Beauty of your skin from fruits and plants by kishoo


									Beauty of your skin from fruits and plants, natural

There are some side effects of cosmetics attending the laboratory,
nature offers us the most beautiful of the Skin Care and skin.

India says an expert cosmetic Muhammad: "You have to keeping away as
possible from the creams that contain preservatives and Use of natural
products such as lemon, is one of the simple natural means that can deal
with by some skin imperfections.

Vallimon helps to hide blemishes and improve skin color to become
brighter and brighter, helping to close the pores open face and a good
use of lemon juice, put a thin Alasaraly skin and then left for a few
minutes and then wash with warm water, and other benefits of lemon
juice to hide yellowing of the teeth and can be used for thi s purpose put
drops it on a wet cloth brush and massage your teeth do. "

And also the benefits of orange hands for softness and elegance, by
scanning the hands of existing ulcer Bakcher orange, the apricot is a
fruit rich in vitamins especially vitamin A, which works to nourish the
hair and prevents hair loss .. The mango is working to strengthen teeth
And keep them from breaking because they contain calcium, which
strengthens teeth and fed.

The fruit of the fig it helps to reduce fat and remove the grain , given the
purity and freshness of the skin, and are used strawberries to remove
wrinkles and can work a mask of strawberries, in the era of some beads
strawberries and put them on your face morning and night, then wash
your face with lukewarm water also helps to clean teeth and remove the
yellowness of them.

Parsley and many benefits, most notably access to skin a luminous wash
the face with water parsley for a week, and the option is useful in
treating facial wrinkles and also get rid of the freckles In the case of oily
skin you can use Slideshow husked or with milk powder for the face
mask. "

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