; How to custom oil painting
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How to custom oil painting


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									                    How to custom oil painting?

                 What factors shall we consider?

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Oil Painting Art Gallery now giving you some suggestions of custom oil
paintings as following.

First,Generally,we should to pay attention to the paintings color, pattern or
form (picture frames, framed, etc.)in the painting customized and the overall
style of the paintings and the frame must be uniform.

1.To determine the basic style of painting

                                                           The painting style
                                                           should be based
                                                           on      the     room
                                                           decoration       and
                                                           furniture in the
                                                           same environment,
                                                           consistency of the
                                                           paintings        and
                                                           others in the style
                                                           is best.If there is a
                                                           major conflict,you
                                                           will feel cluttered
discomfort.Such as the modern painting place with the abstract painting in the
same room, the decoration effect will become neither fish nor fowl.

2.To determine the painting pattern and style

Painting patterns and styles is the symbol of the owner's personal
perspective.So what kind of selected painting is not important.The importance
is that try to let the paintings match the space.Such as in the living room
painting atmosphere, the best choice can be the aesthetic landscape, still life
and figures, abstract,also the the modernist paintings is good.Placing too
personal and artistic work does not fit into that space, because it is the most
visible place, or a conservative point as well.The bedroom and other private
space,it is free to play, but we should pay attention to that we won’t choose too
strong painting style.

3.To determine the main color of the customized paintings

    As the painting's primary role is regulating the room atmosphere, so it
needs to contrast with the environment.From this perspective, it is mainly
affected by the room's main color and seasonal factors.The room color can
generally be divided into white, warm and cool colors, white painted room
decor is not much choice taboo, but

When the main room color is warm and cool colors,you need to choose the
opposite color of the painting. If the room is a warm yellow, then the best
choice for the paintings can be blue, green and other cool colors. From
seasonal factors, oil paintings is the most convenient temperature regulation
things in the decorations, warm color painting for winter and cool color
paintings for summer,green color paintings for spring,yellow color paintings for

Of course, the premise of this change is that the room is white or nearly white
light tone.

Second,other factors we should consider in customing painting.Oil paintings
is the very nice wall decoration.Decorative painting can be the best showing of
the room owner’s style and taste. Here, decorative painting is a copy or the
real hand-painted oil painting, rather than printed decorative painting
decorative painting or simulation. According to our painting decoration
designer experience,the design and layout of the decorative paintings can be
considered as follows:

 (1) Considering the season, the environment and climate.

   In the humidity areas, colors crisp and clear picture paintings can be the
better choice.In dry areas,the multisection can be condiered.In winter,
choosing bright colors and lively paintings,in summer, the light color paintings
can be a good choice.Arrangement of decorative painting: its location should
be appropriate to 1.5-2 m above the ground, the light projected from the upper
left as far as possible, so that it can meet the artist painted position,but not
glazed, hanging nail in the drawing board, the length and width should be
based on furniture taken into consider.Frame size in proportion with the
selected map sheet, frame color is echo with the furniture color.
(2) Function Limit.

                              The room function determines the paintings
                              function and manner, combining with the use
                              of functional and decorative arts is the way to a
                              complete interior design beauty. Bedroom
                              should be use the person or closing person
                              subject for emotional communication; the
                              children’s abstract paintings can be the nice
                              choice for children's bedrooms;living room
                              decorated by landscape, the environment can
                              be more open, clear; and restaurants can be
linked to some of the thinning of flowers like fruit, it can increase people's

(3) Note the color communication.

  Oil paintings play a highlight function in the indoor decoration. Bright color
room can chose the optional color painting; warm and elegant room
can consider pastel artworks. The contrasting color of the oil paintings and
the room color can reflect the decoration feeling of the paintings.

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