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									                                            Engagement Letter

   Thank you for the privilege of allowing Mokum Tax Solutions to assist you with your tax affairs. We are
   committed to providing you the highest quality of tax preparation and excellent service. This engagement
   letter is to confirm the arrangements for our tax preparation services, and outlines responsibilities for each
   of us.

   We will prepare your Individual and/or Business Federal and State(s) Income Tax Returns from information
   you provide to us. You will provide us with all the information required to prepare your return(s),
   representing that the information is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge. If we ask for
   additional documents, information or clarification, please provide this information promptly to our office for
   speedy completion of your return(s).

   You should keep all documents, cancelled checks and other data that support your reported income and
   deductions. They may be necessary to prove accuracy and completeness of the returns to a taxing

   You are legally liable for the accuracy of your own tax returns, so you should review them carefully before
   you sign them. We are not responsible for errors or omissions made on your tax return because you
   withheld information or failed to provide us with information necessary to complete your tax return

   We do occasionally make mistakes; please forgive us for being human. Be courteous and let us know if
   you receive any correspondence from the taxing authorities any time of year. We will correct our work for
   free if the mistake is ours. However, we are not responsible to pay any taxes owed.

   Fees for income tax returns will be computed according to our current posted fee schedule, plus any out of
   pocket expenses. Unusual and/or excess time required for organizing records, compiling data for entry on
   the tax return, or bookkeeping will be billed at our consulting rate. Full payment of your tax preparation
   fee is required before we will electronically file your return or release the paper return to you. We
   reserve the right to ask for retainer fees in advance of work done. A paper copy of your tax return will be
   provided to you for your files. Upon request, an electronic PDF file will be made available.

   Extension requests: Please contact us if you would like to request an extension of time to file your return.
   This may be necessary if you do not submit all your tax information to us by April 1. If you file an extension
   of time to file you may be assessed penalties and interest if you have paid less than 100% of your current
   tax liability by April 15. We do not automatically file extensions.

   Privacy: We pledge to keep your information, documents and records confidential. We will not disclose
   them to any person or entity not necessary to complete your return, unless you authorize such disclosure,
   in writing, or unless compelled to do so by a valid court order or its equivalent. We may disclose such
   information, but only if reasonably necessary to complete your return, to employees of this firm, or to third
   party computer or e-filing services, so long as they are bound by the same requirements to protect your
   privacy and confidentiality. We will keep copies of your information on file, as required by law. They are
   kept in a secure location. We will maintain them for four (4) years.

   This engagement letter will apply for all future years unless the agreement is terminated or amended in
   writing. To affirm that this letter correctly summarizes your understanding of the arrangements for this
   work, and authorize Mokum Tax Solutions to prepare your Individual and/or Business Federal and State(s)
   Income Tax Returns, please sign below.

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                                          Mokum Tax Solutions LLC

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