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									                                                            In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

                                                    Message from our
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                                                     new President
   835 Brush Hollow Road,                     Assalaamu Alaikum:
   Westbury, NY 11590.
   Tel: 516-333-3495                          It gives me great pleasure to wel-
   Fax: 516-333-7321                          come you all to our center. I am                  humbled and honored by the sup-
                                              port and confidence you have
Volume 1, Issue 1                             shown me by electing me to serve
March 2009 /Rabi' Al-Awwal 1430               as the President of Islamic Center
                                              of Long Island for the next three
   Inside this issue:                         years. I hope to serve the commu-
                                              nity sincerely and to the best of
ICLI News:
                                              my abilities.
President’s Message
Membership/Fundraising Committee
                                              As our beloved Prophet PBUH                   ICLI Executive Committee 2009-2012
                                              said: “Actions are determined by      (Back row) Hamza Byas, Sajid Shah (President), Ishan
Chairman’s Message                                                                 Khwaja (Middle row) Rizwan Qureshi, Sohail Nabi (Front
Outgoing Chairman’s Message
                                              intention, and every person shall           row) Zeb Pirzada and sis. Nazli Chaudhry
                                              be rewarded for that which they
Domestic Harmony Foundation
                                              intended.”                               pluralistic towards all humanity and
Dealing With Differences
                                                                                       it is up to us, American Muslims, to
Legal Corner                                  Inshallah, Together with the newly       bring this message to our fellow
Worship No God But Allah                      elected Executive Committee, we are
                                                                                       Americans and dispel the myriad of
Jumaa Khutba Committee                        committed to building a strong and       stereotypes and prejudices that domi-
Community Announcements                       united community.                        nate the media about Muslims.
Community Services                            We are working hard to develop pro-      We would like to increase membership
Salat Times                                   grams intended for families. These       and bring new faces to ICLI. We are
                                              programs will be held on a monthly
                                                                                       blessed with great diversity in our
 “I C” KIDS PRESCHOOL                         basis through out the year. Our inten-   community and would encourage all to
          AT ICLI                             tions are to have the families in our    join us and make this your Islamic
            Ages 3 to 5                       community interact more often with
        Mon – Fri 9:30 – 12:20                                                         Center.
                                              one another. We as a community of
        Mon – Fri 12:30 – 3:30
                                              faith, must always strive to achieveOne of our goals is to improve commu-
  An enriching, educational
  and spiritual environment.                  knowledge and wisdom in order to ef-nication between the Executive Com-
   Our priority is preparing                                                      mittee and the community. We wel-
                                              fect change and present a positive im-
  your toddler for success.                   age of Muslims.                     come and look forward to hearing your
 Please come and visit our state of the art                                       suggestions in how we may serve the
                  facility.                   Verily, never will Allah change
                                                                                  needs of the community better. We
 For additional information please contact    the condition of a people until
   ICLI Office 516-333-3495                                                       hope that you will not only become
                                              they change it themselves. Q 13:11                                                        members but will volunteer your pre-
                                              Quran’s message is so inclusive and                          (Continued on page 2)
March 2009 /Rabi' Al-Awwal 1430    ICLI NEWS                                             Page 2

cious time and skills towards making ICLI a vi-
brant and progressive community center. In an ef-        Membership/Marketing
fort to keep you abreast of what is happening at
ICLI, we have revived this newsletter. Feel free to
                                                         Fundraising Committee
contribute your thoughts, articles, book reviews  The new Executive Committee led by Br Sajid
and any positive community accomplishments.       Shah as President has decided to establish a new
                                                  standing committee (Membership/Marketing and
We also aim to improve and upgrade the technology
                                                  Fundraising). The goals are as follows:
which will conserve energy and be cost effective.
We have formed an ad hoc committee to focus on       Market ICLI to increase paid membership
upgrading the ICLI infrastructure and technology
                                                     Promote ICLI at all levels
                                                     Plan and organize small fundraising events
Interfaith relations and dialogue has always been
                                                     throughout the year
at the forefront at ICLI and we will continue to
build bridges of understanding and mutual respect    Coordinate holding of “Annual Community
with our fellow Americans.                           Fundraising Dinner” with the ad hoc committee
                                                     setup for the year
We look forward to
your collaboration and                               Market and Promote IC PASS
participation in making                              Strengthen ICLI presence within and outside of
ICLI a national leader                               the Muslim community
in our initiatives and
the beacon of inspira-                            Our community has grown significantly and we
tion for Centers across                           would like the same proportionate growth of ICLI.
the Nation.                                       Inshallah with this committee and all the dynamic
                                                  members that are on the committee we will be suc-
Jazakallah Khair                                  cessful.

