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					                                                                      Holy Family
                                                                      C   a t H o l i C           C   H u r C H
                                                                    ig    l e s i a      Ca     t ó l i C a       d e

                                                               la sagrada Familia
                                                                      7817 Old Auburn Road • Citrus Heights, CA 95610
                                                              Phone (916) 723-2494 • Fax (916) 723-0199 • www.holyfamilych.org

                                                              today / this weekend
          ReveRend Michael F. KieRnan
      Parochial Administrator / Administrador Parroquial      hispanic apostolate hospitality
                                                               Sunday June 29th after the 10:30 Mass. Meet the different
      ReveRend JeRoniMo “Ron” MaRcelo
              Parochial Vicar / Vicario Parroquial
                                                                        services our parish offers. (See Page 5)

            ReveRend John P. Sullivan
         Retired, In Residence / Retirado, En Residencia                day oF FUn in the sUn
                                                                           Today, Sunday, June 29, ALL DAY!
                  deacon MaRK holt                                                   (See page 4.)
             Pastoral Associate / Asociado Pastoral

         SiSteR aRlene connelly, i.B.v.M.                     this week
           School Principal / Directora de La Escuela
                                                                                teen drop-in:
                                                                 This Wednesday, July 2nd, 3-7 pm in the Youth Office.
                 PaRiSh oFFice houRS
        hoRaS de oFicina de la PaRRoquia                                             (See page 4.)
            Monday/ Lunes 12:00 - 4:00 pm
  Tuesday - Friday/ Martes - Viernes 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Saturday and Sunday/ Sábada y Domigo Closed
                                                              new theology oF the Body series
                                                               Every Thursday evening from 7-9pm beginning June 19th
          MaSS Schedule - hoRaRio de MiSaS                             in the Community Center (See page 5.)
Daily Mass (Mon-Sat)/ Misa Diaria (Lunes-Sábado) 8:30 am
          Saturday Vigil/ Vigilia Sabatina 4:30 pm
                     Sunday / Domingo                         neXt week and Beyond
    7:30 am, 9:00 am, 12:30 pm, and 6:00 pm (in English)
                   10:30 am (en Español)                          catholics retUrning hoMe
 Holy Days/ Días de Fiesta 8:30 am, 6:00 pm (in English)                     “What Makes Us Catholic?”
                    7:30 pm (en Español)                      Wednesday July 9, 7:00 pm in the school library (See page 5.)

            conFeSSionS - conFeSioneS
Saturday/ Sábado 3:00 - 4:00 pm (in English and Spanish)           pro-liFe Mass, First Friday
      In addition to the time shown, confessions are                            8:30 am on the 4th of July!
     available by appointment in English and Spanish.           Pro-life rosary will precede Mass in the Adoration Chapel
Además de estos horarios, las confesiones están disponibles                             (See page 5.)
        pidiendo cita y son en inglés o español.

              MaRRiaGeS - MatRiMonioS
                                                                     teen Mission eXperience
          Six months advance notice requested -                        Missionaries of Charity Summer Day Camp
              Please contact the parish office.                                     St. Peter’s Church
                 Avisar seis meses antes -                                  July 7-11 and 14-18. (See page 4.)
       Por favor contacte la oficina de la parroquia.

                  BaPtiSMS - BautiSMoS
                                                                            israel-egypt toUr
      Please contact Rebecca Kistler (916) 726-7217                        November 8 through November 22
     Por favor llame a Lupita Wandry (916) 489-3673                           Contact Fr. John Sullivan.
                                                 June 29, 2008 - Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul
                                                      “I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith.” 2 Tim 4:7

