Agenda_2-day Competency Certification Program by DerrellAcrey


									Competency Certification Program

Investment in training has been a widely recognized concept for enterprises to strengthen their
competitive advantage to meet the needs of the market. We provide the expertise in further
training to help our target audiences to achieve effective Human Resource development and

The 2 day Competency Certification program is designed to develop the capability to fully
participate in the competency profiling process as a facilitator and competency developer.
Following certification, participants will be able to communicate to managers and staff the benefits,
components and process involved in competency-based HR Management. They will be able to
lead the competency profile development and validation process, and report on outcomes of
consultation processes. As well, they will be able to advise their organization on how to
implement competency-based Human Resource Management.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the Certification process, participants will be able to:

    •   Communicate competency-based management and its benefits
    •   Develop behavioral indicators and competency profiles
    •   Customize the competencies from HRSG’s competency dictionary
    •   Identify critical competencies and develop competency models/architectures
    •   Plan implementation projects for competency-based HR-Management

Who Should Attend:
•  Human Resource Managers or HR-technicians, with basic understanding of the Competency
  Management concept.

What is included in the Program:
•  Participant’s manual including the presentation, exercises, tools and templates, case studies,

                                               DAY 1
Identifying and validating competencies              Competency application and implementation
     Orientation to the workshop and Certification      Competencies and their application
     Employee behaviors: The key to effective CBM       Competencies and job profiles
     Exercise (Behavior interviews)                      Exercise (Card sort)
     The Competency Dictionary                          Competencies and recruiting/selection
     Background research and data sources               Competencies and employee reviews
     Behavior indicators                                Competencies and training management
     Exercise (Behavior indicator development)          Exercise (Competency gaps)
     Proficiency levels                                 Competencies and Career development
     Validation process                                 Competencies and Succession planning
     The Competency Architecture                        Competencies and Performance evaluation
     Core, general and functional competencies          CBM implementation planning
     Case study 1                                       Project management for CBM implementation
     Strategic and tactical aspects                     Case study 2
                                           DAY 2
CBM implementation projects (Exercise)         Evaluation
   CBM project scope definition                     Evaluation session per participant
   Case study 3
   CBM goal definition                         Wrap-up and Feedback
   Risk assessment
   Project governance and team set-up
   Competencies and roles
   Legal considerations
   Milestone planning
   ROI and budgeting

Participants achieve the 2-day Competency Management Level 1 course can demonstrate with
skills to develop competencies and competency profiles through key concepts including:
identifying critical competencies, determining proficiency levels, defining behaviors, and
conducting behavioral interviews.

To learn more, please contact: Ms. Winnie Yang, Tel: (02) 2509-3980 #2302.

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