VALDOSTA STATE UNIVERSITY
                       Department of Early Childhood and Special Education
                                     Faculty Meeting Minutes
                                         August 31, 2007

Faculty present: Dianne Judd, Seungyoun Lee, Shirley Andrews, James Ernest, Janet Foster, Kelly
Heckaman, Carol Barnett, Shirley Thompson, Lynn Minor, Lucia Lu, Evan Ortlieb, Gina Doepker,
Calandra Lockhart, Tonja Root, David Hedgepeth, Mary Ellen Dallman, Wenju Shen and Inez Heath.

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. with Dr. Lynn Minor and Dr. Shirley Thompson
presiding, as Dr. Karla Hull was out sick.

No Minutes were taken at previous meeting, 8/8/07. Agenda handed out.

 LiveText: Dr. Judd distributed the LiveText Reviewing Enhancements handout which included an
Overview of Review Changes, Issues Addressed by the New Review Process and Other Review
Discussion – There is one major change which affects instructors and students. The “link” in LiveText
is now a “copy” of a document, so when any changes or revisions are made to the document, it will
need to be re-sent or re-submitted. This change makes deadlines, revisions and assessments more
accurate because LiveText saves each assessment and revision and dates them. Any revisions are
optional to the instructor. There are added buttons which give you an option of viewing assessments,
revising and printing, which are reached by clicking on the + sign. Dr. Judd will go into some more
advanced details later. She also will be putting this major change in the students and instructors

Dr. Andrews brought up the importance of choosing the United Streaming version of LiveText through
the GPB and Georgia Standards option which receives credits for the accounts to help with funding.

Barrow County: Dr. Minor reported that the renovations on the campus were behind schedule and so
the facilities may not be ready for any student teachers for the Spring semester. Dr. McGahee had
informed her earlier that it didn’t look promising at this time, but that he should know more in a week or
so. The need to pursue someone to oversee this area in order to help alleviate the time and travel of
these observations, was discussed briefly.

0-5 Programs Update: Dr. Dallman reported that we are moving forward. Six faculty members have
volunteered to write course outlines and get them into VSU format three from Early Childhood and
three from Special Education. Julie Lee, Mary Ellen Dallman and Karla Hull will be working toward a
consortium wherein the department will be offering an Endorsement for both undergraduate and
graduate levels in ECE and SPE, hopefully by the Fall of 2008.

Forms for PAAR Report: Dr. Thompson will be getting the PAAR Report Form to the SPE faculty as
soon as possible for completion and submission. The ECE faculty has completed the report.

Annual Gift Fund: Dr. Dallman made the motion to vote on a $25.00 yearly donation to be collected
and kept within the department for holiday gifts, condolences and other gifts. Dr. Minor called for a
vote and it passed unanimously. Make checks payable to ECRE Account.

Practicum/Field Experience Update: Dr. Root reported that although she does put the practicum’s
handbooks on the website, she doesn’t know everything about them, so please send her an e-mail
about any changes or updates for those and for the syllabi. She doesn’t have the SEEC handbooks at
this time. Dr. Calandra Lockhart said that she would get those to her as soon as possible.
Special Thanks to Dr. Diane Judd and Dr. David Hedgepeth for their work toward creating a form or
master list for each practicum by each semester, later to be put on the web for easy management.
Instructors will need to put information together for students on one list – this will help alleviate double
placement. IT is supposed to get with Dr. Hedgepeth about later putting this in an online folder,
wherein everyone would have access. But for now, there will be only one master list. And on-campus
ECE practicum instructors will need to meet together for their practica (all first semester practica meet
together, all second semester practica meet together and all third semester practica meet together)
and the ECED and SEEC practicum instructors will need to meet together for their practica also. The
SEEC has a fourth practicum, which Dr. Hull is overseeing at this time.

Dr. Minor announced that handbooks were available in the front of the room for the practica, if anyone
forgot to get two.

Discussion: Dr. Dallman brought up an upcoming problem with tattoos on student teachers. The
handbook is clear about covering them up if at all possible, but she has some students who will not be
able to cover up their tattoos. This matter needs to be addressed through the university and possibly
other universities as well as Student teaching handbook. Dr. Minor suggested it be brought before Dr.
Donnie McGahee, Maggie Roberts and the COE also. Until legal and other sources are consulted it
was agreed by most that “cover it if you can” be adopted, although no formal vote was called.

Dr. Tonja Root and Dr. Lynn Minor mentioned the faculty liaison with three (four) schools and the
difficulties this amount entails – too many schools to keep close contact with. Concerning student
placements, Dr. Minor encouraged the faculty to try contacting another source at that school, if the
numbers are down when they are reporting in.

A Conference Room sign-up sheet was also requested from Valerie, as the need to begin scheduling it
has arisen.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM.

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