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         Letters: Light rail to nowhere?
                                                                 Dan Amadeo
        The Monterey County Herald

                                                                 Media folks don't understand Constitution
        Posted: 04/24/201001 :59:54 AM PDT

        Updated: 04/26/201010:36:11 AM PDT
                                                                 Your editorial, "An armed society not a polite
                                                                 society," convinces me that the editor has never
        Light rail to nowhere?
                                                                 the Bill of Rights or does not understand it.
         Supervisor Dave Potter omitted some very pertinent
         information regarding light rail in his commentary
         Tuesday. As a longtime supporter of the                 Freedom of the press is paramount in any republic,
         Transportation Agency for Monterey County, I think      and that freedom is guaranteed by the Second
        .it has truly missed the mark on this project.           Amendment. What is it about our Constitution that
                                                                 the folks who work in the news media today do not
                                                                 understand? Is it the simplicity of the text?
        Light rail is the most costly alternative to build and
        maintain. TAMC failed to run a dual track
        environmental impact report for bus rapid transit in     I am 84, and was taught by my father before I was
        the event the project fails to meet expectations.        old enough to attend school how to safely handle
        Light rail is the least flexible option and does         firearms. Some say the age of reasoning doesn't
        nothing to serve the commuter needs of the greater       happen in children prior to age 7, but no one I
        Peninsula or Salinas.                                    know denies that the youth of America also live
                                                                 under the guidelines of our Constitution.
        In fact, at a recent planning conference, light rail
        was not the preferred alternative outside large urban    My first exposure to people, other than law
        areas. It was bus rapid transit, allowing services to    enforcement, who carried pistols openly on their
        go to the people instead of the people needing to        hips or under their arms took place in San Francisco
        go to the transit service. It also is much easier to     in 1941 when it was legal to carry.
        increase and decrease capacity as circumstances
        warrant.                                                 Times started changing under Teddy Roosevelt at
                                                                 least 15 years before I was born, and those who
        I do not believe T AMC owns the right of way             think in the genre of The Herald's Opinion page
        through Seaside and Monterey. How would this             editor were raised and schooled under a different
        affect the viability of the project? Without those       concept of rights and privileges than I was.
        approvals, is this project really light rail to
        nowhere? I see a 13-to-2 vote by TAMC to proceed,        Zane E. Jacobs
        yet the citizens have yet to have a real voice in the    Monterey
        affected communities.


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