�The Patrol� Statue by Q5u57t86


									                 “The Patrol” Statue
                    Raider Hall
                   (Fund Raiser)

“The Patrol” statue, will be created by Laurie Barton, of Barton
Studios in Stafford, Virginia. She is renowned for her work in
bronze. The picture that appears in this article is representative
of the speech made by Charles Meacham, President of The
Marine Raiders Association, made at the dedication of “Raider
Hall,” the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program’s Center of
Excellence, on August 2, 2004. He stated that there was a
natural evolution and continuity from the tough men of the Raider
Battalions to the present students who are graduated from this
extremely challenging course. The original first two Battalions of
these highly trained American Commandoes were Commanded by
two famous leaders of Marines, Lieutenant Colonel Merritt “Red
Mike” Edson, who had become famous fighting in the jungles of
Haiti and Lieutenant Colonel Evans Carlson, who studied guerilla
warfare from Mao-Tse-Tung in China. These two Battalions
became “the best of the best,” leading to the development of the
Third and Fourth Raider Battalions.
The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, itself, contains every
element required for Marines to defend themselves in every
situation, against multiple assailants. Having witnessed the
training, I can tell you that the young Marines of this era are
every bit as tough as any Marine in our Corps long and glorious
history. With that in mind, the statue will represent a Marine
Raider in the fatigues they wore at that time, in particular and all
World War II Marines, in general, standing guard, weapon at the
ready, to protect a young modern day Marine martial artist,
crouched in a Defensive-posture, holding a modern version of the
bayonet, with a guard wrapping around his right hand. The
bayonet is an OKC3S, proudly manufactured by the Ontario Knife
Company. The two Marines are spiritually connected over
decades, through the Esprit de Corps that Marines hold sacred.
Their fellowship is unending and will be emulated in this larger
than life, bronze memorial statue, standing on a concrete base
faced with granite, which will dominate the entrance area to the
Raider Hall.

Of course, a statue of this great eminence and painstaking,
arduous task will require a significant amount of funds for its
completion and placement. That is where we come in, we former
Marines, who in spirit never left their beloved Corps. A fund is
presently being set up to pay for the memorial, since the Corps
cannot legally accept funds directly. It will be known and located
as, “The Patrol,” placed in front of Raider Hall, the home of the
Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP). The Marine Raiders
have also, recently, moved their museum by closing their original
site and placing all of their memorabilia to Raider Hall, in
Quantico, Virginia, near the Basic School.

The address to send your donations is:

    Dr. James Johannes, Treasurer
    975 University Avenue
    Madison, Wis. 53706-1234
The US Marine Raiders Association is a non-profit organization,
as well as, having Federal tax deductible donations affirmed, up
to 30% of your donation. The checks should be made out to the

                   Credit Cards will be accepted

I am sure that the Marines, who see this article, will send what
they are capable of spending, in order to make this a success.
The Patriot statue will usher in a new era of Marine Corps
history, bringing the past, present and future together,
anticipating the battles of the future, bringing further honor and
glory to The Corps and the individual Marine.

                     Semper Fidelis
   Please give as much as you can afford, because the
             Raiders gave all that they had.
  Please scroll down to the next page for a depiction of
 “The Patrol” statue and written material on the statue.
                       Thank You!
Edward F. McGrath
Edward F. McGrath, Ju-Dan
Grand Master, Isshinryu
Former 1st Lt., USMC (9/57-10/62)

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