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									Eddie Garcia
PO Box 120235
Nashville, TN 37212

US Rep. Pete King
202-226-2279 TELECOPIER
339 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Rep. King:

As my letter states, I am writing you and these other key members, as I believe you possess the qualities that we, law-abiding,
Americans admire and expect a Congressman to posses. As chairman of the House Homeland Security committee, I believe you
have the purview to order the FBI and DHS to investigate Mr. William Lantigua’s affiliation with a foreign country and the news
reports that this foreign country, Dominican Republic, assisted Lantigua becoming mayor of Lawrence, Ma. That in itself is a
disturbing revelation considering that the country is a nest-egg for human trafficking, drug smuggling and a haven for terrorists.


“He wouldn’t have won without the support from Tenares,’’ said Fermin Tejada, a councilor in this city which has sent hundreds, if
not thousands, of residents to live in Lawrence since the 1960s. Tejada said he personally called eight to 10 friends in Lawrence
on behalf of Lantigua, and many neighbors did the same, helping Lantigua to a narrow victory of about 1,000 votes.

The city of Lawrence, MA., needs your help and I think I’ve outlined the cause in my letter. Should you need anything further,
please feel free to contact me.

Eddie Garcia

March 8, 2012

The Honorable Lamar Smith, Member of Congress, House Judiciary Committee, Chairman
Fax: 202-225-8628

The Honorable Darrell Issa, Member of Congress, House Judiciary Committee
Fax: 202-225-3303

The Honorable Steve King, Member of Congress, House Judiciary Committee
Fax: 202.225.3193

Dear Members:

As a staunch supporter of our US Constitution and what we stand for as Americans, including but not limited to passing Official
English for the prosperity of our great country, I write for your support on this important matter. As a naturalized US citizen, my
parents and I arrived in the US, via legal means in 1970. Because of available jobs, my dad chose to settle in Lawrence, Ma.,
where both my parents worked long hours in the factory “mills” off Canal Street. In a way, I too worked the factories because
when my parents came home I would help them compile their daily work by tabulating and inserting the perforated ticket stubs of
the shoes they put together into a spindled book, by hand. My mom recently told me that is how they got paid, piecemeal or by
the shoe they put together.

For two months, I have been keeping track of what is going on in Lawrence MA ever since a William Lantigua took office as
mayor, while being a seated member of the Mass. House of Representatives. This individual has racked up dozens of news
articles surrounding investigations by federal and state agencies into his wrongdoings, malfeasance, nepotism, giving public
property to a foreign country and it is reported that he was elected mayor of Lawrence, Ma in 2010 with the aid of a foreign
country and those foreigners.
WIlliam Lantigua hails from the Dominican Republic and has systematically put Lawrence, Ma in ruins and in dire straits with an
insurmountable task of getting her back to prosperity. See the attached (few of many) articles.

Mr. Lantigua has ignored the English media and only gives interviews to Spanish media furthering the divide in this city and
creating more unnecessary apathy. It was reported that William Lantigua allowed or ignored that the flag of the Dominican
Republic to fly over the flag of our country at city hall.

It is reported that Lantigua will attempt to convince federal lawmakers to reissue the grant for the COPS program. First and
foremost, I wholeheartedly support law enforcement. Lantigua gutted the Lawrence police department as soon as he took office,
ridiculed Lawrence police officers, provided inconsistent answers to a lawful and official police investigation and against public
outcry, Lantigua elevated an unqualified Sgt. to deputy chief of police because Mr. Melix Bonilla was his campaign manager.

Federal investigations are said to be taking place regarding the affiliations with the foreign country and the gifting of public
property as well as the sale of public property to the Dominican Republic. These matters concerning a foreign country weigh
greatly as a concern on our national security. The FAA is investigating Lantigua for inappropriately taking funds from the
Lawrence Municipal Airport and transferring the funds into an account at city hall.

