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Sheet1 - FYO Baseball by xuyuzhu


									                                 2011 FYO Playoff and ASG Schedule
                      Time        LaGr (SM)           LaGr (LG)           FRP (SM)         FRP (LG)
 8-Jun   Wednesday    6:00 PM                                        AAA (AL 4v5)     Majors (4v5)
 9-Jun   Thursday     6:00 PM                                        AAA (NL 4v5)     AAA (NL 3v6)
10-Jun   Friday       6:00 PM
11-Jun   Saturday     9:00 AM Majors (1v4/5)     Majors (2v3)        AAA (NL 2v4/5)  AAA (NL 1v3/6)
         Saturday    12:00 PM AAA (AL 1v4/5)     AA ASG              AAA (AL 2v3)    Seniors (1v4)
         Saturday     3:00 PM                                                        Seniors (2v3)
12-Jun   Sunday                                RESERVED IN THE EVENT OF RAIN ON JUNE 11
13-Jun   Monday       6:00 PM                                                        Seniors ASG
14-Jun   Tuesday      6:00 PM                                      AAA NLCS          AAA ALCS
15-Jun   Wednesday    6:00 PM                                                        Majors ASG
16-Jun   Thursday     6:00 PM                                      AAA ASG           Seniors WSC
17-Jun   Friday       6:00 PM                                      AAA WSC           Majors WSC
18-Jun   Saturday    10:00 AM                    AWARDS CEREMONY/SPF HIGH SCHOOL

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