Sajid Shah                                            Our ambition within the Executive Committee is to
                                                      enhance our membership and IC PASS contribu-
President                                             tions to the level of distinction.
                                                      Our community will see the benefits of becoming a
                                                      member of ICLI with the establishment of this

                              Grievance                   Newsletter Created by:
                              Governance              Managing Editor:
                              Committee                     Mohammed Sohail Nabi
                                                            Cell: 646-286 0060

If you have any Grievances and Suggestions,           Printed By:
please leave a note at the ICLI office.                     ACCURATE PRINTING & COPYING
Editorial amendments are welcome.                           962 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square,
Nazir Mir                                                   NY 11010.
                                                            Tel: 516-775-8060
GGC                                                         Fax:516-775-8070
Islamic Center of Long Island                               Email:
March 2009 /Rabi' Al-Awwal 1430        ICLI NEWS                                                              Page 3

                                  Chairman’s Message
                                      By Habeebuddin Ahmed
Assalamu’alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Bara-          Finally, most of you know, Insha'Allah, that ICLI
katuhu,                                            has a major construction project underway. This
Vision Statement of the Islamic Center of Long Is- new 20,000 square foot building will give us more
land: To be a center of excellence for developing  room for classes, library, offices, funeral arrange-
and sustaining a progressive vibrant Islamic com- ment, meeting rooms, etc. Very soon, we will have
munity and a nurturing environment for the soci-   an open house to inform you about the details of
ety at large.                                      the project and to get your input. With Allah’s help,
                                                   and your support, we will
Mission Statement of the Islamic Center of Long    be able to accomplish this
Island: To serve and engage Muslims by promoting project. May Allah guide
the values and teaching of Islam and to advocate   us all.
inter-faith harmony in a multicultural environment
in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah.           Jazak Allah

This is the first newsletter of this year. As you all Habeeb Ahmed
know we have a new Executive Committee as of
January ’09 and alhamdulillah they are off to a       Chairman ICLI
good start under the able leadership of Br. Sajid
Shah. Last year has been busy as ICLI took part in
many activities and projects which benefited the
ICLI community as well as the larger community,
some of which are:
Our outreach efforts to the other Muslim organiza-
tions and Masajid in the area are ongoing. We had
continuous contact with the indigenous Muslims          NRS Accounting Services Inc.,
from Masjid Taqwa in Brooklyn (Imam Siraj                                80 Hillside Ave,
Wahhaj’s Masjid). Masjid Taha in Roosevelt and                      Williston Park, NY 11596.
Project Allah Akbar in Wyandanch.                                    Phone: 516 - 873 0530
                                                                       Fax: 516 - 873 7275
ICLI has offered full support to a budding new com-
munity project. The new masjid of Long Island                    Contact: Bashir Kapdi
Muslim Society (LIMS) in the neighboring East
                                                        A full service Accounting firm serving many areas of business.
Meadow is under construction. ICLI is hosting                            Small Business is our Specialty
them and they have their Quranic Classes and                    Corporate formations, Business forms and letters.
regular meetings.                                                     Small Business Consulting Services
We were also part of the national program of Twin-                 Trade Administration Services/Franchising.

ning of Mosques and Synagogues, sponsored by the                       Some of the other services are:
Foundation of Ethnic Understanding. Many mem-                Tax Returns for Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations,
bers of ICLI on a regular basis go and speak at uni-                            Estates & Trusts
versities, schools, churches, and synagogues and                           Payroll & Sales Tax forms
host various non-Muslim groups at the mosque to                             Offers and Compromise
dialogue and encourage peaceful coexistence.                        Proficient in Quick Books and Peachtree
                                                                      We are the "Friendly" accounting firm
Recently, with our president and other Muslim
                                                         Please call/sign up now for 2009-2010 Accounting Services.
leaders, I met Nassau County Executive Tom
Suozzi to ask him to give our fair share of county
                                                                       5 % of the fees will be donated to
jobs and proper representation in all county affairs.         Islamic Centre of Long Island (ICLI) Westbury, NY.
Also, ICLI was represented by many of us at the
100th Anniversary of National Association for the
Advancement of Colored Peoples (NAACP).
                 Car Donation Program
Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association, NY (AAA)
                     Will pick up car from your location
               Will give a value based tax deductible receipt
         Please call ICLI first. We will guide you with instructions:

          To benefit both the charitable organizations

AAA will pick up your car from your location, directed by ICLI office.
AAA will follow IRS guidelines
AAA will provide a receipt of $500 at the time of pick up and final receipt of
sale amount within 90 days.
AAA will make arrangements with an appropriate agency to sell the car.