                                               Power From Above
         I came across this ar ticle written by Father                           These considerations immediately provoke a
Raniero Cantalamessa whows the presenter at the recent                 question: Do we live under the old law or the new law? Do we
gathering I attended in Mexico. I hope all of you are                  fulfill our religious duties by constraint, by fear and habit, or
praying each day to be open to the Holy Spirit who will                rather by an intimate conviction and almost by attraction?
fill and bless your lives.                                             Do we experience God as a father or a boss?
         Everyone has on some occasion seen people pushing                       I conclude with a story. At the beginning of the
a stalled car trying to get it going fast enough to start. There       last century a family from southern Italy emigrated to the
are one or two people pushing from behind and another                  United States. Not having enough money to pay for meals
person at the wheel. If it does not get going after the first          at restaurants, they took bread and cheese with them for the
try, they stop, wipe away the sweat, take a breath and try             trip. As the days and weeks passed the bread became stale
again. ...                                                             and the cheese moldy; at a certain point their child could not
        Then suddenly there is a noise, the engine starts to           take it anymore and could do nothing but cry.
work, the car moves on its own and the people who were                           The parents took the last bit of money that they had
pushing it straighten themselves up and breathe a sigh of              and gave it to him so that he could have a nice meal at a
relief.                                                                restaurant. The child went, ate and came back to his parents
          This is an image of what happens in Christian                in tears. The parents asked: “We have spent all the money we
life. One goes forward with much effort, without great                 had left to buy you a nice meal and you are still crying?”
progress. But we have a very powerful engine (“the power                      “I am crying because I found out that one meal a
from above!”) that only needs to be set working. The feast             day was included in the price and this whole time we have
of Pentecost should help us to find this engine and see how            been eating bread and cheese!”
to get it going.                                                                 Many Christians go through life with only “bread and
         The account from the Acts of the Apostles begins              cheese,” without joy, without enthusiasm, when they could,
thus: “When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they were            spiritually speaking, every day enjoy every good thing of God,
all together in the same place.”                                       it all being included in the price of being Christians.
        From these words, we see that Pentecost pre-existed                     The secret for experiencing that which John XXIII
Pentecost. In other words, there was already a feast of                called “a new Pentecost” is called prayer. That is where we
Pentecost in Judaism and it was during this feast that the             find the “spark” that starts the engine!
Holy Spirit descended. One cannot understand the Christian                     Jesus promised that the heavenly Father would give
Pentecost without taking into account the Jewish Pentecost             the Holy Spirit to those who asked for him (Luke 11:13). Ask
that prepared it.                                                      then! The liturgy of Pentecost offers us magnificent words
         In the Old Testament there were two interpretations           to do this:
of the feast of Pentecost. At the beginning there was the                      “Come, Holy Spirit ...
feast of the seven weeks, the feast of the harvest, when                       Come, O Father of the poor,
the first fruits of grain were offered to God, but then, and                   Ever bounteous of Thy store,
certainly during Jesus’ time, the feast was enriched with a                    Come, our heart’s unfailing light.
new meaning: It was the feast of the conferral of the law and                  Come, Consoler, kindest, best,
of the covenant on Mount Sinai.                                                Come, our bosom’s dearest guest,
        If the Holy Spirit descends upon the Church precisely                  Sweet refreshment, sweet repose.
on the day in which Israel celebrated the feast of the law                     Rest in labor, coolness sweet,
and the covenant, this indicates that the Holy Spirit is the                   Tempering the burning heat,
new law, the spiritual law that sealed the new and eternal                     Truest comfort of our woes!”
covenant. A law that is no longer written on stone tablets                     Come Holy Spirit!
but on tablets of flesh, on the hearts of men.

                                                      PaRiSh SteWaRdShiP uPdate
                                                      With the beginning of the new fiscal year approaching,
                                                      I again humbly and deeply thank you for your great
                                                      generosity to Holy Family Parish. As always, I am grateful
                                                      for the dedication and hard work of our Finance Council.
                                                      I hope you continue to review the stewardship report
                                                      that appears in each Sunday’s bulletin, and I hope you
                                                      find it useful. This week’s report shows that we are at just
                                                      over 96% of our goal with one weekend to go, counting

