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    INSIDE                We’re Better, Together
                                                                                      First Quarter | 2012

                          $7 Million Extraordinary Dividend is One More Example
          |2|             Some things are just better together.    Your Credit Union’s business model
Buying a Home? CEFCU      And, that’s especially true at your      is simple: we’re better together. There
   Makes it Easier.       Credit Union.                            are no outside investors. Instead,
                          At CEFCU®, borrowers and savers          CEFCU borrowers and savers help
         |4|                                                       one another enjoy a better value —
                          make things better for each other.
     IRA and HSA          Members’ savings deposits fund           and share in the success.
Contribution Reminders    loans to other members; interest         So, it’s no wonder the number of
                          on those loans is used to pay            borrowers and savers choosing
                          dividends to savers. As a financial      CEFCU continues to grow — nearly
Switch to a CEFCU Visa®   cooperative, CEFCU profits are           20,000 individuals joined CEFCU
 Credit Card and Save     not drained off for investors, but       in 2011. Nationwide, U.S. consumers
                          instead returned to every account        enjoy an estimated $6.3 billion* in
                          holder in the form of lower loan         annual benefits and savings by
                          rates, better savings dividends,         using credit unions, with more
    H O L I D AY S        and lower fees. So everyone who          than 75% of those savings coming
                          does business at CEFCU enjoys a          through better loan rates and lower
   All CEFCU offices      better value — and shares in the         or fewer fees.
   will be closed on:     benefits, together.                      Thank you for telling your friends
                          2011 was another strong year for your    and neighbors about the better value
 Martin Luther King Jr.
   Day (observed)         Credit Union. As a result, CEFCU’s       you enjoy here and for contributing
 Monday, January 16       Board of Directors authorized a          to another great year for your
                          $7 million extraordinary dividend        Credit Union. Together, we’re
                          in December for members in good          demonstrating why CEFCU truly is
                          standing, with $3.5 million for          not a bank, but better.
                          savers and $3.5 million for borrowers.
                          This now totals $57 million returned
                          to members over the last 12 years.       *Source: CUNA Economics and Statistics, 2011
Buying a Home?                                                                                                          Use CEFCU Loan@Home
      CEFCU Makes it Easier.                                                                                            and enjoy:
                                                                                                                          •	 24/7 availability
The road to owning a home is                         application to final payment. It’s
easier when you’re working with                      service you simply won’t find from                                   •	 Step-by-step online
someone you can trust.                               most other lenders.                                                     application process
With a Home Loan from CEFCU,                         For more information or to                                           •	 Automated “Rate Watch”
you can be confident you’re                          schedule your preapproval                                               feature, to notify you weekly
getting the best loan value and                      appointment, call 1.800.633.7077,                                       of current rate updates,
great service, since you’re working                  ext. 33424. Or, apply online 24/7                                       or when rates reach a level
with your member-owned                               using CEFCU Loan@Home,                                                  you set
Credit Union. We’re focused on                       available at cefcu.com.                                              •	 Numerous online tools and
helping people, not generating                                                                                               resources at cefcu.com
profits for investors. As a result,
you can rest easy knowing you
won’t pay hidden fees or be
misled by teaser rates found with
some other lenders. CEFCU
simplifies the process and helps
you save money.
Plus, CEFCU’s Home Loan
preapproval lets you know exactly
how much you can spend. So you
can focus on finding your home,
and not worry about your
financing. Best of all, with a
CEFCU Home Loan, you’ll always
know where to go for help, from

Special Offer for First-Time Home Buyers
                                    For a limited time, CEFCU will pay select third-party closing fees on
This program saves                  Home Loans for qualifying individuals who:
members hundreds,
 or even thousands,                 1. Are buying their first home or haven’t owned a home in the last three years,
of dollars depending                2. Are purchasing or building a home to be used as a primary residence,
on where the home                   3. Are CEFCU members in good standing, and
     is located.
                                    4. Have an open CEFCU Checking account.

                   If you or someone you know is looking to buy their first home, request a free First-Time
                   Home Buyer Kit from CEFCU for more information, plus helpful tips, details on
                   additional loan programs, and more. Simply visit a Member Center, go to cefcu.com,
                   or call 1.800.633.7077, ext. 34411 to request yours today.