Executive Committee                                         Muzaffar Habib
ICLI                                                        AAA
March 2009 /Rabi' Al-Awwal 1430      ICLI NEWS                                              Page 5

                Message From the Outgoing Chairman
                                         By Dr. Faroque Khan

On Dec 31st 2208—Safar 3 1430 I completed my            helped present the TV program, Our Muslim
three year term as chairman of ICLI board. This         Neighbor, on Telecare, this program highlighted
board has the responsibility to set the policies/       and profiled the many positive features and contri-
initiatives for ICLI and ensure that there are ade-     butions of the Muslim community. The first episode
quate resources to execute the various initiatives.     titled—Rabbi and Priest Visit the Mosque is being
The ICLI board is NOT responsible for the daily         regularly shared with the ever increasing number
activities and operations of ICLI which falls under     of ICLI visitors and guests and is a valuable re-
the jurisdiction of the executive committee led by      source for our speakers bureau.
the president. The ICLI Bylaws govern the manner        Such outreach efforts particularly in the post 9/11
in which the board functions and I encourage all of     era we live in has played a major role in presenting
you to read and familiarize yourself with the ICLI      a positive image about us to the larger community.
                                                        While ICLI has been eminently successful in reach-
I was asked to provide a 'snapshot' of the board ac-    ing out to members of other faiths, we were unable
tivities, in this brief message I will highlight two:   to develop a meaningful collaborative program with
1)Board Meetings and Discussions: The board             other Masajids on Long Island, Insha'Allah the new
comprised of 24 members met on an average, six          board will work on this initiative.
times a year and each meeting lasts about three         One of the major highlights in 2008 was the seam-
hours. The discussions are frank, at times 'heated"     less election of our new executive committee and
and over the years the board members have learnt        the twelve new board members—seven women and
to agree to disagree in a civil manner. The ICLI ex-    five men—reflecting the diverse ethnic membership
ecutive committee received appropriate fiscal and       of ICLI. At the first meeting of the new board held
human resources support and at the annual budget        on Jan 12th 2009 our former president Br Habeeb
which, as per ICLI Bylaws gets presented at the         Ahmed was unanimously elected as chair of the
first meeting in January, we were pleased to see        new board. May Allah guide him and the new
the generous support provided by the community          board. Ameen.
reflecting in an annual budget with a modest posi-
tive balance.                                           Respectfully Submitted:

To ensure that the board members understands        Dr Faroque Ahmad Khan
their role and functions we organized two strategic
retreats under the able guidance of Prof Rafik Bee- ICLI Board Chair—2005—2008.
kun, as a result of those sessions we developed the
vision, mission and work plan for ICLI.
    The Vision: Be a center of excellence for de-
    veloping and sustaining a progressive, vi-
    brant Islamic community and a nurturing
    environment for the society at large;
    The Mission: Serve and engage Muslims by
    promoting values and teachings of Islam and
    to advocate inter-faith harmony in a multicul-
    tural environment in accordance with the
    Holy Qur’an and Sunnah.
2) Outreach Programs: The board encouraged
and initiated several outreach programs, some
quite unique ex hosting the Jewish Sukkoth and
our Ramadan Iftar jointly on ICLI premises. Under
the able guidance of Msgn Tom Hartman, ICLI
           Domestic Harmony Foundation
                                      Cordially Invites you to join us for our

                               1st Annual Fundraising Gala
            “Women of Hope: wiping tears, breaking the silence”
                               Saturday April 25, 2009
                                       The Greens at Half Hollow
                                            One Altessa Boulevard
                                             Melville, NY 11747
                                                  631 271 4500
                                                  Guest Speakers:
                                                Reza Aslan
                               An internationally acclaimed writer and scholar of religion
                                               Author of Two books:
                              “No god but God” and “How to win a cosmic war”

                                         Margaret Abraham
                                       Professor of Sociology at Hofstra University
Author of the book “Speaking the Unspeakable”: Marital Violence among South Asian Immigrants in the United States.