  our Parish mission                                  this one. Perhaps a little year-end push can drive us even
                                                      closer to that goal!
                                                      May God continue to bless you in your generosity, and
  misión Parroquial                                   may you and your families enjoy a blessed summer, and
                                                      have an abundance for every good work in the Lord.
We the community of Holy Family Parish, all
                                                        — St. PatRicK’S hoMe FoR childRen —
 members of the Body of Christ, strive to be
                                                                   caR donation PRoGRaM
 a voice of truth and clarity in our faith. We        Your donation of a vehicle would be a huge help to
 worship God and celebrate the gift of Jesus          our programs and is very easy to do. You simply call us
  Christ in Word and Sacrament. Unified by            and we will make all arrangements to get your vehicle
                                                      handled as quickly as possible. Please call Roger Abbot
 the Holy Spirit, we commit to the on-going           at 428-1601.
   conversion to Christ in ourselves and in
  our parish. We are committed to extending                    needed: FoSteR & adoPtive PaRentS
                                                      St. Patrick’s Foster Care & Adoption Agency is looking for
 Christ’s unconditional love to all, especially       individuals & families that are interested in becoming
the neglected, the oppressed, the aged and the        a Foster Parent or adopting a child. Children of all ages
wounded of heart. We welcome all to share in          and ethnicities are waiting to be adopted. For more
                                                      information call 421-1620 ext. 230 and ask for Cynthia,
    the richness of our Catholic heritage.            Social Service Assistant.

 La comunidad de la Parroquia de la Sagrada
                                                                               SteWaRdShiP – tReaSuRe
Familia, todos miembros de cuerpo de Cristo,            GeneRal collection
    nos esforzamos de ser portadores de la              Weekly Goal                                                                $     11,000.00
Verdad y de ser claros en nuestra fe. Nosotros           June 1 ...................................................................$     12,682.00
                                                         June 8 ...................................................................$     10,459.00
glorificamos a Dios y celebramos a Cristo en             June 15 ................................................................$        9,269.00
            Palabra y Sacramento.                        June 22 ...............................................................$        10,606.00
       Unidos por el Espíritu Santo, nos                yeaR-to-date                                                               $   550,599.00
                                                        Goal-to-Date (52 Weeks)                                                    $    572,000.00
comprometemos a una continua conversión a               % of Goal Collected                                                                  96.26 %
 Cristo en cada uno de nosotros y en nuestra            annual Goal (53 Weeks)                                                     $    583,000.00
 parroquia. Nos comprometemos a compartir               SPecial collectionS
   el amor incondicional de Cristo a todos,             India Mission ........................................................$           4,011.50
  especialmente a los rechazados, oprimidos,            Peter’s Pence Collection .................................. $                     2,864.00
 ancianos y los de corazón herido. Todos sus            “Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed,” Jesus
  miembros son bienvenidos a compartir las              tells us, “and nothing hidden that will not become
                                                        known.” May our stewardship of God’s gifts be such that
    riquezas de nuestra tradición Católica.             we would not be ashamed if it were seen in the clear light
                                                        of day.                             See Matthew 10:26
ReadinGS FoR the WeeK
Mon: Am 2:6-10, 13-16; Mt 8:18-22
Tue: Am 3:1-8; 4:11-12; Mt 8:23-27                                   hiGh School teenS:
Wed: Am 5:14-15, 21-24; Mt 8:28-34                                   Bring your permission slip and meet us for our Day of Fun
Thu: St. Thomas: Eph 2:19-22; Jn 20:24-29                            in the Sun with the Youth Group in Woodland Sunday,
Fri:   Am 8:4-6, 9-12; Mt 9:9-13                                     June 29th (from 11:00 AM-9:00 PM, Mass included!) it’s
Sat: Am 9:11-15; Mt 9:14-17                                          free, it’s fun, and you’ll meet new people and have great
Sun: Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time                              food!
Zec 9:9-10; Rom 8:9, 11-13; Mt 11:25-30
                                                                     teen dRoP-in:
queStion oF the day                                                  Teens Drop-In this Wednesday (July 2nd) from 3-7 PM,
Children: Jesus wants us to help others ý what are some              and play games: air hockey, board games, video games
          ways you can do that for the people in your                and karaoke, etc…Open to Middle and High School
          family, class, or neighborhood?                            Youth!

