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                                                     McKendree University
                                                Professional Counseling Program

                                                     Approved Internship Sites

These sites have met the minimum training requirements as determined by Mckendree University’s Professional Counseling
Program. No one site is recommended over another. When selecting a site, students are encouraged to consider factors such as:
commute time, economic factors, personal safety, and professional needs. If you’d like to do an internship at a site not yet
approved, please contact the Program Director with a name and contact number. Students are not permitted to contact or begin an
internship until given permission to do so.

     Agency             Contact Person                    Contact Information                          Program Description
Alton Community         Jennifer Craig                    618-462-4883 ext 421                 Two possible positions.
Counseling Center                                                                              Outpatient individual and group
                                                                                               therapy with children or adults.
                                                                                               Prefer students with some clinical
                                                                                               experience, but are open.
Alton Mental Health     Dr. Jim Belman                        618-474-3200                     Number of positions varies.
      Center                                                                                   Forensic population; civil acute unit;
                                                                                               women’s unit; MRMI (mentally
                                                                                               retarded/mentally ill) unit.
                                                                                               Some individual therapy,
                                                                                               psychosocial groups, individual
                                                                                               supportive counseling on MRMI
 AWARE Program            Yelena Todic                        314-747-1262                     One position.
  (Barnes/Jewish                                                                               Hospital-based domestic violence
    Hosptial)                                                                                  program.
                                                                                               See women in ER, hospital, or at
                                                                                               their homes.
                                                                                               Provide supportive counseling,

                                                                               advocacy, and education.
                                                                               Screening begins in May.
 Baptist Children’s    Cindy Winters                618-624-4060               Foster care and residential services
 Home and Family                                                               to children and their families.
     Services                                                                  Opportunity to provide individual,
                                                                               group, and family counseling.
Bond County Health      Maxine Barth                618-664-1442               Outpatient treatment with a variety
   Department                                                                  of mental health and drug abusing
                                                                               Opportunities to provide individual,
                                                                               group, family counseling, and DUI
    Care and           Steve Heitkamp         618-533-2014 (Centralia)         Two-Three positions accepted in the
Counseling (Alton)                        800-677-3609, ext. 401 (St. Louis)   Fall.
                                                                               Most trainees are in the St. Louis
                                                                               office, though they do have a
                                                                               Belleville office.
                                                                               Individual therapy.
                                                                               Will complete a course/seminar on
                                                                               site if accepted.
  Catholic Social      Kim Anderson            618-394-5900, ext. 212          Multiple positions available at
     Services                                                                  various facilities.
                                                                               Opportunities to provide individual,
                                                                               couples, and family therapy.
                                                                               Wide range of presenting concerns
                                                                               and diagnostic categories.
                                                                               Contact Kim in March about
                                                                               available positions.
   Children First     Katherine Clodson             618-235-6192               Group therapy with children of

 Chestnut Health        C.J. Endicott                  618-397-0900                    Several positions—Apply in March.
    Systems                                                  A wide range of options serving
                                                                                       adults, children, and adolescents—
                                                                                       outpatient, chemical dependency
                                                                                       program, crisis stabilization,
                                                                                       adolescent residential program

 Comprehensive        Michael Colligan           618-274-0881 (no voicemail)           Maximum of two positions
 Mental Health                  (best say to reach him)   Group and individual counseling
Center of St. Clair                                                                    with severely and persistently
     County                                                                            mentally ill clients.
                                                                                       Screening and intake opportunities
                                                                                       Day hours only (no evening hours).
    Don Bosco         George Ferguson                  618-277-7055                    Emergency shelter for children who
 Children’s Center                                                                     are seriously abused/neglected.
  (affiliated with                                                                     Opportunities for individual, group,
  Catholic Social                                                                      and family therapy
Hoyleton Children’s   Kevin Thompson               618-493-7382, ext. 288              Two or three interns.
 Home/Youth and                                              Fall or Spring start.
 Family Services                                                                       Individual and group counseling,
                                                                                       mental health assessments, family
                                                                                       therapy, and attending case staffings.
                                                                                       Especially interested in students who
                                                                                       are attracted to creative arts (music,
                                                                                       art, drama, etc.).
                                                                                       Resume, cover letter required.
                                                                                       Interview required of qualified

  I Think I Can       Lisa Grybinas              618-398-4226               Three to five positions.
 Learning Center                                                            Contact them in March.
                                                                            Individual and groups with children
                                                                            Counseling children 4 years and
                                                                            older with diagnoses ranging from
                                                                            ADHD to schizophrenia.
                                                                            Even appointments until 7 pm; no
                                                                            clients on Friday-Sunday
                                                                            Tuesday staffings.
Jefferson County      Dawn Kleber                618-242-1512               Provide a broad array of mental
 Comprehensive                                health services.
Kids Hope United      Jennifer Evola             618-345-9644               Work with foster children; provide
                                                                            counseling and crisis intervention,
                                                                            mental health assessments, treatment
                                                                            plans, and summaries.
  Kathryn Klee        Kathryn Klee               618-239-6853               Individual and group counseling
(Private Practice)                                                          with children, adolescents, and
   LINC INC.          Erica Edwards              618-235-9988               Agency serves individuals with
                                 disabilities throughout St. Clair,
                                                                            Monroe, and Randolph counties.
                                                                            Individual and group opportunities
                                                                            are available.
   Maryville          Jennifer Henry             314-529-9518               Individual /group counseling and
   University                                                               educational workshops.
Counseling Center
 McCallum Place      Meredith Roberts            314-968-1900               Individual/group counseling with
                                                                            eating disordered clients