                   * Complete program details, including a list of qualified fees to be paid, are available on cefcu.com, at any Member Center, or by contacting CEFCU.

   Volunteer Board Serves You…The Member
CEFCU’s Board of Directors is comprised of 13 volunteers who meet at least once a month and also serve on
various committees, without pay, to administer the business of your Credit Union. Your Board Nominating
Committee has selected the candidates listed below to serve a three-year term, based on their business,
administrative, and leadership skills, and for their willingness to devote their time and energy to CEFCU.

                           Bradley C. Arnold                                                             James L. Gleich
               Brad is employed by Precision Planting                                    Jim retired from Caterpillar after 36
               and has served as the International                                       years of experience, last serving as
               Sales Director for the company since                                      Controller of the Engine Division. He’s
               2009. He also has previous management                                     been a CEFCU volunteer for 21 years
               experience with Caterpillar, Inc. and                                     and a CEFCU Director for 18 years. Jim,
               Bloomington/Normal Seating                                                a past Board Chairman, is currently
Company. In addition to being a CPA, Brad had                            a member of the Building/Marketing/Technology,
6 years of public accounting experience with KPMG                        Nominating, and Supervisory Committees, and is a
and Wolf/Tesar and Company. Brad was elected to                          former member of all standing committees. He
the CEFCU Board in 2010 and currently serves as                          graduated from Princeville High School, received a
Chairman of the Supervisory Committee and also as                        Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the
a member of the Building/Marketing/Technology and                        University of Illinois, and served in Vietnam with
Political Action Committees. A graduate of Pekin High                    the U.S. Army. Jim states that he wants “CEFCU to
School, he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in                         continue to deliver sound, competitive, convenient,
Business from Eastern Illinois University, with a major                  high-value financial services to our member/owners at
in Accounting. Brad and his wife Amy are foster                          cost levels that are among the lowest in the industry.”
parents and passionate about raising awareness of the
world’s orphan crisis by making a difference through                                         Nancy M. Medendorp
adoption and adoption support. Brad states he is
                                                                                        Nancy’s background includes a long
“committed to helping CEFCU continue to expand its
                                                                                        history in healthcare leadership
impact in the communities we serve, as the leader in
                                                                                        positions, including more than 20 years
value and service.”
                                                                                        serving in senior leadership roles and
                                                                                        developing management staff to lead
                             Bruce G. Dimler                                            effectively, and 5 years as a Health
               Bruce retired from Caterpillar after                      Careers Advisor at Illinois Central College. Since 2006,
               36 years, last serving as the Manager of                  she has operated her own small business, Skender
               the Human Resource Systems Division.                      Medical Consulting. A CEFCU volunteer since 1995,
               He’s been a CEFCU Director for 27                         Nancy’s been a CEFCU Director for 10 years and is
               years and currently serves as Board                       a former member of all standing committees. She’s a
               Chairman, Chairman of the Executive                       past Board Chairman and currently serves as Chairman
Committee, and also as a member of the Employee                          of the Credit/Membership Committee and as a
Relations and Nominating Committees. He is also a                        member of the Bylaws, Employee Relations, and
former member of all standing committees. Bruce                          Nominating Committees. Nancy holds a Bachelor of
holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Math and                           Science degree from Western Michigan University, a
Physics from Bradley University. His other activities                    Master’s in Healthcare Administration from the
have included the Catholic Social Service Board of                       University of St. Francis, and is also a certified
Directors, and serving as a substitute teacher in                        Medicare Set-Aside consultant. Her past community
the Peoria area. Bruce said he looks forward to                          involvement includes work with the American
“continuing to contribute to a strong community-based                    Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Foundation and
organization like CEFCU that benefits such a diverse                     participating as a member of the Peoria Area Labor
group of people.”                                                        Management Healthcare Task Force. Nancy looks
                                                                         forward to “continuing to help shape CEFCU’s future.”

      The CEFCU Annual Meeting is Thursday, April 26, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. at the Stoney Creek Inn and Conference Center,
   101 Mariners Way, East Peoria, Illinois. The election for open positions on the Board of Directors will be held at this meeting.