Youth:     Who are the people you know who are least                 teen MiSSion exPeRience:
           afraid of sharing their faith with others? What           Join us as we work with the Missionaries of Charity to
           do they teach you about being a disciple?                 provide a Summer Day Camp to children in need in
                                                                     Sacramento! We will be leading the kids in sports as well
Adults:    Adults: How have you responded in your own                as helping with activities, arts & crafts, etc. The Day Camp
           Christian life to Jesus’ call to feed his sheep?          will be held at St. Peter’s Church during the weeks of July
           Do you recognize this as your own personal                7-11 and 14-18. We will be meeting at the Holy Family
           invitation from him to minister to others?                Youth Office at 8:00 AM and Returning to the Youth Office
                                                                     at 2:00 PM. Interested? Please contact Victor at the Holy
                                                                     Family Youth Office (916-721-8329) or hfyouthministry@
MaSS intentionS                                                      yahoo.com
Mon: Rafael Virrueta +
Tue: Zacarias D. Suing (40th Day) +                                                        checK uS out online!!!
Thu: Mary Walker +                                                                         Got questions about our Summer
Fri: Cecilia Herkowski –Int.; Al Herkowski +                                               Schedule of Youth Ministry Events???
     Theodor Meuser +                                                                      Then Check out our Blogspot: www.
Sun: 7:30 am Mass Helen Enlow +                                                            hfyouthministry.blogspot.com and
                     Delores Arrequn –Int.                                                 stay in the loop…
     6:00 pm Mass Pro Populo

