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                   Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Study Guide
Chapter 1-4 (pg 11-29)
  1. What are the two “gangs” called? How do you think they get their names?

   2. Who rescues Jimmie from the boys?

   3. Who stops Jimmie from fighting again?

   4. Who are Jimmie’s sister and brother?

   5. What is their mother like? What is her name? Why is it an ironic name?

   6. What happens between the children’s mother and father?

   7. How does the mother react when Maggie breaks a plate?

   8. Jimmie goes to a neighbor’s house and she sends him on an errand. Why is he unable to complete his
      errand for her?

   9. When Jimmie finally comes home, what does he find?

   10. How do Jimmie and Maggie spend the night at their home?

   11. What happens to the baby, Tommie?

   12. What happens to Jimmie’s personality? What type of man has he become? How does this fit into

   13. What happens to Jimmie and Maggie’s dad? What does this cause Jimmie to do?

   14. What does Jimmie do for a living?

   15. What has he done to a few of the women in the city?

Chapter 5-8 (pg 29-45)
  16. How has Maggie changed?

   17. What does she do for a living?

   18. Who does she start liking?

   19. What types of things do the two of them do together?

   20. Why does Maggie like the melodramas the best?
Chapter 9-12 (pg 45-62)
  21. What happens between Jimmie and his mother?

   22. What happens between Maggie and her mother?

   23. What does this lead Maggie to do?

   24. Who tells Jimmie about Maggie and Pete?

   25. How does Maggie’s mom and Jimmie each react? What is ironic about her mother’s reaction?

   26. Who gets arrested? Why?

   27. How does Maggie view herself? How does she view her relationship with Pete?

   28. Why is it ironic that Maggie shrinks away from the “painted women” as she leaves the bar?

Chapter 13-15 (pg 62-75)
  29. What excuse does Maggie’s mother use for her drunkenness? What do you think about this?

   30. Why is it ironic that Jimmie is “damning” his sister?

   31. What does Pete do to Maggie?

   32. Where does Maggie go?

   33. What other situation is happening to Jimmie that parallels Maggie’s situation?

   34. How does her mother and Jimmie react to Maggie?

Chapters 16-19 (pgs 75-88-end of book)
  35. How does Pete view the relationship with Maggie?

   36. How does Pete react when Maggie comes to see him? Why does he act this way? Why is it ironic?

   37. How are people reacting to Maggie (hint: think about the preacher)?

   38. What becomes of Maggie?

   39. What is ironic about the situation with Pete and Nettie?

   40. How does Maggie’s mother react to the news about her daughter? Why is this ironic?

React to this novel (Write on the back of your packet)
41-50. Tie it to naturalism and how one can become a victim of their environment-think about all the characters
       involved and contemplate their choices. Could they have had better lives? If so, how? If not, then why
       not? Could this happen in today’s society? Why or why not?
                TO JUSTIFY EACH ELEMENT OF R, R, and N!
            Notes:                         DIRECT QUOTE Example:                            Pg #:
Real life situations/events
that could actually
happen/did happen
Ordinary Characters and
what makes them ordinary

Characters morals/
beliefs/values and/or
choices are written about
Author is focused on how
the story happened (just
facts, no opinions)
          Notes:                           DIRECT QUOTE Example:                            Pg #:
Shows dialect of an area
(how they speak)

Shows customs of an area
or their beliefs/values (what
they do, how they do it)
Shows the history of an area

Characters are stereotyped

Scenery and land are unique
to that specific area

           Notes:                          DIRECT QUOTE Example:                            Pg #:
Victim to heredity, nature,
OR environment (conflict)

Character’s effort at doing
or making choices that they
want are out of their control
Characters are often ill-
educated OR lower-class

    You WILL be writing a FIVE paragraph analysis essay proving that Maggie: A Girl of the Streets
                     is a Realist, Regionalist and Naturalist piece of literature,
                        and you will NEED direct quotes with page numbers!

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