                                           Maha B. Alkhateeb
     Author of the book “Change From Within”: Diverse perspectives on Domestic violence in Muslim Communities.
                                      Co-Director of the Peaceful Families Project

                                           Kamran Pasha
                     Author of a new book "Mother of the Believers” A Novel of the Birth of Islam.
 A stunning debut novel illustrating the birth of Islam from the perspective eyes of Prophet Muhammad's young wife Aisha
                         Sangeet Vilas Kinnar Classical Indian Music
                                              Abhinaya Dancers
                                        Raffle prizes & much more
$250 per person                                                                        Table of ten at $2,500
                                     6:30 -7:30 pm………… cocktail hours
                                      7:45 pm sharp……………… seating
                                           RSVP by March 25, 2009
                               Seating is limited and by reservation only

  Please refer to the enclosed sponsor card for other ways you can support this event
       Contact persons: Shaida Khan: 516 884 7917 Homaira Mamoor: 631 741 3047
                                        Zubeida Lunat: 516 294 0689
March 2009 /Rabi' Al-Awwal 1430                 ICLI NEWS                                                Page 7

                                                                     who have been the victims of domestic violence, is
                                                                     an obligation that we all must face as a community.
                                                                     With your continued support and generous dona-
                                                                     tions, and Zakat fund together we will serve our
                                                                     community to the best of our ability to fight and
                                                                     overcome this vicious crime against humanity.
           P.O. Box 35, Syosset, NY 11791
                  Hotline: 516 942 2081
                                                                     Free and Confidential Services              *                             Hotline: 516 942 2081
                                                                       Help is available in several languages:
Dear Community Supporters:
We’re pleased to announce the creation of Do-
mestic Harmony Foundation (DHF) the one                                                     Urdu
and only independent community based not-for-
profit organization located in Long Island, N.Y.                                           Arabic
Providing services in response to the social, emo-                                         Farsi
tional, and psychological needs of a growing South
Asian and Muslim women and their children, due                                             Hindi
to domestic violence and other violation of their ba-
sic human rights.
Originally launched as a volunteer-based commit-
tee, operating successfully as Domestic Harmony
Committee of Islamic Center of Long Island
for the past 15 years, DHC was facing an upsurge
in the demand for its services due to a growing
Muslim population on Long Island. As our commu-
nity trying to cope, amidst worsening conditions,
we often feel under siege as a community. For
many, as a Muslim and as an immigrant, these
stresses result in an increase in the number in do-
mestic violence cases and the related emotional and
psychological issues that cause pain and suffering
to everyone in the family. Every day we were forced
to refuse our basic services to large numbers of
women and children who are in need of shelter
from domestic persecution, and who, having no op-
tions, were forced to go back to their abusers.
With the creation of the Domestic Harmony Foun-
dation as an independent not-for-profit organiza-
tion, we have the opportunity to take advantage of
receiving corporate, government, and community
funding to expand our programs and increase ser-
vices. With the DHC’s experiences over the last
decade, we are confident that our new venture in
establishing the Domestic Harmony Founda-
tion is the logical next step in the right direction.
Taking care of the most vulnerable members of our
community, the women and children in our midst

                      Your Community Bank
                       Full Service Banking
     Hicksville Branch

   421 South Broadway           Retail Banking             Electronic Banking

                                -Business Checking         - On-Line Banking,HAB eBanking
   Hicksville, NY 11801
                                -Personal Checking         - Remote Deposit Capture

                                -Money Market              - On-Line Bill Pay
For more information, please
                                -Savings Account           Commercial Banking
                                -Certificate of Deposit    -Commercial Loans
     Sabiha Mithaiwala          -IRAs                      -Commercial Mortgages
       Branch Manager           -Consumer Loans            -Trade Finance Services
                                -Mortgage Loans
     Phone: 516 681 5200
                                                           Our Products & Services

Our Branch Net-
                               Queens Branch                  Edison Branch
Manhattan Branch
                               74-05/07 37th Avenue           1667 Oak Tree Road
99 Madison Avenue
                               Jackson Heights, NY 11372      Edison , NJ 08821
New York, NY 10016

                               Artesia Branch                Hicksville Branch
Los Angeles Branch
                               18357 Pioneer Boulevard       421 South Broadway
110 East 9th Street
                                                             Hicksville, NY 11801
Los Angeles, CA 90079          Artesia, CA 90701

March 2009 /Rabi' Al-Awwal 1430       ICLI NEWS                                                 Page 9