PRayeR coRneR                                                        FiRSt coMMunion dvdS
Please remember in your prayers:
                                                                     aRe availaBle…
Virginia Batina, Richard Blanco, Elisa Bulhoes, Bernard Burke,
Sandi Burton, Verna Chirco, Robert Cluney, Jordan Courtright,        If you would like to order one of these
Marie Crane, Darren Crose, Scott Crose, Clare Curran, Julie          special DVDs to commemorate our
Desrochers, Virginia Dulley, Sean Ehnen, Henrietta Escovilla,        wonderful April 26th parish celebration
Loretta Francescon, Gabbie Galdamez, Olivia Garcia, Ralph            of First Holy Communion, please call Jen
Gingrich, Emil Giusti, Bob Gokey, Robert Gonzaga, Timothy            at 215-5553 as soon as possible! Cost of
Goodwin, Delia Grijalva, Max Guerra, Jason Hayes, Stanley            the DVD is $15.
Hayes, Irene Hertel, Michele Hock, Lila Jarvis, Kathleen
Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Bill Keenan, Sheema Khan, Jonnie
Kuennen, Karen Lewis, Kim Malone, Carmel Matranga, Joan              conFiRMation too!
McShane, Rigoberto Mendoza, Jenine Michilena, Msgr.                  The 2008 Confirmation Video/DVD is
Mistretta, Xochitl Montano, Mariah Morris, Jason Murphy,             complete and now available. Secure
Eliott Jerome Neal, Andy Ngo, Scott Ngo, Chester Pallach,            your copy of this timeless keepsake that
LeeAnn Parrott, Loretta Parsons, Maryanne Pelzel, Steve              captures the blessed event. Contact Jim
Phelps, Nona Piha, Jennifer Pinnow, Tom Poeschl, Sr. Mary            Fullenwider at 916-479-7047 for order
Porter, Bonnie Rasher, Michael Rath, Christine Regan,
Raymond Remick, Evangeline Romero, Suzanne Rose,
Josefina Santiago, Nikelle Schafer, Katherine Schottgen,
Debra Scott, Diane & Mike Smith, Marylyn Smith, Lisa Stamps,
Jardee Stanley, Jo Ster, Laura & Paul Studer, Simon Sucharski,
Clement Sweeney, Maureena Sutton, Elise Taylor, Frances                     Visit the parish website at:
Thomas, I. Thompson, Laurence Thompson, Xavier Thompson
, Evelyn Urbano, Jovita Vargar, Jean Villanueva, Mike Walker,
Emily Walsh, Marvin Webster, Angela Williams, Sharel Wilson
neW theoloGy oF the Body SeRieS –
Have you ever heard the phrase “Theology of the Body”                           Prayer Opportunities
but weren’t quite sure what it meant? Attend a new
adult faith formation series, Created & Redeemed, at Holy             WoRld aPoStolate oF FatiMa:
Family Parish that will provide the answer! This series is            Pope Benedict XVI has elevated the World Apostolate of Fa-
a dynamic eight week program produced by Christopher                  tima (The Blue Army.) It is now officially associated with
West that focuses on God’s original plan for marriage                 the Pontifical Council for the Laity in Rome. We are hap-
and sexuality and how an understanding of this plan                   py to offer these prayers here at Holy Family. All are wel-
gives profound meaning to all of our lives – whether one              come to join us Mondays after the 8:30 am Mass in St. Mary
is married, single or a consecrated celibate.                         Hall. For information, please call Phyllis, 725-0218 or Phyllis,
The series began June 19 and will run every Thursday                  725-5358.
evening from 7-9pm at Holy Family Parish’s Community                  vocationS cRoSS
Center. Format is a DVD presentation followed by a                    Each week a parish family is presented with the Vocations
question and answer period with group sharing. Cost                   Cross to take home for the week and asked to pray daily for an
for series is $10 and includes a workbook.                            increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life. The
For more information or to register, please call Tim or               next Sunday, the family returns the cross and another family is
Julie Desrochers at 784-7622.                                         presented the cross to pray for vocations. If you are interested in
                                                                      taking the Vocation Cross home, please contact Young Stewart
hiSPanic aPoStolate hoSPitality today!                                at 332-8732.
The Hispanic Apostolate is hosting a Hospitality event
on Sunday June 29th after the 10:30 Mass. Everyone is                 euchaRiStic adoRation:
invited to meet the different services our parish offers (in          Jesus stays with us day and night in the Blessed Sacrament,
Spanish) and all the great ways you can volunteer your                blessing us with the grace that encourages us, consoles us,
talents to our community. The gathering will take place               strengthens us, guides us and inspires us to place our trust
at the Virgen de Guadalupe Garden. Refreshments will                  in Him. We stay with the Real Presence of Jesus in Eucharistic
be served. Everyone is welcome.                                       Adoration to be more personally involved with Him and to keep
                                                                      the Eucharist central in our lives. Spending time with Jesus in
iSRael-eGyPt touR                                                     the Eucharist enables us to build a truly personal relationship
A group tour will leave from San Francisco Airport on                 with Him. Come into His presence in our beautiful chapel - He
November 8 and return November 22. Fr. John Sullivan will             is looking forward to your visit!
be the tour’s spiritual director. Get your reservations in now
                                                                      BleSSed SacRaMent chaPel viSitinG houRS:
- time and space are running out!
                                                                       Monday – Friday  9:00 am – 9:00 pm
                                                                       Saturday         9:00 am – 3:30 pm
PRo-liFe MaSS, FiRSt FRiday, July 4th
                                                                       Sunday           1:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Come start your holiday right by attending the monthly
Pro-life Mass at 8:30 am on the 4th of July! Recitation of the        Also in the chapel: Each day at 9:00 am a community Rosary
pro-life rosary and other prayers will precede the Mass in            and Chaplet of Mercy are prayed, and at 3:00 pm the Chaplet
the Adoration Chapel. Won’t you come and spend an hour                of Mercy is prayed.
with our Lord to thank Him for all the abundant graces He
has bestowed upon our Nation. “One nation, under God                  doMinican laity at holy FaMily
indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.” Let us pray that       The Dominican Laity meets here at Holy Family on the first
our Nation will recognize and apply these same rights to the          Sunday of every month in St. Mary Hall from 1–3 pm. Come
unborn from the moment of conception through the full                 and join us in a way of life of prayer, both private and litur-
nine-month term.                                                      gical, the study of the sacred truth, the sharing of our spiri-
                                                                      tual life with others in the community, and in our apostolic
                 all niGht viGil FoR liFe                             outreach. For information call Phyllis Sale at 725-5358.
        St. RoSe catholic chuRch, SacRaMento
First Friday, July 4th beginning with 7:30 PM Mass and                 CATHOLICS RETURNING HOME
ending on the first Saturday, July 5th with 8:00 am Mass.              We recently completed the initial six-week session of our
Msgr. Kavanaugh leads a Holy Hour of Reparation to the                 Catholics Returning Home series. We have now begun to
Sacred Heart immediately following the Friday 7:30 PM Mass.            address the question of “What Makes Us Catholic?” We
