kilometers outside of Bulawayo, Zim-

   The Team worked hard, was able to visit Victoria Falls and to a person came back changed by the work, transformed by God!

                                          Unkulunkulu uyaku thanda. (God loves you.)


    For the 16th year a team will have gone to help the sick in S. America. chugging for the Lord! This fall Louise Banzhoff, Wilda
   Gift, Ariadne Jacobs, Sonnie Marsh, Sam Reel and Sally Warner will travel to the Colca Valley region of Peru for 2 weeks to pro-
   vide medical assistance to the least, last and lost there. In Peru, respectable health care is one of the scarcest commodities. Com-
   mon diseases and physical ailments become crippling events. Dentistry, surgery, assisting in triage, giving medications and Bible
   teaching, scripture reading, and devotions are all services the South American Medical Mission Team expects to provide again this

                                            PROJECT PROMISE INTERNATIONAL

   Delores Carpenter has had a dream of a shoe factory in Kenya that has come to pass. What is more, the factory is a two way
   street, setting up a training ground in Seat Pleasant, MD to give some of the unemployed and under employed a job in this coun-
   try. Eleven tons of shoes and clothing were also sent to East Africa and will arrive in September. There is much more to come on
   this story!

                                        EAST AFRICA CHILDREN’S ORGANIZATION

   Rev. Sean Boyd at National City CC has begun this group to address the pandemic AIDS problem and the affects upon children
   in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. First efforts are in Kaligwa, 35 miles east of Kampala, Uganda. They are working on construct-
   ing a secondary school. More is to come as this too is to be a two way mission, bringing children here to lead worship in praise of
The Capital Area Christian
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          C C C A                                                C A M P                                             A N D
         Camp & Conference Registration Deadline was June 1: All Summer Camps Survived the Cut – Register now

         Most Summer Camps, the Fall Seniors Conference, and the Fall Bible Lecture Retreat have plenty of spaces. Mail your
         registration and payment immediately to “Camp & Conference Program”, CCCA Regional Office, 11501 Georgia Ave,
         Suite 400, Wheaton, MD 20902 (http://camps.cccadisciples.org)

                        DONATIONS REQUESTE D:
                        BB Conf Center and Camp MM:         A/V Projectors - for Projecting Laptop Computer Images to Movie Screen

                   The Camp and Conference Commission is seeking donations for the purchase of two, or donations of used, projec-
         tors that can be used to display Laptop computer images on to a wall or movie screen. We would like to have one unit at
         the Conference Center in Bethany Beach, DE and one unit at Camp Mary Mac in Sharpsburg, MD. These units retail for
         approximately $800-$1,000 each when new, and while we would appreciate donations towards two new models, we would
         also welcome two used models in case someone is upgrading to a newer model at home or at their business.
                   These projectors would be made available from the Conference Center Manager/Camp Manager to Camp & Con-
         ference Program Directors and Retreat Group Leaders for program. These projectors take the Word/WordPerfect, Power-
         Point, or other graphics program images from the laptop to the "big screen". These have been found to be useful in regular
         worship events and Bible Study or Camp-related sessions for displaying song lyrics and Bible passages for those who have
         vision problems.
         If you have a used projector to donate, please contact Kevin Wiggs, C&C Commission Director, at home (703-847-1774)
         or work (703-506-0505) or by email: kwiggs@purespeed.com

         Please send your financial donations to: “CCCA Camp & Conference Program”, Projector Project (KW), 11501 Geor-
         gia Ave, Suite 400, Wheaton, MD 20902

         Camp MM:          Mattress Replacement Project – All mattresses need to be replaced over the next year
                  We are looking for individuals or groups to sponsor the replacement of mattresses for all or part of a cabins-worth
         of camper beds. At approximately $65 each, the full replacement of mattress for a cabin would run about $650. We need
         to replace mattresses for all 8 cabins at the four camp sites.

         MM: Water Fountain Replacement – Dining Hall – The current model is starting to fail.