                                                      by minor differences of opinion. It is humanly im-
   Dealing with Differences                           possible to always have unity of opinion. As long as
               Imam Ibrahim Negm                      we keep our purpose clearly in view, there can be
                                                      many opinions as to the best ways of achieving our
Today whenever we Muslims discuss our problems, goal.
we touch on many things locally and globally.
                                                      By mutual consultation, sharing our knowledge and
Whatever the topic of the day, the one issue we
                                                      experience, we can move forward. If we must dis-
never miss, implicitly or explicitly is the lack of
                                                      agree on some matter, let us remember the right
Muslim unity and the staggering rise of fragmenta-
                                                      way to disagree. In a debate, a Muslim’s attitude
tions and divisions we Muslims have along the
                                                      should always be like what Imam Shafie used to
ideological, geographical, ethnic, social and indeed
                                                      say: I think I'm right, but I might be wrong; and I
the so many other considerations. It is indeed ironic
                                                      think you're wrong but you may be right!
to see these divisions happening to an Ummah
which was originally founded on the principles of     If we kept this attitude in all our dealings with one
unity, togetherness and tolerance.                    another, no one risks humiliation or hurt feelings
                                                      in any disagreement. We can debate and disagree
Everybody agrees that this sad situation of the Um-
                                                      in a most agreeable manner, where we always
mah has to be addressed and efforts have to be
                                                      maintain mutual respect and dignity. These are the
made seriously to prevent the further deterioration
                                                      building blocks of real, lasting Unity.
and weakness and to bring about the desired unity
in the body of the Ummah. One thing we have to        2- Unity is very much connected with the strength
understand is that we are all responsible for where of Iman in our hearts and division is very much
we are now and we are all responsible for where are connected with the weakness of Iman in our hearts.
going to be in the future. There is a saying that the The stronger our Iman is, the more unity we going
longest journey is from the head to the heart. We     to have and the opposite hold true as well. Remem-
know, of course that physically, only a few inches    ber how Rasuallah SAAW united the different
separate the head from the heart, but emotionally tribes of Arabia whom other civilizations considered
and psychologically, it could be many miles, or       so wild, barbaric and beastlike human beings. Ra-
measured in time, trying to connect head and heart sullah SAAW molded them into a nation of civi-
could take months, years, or even forever.            lized, tolerant and unified Ummah based on the
                                                      unbreakable bond of Iman.
The journey from the head to the heart is a long
and difficult journey. It’s a journey from what we    When we Muslims served Allah SWT and subdued
think and say, to what we really believe and do;      our vanity, we became masters of the world. As
from the world of thought and speech, to the world soon as we started indulging our vanity and forget-
of action and commitment. We must shorten that        ting Allah SWT we lost everything and we became
journey, if we want to develop the healthy strong     divided.
Ummah of Islam. There is a clear and unmistak-        3- Muslim Unity is not some miracle that, one-day
able link between our inner world and the world       will suddenly fall from the sky. Muslim Unity, the
outside. Look at any family or community, and you unity of the whole Ummah, will be the reward for
can read the contents of the head, heart and soul of much effort, and the culmination of a long process
its members.                                          that begins with individual Muslims, and I mean
Here I am offering few tips that will help us put     you, and me. We must start that process. We must
things aright:                                        seek to unite our own mind, body and spirit. We
                                                      must not say one thing, and do the opposite. Our
1- Unity does not mean uniformity. We do not have
                                                      goal must be, a Unity of thought and feeling, word
to look the same, speak the same, dress the same,
                                                      and action.
and share each and every opinion unanimously.
There are two kinds of unity, which we must try to Allah Most Gracious reminds us in Sura Ar-Ra'd
understand and distinguish clearly:                   [013]: verse 11:"Verily never will Allah change
                                                      the condition of a people until they change
There is a unity of purpose, and unity of opinion. As
                                                      what is within themselves."
Muslims we should always be united in our purpose
that is, seeking to please Allah, and serving the ad-    The unity of Muslims will only be as strong as we
                                                                                           (Continued on Page 12)
vancement of Islam. But we must not be distressed
March 2009 /Rabi' Al-Awwal 1430      ICLI NEWS                                                  Page 10

(Continued from Page 9)

