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									Fall 2002
                                 A Newsletter for the Transportation Community                            Volume 1, Issue 3

BTS Aims for Improved Transportation
Decisions with TranStats—an Intermodal
Web Database
T   he Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) has taken
    a significant step forward in electronic government
with the unveiling of TranStats, a new website providing
                                                                Up to now, the
                                                                process of compiling
                                                                data to analyze a
one-stop data shopping through access to more than 100          problem commonly
transportation-related databases.                               involved searching
                                                                for data sources,
Unveiled to the public on September 16th, TranStats is a
                                                                contacting data
website for transportation researchers and analysts aimed
                                                                providers to get the
at providing “one-stop shopping” for transportation data.
                                                                data, often repeated
The premise is fairly simple—by reducing the time needed
                                                                contacts to get more
for data gathering, more time is available for analysis.
                                                                information about
And by providing easy linkages across many data sets,
                                                                the data, then sort-
TranStats can help achieve new insights. Ultimately, this
                                                                ing through that data The website is at www.transtats.
should result in more timely and more informed decisions,
                                                                and integrating more bts.gov. Check out Getting Started on
and a better transportation system.                                                     the TranStats homepage.
                                                                data from other
TranStats' ultimate goal is to make the latest transporta-      sources for analysis.
tion data available to the entire transportation community,     This can be a very labor-intensive process, often taking
thereby creating a better transportation system for every-      months. TranStats is an electronic government initiative
one.                                                            aimed at streamlining this whole process.

                                                                                                           see TranStats, page 2

                            BTS Completes Model Standard for
                            Electronic Government Initiative
Inside this issue:
                            T    he Bureau of Transportation
                                 Statistics (BTS) has moved forward
                            in the development of electronic gov-
                                                                      and Budget (OMB) in September as part
                                                                      of the Geospatial One-Stop initiative.
                                                                      Due to the widespread need for road
                            ernment with completion of a draft        data, the road theme was selected as the
BTS Quilt Goes
                            data-exchange standard for roads as a     first standard for development and
to DOD               2
                            model for future standards developed      implementation of a prototype web por-
Transportation              by federal agencies.                      tal for data access.
Indicators           3
                            The new standard responds to the Bush     The main function of the road data con-
BTS Staffers
                            Administration’s strategy for expanding   tent standard is for data exchange on
Awarded              4
                            Internet-based electronic government.     the Internet. If a user wants to exchange
Recent/Upcoming 4                                                     data, the standard specifies the rules,
                            BTS submitted a draft road-data content   guidelines, and definitions necessary for
                            standard to the Office of Management      sharing roadway information.
                                                                                                     see Modal Standard, page 3

Bureau of Transportation Statistics                                                     U.S. Department of Transportation
 Page 2                                                                                                                     N e ws

TranStats Streamlines Data Analysis
continued from page 1
TranStats offers analysts several               • Online data documentation—pro-             • A mapping center with the full
unique features:                                  files on each database, summary              National Transportation Atlas Data
                                                  information about the tables that            Base, as well as applications for
• A searchable index of over 100                  comprise a database, data defini-            easily mapping DOT Grants and
  transportation-related databases                tions, and code information for data         several other key datasets.
  across every mode of transporta-                variables.
  tion—with many social and demo-                                                            Users can explore the data by trans-
  graphic data sets that are common-            • Interactive analytical tools—the           portation mode or by subject area, use
  ly used in transportation analysis.             ability to do simple statistical sum-      keyword searches to find relevant data
                                                  maries, create time series or cross        sets, and get online help. Since all the
• Selective download—the ability to               tabulations, generate graphics             data in TranStats are indexed with a
  choose variables of interest and                online, and cut/paste results into         transportation thesaurus, links to other
  download the data directly to your              reports.                                   transportation research are easy
  PC for analysis using any database,                                                        through the National Transportation
  spreadsheet, or statistical package.          • Interactive mapping to help visualize
                                                  geographic data.

BTS Quilt Goes
to DOD
O    n August 27th, U.S. Secretary
     of Transportation Norman
Mineta and former Bureau of
Transportation Statistics (BTS)
Director Ashish Sen presented the
Department of Defense a quilt in
memory of the women who died at
the Pentagon on September 11th.
Women in BTS organized the quilt
project and women throughout the
Department of Transportation
(DOT) joined in making the quilt.
At the “Hearts and Hands Across
the Potomac,” ceremony at DOT
headquarters, Secretary Mineta pre-
sented the quilt to June Forte, cura-
tor of Pentagon quilts. “I can think
of no finer way to honor the women
who died than to let the warmth of
this quilt sustain the spirit that
resides in all of us,” he said.
The 84-square quilt has a flag in the
middle and a gold star containing
the name of every woman who died
at the Pentagon and on Flight 77.

                 see September 11, page 3   Secretary Mineta admires a quilt presented by DOT to the Department of Defense bearing
                                            the name of every woman who died at the Pentagon and on Flight 77 on September 11th.
        N e ws                                                                                                                  Page 3