                  In addition, we would like to replace the water cooler in the dining room. The Voyager model drinking fountains
         are wall mounted and handicapped approved. An ADA approved, wall-mounted drinking fountain, self-contained, elec-
         tric, with softly rounded corners and edges designed to be easily accessible. Refrigerated units provide from 4 to 8
         gallons of chilled water per hour. The modern design and high-tech appearance enable Voyager to blend into any setting.
          Crafted from a durable space age, two-tone polymer material with the color molded clear through, it resists the scratches
         and damage of everyday use.

                        The HTV-8-Q-TTG provides 8 gallons of 50 degree F water per hour at 80 degree F inlet temperature and
                        80 degree F ambient temperature.

                        The HTV-8-WF-Q-TTG This model comes with an internal filter.
                        The estimated cost is $600 with shipping.
                                                                                                                      Volume III, Issue 2
                                                                                                                                  Page 9

D          C O N F E R E N C E
    MM:Hanging Movie Screen and Rolling TV cart for Dining Hall Monitor and DVD/VCR Player
    A hanging projection screen to replace the sheet that currently dangles from above the screens would be a welcome addition to our
    'projection system' as well as a cart with wheels for the purpose of storing and rolling the television in and out of the office.
    (Da-lite Class Mate Screen - 84 x 84" - 119" Diagonal - Square Format - Matte White $100)

                                                            Please send your financial donations to:
                                                             “CCCA Camp/Conference Program”
                                                              Camp MM Sponsorship Project (KW)
                                                                   11501 Georgia Ave, Suite 400
                                                                         Wheaton, MD 20902

    Available Dates       Nights      Type of Retreats

    July 21-24, 2005       3      Thurs-Sun Group Retreat (24 Spaces Left (3 of 4 Rooms) in Disciples House)
    July 24-27, 2005       3      Sun-Weds Group Retreat (16 Spaces Left in Disciples House, 40 left in Campbell Hall, & 8 Spaces Left in Stone House)
    July 27-30, 2005       3      Weds-Sat Group Retreat       (32 Spaces Left in Disciples and 40 in Campbell Hall))
    Aug 14-19, 2005        5      Sun-Fri Group Retreat
    Aug 19-21, 2005        2      Fri-Sun Group Retreat
    Aug 21-24, 2005        3      Sun-Wed Group Retreat          (32 Spaces Left in Disciples House)
    Aug 26-28, 2005        2      Small Fri-Sun Group Retreat (32 Spaces Left in Disciples House & 16 in Stone House)
    Aug 28-29, 2005        1      Sun Night Group Retreat       (32 Spaces Left in Disciples House & 16 in Stone House)
    Aug 29-Sept 1, 2005    3      Mon-Thurs Group Retreat
    Sept 18-21, 2005       3      Sun-Weds Group Retreat
    Sept 23-25, 2005       2      Fri-Sun Group Retreat        (16 Spaces Left in Stone House Only)
    Oct 2-5, 2005          3      Sun-Weds Group Retreat
    Oct 5-7, 2005          2      Wed-Fri Group Retreat       (50 Spaces Left in Disciples House and Campbell Hall)
    Oct 8-9, 2005          1      Sat-Sun Group Retreat       (32 Spaces Left in Disciples House & 16 in Stone House)
    Oct 10-12, 2005        2*     Mon-Weds Group Retreat (16 Guests Max - Only Stone House Open)
    Oct 17-19, 2005        2*     Mon-Weds Group Retreat (16 Guests Max - Only Stone House Open)
    Oct 21-23, 2005        2*     Fri-Sun Group Retreat       (Only Stone House Open) (6 Spaces Left)
    Oct 23-26, 2005        3*     Sun-Weds Group Retreat (16 Guests Max - Only Stone House Open)
    Oct 28-30, 2005        2*     Fri-Sun Group Retreat       (Only Stone House Open) (6 Spaces Left)
    Oct 30-Nov 2, 2005     3*     Sun-Weds Group Retreat (16 Guests Max - Only Stone House Open)
                          BOLD text = Partially Booked - Vacancies Shown

    * The “No-Meals” Retreat Option is available for this retreat. All other retreats periods require meal service.
    * The “No-Meals” Retreat Option is available for this retreat. All other retreats periods require meal service.
    * The “No-Meals” Retreat Option is available for this retreat. All other retreats periods require meal service.