  Metropolitan          Dr. Debra                     314-877-0806                   One or two positions.
Psychiatric Center     Luechtefeld                                                   Work with an interdisciplinary team
                                                                                     and conduct individual therapy
                                                                                     sessions, testing, co-lead therapy
                                                                                     groups, and write treatment plans.
                                                                                     Must go through extensive
                                                                                     background check that could
                                                                                     potentially take 8 weeks (this needs
                                                                                     to be complete before starting).
                                                                                     Submit resume or CV to Dr.
                                                                                     Luechtefeld (314-877-0553);
                                                                                     qualified applicants will be
                                                                                     Day hours only (M-F 8:00-4:30).
  North County         Laurie Brown              314-355-4180, ext. 103              Adults, psychiatric and chemical
Recovery Center at                                                                   dependency, dual diagnosis.
Christian Hospital                                                                   Outpatient and partial day treatment.
SIU-E Counseling       Dr. Andy King                  618-650-2197                   Two positions.
      Center   Individual and group counseling.
                                                                                     Contact Dr. King directly in
                                                                                     Send: resume, cover letter detailing
                                                                                     professional interests, timetable, and
                                                                                     something about yourself.
Saint Elizabeth’s      Mike Conley               618-234-2120, ext. 1839             Addictions, general mental health,
Behavioral Health                                                                    and dual diagnosis.
      Care                                                                           Students do initial assessment and
                                                                                     treatment plan, co-facilitate groups,
                                                                                     and provide educational workshops.
                                                                                     Mostly group therapy; some
                                                                                     individual and family work.

  Saint Louis        Alec Pollard     314-534-0200   4 positions available each fall.
  Behavioral                                         Intensive cognitive-behavioral
Medicine Institute                                   training program with depression
                                                     and anxiety, some body dysmorphic
                                                     disorder. Student works in a team.
                                                     Student isn’t the primary therapist,
                                                     so doesn’t write the treatment plan.
                                                     Student but does get to practice
                                                     interventions with supervisor
                                                     present, and alone with clients,
                                                     under instruction from the
                                                     supervisor and team via the
                                                     treatment plan. Receive live
                                                     supervision from the team
                                                     Submit letter of interest in March;
                                                     interview will be required.
   Saint Louis       Dr. Lisa Ellis   314-877-5941   Forensics, chronic mental illness
   Psychiatric                                       (CMI), schizophrenia, paranoia.
  Rehabilitation                                     Number of positions depends on
     Center                                          availability of supervisors.
                                                     ONLY students with previous
                                                     clinical experience, given the
                                                     severity of pathology.
The Community        Georgianne                      Two positions.
Resource Center      Broughton                       Offering experiences in mental
                                                     health (outpatient, crisis
                                                     intervention, case management)
                                                     and/or substance abuse and
                                                     addictions (DUI, risk management
                                                     Interview required; accepted interns

                                                                                           will complete new employee
   The United            Tim Waugh                      618-242-1070, ext 228              Several programs for
    Methodist                                                                              children/adolescents, including
 Children’s Home                                                                           residential treatment and transitional
                                                                                           living programs, family support
                                                                                           program, adoption services, a
                                                                                           program for pregnant teens, and a
                                                                                           new therapeutic day school.
                                                                                           Students would have an opportunity
                                                                                           to work with clients in different
                                                                                           programs if desired.
    Transitions        Monica Moffet                         618-463-5927                  Work with children and adults.
    Counseling                                                                             Provide individual and group
                                                                                           Work with Kids in the Middle to
                                                                                           conduct support groups for kids of
                                                                                           Offers services after hours—
                                                                                           evenings and Saturdays.
  University of       Dr. Sharon Biegen                      314-516-5711                  Three positions—fall start only.
Missouri-St. Louis                                            Individual, couples, groups,
Counseling Center                                                                          workshops, career counseling
                                                                                           with university students.
                                                                                           Apply in February; interviews in
                                                                                           March and April.
   Washington          Dr. Woodsmall                      314-935-5980                     Four positions—fall start only.
 University Student              Individual, couples and group
    Health and                                                                             therapy; educational workshops,
Counseling Services                                                                        outreach, & consultation.
                                                                                           Applications accepted in February.

Webster University   Dr. Patrick Stack                314-968-7030                     Two to Four positions—Fall start.
Counseling Center                 Individual and group therapy.
                                                                                       Need a parking pass ($70-$100).
                                                                                       Apply in February or March.
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