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By Zoe Boulware ’13

When Joe and Charlotte Johnson were taking their usual stroll with their dog Zeus through the
park the last thing they would have expected was to have their dog attacked and bitten by Charlie
Sheen. And fortunately for Sheen, Zeus has tiger blood.

The Johnsons and their 3-year-old bull mastiff encountered the well-known actor yesterday
afternoon at Hamilton Park in Santa Monica, only to moments later watch in horror as Sheen
dropped on all fours, began foaming at the mouth, and started to chew Zeus’ hind leg.

According to Megan Levant, Sheen’s “goddess”, he escaped from his hotel room at about four in
the morning after doing his dose of cocaine. He had been wondering around the city for four
hours when he attacked Zeus.

 “Charlie looked as if were a starving animal who just found a giant piece of food,” said by-
stander Serina Carter, a local college student.

Luckily Joe was able to pull Sheen off before the dog was faced with any real injuries, just a few
bite marks and a fear of walking in parks was the only aftermath Zeus faced.

 “Now Zeus has a terrible fear of parks, anytime I even walk near them he immediately begins
barking and pulling away,” Charlotte said.

The Johnsons have decided not to face any charges against Sheen but have filed a restraining
order against him.

“The whole situation was just unfortunate and sickening,” local resident Melvin Cambell, 33
said. “But I guess it’s something everyone would expect from Charlie Sheen.”

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