Please join us for Mass and spend an hour more or spend                would like to invite anyone from the parish who would
the night praying for Our Country. Following the 8:30 AM               like to join us for these sessions on Wednesday evenings
Mass on Saturday. We will pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of              from 7:00-8:30pm on the second and fourth Wednesdays
the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the Abortion                of the month. This series began last Wednesday, June,
Clinic on Wright St and Alta Arden. Come and pray for an end           June 11th, and sessions are held in the school library.
to abortion, the sanctity of marriage and the family and our           Please contact Deacon Mark in the parish office if you
national elections. Questions: call June Schott at 967-9158.           have any questions.
catholic leGiSlative netWoRK                                        encounteRinG liFe alone
california catholics in action                                      The “Beginning Experience of Sacramento” support
Make a difference! Join thousands of Catholics throughout           group is offering its “Encountering Life Alone” program of
California in bringing the richness of Catholic social              healing, hope and encouragement for divorced, separated
teaching to our elected representatives in Sacramento and           or widowed persons of all faiths.
Washington, DC. Help raise the level of ethics, morality and        This 10 week program starts on July 10, 2008 at St. Michael’s
civility in today’s public policy debates.                          Episcopal Church 2140 Mission Ave., Carmichael.
This is a great opportunity for each of us. Join with               The meetings are held from 7:00-9:00 P.M. There is a one-
thousands of other fellow Catholics around the state in             time registration fee of $10.00 and a $5.00 weekly fee.
making a difference in our communities and advancing                For more information please call (916) 835-2282 or visit
the common good.                                                    our website at: www.sacramentobe.org.
Visit www.capwiz.com/cacatholic/home for instructions of
how to join. It will be wonderful to have you and many              chRiSt the KinG SPiRitual liFe inStitute PRoGRaMS
other Catholics have input on the issues of our times.
                                                                    •    Silent Directed Retreat July 4-11, 2008 - Cost $425
adMiniStRative aSSiStant oPeninG                                    •    Married Couples Retreat July 18-20, Directed by Fr. Alan
The Department of Evangelization & Catechesis at the                     Philip, CP Cost: $265 per couple
Diocesan Pastoral Center has an opening for a full- time            •    Family Retreat August 15-17, 2008
(35 hours per week) Administrative Assistant to begin mid-
                                                                    For more information on these retreats, call Christ the King
July. The successful applicant must be proficient in Word
                                                                    Retreat Center at 725-4720.
and Excel and be comfortable working with databases.
Bilingual skills a plus but not required. To apply, please
email resume to personnel@diocese-sacramento.org.
Deadline for resumes is Wednesday, June 25.                                           SPeaKinG FoR liFe
                                                                          SPONSORED BY THE SACRAMENTO LIFE CENTER
JoB oPeninG in Benicia                                                             JULY 9, 2008 – 7:00 PM
A full-time Director of Religious Education is needed for
the coming school year at St. Dominic’s in Benicia. Job                       ST. FRANCIS HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM
description includes directing a total parish catechetical                   5900 Elvas Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95819
program for about 400 families for Religious Education and                          (Seating limited, come early)
coordinating the Sacramental programs for elementary
and high school students. Interested applicants may fax a                        Admission: $5/person; $10/family
resume to (707) 745-5642 or call (707) 7477220.
                                                                                       dR. alveda KinG
16th San FRanciSco inteRnational MaRian conFeRence                            NIECE OF DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.
July 4-6, 2007 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Conference Center
of Foster City - Theme: “Mary Queen of Apostles”                    DR. ALVEDA KING founded King for America, Inc. “to assist
Six International Speakers, Marian, Eucharistic & Charismatic       people in enriching their lives spiritually, personally,
Devotions, Youth & Children’s Programs, Healing Service.            mentally, and economically.” She serves as Director of
Information and Registration call 800-456-4197                      African-American Outreach for the Gospel of Life, part of
E-Mail: srm.inc@juno.com                                            the Priests for Life organization. She is also a voice for the
www.sraphael.com or www.straphaelministries.org                     Silent No More Awareness Campaign-speaking about her
                                                                    regret fro her abortion.
q excellent q Good               q aveRaGe        q So So
How do you rate your marriage? If you’ve checked any of the                     More information: 916-451-4357
above, you’re a great candidate for a Worldwide Marriage
Encounter Weekend! It’s a beautiful weekend experience
designed for couples of all ages and backgrounds. Make
this autumn special by devoting one weekend to the                      Stay inFoRMed - Read the oFFicial neWSPaPeR
most important relationship in your life. The next local                       oF the dioceSe oF SacRaMento
Marriage Encounter Weekends are: August 15th to 17th
and September 26th to 28th, 2008. For more information
or to register, contact Raul & Gayla Ponce, 866-825-2046 or
Email: srsregistrar@comcast.net.
                                                                                MiniStRieS & chuRch
 PaRiSh diRectoRy at-a-Glance                                                   aFFiliationS
                   Pastoral council - consejo Pastoral                          angelic dusters
                     Contact: Phyllis Sale 725-5358                                Mary Bustabade 723-2724
                    liturgy council - consejo liturgico                         catholic ladies Relief Society
                        Contact: John Wihl, 722-7956                                Joyce Schweitzer 781-8753
                                                                                catholics Returning home
                   Finance council - consejo Finanzas                               Call the Parish Office 723-2494
                     Contact: Katie Martin 723-2494
                                                                                combined capital campaign
               Parish Bookkeeper - contadora de la iglesia                         Tom and Maureen Poeschl 780-0254
                          Fids Reina 723-2494                                   disciples in Mission
                                                                                    Tom and Maureen Poeschl 780-0254
                       Faith Formation -catecismo
Bonnie Johnson 726-7217                        Daniela Rodriguez 859-0718 environment committee (liturgy council)
                                                                               Bonnie Johnson 726-7217
                        Rcia - Rica para adultos                            eucharistic adoration
Deacon Mark Holt 723-2494                        Angelita Carrillo 285-6715    Lee Lambert 723-8963

