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A Birthday Invitation


									                          A Helpful Friend
1. Practise using the website
       Type in your address and check the map you see.
       Enter the address of the person sitting next to you and locate their
        home by using the website.
       Ask your friend to check the map you see to make sure it is correct.

2. You are unable to get out of bed as you have the flu today. However,
   there are some things that need to be done as soon as possible. Your
   friend from the other side of town has offered to come and help you today.
   Here is a list of places that your friend will need to go to.

       You live at 115 Francis Street, Yarraville. Find and locate a map for
        this address.

   The first place your friend will need to go is to the Sunshine Centre
    Plaza, to pick up a layby at Suzanne Gray. Find and locate a map for this
Your friend will then need to go to:
      Footscray Eye Clinic, 89 Paisley Street, Footscray to pick up a new
       pair of glasses.
      Flinders Street Station, Melbourne to buy a yearly train ticket
      St Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Cecil Street, Williamstown to
       put a deposit on the use of the Hall for a party.
      Find these on the website and print a copy of the maps.

You will also need to provide your friend with a copy of the Melways Map grid
references as she is unsure of how all the suburbs link together.

      Locate all these addresses in the Melways and note the map number
       and grid reference for each.

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