individual Muslims are strong. We are taught that
the best Jihad…is the Jihad against one’s ego, Ji-
                                                          LEGAL CORNER
had al Nafs. We need to tame this beast within our             M. Omar Chaudhry, Esq.
breast, our pride. We will then, begin to see the                ICLI Board Member 2009-2011
unity of purpose that underpins the wide diversity       
of Allah’s creation. We will see the good things that
bind us together, without being distracted by the        
petty things that divide us. By keeping our ego un-
der control, by cleansing our hearts of all vanity       From 2002 to 2008, American public discourse had
and false pride, we actually make room for Allah’s       ignored the dignity of immigrant life. In fact, hard-
divine wisdom, which must follow if we are sincere       working immigrants were stereotyped as either po-
in our quest for knowledge and understanding.            tential welfare recipients or possible security risks.
O Allah, please plant within our hearts, the desire      Thankfully, President Obama discredited this hos-
to improve ourselves. Let this desire for self-          tile attitude in his 2009 inauguration speech. In
improvement grow, and give it expression, so that        his magnificent inauguration speech, President
we can constantly refine our own character. O Al-        Barack H. Obama honored those who "traveled
lah, help us to strengthen our families, to uplift our   across oceans in search of a new life."
communities and to unite the Ummah. O Allah,
                                                         This sense of honoring immigrants dates back to
please strengthens our resolve, our Iman, and give
                                                         the founding of the American republic. In fact, the
us courage and patience to endure hardship and
                                                         9th paragraph of the Declaration of Independence
overcome evil. O Allah, help us to build a strong
                                                         (1776) declared the British King a tyrant because
foundation for Islam in America so that we may, as
                                                         the King had “endeavored to prevent the population
your ambassadors of Islam, become excellent role
                                                         of these States.” Indeed, America is a nation
models for our children, and for those who have not
                                                         founded by people “who traveled across oceans in
yet received your message.
                                                         search of a new life.”
                                                         President Obama has vowed to fix the dysfunc-
       ICLI                                              tional immigration bureaucracy and increase the
                                                         number of legal immigrants to keep families to-

  SPRING BAZAAR                                          gether and meet the demand for jobs that employ-
                                                         ers cannot fill. Yet, all is not well. Of course, due to
                                                         pressing issues such as the wars and the economy,
                                                         comprehensive immigration reform will undoubt-
      Sunday April 26th                                  edly take a back seat. Some delay is inevitable be-
                                                         fore any changes are implemented with current US
      10:00AM - 3:00PM                                   immigration policies.
                                                         So here is my advice. You must be prepared for this
 Lots of food and items for sale                         historic opportunity. Now is the time to gather
    from vendors and ICLI                                your documents and visit an immigration attorney
                                                         to determine if you may qualify for obtaining legal
           Community.                                    status, adjustment of status, or naturalization. If
                                                         you have your documents in order as soon as the
               For more information                      reform takes place, then your application will be
                     Contact:                            processed first among the millions of likely applica-
                    Sohail Nabi
                   646-286 0060                          M. Omar Chaudhry, Esq.
              Come and join us!
March 2009 /Rabi' Al-Awwal 1430     ICLI NEWS                                               Page 11

                      Worship No God But Allah - Part I
                                         By Eric Hamza Byas

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
I bear witness that there is no God but Allah. I      them are contained in these 7 verses.
bear witness that Mohammed is his messenger.
                                                       So before we even say the first verse of the Quran,
I bear witness, to the greatness of Allah, and to      we must say BISMILLAHI RAHMANI RAHIM.
thank him, for bringing forth his messenger, his       The translators say that it means in the name of
final Prophet, Mohammed (PBUH), to guide us to         Allah, the beneficent the merciful, but the scholars
the straight path of Allah.                            say that you cannot translate properly Arabic into
                                                       English so easily. So this BISMILLAHI RAHMANI
And despite all of the obstacles set before our
                                                       RAHIM, which every Muslim begins every act with.
Prophet, and the believers during their time, the
                                                       He opens his eyes, BISMILLAHI RAHMANI RA-
Prophet’s journey on the straight and narrow path,
                                                       HIM, he partakes of food, he enters relations of all
to this very day, is a most important example for
                                                       kind in the name of God. Think over that.
our Ummah, for every Muslim, today and forever
more, to ponder on, and to learn from.                 But the scholars say that it means, with the help
                                                       of, or with the assistance of the lord of creation.
During his time, our Prophet, was hated and op-
                                                       Think about this.
posed by the powerful, and yet, he was successful,
in the mist, of all his enemies, for he never deviated When I opened up writing to you, I opened up ask-
from the path that he was put upon by Almighty         ing for the assistance of the creator. That means
Allah, the exclusive object of his worship.            InShaAllah, that I understand, what Jesus under-
                                                       stood. When Jesus said that “I can of myself do
So today, as followers of the Prophet, our Ummah
                                                       nothing,” then every act that he entered into, he
and especially since the events of 911, we have
                                                       called for the assistance of his father. So if Jesus
been the object of raging controversy, here in Amer-
                                                       were here speaking to us today, he would say
ica. But, if our Prophet, in many examples
                                                       “BISMILLAHI RAHMANI RAHIM.” “I speak in
throughout the Quran and Hadith, stood against
                                                       the name of God, with the help of God, for I can do
the forces of the world, and they did not prevail
                                                       nothing without his help, but with his help, there is
against him, but he prevailed against them, then I
                                                       nothing that I am not able to do!”
ask today, how is our faith, when we capitulate to
the forces of this world? How would we say, our        So Brothers and Sisters, when one expires to serve
belief is?                                             God, the lord of the worlds, and to serve him alone,
                                                       and I must add that second part to it, not serving
Out of the many teachings and examples set by our
                                                       him with somebody else, but serving him alone,
Prophet, the first and most important law that he
                                                       not associating nothing, with him, understanding
gave us, was, TO WORSHIP NO GOD BUT AL-
                                                       that he is singular, he is unique and incomparable,
LAH. There really is no need to go any further
                                                       and has no associates, has no rivals or no partners,
than the first law, because with this law and this
                                                       is above need of his creatures and all creation, is
law alone, we have the power, to conquer all our
                                                       independent of all, but upon all are made to de-
enemies or to overcome not some obstacles, but all
                                                       pend. When one comes into the knowledge of such
of our obstacles, that stand between ourselves, and
                                                       being, and commits oneself to the worship of that
our lord.
                                                       being and that being alone, that one is on the path
In the Quran, in the very opening of the Quran,        of true Greatness. That one is on the path of con-
there are 7 of repeated verses. Every Muslim says quering not some obstacles, but all obstacles that
these verses, this prayer at least in a sequence of    lie in the pathway of man becoming one with his
prayers, 5 times a day, but several times, in a se-    creator.
quence of prayers. This is the off repeated prayer
                                                       So a Muslim, a righteous person does not do any-
of all of the righteous. These 7 verses represent the
                                                       thing without God’s assistance, praying for his
quintessence of the book of God, containing all of
                                                       help, seeking his aid.
the verses of the Quran in 7 verses alone. Thought
there are thousands of verses in the Quran, all of
March 2009 /Rabi' Al-Awwal 1430   ICLI NEWS   Page 12
March 2009 /Rabi' Al-Awwal 1430           ICLI NEWS                                Page 13