           Smart Borrowers
            Choose CEFCU
Maybe you’re looking for a more fuel-efficient
vehicle. Perhaps holiday bills or home repairs caught
you by surprise. No matter what your situation,
CEFCU can help you borrow smarter, and save
money with:
 •	 New and Used Vehicle Loans. Enjoy great rates
    on new and used cars and trucks, with loan
    approval in minutes, either online or through
    CEFCU’s Phone-A-Loan. Plus, use our online               •	 Vehicle Loan Refinancing. If you financed a
    tools and pricing information, so you’ll get                vehicle with another lender in the last year,
    a good deal on your car and your loan.                      refinancing the loan and moving it to CEFCU
 •	 Motorcycle, RV, and Boat Loans. Whether                     could save you money. Yes, you can do that —
    you’re taking to the road or heading for the                many members have saved as much as $700
    water, CEFCU can help make it happen with                   or more!
    great loan rates.                                        •	 Private Student Loans. When federal aid and
 •	 Home Equity Loans and Credit Lines. Use your                scholarships aren’t enough to pay for college,
    home’s equity to help consolidate debt, finance             CEFCU’s Private Student Loans provide
    home improvements, even pay for college.                    convenient, affordable help.
    At CEFCU, you’ll avoid the annual fees, prepay-         Simply apply online, visit a Member Center, or call
    ment penalties, and other surprises found at            1.800.858.3400 for details, and start saving money
    many other lenders.                                     today at CEFCU. Not a bank. Better.

IRA and HSA Contribution Reminders
As you plan and save for the      Health Savings Account              CEFCU IRAs are Federally Insured
future, be sure to take full      (HSA):                              A CEFCU Roth or Traditional IRA helps
advantage of IRA and HSA           •	 2011 tax year: $3,050           you earn dividends as you save for
contribution limits:                  contribution limit for          retirement, plus enjoy federal insurance on
Traditional/Roth IRA:                 singles, $6,150 for families    those funds up to $250,000 by the NCUA.
 •	 $5,000 maximum                 •	 Increases to $3,100 and         This is in addition to the insurance on your
    contribution limit                $6,250, respectively, for the   other CEFCU accounts.

 •	 $1,000 “catch-up” limit for       2012 tax year                   To open a CEFCU IRA, simply call
    individuals age 50 and over   Contribution Deadline for           1.800.633.7077, ext. 33409. Or visit a
                                  2011 Tax Year:                      Member Center. And, be sure to consult
 •	 Limits are for 2011 and                                           with a tax advisor, as well.
    2012 tax years; for            •	 Up to and including             Federal restrictions, contribution limits, and other requirements apply to
    Traditional or Roth, or           Tuesday, April 17, 2012         qualify for opening an HSA. Contact CEFCU for more details. Be sure to
    aggregate to each              •	 Applies for both IRA and
                                                                      also consult with your tax advisor regarding your eligibility to open or make
                                                                      contributions to an HSA or IRA.
                                      HSA contributions

Switch to a CEFCU Visa Credit Card and Save
Are you using a credit card from one of the big banks
or giant card issuers? Switch to a CEFCU Visa® Credit          No Transaction Fee for Balance
Card and discover why it’s the nicest card you’ll ever         Transfers to CEFCU Visa
carry.® You’ll enjoy:
                                                               Save money by transferring balances from
 •	 Nice rates — with no annual fee.
                                                               higher-rate credit cards with other lenders
 •	 Nice options — choose the card that best suits             to your CEFCU Visa Credit Card. Ask
    your lifestyle: the Platinum Rewards card which            about CEFCU’s Balance Transfer options
    earns one point per dollar on qualifying net
                                                               for current and new cardholders!
    purchases, or the Platinum Card, a non-rewards
    card with a lower rate.                                    Call 1.800.633.7077, ext. 33560 today. Or,
 •	 Nice features — like dependable 24/7                       visit a Member Center for more information.
    cardholder service, fraud monitoring, online
    access and eStatements. Plus, joint cardholders
    on the same account are issued separate card
    numbers, so only one card number needs to
    be blocked if it’s ever lost or stolen, rather than
    shutting off credit card access for all cardholders.
 •	 Nice benefits — including extended warranty
    coverage on purchases, rental car collision
    protection, and more.
Best of all, you’ll receive service from people you
know, at CEFCU. So, you’ll have peace of mind,
knowing your member-owned Credit Union is
focused on serving you, not on increasing profits
for stockholders.
To get started, simply apply online today at
cefcu.com, visit a Member Center, or call
Phone-A-Loan at 1.800.858.3400.

