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					                                     Causes of dry mouth?
 Answer Dr. Azza Imam, Professor of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, saying: Drought means

  Has a large amount of fluid within the body, and there are many reasons that lead to the occurrence of drought, including

Colds, especially when breathing from the mouth or in the case of lack of fluid in the event of diarrhea or vomiting continued.

It can also happen dryness of the mouth where the incidence of diabetes, particularly as the sugar gives a sense of constant

Thirst with Adrarh of Paul, and describes the pride that dry mouth may occur as a result if there illness immune gland salivary

 Due to lack of secretions of glands, and this type is considered serious and affects the teeth and leads to occur by the lime.

  Notes the importance of saliva in the mouth so as to facilitate the process of talk and move the components of the mouth

Easily, and saliva helps in digesting some foods Kalnchoaat starting digested Balamadg good through saliva, and saliva also

Contains antibodies to protect the body and strengthen immunity against microbes that may intervention in the mouth, plus it

                                                 Protects the gums and teeth.

Explains Dr. Azza that he must know the reason for the dryness of the mouth to learn methods of treatment, especially as the

Drought is accompanied by a lack of some salts and other metal; in the case sweating leading to dehydration lose the human

      Body some mineral salts, which are different from those that lose the body in case of diarrhea leading to drought.

  But the need to advise the liquid fluid intake significantly, especially water and natural fluids, and can be dealt with soda

Water, preferably white address some drinks that contain certain quantities of sugar solution and address the drought, but in

                              The case of severe drought and under the supervision of a doctor.

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