    Reminder, due new ADA-style first floor bathroom, Stone House max is 16 guests. Reminder, due new ADA-style first floor bathroom, Stone House max is 16
    guests. Reminder, due new ADA-style first floor bathroom, Stone House max is 16 guests.

    Congratulations to our Lead Kitchen Assistant at BB Conference Center, Evqueni Stupinskiy (Gene) on receiving his Masters Degree in
    Linguistics from the state university in Lodz, Poland. Gene is actually from Siberia, and is in his third year working at the Conference Center!
The Capital Area Christian
Page 10
                                                                  G E NE R A L ASS E MB LY I N P O RT LA ND
                                                                  J UL Y 23 - 27                                                 2 0 0 5 C A PI T AL A R E A
                            The biennial family gathering of Disciples occurs in July when 6,000+                               P R AY E R C AL EN D A R
                            Disciples ministers, congregational representatives, observers and leaders                   You are invited to participate in the Capital Area Prayer Calendar
                            gather in Portland, Oregon to examine the last two years, consider changes
                                                                                                                            by offering a prayer each day for the listed congregation or
            for the future and elect new leadership. Not only will the Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins be
            considered as the next General Minister and President, but a Moderator team has been                                  Capital Area mission during the week listed.
            nominated consisting of William L. Lee, pastor of Loudon Avenue CC in Roanoke, VA
            as Moderator; Carolyn Ho, a lay member from Seattle, WA as first vice-moderator; and
            Charles C. Gaines, a layman from Arlington, TX. As second vice-moderator.
              The Region will be fully represented by Norman and Shirley Kruse, members of Na-
                                                                                                                         CC=Christian Church | FCC = First Christian
            tional City CC; and Ann Smith, member of Bethany CC and the President of Disciples                           Church
            Women. Alan Libbee, a member of University CC and a student at Montgomery (MD)
            College, will serve as our young adult representative.                                                       July
                Everyone from the region who is attending the Assembly, please note that the Capital
            Area is a co-sponsor of the NIRF Reception from 9:30 – 11:30 pm Saturday evening in                          July 3-9     Henson Valley CC, Fort Washington,
            C124 of the Oregon Convention Center. You are welcome to come, greet fellow travel-                          MD
            ers and enjoy our hospitality. NIRF stands for the Northeast Inter-regional Fellowship                       July 10-16   Beaver Creek CC, Hagerstown, MD
            and is the annual gathering of Regional Ministers from the seven northeast Regions in
                                                                                                                         July 17-23   First CC, Hagerstown, MD
            the US and Canada.
                 A number of interesting items are on the agenda, including a major remake of The
                                                                                                                         July 24-30   Second CC, Hagerstown, MD
            Design, the effective constitution of the denomination. Representatives will want to
            study carefully the proposed changes. There will also be a major review of licensed minis-                    August
            try in a session on the Nazareth Consensus held on Tuesday. There are some social                            July 31-Aug.6 University CC, Hyattsville, MD
            issues addressed by a few resolutions. Some feel these divide us and others feel that                        Aug. 7-13 Landover CC, Landover, MD
            positive results can occur. (See page 5 re: Taco Bell boycott)..                                             Aug. 14-20 Largo Community Church, Mitchell-
               Our own Fred Harris, Senior pastor at FCC Hagerstown will preach during the Tues-                         ville, MD
            day morning session. The Regional Minister has been blessed to introduce Rev. Harris.                        Aug. 21-27 Mount Rainier CC, Mount Rainier,
              The General Assembly is a gathering of our own speaking to us about the church. Few                        MD & Iglesia Cristiana de la Vida Abundante
            things are binding. (The Design changes are!) But in all things this is a gathering of
            Disciples seeking to hear the Spirit and find the Will of God for us as Disciples. If you
                                                                                                                         Aug. 28-Sept. 3 Perryhawkin CC, Princess Ann,
            have never gone, it is not too soon to start saving for the Fort Worth Assembly in 2007.                     MD
                On Saturday, August 20th, there will be a review of all action taken at the Assembly
            held with the Regional Minister at FCC, Alexandria at 10:00 am-12:30 pm.
                                   All are welcome!

