Various kinds of browser in the world other than Mozilla by nurdianafifa


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									A. Chorme ... # theme-darbotz

Chrome is designed to run as fast as possible: Quick starts from desktop, web pages load in
a jiffy, and run complex web applications quickly. Learn more about Chrome and speed.

2. Arlington Kiosk Browser

This browser is the browser the right if you want your computer protected with security and
filter options at this browser is pretty good.

3. Desktop Web Browser

With a desktop web browser, you can view web pages directly from the desktop, and also
save them as wallpaper by Desktop Web Browser is.

4. Flock

Flock is the world's first international social browser based on firefox with exciting features to
provide a social experience in community on the Internet while browsing.Flock is perfect for
those of you who like to open Friendster, MySpace or FaceBook and other community sites.

5. K-Meleon

K-Meleon is an open source browser software that is easy, fast and you can customize it
uses the same rendering engine as firefox

6. Opera

Opera web browser is a cool browser, fast and secure. It also offers many features such as
pop-up browser, integration with translation tools, URL filters and many more.
7. ShenzBrowser

Shenz Browser is a browser alternative to Internet Explorer with almost the same
functionality as Internet Explorer

8. Slim Browser

SlimBrowser is the best small browser with many features such as pop-up browser,
integration with the toolbar, security etc..

9. Swift

Swift has an ability like Flock, the browser-based social community and with the advanced
capabilities for integration with email, chat, and popular social websites such as Friendster,
MySpace, FaceBook, etc..

10. Wyzo

Wyzo is an ability to prioritize the browser on the user's browser to download a lot of media,
like video, mp3, etc..

Browser for Mac OS

11. Bump Car

Browser is a Mac browser a stable and made specifically for children with multiple
customization options.

12. Camino
Functionality and features at a good browser is very convenient compared to competitors'
capabilities and other safaru browser for Mac OS.

13. OmniWeb

OmniWeb is the first browser for the Mac, but not so popular now.

14. iCab

iCab has many features not available on other Mac browser, iCab is a fitting choice for users
looking for a browser that can work well on all MacOS.

15. Shiira


By concentrating on web tools for language, Shiira a Mac Browser with support for 12

16. Sunrise

Open-source browser for Mac based on webkit framework has a very fast pace.

Cross-Platform Browser (for all OS, windows, linux, etc.) and Other:

17. Amaya

Amaya is an editor and multiplatform web browser. With features editor, Amaya is perfect
paired with the user collaborative publishing and browsing purposes, such as the webmaster
/ owner of the web.

18. Arachne

Arachne is a graphical browser-based DOS.

19. Dillio

Dillio is a browser-based programming language C.

20. Epiphany

Browser for the GNOME desktop can help you to easily focus on the content of the website
with the option of importing from another browser.

21. HotJavaBrowser

With a built in java programming language, this browser is the first browser that can function
display java applet.

22. Konqueror

Based on HTML rendering engine, Konqueror is an opensource browser for all platforms,
especially Linux that can replace the function of internet explorer.

23. Links

Web browser is very old age for today is an open source text browser that supports HTML
tables, but still widely used by web programmers.

24. Lolifox
Lolifox is a web browser like firefox analogy for animation lovers with many interesting

25. Mozilla SeaMonkey

Browser from Mozilla is a browser that is suitable for browsing needs such as integration
with chat and e-mail functionality.

26. Netscape

Netscape is one of the oldest browser with the rise of the Internet evolution. You can use this
browser for many platforms with attractive features such as news updates, etc..

27. Off By One Web Browser

This browser is the smallest browser for windows platform.

28. Palary Browser

Palary browser is a browser that can be personalized for individuals with good security and
potabel bookmarking feature.

29. Safari

Safari is the best browser for Mac users.


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