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									                     ADD and ADHD
July 2005
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This pathfinder will be useful in helping parents find information
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about ADD and ADHD behaviors and treatments.                            (Use for computer searches)
                                                                           ADD
                                                                           ADHD
For an introduction to the topic, see:
                                                                           Attention Deficit Disorder
    National Resource Center on AD/HD
                                                                           Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
                                                                           Hyperactive
Key Resources at a Glance:
      ADHD: a complete and authoritative guide for parents, by         Subject Headings
       Michael I. Reiff (2004) The American Academy of                  (Use in card catalogs and print indexes)
       Pediatrics intent for this guide is to provide a single source      ADD
       that reveals the truth about the disorder, diagnosis,               ADHD
       treatment and lifelong management of ADHD.                          Attention Deficit Disorder
      The ADD Answer : how to help your child now, by Dr.                 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
       Frank Lawlis (2004) With comprehensive, step-by-step                 Disorder
       advice, questionnaires, and action plans to teach parents           Hyperactive
       how to identify and target their child’s specific needs

                                                                        Call Number
Resources                                                                616.8589 (Dewey Decimal)
                                                                         618.92 (Dewey Decimal)
   Books                                                                 618.928589 (Dewey Decimal)
      The Everything Parent’s quide to children with                    WM475-611(Library of
        ADD/ADHD, by Linda Sonna, 2005)                                    Congress)
      Delivered from distraction : getting the most out of life         WS (Library of Congress)
        with Attention Deficit Disorder, by Edward M.
        Hallowell, 2005
      Making the System Work for Your Child with ADHD,                 Indexes and Abstracts
        by Peter S. Jensen, 2004                                         EBSCOhost
      A Bird’s-eye View of Life with ADD and ADHD, by                   First Search
        Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, 2003
      Why A.D.H.D. doesn’t mean Disaster, by Dennis
        Swanberg, 2003)                                                 Library catalogs
      Attention Deficit Disorder Sourcebook, edited by Dawn             Your local library catalog
        D. Matthews, 2002)                                               SILO – (Iowa Locator) – State-
      Without Ritalin : a Natural Approach to ADD, by                     wide catalog
        Samuel A. Berne, 2002                                            FirstSearch World Cat - World-
                                                                           wide Catalog
Magazine Articles
   "ADD: Attention Deficit or Nutrition Deficit?" Better Nutrition (Sep2000, Vol. 62, Issue 9)
   "Does America Have ADD?" U.S. News & World Report (03/26/2001, Vol. 130, Issue 12)
   "Problems in Diagnosing and Treating ADD/ADHD." USA Today Magazine (Mar2001, Vol.
     129, Issue 2670)

Web Pages and Web Portals
   ADHD News
   Department of Health and Human Services
   Kids Health for Parents

Organizations and Special Collections

       CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
       The Feingold Association, a nonprofit organization of families, educators and health

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