                                                                  The Regional Minister has been asked to preach or             H A V E YO U JO I NE D T H E
                                                                  be present at the congregations listed below.                 H I S T O RI C A L SO C I E T Y ?
                               V IS IT A T I O N S C H E DU L E


                                                                   3 - University CC, Hyattsville, MD – Ordination of
                                                                       Laura Jean Torgerson – 2:00 pm
                                                                  10 – Mt. Rainier – preach – 9:00 and 11:00 am
                                                                  17 – University Christian Church – preach – 10:00 am
                                                                  24 – General Assembly – Portland, OR
                                                                  31 – 175th Anniversary of Weirton, WV congregation
                                                                  7 - Edgemere (MD) CC – preach – 11:00 am
                                                                     Ordination of David Chisham – FCC Alexandria, VA
                                                                     – 6:00 pm
                                                                  14 – Winchester Ave. CC – Martinsburg, WV – preach –      Dr. Glenn Thomas Carson has bee elected as
                                                                       10:45 am
                                                                  21 –                                                             President of The Disciples of
                                                                  28 – College of Regional Ministers, Kansas City, MO
                                                                                                                                     Christ Historical Society
                                                                      (Tall Oaks)                                                        http://www.dishistsoc.org/
                                                                                                     Volume III, Issue 2
                                                                                                                        Page 11

Parking lots are busy places in the daily lives of a congregation. Many folks in a congregation are surprised to learn that parking lots are actually
part of the physical property of the church. Yet, they can lead to significant bodily injury and property damage exposures.
Think for just a moment about a “slip and fall” on an icy sidewalk or a sprained ankle due to stepping in a hole in the parking lot. Or to take this
even further, consider the following:
                • The calming “speed bump” on the parking lot might help control traffic, but might also be a trip hazard.
                • Injuries or property damage from youngsters who turn the parking lot into a skateboarding arena.
                • Inadequate removal of snow and ice – exposing members to falls while getting in and out of the car.
                • Special events held in the parking lot present issues of security and supervision.
                • Allowing businesses to use the parking lot for a fee or renting out parking spaces during the week increases risk of loss,
                     bodily injury, or property damage.


One of the most important risk management procedures a church can use is to ask simple questions, such as:

                •    What do we really want to use our parking lot for?
                •    How much money and time will be spent each year to maintain the parking lot?
                •    What additional steps should we take to assure the care and safety of our parishioners, visitors, and tenants?

Form a committee that regularly inspects the facility and completes a written report of conditions.

                •    Don’t leave your inspection procedures to memory. Prepare written guidelines and checklists to assure thorough, systematic,
                     and consistent inspections.
                •    Inspections should be completed with at least two people and done twice. It is easy to miss something the first time through.
                •    Solicit advice from professionals. For instance, your local police may be willing to assist you with advice on parking lot crime
                     prevention and security.
                •    You might invite tenants or routine building users to have a representative on the committee.
                •    Invite parishioners to rotate assignments to increase awareness and ownership of the conditions.
                •    Make sure you have a follow-up plan of corrective actions and maintain a history of records.

 Survey your facility to evaluate if vehicle access to your premises is free of hazards:

                •    Are the parking and passenger drop-off areas safe for pedestrian traffic?
                •    Are speed bumps and parking stops clearly marked to prevent them from being trip hazards?
                •    Is the surface free from defects such as potholes, debris, and depressions that hold water / ice?
                •    Are all handicap ramps well constructed and highly visible?
                •    Is lighting adequate for nighttime use?
                •    Do steps have code-compliant construction with secure handrails that conform to building codes?
                •    Are warning signs, appropriate barriers or cones used to warn of dangerous conditions or hazards?
                •    Is there a plan in place that fits your needs year round? For example, winter snow and ice removal and annual inspection for
                     trees that should be trimmed or removed. Don’t overlook having ice and snow removed from roofs adjacent to walkways or
                     parking spaces.

