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                         Program Ministries Council
                       Wednesday September 19, 2007


Followup Items
1. Status of Reconciling Congregation Committee—Its ongoing.
2. Coffee Cart Machine for espresso—moving forward.
3. Church Blog—Practically no comments received on the blog but Courtney
   McHill is receiving them personally so she knows it is being read.
4. Invite for Jackson Street Youth Shelter—moving along.

Decision Items
1. Worship Committee.
   Discussion: We reviewed all involved in worship planning for the various
   services, ushers, acolytes. The one area most needing attention is the
   sanctuary environment.
   DECISION: Form a work group on sanctuary environment. Jim Fellers
   will work on forming it.

1. Marge Steven’s concern.
   Discussion: Marge Stevens is finding that by the time the Natural Step
   Committee hears what the Trustees are doing it is too late for the Committee
   to provide meaningful input. Also the Committee is not involved when church
   supply ordering decisions are made.
   DECISION: Natural Step Committee will have a liaison to Trustees
2. Magruder Weekend.
   Discussion: There were not enough registrations (109) to cover the cost of
   renting the entire camp. We are $2800 short. Could the small number of
   people doing the planning been a factor. There needs to be added more
   activity variety, such as discussion groups. Planning needs to start now for
   next year to do planning. We need 150 registrants to make it pay. Staff will
   decide who is the staff coordinator. Deb Savageau is suggested as a lay
   person to lead. Troop 2 Scouts
   Decision: Direct Kendra Sue to negotiate with Magruder for next year
   by November. Form a large committee of about 20 in all age ranges
   starting planning now. Place emphasis on a target registration of 150.
   Fall festival parking fees go toward the $2800 deficit.

3. Ministry teams’ budgets for next year.
   Discussion: Staff representatives to ministries committees are charged with
   submitting budget requests. Budget requests are due November 1st. Finance
   committee needs by November 15. Should PMC have an input to consider

   ministry priorities, share information about programs, etc. We should be
   looking at programs that may not be active.
   DECISION: Devote next PMC meeting to reviewing program budget
   requests. Del will send out early agenda so programs can prepare.

4. Ministry of the Laity—How can we serve? The back of the Registration
   Sheets for Laity Sunday will have a place to check off interests for ministry

 1. Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm Faith in Film Class.
 2. September 28, 11 to 3. Beaver Community Fair at the OSU MU
 3. September 30—Laity Sunday
 4. Oct 14 1 to 3pm-- A Kids Communion Class will be lead by Courney.
 5. October 18—All Church Conference
 6. October 28—Benefit for West Minister House will be here.
 7. November 3--Harvest Moon Auction—Jim Somppi, chair
 8. November 22—Thanksgiving Dinner
 9. November 27 ADVENTure for families to begin advent preparations.
 10. December 12, 7 p.m. Blue Christmas Service.

Adjourn: 12:30pm

Next PMC Meetings:
November 28—(scheduled one week later, the week after Thanksgiving)
December—No meeting.


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