                                  Jumaa Khutba Committee
                                              By Eric Hamza Byas

“The Jumaa Khutba is the most important part. It is the tool of educating and bonding the
community, uniting the community, giving hope to the community, guiding the community,
improving the quality of the community and propagating Islam (dawa).” Br. Sajjad Chowdhry

                                        Dear Fellow Worshippers in Islam,

                              Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu!

ICLI’s Jumaa Khutba Committee consists of the following volunteers. These volunteers are working
 hard to ensure that our community is well represented on Jummah as reflected the diversity of at-
                                      tendees here at ICLI.

                                   2009 – 2010 ICLI Jumaa Khutba Committee

                                              Eric Hamza Byas –Chair

                                            Sajjad Chowdhry – Advisor

                                               Zeb Pirzada - Advisor

As Chair, I will always be open to any and all suggestions, and encourage feedback with any issues
                   related to our Friday prayers. We are at your service, Insha’Allah.

                                                Brother Hamza Byas

                                               Community Volunteer


                          March 6, 2009       - Br. Zafar Sayeed

                          March 13, 2009 - Dr. Faiz Khan

                          March 20, 2009 - Imam Zameer Sattaur

                          March 27, 2009 - Imam Siraj Wahhaj

                          April 3, 2009       - Br. Zafar Sayeed

                          April 10, 2009      - Br. Omar Chaudhry

                          April 17, 2009      - Br. Al Kateeb

                          April 24, 2009      - Br. Mauri Saalakhan

                          May 1, 2009         - Br. Zafar Sayeed

                          May 8, 2009         - Sheikh Ibrahim Madani
March 2009 /Rabi' Al-Awwal 1430   ICLI NEWS                                                Page 15

                  Community Announcements
                                                           Services Offered By ICLI
ICLI is delighted to inform that Dr Tanveer Mir
from Long Island, a long standing IMANA mem-                        (516)-333 3495
ber and contributor was elected Regent of Ameri-    Marriage/Nikah - Performance of Marriage/Nikah
can College of Physicians (ACP) for the term        ceremony and Matrimonial Service
2009-2012.                                          Funeral Arrangements for Islamic Burial
                                                    Hall Rental - For family and community functions
                                                    Qur’anic Discussion - Sundays
                                                    Interfaith Meeting and Seminars - To promote
(Inna lillahi waina illaihi rajehoon)               better understanding of Islam as a complete way of
ICLI regrets to inform the sad demise of Abdul
                                                    Distribution of literature on Islam and Mus-
Karim Shaikh, father of Br. Feroz Shaikh.           lims
He passed away on Saturday February 21st            Public Lectures on Contemporary Topics -
2009.                                               Every Sunday 10AM - 1PM. September to June
                                                    Visits to ICLI - First hand introduction to Islam
May Allah (swt) bless his soul and bless his fam-   and Muslims offered to groups or individuals
ily.                                                Media Consultation - On Issues relating to Al-
                                                    Islam and Muslims
                                                    Letter Writing Campaign - Every Friday during