 Safety is a daily task. Staff and volunteers should monitor the lot and grounds for any problems. Form a maintenance program and develop a
 schedule of maintenance activities:
              • If using staff or volunteers, make sure they are physically capable and can perform this activity without risk. As an alternative,
                   consider contracting for snow and ice removal with a licensed and insured contractor.
              • As part of winterizing activities, be sure to turn off the water to the outside faucets.

While we cannot remove all the risks from our parking lots, we can increase our awareness and involvement. By instituting appropriate risk man-
agement and operations control, we not only reduce our risk liability, we will create a culture of caring for our parishioners, tenants, and visitors.

                     Our Capital Area Regional Agent is Linda A. Senez, CPCU , Diversified Insurance Industries, Inc.
    2 Hamill Road, Suite 155 West; Baltimore, MD 21210 * Phone: (410) 433-3553 * Fax: (410) 532-5424 * E-mail: lsenez@dii-insurance.com
                                        Websites: www.insuranceboard.org and www.dii-insurance.com
                  The Capital Area Chris-
                  tian is a publication of                         2005 CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                                               July 23-27    General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) – Portland, OR
                  the Christian Church         Aug 7         Edgemere CC – preach – 11:00 am
                  (Disciples of Christ)                      Ordination of David Chisham – FCC Alexandria – 6:00 pm
                  Capital Area Region.         Aug 8-10      Camp Starfish – Hyattstown CC at Camp Mary
                                               Aug 11        Ecumenical Luncheon – Richmond, VA – 12:30 pm
 Offices are located at 11501 Georgia Ave.,    Aug 13        CORN ROAST – MARY MAC
                                               Aug 14        Winchester Ave CC – Martinsburg, WV – preach -10:45 am
 Suite 400 Wheaton, MD 20902.                  Aug 15        Commission for Mission – Hyattstown CC – 7:30 pm
                                               Aug 20        Fall Disciples Women Fellowship – Springfield CC 9:00 am- 1:00 pm
 It is published on the 15th of the month of                 Examination of General Assembly Actions – FCC Alexandria – 10:00 am
 February, May, July, September and            Aug 22-25     GCOM – Indianapolis, IN
 November.                                     Aug 25-29     CRM – Tall Oaks – Kansas City, KS
                                               Aug 29        Regional Minister PRC – Bethany CC – 7:00 pm
                                               Aug 30        CCCA Ministerial Assoc Exec Comm. – RO – 1:00 pm
 Articles are due before the 1st of the
                                               Sept 1        Commission for Ministry – Heritage – 10:00 AM
 month of publication.                         Sept 5        Trustees mtg.
                                               Sept 6        Personnel Comm. – Aspen Hill CC – 11:00 am
                                               Sept 7        Reg. Ministers meet – Richmond, VA – 11:00 am
  The Christian is now available via email     Sept 8        Pilgrimage Partners – Pilgrimage CC – 7:30 pm
          and on the website at                Sept 12-16    RM does Bible Study – Bethany Beach Conference Center – Revelation of John-
                                               Sept 20-22    NIRF Regional Ministers Gathering - PA
          www.cccadisciples.org.               Sept 21-23    CCCA Ministerial Association Retreat – Bethany Beach
    To receive a copy by email, write to       Sept 24       CCCA Program Cabinet
   mail@cccadisciples.org with the words       Oct 2         Installation of Cheryl Tatham – North Chevy Chase CC
         EMAIL NEWSLETTER                      Oct 12       Reg. Assembly Planning Committee – Christian Temple – 11:30 am
                                               Oct 21-23    75th anniversary celebration – National City CC
            in the subject line.               Oct 30       Ordination of Yvonne Gilmore – Michigan Park CC – 4:00 pm
                                               Nov 12       Ordination of Delancy Catlett – FCC Hagerstown – 3:00 pm


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