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					FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH - 2010 CBL SCHEDULE                                                        13-Dec

   DATE        Game Day                 7:45pm Game 1                       8:30pm Game2        Week

  10/06/10     Wednesday          Optional Scrimmage Night           Optional Scrimmage Night
  10/10/10      Sunday            7:45pm RYL(1) vs GRN(2)             8:45pm GLD(3) vs WHT(4)     1
  10/13/10     Wednesday          7:45pm RED(5) vs MRN(6)             8:45pm BLK(7) vs BLU(8)     1

  10/17/10      Sunday              7:45pm RYL1 vs GLD3                8:45pm GRN2 vs WHT 4       2
  10/20/10     Wednesday            7:45pm RED5 vs BLK7                 8:45pm MRN6 vs BLU8       2

  10/24/10      Sunday            7:45pm GLD(3) vs MRN(6)             8:45pm RYL(1) vs WHT(4)     3
  10/27/10     Wednesday          7:45pm RED(5) vs BLU(8)             8:45pm GRN(2) vs BLk(7)     3

  10/31/10      Sunday                  No Games                     *** No Games FBC Fall Festival
  11/03/10     Wednesday          7:45pm WHT(4) vs BLU(8)             8:45pm GRN(2) vs GLD(3)     4
  11/07/10      Sunday            7:45pm RYL(1) vs RED(5)             8:45pm MRN(6) vs BLK(7)     4

  11/10/10     Wednesday          7:45pm GRN(2) vsBLU(8)              8:45pm GLD(3) vs BLK(7)     5
  11/14/10      Sunday            7:45pm RYL(1) vs MRN(6)             8:45pm WHT(4) vs RED(5)     5

  11/17/10    Wednesday           7:45pm RED(5) vs GRN(2)              8:45pm GLD(3) vs BLU(8)  6
  11/21/10     Sunday             7:45pm RYL(1) vs BLK(7)              8:45pm GLD(3) vs RED(5)  6
              Wednesday                  No Games                 *** No Games Thanksgiving Eve
  11/28/10     Sunday             7:45pm RYL(1) vs BLU(8)             8:45pm WHT(4) vs MRN(6)   7

                                  !! Re-Match Week !! Good Playing Guys!!
  12/01/10     Wednesday             7:45pm RYL1 vs GLD3          8:45pm MRN6 vs BLU8             8

  12/05/10       Sunday            7:45pm GRN2 vsWHT 4       8:45pm RED5 vs BLK7                  8
  12/07/10      Tuesday           7:45pm GRN(2) vs MRN(6)      8:45pm No Game
                                                TOURNAMENT SEED PLAY
   DATE                                   Game 1                    Game2

  12/08/10     Wednesday         7:45pm - RED(5) vs GRN(2)            8:45pm BLU(8) vs GLD(3)

  12/12/10       Sunday           7:45pm BLK(7) vs WHT(4)             8:45pm MRN(6) vs RYL(1)

  12/15/10     Wednesday          7:45pm RED(5) vs WHT(4)             8:45pm BLU(8) vs MRN(6)
             Thank you Gentlemen on your good attitudes and sportsmanship this season.
             Most Importantly!
             May God Bless your life as he has ours. bro. James and Junior T.

 12/19/10       Sunday            **** Championship Game 7:45pm ****
Brother James at or Jr. Talley at

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