Transportation Indicators                                                 The Women of September 11
                                           In the August issue you        continued from page 2
R    emember to check
     www.bts.gov the first
week of every month for
                                           would have learned that
                                           New York-Toronto
                                                                          Director Sen said, “This quilt is a source of pride because it
                                                                          arose from within the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.
the latest Transportation                  remains the most heavily       It came from our agency, but not from a directive from the
Indicators report tracking                 traveled air route con-        leadership. It came from a group of dedicated women who
more than 300                              necting the United States      asked what they could do to pay tribute to the women
transportation trends.                     to the western hemi-           who died at the Pentagon.”
                                           sphere, although passen-
  In the July issue you                    ger traffic remains down       Secretary Mineta commended BTS staffers Stacy Murphy,
  would have learned that                  from previous years.           Kim Webb, Kim Hill, Thea Graham, Peg Young, and Susan
  enplanements on interna-                                                Lapham for their contributions. “They are the ‘Hearts and
  tional flights by large                  In the September issue         Hands Across the Potomac’,” he said.
  U.S. carriers decreased                  you would have learned
                                           that large U.S. air carri-     Quilts donated to DOD have been displayed at the
  by 14 percent in April                                                  Pentagon as well as at various military bases and museums
  compared to a year earli-                ers posted an 8 percent
                                           rise in inflation-adjusted     across the country. It is expected that the BTS quilt will be
  er and that the 4.4 mil-                                                shown at a variety of future venues.
  lion international pas-                  freight revenue from the
  sengers on U.S. carriers                 second quarter of last
  in April were the fewest                 year.
  of any April since 1996.

                                                Modal Standard Draft Submitted to OMB
                                               continued from page 1
                                       The submission to OMB concludes the
                                                                                                  composition to the road team will be
                                       initial phase of a six-month effort led                    meeting throughout the remainder of
             95                        by BTS with support from state and                         the year.
                      Ewing          1
                                       local governments, the private and aca-
                                                                                                  BTS is also using the draft road
                                       demic sectors, and other Federal agen-
                                                                                                  standard to build the prototype web
                          Trenton      cies. The BTS process will provide a
          Morrisville                                                                             portal for the Geospatial One-Stop.
                                       model for other geospatial data
                                                                                                  This effort will help refine the road
                                       themes. Geospatial data identifies the
                                  195                                                             content standard and provide informa-
                                       geographic location and characteristics
               13                                                                                 tion for implementing the Geospatial
                                       of natural or constructed features and
                                       boundaries on Earth.
                                                                                                  The Geospatial One-Stop, one of 24
                         130                    BTS is the lead agency in the
                                                                                                  electronic government initiatives sel-
                                                Department of Transportation for
                                                                                                  ected by the President’s Management
                                                coordinating the development of the
                                                                                                  Council, will provide a geographic com-
                                                transportation standards for the
             295                                                                                  ponent for use in all Internet-based elec-
                                                Geospatial One-Stop. BTS is also
                                                                                                  tronic government activities of local,
                                                developing data content standards for
                                                                                                  state, tribal and federal governments.
                                                air, rail, and transit. Groups similar in

BTS’ GIS section provides detailed maps
of transportation route 8 facilities.
 Page 4                                                                                                             N e ws

BTS Staffers Awarded
for Excellence
S ecretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta presented
  two BTS teams and three individual staff members with
department-wide awards in November.
                                                                   Excellence. She was noted for diverse contributions,
                                                                   including support for the National Transportation Library
                                                                   and the Office of Transportation Analysis.
The prestigious Partnering in Excellence Award, the highest        Rick Ransom, computer specialist in BTS’ Office of
DOT group award, was presented to BTS’ Statistical Quality         Information Technology, was honored with the Secretary’s
Working Group. The group was essential in developing sta-          Award for Volunteer Service. He developed an aggressive
tistical quality guidelines for all DOT agencies in response to    outreach program in the Parks and Recreation
new federal mandates. Members of the group are: Amrut              Department in Greenbelt, MD, while also serving as an
Champaneri, Elizabeth Bradley, Eugene Burns, Demetra               AAU Basketball coach and mentor at Hine Junior High
Collia, Pat Flanagan, Paulette Grady, Kimberley Hill,              School in Washington, DC.
Purificacion MacDonald, Anand Prabhakar, and Julie Smith.
                                                                   The State Profiles Team won the Secretary’s Team Award
Andrew Kleine, BTS’ chief financial officer, received the          for the successful launch of BTS’ state transportation pro-
Secretary’s Award for Meritorious Achievement (Silver              files. Members of the State Profiles Team are: Ron Duych,
Medal), the third highest DOT award for civilian employees.        Wendell Fletcher, Martha Courtney, Derald Dudley, Mary
He was cited for “building the BTS budget and financial            Field, Alexa Getting, Leonard Hughes, Darcy Herman,
management system from scratch.”                                   David Kall, Pamela LaFontaine, Steve Lewis, Melody Liu,
Kimberly Webb, a management assistant in the Office of             William Mallett, Chip Moore, Matt Sheppard, Laurie
the Director at BTS, received the Secretary’s Award for            Scovell, and Lorisa Smith.

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