His girlfriend, Lorenza Ortega who is also a city hall employee, was receiving federal subsidies for heating fuel in her personal
residence and it wasn't until the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune investigated this illegal and inappropriate receipt of monies meant for
the poor.

With all that Lantigua has managed to drag through the mud and put an indelible stigma on the beautiful and proud city of
Lawrence, Ma., I ask that you require Mr. Lantigua to answer serious questions about his illegal or questionable reported
activities, his corruption and other acts that are being investigated “before” this committee considers approving any federal
dollars for the COPS program.

It is a shame that police officers in this city are mired with increased levels of crime and violence because the appointees of Mr.
Lantigua to the liquor licensing board (LLA) are errant and display a wanton attitude in ensuring that more liquor licenses are not
given out with the increased rise in crime in Lawrence, MA.

If this COPS grant is renewed it will surely help law enforcement but my concern is that Lantigua will once again squander money
that is meant to aid the city of Lawrence and not to hire more cronies, friends and associates to receive a taxpayer funded

From the Governor to certain members of Lawrence City Council to members of the Massachusetts General Assembly, who
loaned the city of Lawrence $ 35 million on the condition that Lantigua resign as a member of the Massachusetts House
(simultaneously holding the title of Mayor), they have ignored the serious issues that warranted an investigation into Lantigua and
all act as though nothing is wrong.

In addition to having Mr. Lantigua testify, under oath, to the House Judiciary Committee there should be strict strings attached to
any monies loaned or given to the city of Lawrence while Mr. William Lantigua is mayor and certain city councilors, who are
ambivalent to what is going on, remain on the city council.

Thank you for your cooperation and serious review of this letter. We the undersigned appreciate your interest and commitment to
our country and to what is right and to be a decisive and powerful voice for most citizens of Lawrence, Ma. who have been
silenced and intimidated to speak out.

Regards (The printed names below constitute a signature and in full support of this letter)

Eddie Garcia                      Michelle Melancon                          Wayne Hayes
PO Box 120235                     16 Lenox Street                            88 Cross Street
Nashville, TN 37212               Lawrence MA 01843-2720                     Lawrence MA 01841-3621
eddievsongs@gmail.com             melancon_michelle@yahoo.com                bnanews@aol.com
George Herman                    Richard L. Russell                         Rob Rabito
10 Cambridge Street              34 Cross Street                            46 Saunders Street
Lawrence, MA 01843-2216          Lawrence MA 01841-3621                     Lawrence MA 01841-1818
dsherman8@hotmail.com            ducpho1969@yahoo.com                       rrabito@yahoo.com

Josue Hernandez                  Juan M. Gonzalez
379 Howard Street                5 Bennington St
Lawrence, MA 01841-2981          Lawrence, MA 01841-3124
Hernandezjosue88@gmail.com       Juanmanuelgonzalez@Comcast.net

Enclosure: Listing of News Articles on William Lantigua
Cc: Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, CNN, Boston Globe, USATODAY, New York Times, Congressional Quarterly

Richard D’Agostino, assistant city attorney defends William Lantigua in private legal case

Patrick Blanchette Fined by OCPF

Willy Lantigua Using Democrat in Campaign Speech

Willy Lantigua Campaign Pic w signs

Beltre Arrestee Dials Willy Lantigua from Lawrence Police booking room

Police report car running over Willy Lantigua

Withholding Info by Willy Lantigua on Official Police Investigative Report

Willy Lantigua girlfriend and City Hall employee Lorenza Ortega Gets Heat Aid $$$$$$

Willy Lantigua Demands Each Signature to be verified and a slew of documents

State orders Lawrence city attorney Charles Boddy to release records

Globe article on Willy Lantigua Campaign report flaws

Patrick Blanchette LPD report

Willy Lantigua and associates interfering at polling place (99 Salem Street Lawrence)
Conduct Unbecoming an elected official

William Lantigua Scrutinized for Campaign Events

Lawrence Police cite Mayor William Lantigua for Failing to Change Residential Address

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