                                                                 New ATMs
                                 All CEFCU Money Center 24® ATMs             If you’ve used a Fast-Track Teller
                                 are getting a new look. You’ll soon         machine at a Member Center,
                                 notice new state-of-the-art ATMs with       you’ll feel right at home using
                                 features like:                              the new Money Center 24 ATMs.
                                  •	 Touch-screen technology.                On-screen prompts and
                                                                             instructions will guide you
                                  •	 Envelope-free deposits — insert         through transactions. You’ll now
                                     multiple checks or bills at one         simply touch the screen where
                                     time — no envelope required.            prompted, instead of a button
                                  •	 Enhanced deposit receipts —             beside the screen.
                                     featuring images of deposited checks.
                                  •	 And more.

Did You Know…
CEFCU members can enjoy
discounts on income tax e-filing
using a special link to TurboTax®
Online , available at cefcu.com. You’ll enjoy reduced

pricing and a faster refund. Plus, step-by-step help and
updated tax law information is included, for both federal
and state tax returns. Keep watching cefcu.com for more
details and updates.                                             Celebrating 75 Years
For Direct Deposit of your tax refund or other                   As CEFCU approaches another milestone,
federal payments, you should provide the complete                the key to your Credit Union’s success
Savings or Checking account number exactly as it appears         remains the same as it was at our
in the transaction history area on your CEFCU statement.         founding in 1937: it’s a result of borrowers
Simply enter this information where prompted, along with         and savers like you, working together, so
CEFCU’s routing number (271183701) for Direct Deposit            everyone enjoys a better value. Thank you
of your tax refund. If you have questions or would like          for contributing to 75 years of success.
more information, just call us at 1.800.633.7077. Or, go to
cefcu.com and type “Direct Deposit” in the search area on
the home page for more information and examples.                 Stay Connected!
Dividend Checking is now available at CEFCU!                     CONTACT CENTER .............................1.800.633.7077
                Dividends are paid on a tiered-rate system,        TTY (for the hearing impaired) ............1.800.492.3328
                for average daily balances at $2,500, $5,000,      Email ..................................................email@cefcu.com

                and $10,000. There’s no limit on the number      WEB .....................................................................cefcu.com
of monthly checks you write, and no minimum dollar value         PHONE-A-LOAN ....................................1.800.858.3400
required. You can even switch your regular CEFCU                 TOUCH-TONE TELLER ......................1.800.447.2478
Checking to Dividend Checking and continue to use your                 Check Rates and Transfer Funds 24/7
current checks, account number, and debit card! Visit a          MEMBER CENTER, SHARED BRANCH, &
Member Center or call 1.800.633.7077 for more details or         FREE ATM LOCATORS ............ cefcu.com/locations
                                                                   (CEFCU Member Centers, CU Service Centers, and
assistance in converting to Dividend Checking.                       CO-OP and Money Center 24 ATM Networks)
Federal Regulations require you                                  CEFCU WEALTH
to notify CEFCU that you                                         MANAGEMENT GROUP...................... 309.633.7206
specifically want Overdraft                                        Toll-free .................................1.800.356.7865, ext. 32571

Protection for your everyday                                         Investment services offered through CUNA Brokerage
                                                                     Services, Inc. (CBSI), an independent registered broker/
debit card purchases or ATM                                          dealer located at CEFCU. Member FINRA/SIPC.
transactions — even if you previously
requested Overdraft Transfer service to cover checks from
your CEFCU Checking account. Requesting Overdraft
Protection helps you avoid the potential embarrassment of
                                                                 CFS INSURANCE...................................309.633.7232
having a purchase declined, and you can sign up by simply          Toll-free .................................................... 1.888.445.3320
going to cefcu.com/optin, visiting a Member Center, or           MEMBERS Trust Company® .............309.633.3836
calling us toll-free at 1.800.633.7077. There’s no fee to sign    Toll-free ................................1.800.633.7077, ext. 33836
                                                                                    Federally Insured by NCUA
up; you only pay a fee if you have an actual overdraft. If you
have questions, simply stop in or call.

                                                                                          Federally Insured by NCUA.


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