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Extensis PEO Expands its Independent Agent & Broker Program and
Payroll Plus product featuring HR and Benefit Administration

Extensis was founded ten years ago with the concept of providing PEO
(Professional Employer Organization) services to the small and midsized
business community in the NJ-NY metropolitan area with a strong
commitment to work closely with Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers to
distribute its products. By focusing on delivering high customer satisfaction
and actively guiding our clients through the challenges of growing a business
in this region, Extensis has delivered year over year growth since its
inception. Now, it stands alone as the largest New Jersey based PEO
providing Outsourced Human Resources, Administration, Benefits and Risk
Management Solutions.

Extensis has always prided itself on its commitment to work closely with
Insurance Agents and Brokers to solve their clients’ business needs.
“Expanding and enhancing our programs to increase the sales of our services
through insurance agents & brokers seemed natural because of our longtime
support and commitment to the insurance brokerage industry,” said Don
Abernathy, President of Extensis. “From the beginning, we have always found
that the most effective way to reach our prospects was in partnership with
the insurance professionals that already had a trusted business relationship
and understood their clients’ needs.”

Now, Extensis has expanded and customized its products for the agent and
broker channel and created a new “Independent Agent & Broker” program.
Based on their clients’ needs, agents and brokers can choose our PEO
Product, or our new Extensis Payroll Plus product offering HR and Benefits
administration. The Agent & Broker Program combines the Administrative,
Risk, Benefits and Payroll Solutions that Extensis has always delivered to its
clients, with higher commissions and dedicated Sales Support needed to be
successful in the Insurance Agent and Broker community. Agents and
Brokers can partner with Extensis to create a profitable solution that is a
“Win-Win-Win” for the Broker, Client and Extensis and know that their
interests are protected into the future.

For more information about our new Insurance Agent & Broker Program,
please call us at (888) 473-6398, or visit www.extensisgroup.com. You will
find the many ways that offering our PEO and HR services compliments your
existing products and will allow you to protect and grow your clients into the

About Extensis Group Inc.
Extensis Group Inc. is New Jersey’s largest Professional Employer
Organization, providing outsourced HR, Benefits and Risk Management
Services, including Payroll, Tax, Insurance, Human Resources and Regulatory

For more information call Extensis at (888) 473-6398 or visit

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