Elements of Fiction by Q5u57t86


									Elements of Fiction
    Focus Questions for
     Stand and Deliver
         Elements of Fiction
• Plot = The Storyline
• Theme = Main idea or moral of story
• Setting = Where, when, why (context)
• Characterization =Protagonist = Main Character
                     Antagonist = Causes conflict
                                   for the
• Narration = Point of view = 1st Person or
                              3rd Person
             Focus Questions
•   Who is the protagonist in the story?
•   What is the main conflict of the story?
•   What are a few of the major themes?
•   What is type of conflict is the main conflict?
•   Character v. Character
      • Character v. society
      • Character v. nature
      • Character v. self
• Foreshadowing occurs when
  something occurs within the plot
  that predicts future events.
           • Focus Question
• What key events are
  foreshadowed in the story as it
  relates to Jaime Escalante’s life?
       Types of Irony
• Irony = is when one outcome is
  expected, but the opposite
  occurs, usually with a
  coincidental twist of events.
   –Example: An earthquake
    occurring during an
    earthquake drill
       Focus Question

• What events occur that
  are ironic for the
  characters involved?
• Verbal Irony = Where one thing is
  said, but another, opposite meaning
  is inferred.
 – Example: Hannibal the cannibal said,
   “I’d love to have you over for dinner.”
• Dramatic Irony = occurs when the
  audience knows something a
  character does not and the outcome
  or meaning is the opposite of what
  the character expects.
     Dramatic Structure

• What event sent the
  story in a totally
  different direction?
• How was the main
  conflict resolved and
  who was involved in it?

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