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					                           Brown/Red – Red
1st Tip White –Double jump kick with combos and chop

2nd Tip Yellow – Kata 5 (H-form 2)
Ready position
   1. Bow /horse stance/right hand fist left hand open
   2. Block w/left arm up to left
   3. Step through with right leg punch with right hand, yell
   4. Turn right blocking up with right arm
   5. Step through Punch, yell
   6. Step out o left with left, block high, reverse punch with right
   7. Front kick with right, punch (put foot down in front)
   8. Side kick with left foot, punch ( put foot down in front)
   9. Round house kick with right, punch ( put foot down in front)
   10. Turn to left with left foot, block high with left
   11. Step through with right leg punch with right, yell
   12. Turn right block high with right
   13. Step through with left leg punch and yell
   14. Turn to left block punch
   15. Front kick with right punch with left
   16. Side kick with left punch with right
   17. Round house kick with right punch with left
   18. Turn to left block high
   19. Step through punch with right, yell
   20. Turn to right blocking high with right
   21. Step through punch with left, yell
   22. Turn with front foot bringing around to front , punch down to ground and yell

3rd Tip Green – Self-Defense 1-5
    1. Grappling hold – sweep down with right leg while holding to arm and chicken
       wing / option – as they take you down you bring left leg around head and arm bar
    2. Grappling hold – sweep out with right leg, take down and t-choke while on
    3. Grappling hold – sweep leg out and go to ground arm bar
    4. Grappling hold - hip throw and t-choke
    5. Grappling hold – rap up right arm with left, sweep down while holding arm lock up
       arm leaning back