                Baptism instruction - Platicas Prebautismales                 evenings for the engaged
Rebecca Kistler 726-7217                               Lupita Wandry 489-3673     Bill and Joyce Gray 723-8372
                                                                              Feed the needy
               eucharistic Ministers - Ministros de la eucaristía                 Nora Martinez 721-1176
Deacon MarkHolt 723-2494                       Ruben y Dina Moreno 481-2963
                                                                              Fellowship and Welcoming Ministry
                   lectors - Proclamadores de la Palabra                           Anita Marsolais 723-1775
Chris Taylor     723-2494                              Rosita Belongie 967-5830 hispanic apostolate
                                                                                    Frank Borja 723-6309
                            altar Servers - acolitos
Deacon Mark      723-2494                        Crystal Gonzalez 721-4886 Knights of columbus
                                                                               Dennis Taverna, Grand Knight 947-2003
                        hospitality - hospitalidad                             Condit Parsons, Deputy Grand Knight 723-2355
Leann Etcheverry 723-1775                          Fidelia Estrada 863-5974 loaves & Fishes
                                                                                Evelyn Campangna 782-8976
                  Music Ministry - Ministerio de Musica
John Wihl       722-7956                               Nora Borja 723-6309 Ministry to Sick
                                                     Jorge Rivera 223-2448      Young Stewart 332-8732
                                                                            Ministry to the disabled
           youth Ministry - Ministerio de Jóvenes Grados 9-12                   Amor Taylor 721-6071
                        Victor Alvarez 721-8329
                                                                            Parish vocations committee
      Junior high youth Ministry - Ministerio de Jóvenes Grados 6-8             Young Stewart 332-8732
                         Victor Alvarez 721-8329                                Preschool & childcare (holy Family School)
                                                                                    Lucy Eberhardt – Director 722-4620
                 health Ministry - coordinadora de Salud
                                                                                Rosary Makers
                         Ministry Office 721-0388
                                                                                    Juanita Lozano 721-5343

  diRectoRio de la PaRRoquia                                                    Sacristans
                                                                                    Pat Regan, English 729-1330
                                                                                    Frank Borja, Spanish 723-6309
               holy FaMily PaRiSh Bulletin                                         Cub Scouts - Steve Moulis 871-6737
                              Published Weekly                                     Girl Scouts & Brownies - TBA
                                                                                Senior Gleaners
                Weekly deadline for item Submission:                                Call the Parish Office 723-2494
               Monday, 4:00 pm, for the following weekend                       Society of St. vincent de Paul
                                                                                    Bill Swars 722-0264
     For information, to submit a bulletin item or to place an ad:
                                                                                Women’s council
             Visit the Parish Office or call (916) 723-2494, or                    Leann Etcheverry 723-1775
                  E-mail: bulletin@holyfamilyliturgy.org

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