     Sunday School                                  Salaat-ul-Jummah and Sunday 12 noon on human
                                                    rights or other issues of concern to Muslims,
                                                    (MAKING OUR VOICE HEARD)
                                                    Library - Has a large selection of books
                                                    Prison Support Group for Muslim Inmates
                                                    Youth Programs - Organized by Muslim youth of
                                                    ICLI throughout the year
                                                    Planning for College Seminar - An Annual event
                                                    for High School students and their parents in No-
                                                    Al – Zakat - Collection and Distribution
                                                    Community Iftar - Every Saturday evening during
      Early Registration                            Domestic Harmony Committee (DHC) - Hotline
                                                    (516) 942 2081. Free and strictly confidential coun-
    Sunday March 15th                               Qur'an Classes—Offered from beginners to Hifz
                                                    level and are held weekdays (Monday to Friday)
          2009                                      from 4pm till 8pm. Contact Dr. Samina Qureshi on
                                                    (516) 681 6256 or email

                 at 10:00am                         Sunday School - Offering comprehensive Islamic
                                                    Studies for 4 yrs to 16 yr olds. Call (516) 333 0299 or
                                                    email for more details.
        (ICLI members only)                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     More Info: 516-333 3495
       Salat Times for Islamic Center of Long Island, Westbury.

                             March 2009

Date       Day      Fajr   Sunrise   Dhuhr      Asr     Maghrib     Isha
 1         Sun      5:12    6:28     12:07      3:16     5:46       7:02
                                                                           Tel: 516-333-3495

 2         Mon      5:12     6:28     12:07     3:16      5:46      7:02
                                                                           Westbury, NY 11590.

 3         Tue      5:09     6:24     12:07     3:18      5:49      7:04
                                                                           835 Brush Hollow Road,

 4         Wed      5:08     6:23     12:06     3:18      5:50      7:05
 5         Thu      5:06     6:21     12:06     3:19      5:51      7:06
                                                                           Islamic Center of Long Island

 6         Fri      5:05     6:20     12:06     3:20      5:52      7:07
 7         Sat      5:03     6:18     12:06     3:20      5:53      7:08
 8         Sun      6:02     7:17     1:06      4:21      6:54      8:09
 9         Mon      6:00     7:15     1:05      4:22      6:55      8:11
10         Tue      5:58     7:13     1:05      4:22      6:56      8:12
11         Wed      5:57     7:12     1:05      4:23      6:57      8:13
12         Thu      5:55     7:10     1:04      4:24      6:59      8:14
13         Fri      5:53     7:08     1:04      4:24      7:00      8:15
14         Sat      5:52     7:07     1:04      4:25      7:01      8:16
15         Sun      5:50     7:05     1:04      4:25      7:02      8:17
16         Mon      5:48     7:04     1:03      4:26      7:03      8:18
17         Tue      5:46     7:02     1:03      4:26      7:04      8:20
18         Wed      5:45     7:00     1:03      4:27      7:05      8:21
19         Thu      5:43     6:59     1:02      4:28      7:06      8:22
20         Fri      5:41     6:57     1:02      4:28      7:07      8:23
21         Sat      5:40     6:55     1:02      4:29      7:08      8:24
22         Sun      5:38     6:54     1:02      4:29      7:09      8:25
23         Mon      5:36     6:52     1:01      4:30      7:10      8:27
24         Tue      5:34     6:50     1:01      4:30      7:11      8:28
25         Wed      5:32     6:49     1:01      4:31      7:12      8:29
26         Thu      5:31     6:47     1:00      4:31      7:14      8:30
27         Fri      5:29     6:45     1:00      4:32      7:15      8:31
28         Sat      5:27     6:44     1:00      4:32      7:16      8:33
29         Sun      5:25     6:42     12:59     4:32      7:17      8:34
30         Mon      5:23     6:40     12:59     4:33      7:18      8:35
31         Tue      5:22     6:39     12:59     4:33      7:19      8:36

                 Jummah Khutbah starts at 1:10PM
(Please contact Hafiz Ahmed 516-333 6930 for daily Masjid Salat Times)

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