Indonesia’s Diplomacy and Diplomats in A New Bewildering World by ZuanDriza


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									Indonesia’s Diplomacy and
   Diplomats in A New
    Bewildering World
    Prof.Anak Agung Banyu
  Perwita, Ph.D, Parahyangan
    Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
   The evolution in foreign policy is driven by
    changing circumstances and the changing
    distribution of power.
   foreign policy goals and methods must adapt to a
    series of shifts in the distribution of power: (1) a
    world where the security threat is not just from
    excessive state power, but increasingly from
    terrorism and conflict within failed states; (2) a
    world where economic prosperity depends on
    new bargains between industrialized and
    developing countries; (3) a world where social
    change is fostered not just through government-
    to-government relationships but between
    businesses, NGOs, and faith groups.
     Foreign Policy Instruments
   In this new context, we need to think
    how we can deploy and combine our
    foreign policy instruments–the soft
    power of ideas and influence, and
    the harder power- in smarter ways.
   This thinking on a new diplomacy can
    begin in DEPLU, but it needs to draw
    on the widest base of ideas.
    Elements of a more active FP
   the new FP and diplomacy needs to
    reflect the new distribution of power.
   More open to new people and ideas
   Requires comprehensive actions from
    nuclear proliferation to climate
    Toward A Better Diplomacy and
             Diplomat ?
   speak foreign languages fluently,
    have completed university level education,
   be skilful in human interactions and
    know how to observe etiquette when going
    abroad and
    able to express themselves appropriately
    through written and oral communication.
   Diplomacy and diplomatic training should also
    always emphasize the importance of inter-
    cultural competence, conflict resolution ability
    and non-sectarian outlook on life .
   In this context, the diplomats should
    have : (1) sufficient knowledge of
    International Relations,
    (2)multicultural mindset, (3)
    mastering negotiation skills and
    handling of media.

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