AP Euro Calendar 11-28 to 12-23

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					                                      AP European History Calendar
                                                         (11-28 to 12-23)
                                                               Mr. Driscoll

  Date         Day            Topic/Content                     In Class              Assessment                   Readings / Homework
 Nov. 28      Monday       American Political Ideals      Discussion Roundtable        Roundtable                          Forum Posts
                                                                                       “Minutes”                          Study for Test
 Nov. 29      Tuesday        Society & Economy…             Chapter 15 & 16            APMC Test
                              Transatlantic… Test              APMC Test
 Nov. 30     Wednesday    Formative Influences on the       Unit Introduction        Guided Reading                     Kagan, 550-575
                                 Enlightenment              Guided Reading             Responses                   Guided Reading Responses
  Dec. 1     Thursday       NAVIANCE (NO CLASS)
  Dec. 2      Friday        ASSEMBLY (NO CLASS)
  Dec. 5     Monday        Women in the Thought &          Document Analysis          Primary Source                     Kagan 575-589
                         Practice of the Enlightenment                              Analyses Responses          Rousseau, “On Education” K572
                                                                                                          Wollstonecraft, “A Vindication of the Rights of
                                                                                                                          Women” K575
  Dec. 6      Tuesday    Enlightenment Coffeehouse         Role-Play Research                               Complete Guided Reading Responses &
                                   Prep                                                                                     Flashcards
  Dec. 7     Wednesday   Enlightenment Coffeehouse          Role-play activity          Role-Play                         Study for Test
  Dec. 8     Thursday     Age of Enlightenment Test             Chapter 17             APMC Test
                                                                APMC Test
 Dec. 9        Friday       “The French Revolution”      “French Revolution” DVD
 Dec. 12      Monday     Crisis of the French Monarchy       Guided Reading                                            Kagan, 592-596
                                                            Estates Simulation                              Cartoon “Challenging the French…” K598
                                                             Cartoon Analysis
 Dec. 13      Tuesday        Revolution of 1789 &            Guided Reading                                              Kagan, 596-613
                               Reconstruction            Primary Sources Analysis                                   “The Third Estate…” K600
                                                                                                         “National Assembly Decrees Civic Equality” K602
Dec. 14*     Wednesday        The Reign of Terror            Guided Reading                                              Kagan, 615-624
                                                         Primary Sources Analysis                          “Burke Denounces Extreme Measures” K614
                                                                                                            “Internal Enemies of the Revolution” K616
 Dec. 15     Thursday        The Rise of Napoleon            Guided Reading                                              Kagan, 626-630
                                                         Primary Sources Analysis
 Dec. 16       Friday        Napoleon’s Empire &             Guided Reading                                               Kagan, 631-642
                             European Response               Visual Analysis                                Visual “The Coronation of Napoleon” K632
                                                              Map Analysis                                      Map, “The Continental System K635
                                                                                                           Map, “Napoleonic Europe in Late 1812” K639
 Dec. 19      Monday       The Romantic Movement              Guided Reading                                              Kagan, 643-654
                                                         Primary Sources Analysis                            “The Role of Great Men in History” K653
 Dec. 20      Tuesday       Review & DBQ Reading                  Review            DBQ Reading Period        Complete Guided Reading Responses &
                                                           DBQ Reading Period                                               Flashcards
 Dec. 21     Wednesday          APEH Writing              French Revolution DBQ           DBQ            Study for Test
 Dec. 22      Thursday    French Revolution / Age of         Chapter 18 & 19            APMC Test
                               Napoleon Test                    APMC Test
Dec. 23*       Friday       Student Website Intro           Project Overview &                                               Project

** = ½ Day